Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Why is there such a rush to change the name of FYROM suddenly?

As the whole world recognises the issue with the name of FYROM started from the early part of the 1990’s decade. The era when just after the collapse of the Soviet Union American imperialism via NATO considered that we had arrived at the historical opportunity to dominate from one end to another of the whole planet decisively and irrevocably.

The neuralgic position of the Balkans from a geopolitical point of view was one of their first priorities. What followed was a violent break up of Yugoslavia, which was by a distance the largest country of the Balkan peninsula. It was when the US plans for the area arrived in a convulsive manner (for all those who wanted to understand) to the surface. The element which became clear was that these plans wouldn’t stop with the breakup of Yugoslavia alone. They involved Greece a country which maintained a 97% uniformity in terms of ethnic composition. A percentage which did not correspond with the protectorates they wanted to create.

But what happened next is the issue. The newlyborn statelet of FYROM started its propaganda regarding its ‘Macedonian roots’ which it allegedly held in its hands as its cultural heritage and all the official parties (most of the unnoficial ones!) here in Greece, alongside the MSM, hypocritically pretended that they didn’t see ‘hidden hand’ that directed FYROM. They alleged that they themselves, alone, were stealing our cultural and historical heritage! The whole ‘Left’ in tandem as well…

From the 1990’s onwards too much water has gone under the bridge and in particular with the global relationship of forces on an international level. Changes have occurred which anyone can understand influence developments in the Balkan region.

First of all the Americans from the point of view of power and respect inside the clear imperialist (lets say Western) camp have lost their old …aura. The endless defeats they continuously receive and continue to do so in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria are much greater than those they received in past with the Vietnam defeat. The recent defeat of America at the UN which Erdogan provoked on the issue of Jerusalem clearly shows their current state of decline.

At the same time Russia and China as competitors and by default opponents of the Americans have started spreading their wings everywhere. Economically and (mainly) militarily, a fact whereby the all powerful ‘White House is obliged to take into account…

The developments in the Balkans follow by necessity these massive changed which have occurred in the global balance of forces. The stories that are circulated which have Trump and Putin having agreed behind closed doors for a new dividing up of the geopolitical landscape have a great dose of truth in them. Putin has armed the Serbs with modern weapons at the same time as mentioning ‘that whoever attack Serbia, will be like attacking us’… A big change which shows that whichever developments are constituted from now on in the Balkans won’t really affect the Serbs, but will essentially work in the favour…

Here in Greece most involved persons (parties, MSM, ‘left’) continuously have problems with the name of FYROM as they related to it in the early part of the 90’s decade. They speak about the irrendentism of FYROMiskis without taking into account issues that are occurring right under their nose. The first pronouncements by the American Foreign Minister Tillerma when he undertook his taskas were that ‘FYROM is an unnatural construction’.. Then what followed was the fall of Grouevski (the fanatical follower of the word ‘Macedonia’) who appears to distance himself from the deman of the above name and more generally ‘Macedonian heritage’. Its no coincidence that the journalist Branci Geroski in yesterdays paper Slobodan Petsat stated ‘There is no need to waste current Macedonia’ to utilise whatever people from ancient Macedonia. This does prove anything, nothing is won by this. We just lose. We must mention with daring and clarity the positions of our identity. Not only ‘isnt Macedonia the heirs of Phillipos and Alexandros but neither heirs! This is the truth. For the interests of our identiy and our nation we must decisively stop this ridiciulous approach to the history of Alexander and Phillip that we are descendents and find our true roots’. If the above words don’t show an absolute change of direction which has been imposed from above then words lose their meanings…

The American turn on the issue of the name of FYROM is clear. Their interest in rushing to solve this anomaly with respect to the name of FYROM doesn’t appear to have a direct relationship so much with the entrance of FYROM into NATO and the EU but appears (maybe the cheese on the rat trap for the politicians in FYROM) with direct developments that might occur in the are, developments that are blocked by the issue of its name. Which ones? No one can say with certainty from now, Nothing good of course will come to FYROM…

Its a lie tha the Syriza government is entering hard bargaining over the issue. They will do what the Yanks say. That is beyond doubt. Everything is predetermined. The rush to solve the name of FYROM started immediately after Tsipras visit to the USA. That is why it is keeping its hand closed. They pretend they are a poker player with a strong hand but does not show it. Whatever comes of it it wont be due to the abilities of the man who has sold everything out but undoubtedly that the game is being played by the bosses and the stack of cards is marked.

Meeting of Ex-FYROM diplomats with the map of their 'future' country held in Canada

January 2018
A. Metallinos

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