Monday, 10 September 2012

Why Greece? The EU's Whipping Boy

a) 3-4 million Brits and Germans go to Greece on holiday annually, as Paul Mason (Newsnight) originally reported, Greek capitalism was a 'nice' capitalism.
b) when you go on holiday, you dont always assume this is a country as you are in a state of suspended animation.

c) the new york banksters needed to divert attention via their corporate media away from themselves so blame the working man who dont collect receipts or declare everything to the taxman.

d) you can control the stories from Greece as it is a difficult language to understand so you provide your own newstories.

e) they want to seel austerity as an EU wide policy
f) juxtaposing the 'efficient' Germans to the 'lazy' Greeks fits in well with a and b above.

h) I would call it a giant marketing scam by corporations....

i) the new york stock exchange just before the crucial american elections is buoyant and the dollar arrested its fall in relation to the euro..

j) it was the 'lazy' 'corrupt' Greek that brough the house crashing down, not the former tea boy in charge of Lehmans bros...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Greece-Of Mice and Men

Greece paid E480 billion from 1981 to 2010 when it joined the EU in interest payments alone!

EU GDP 12,30trillion 2011
Greek GDP was E300b

It is often quoted that the Greek economy represents 2.4% of EU GDP or 2% whatever.

When it is a lot less.

From Eurostat:
For 2011, GDP in 1-1-1999 €:
EZ: 9425315.2
EU: 12649450.7
Greece: 215088.2
Percentage-wise this means the Greek economy was 1.7% of EU GDP, but 2.28% of EZ GDP.

The amount of Greek debt in relation to the EU total and I have only provided a small amount of countries is also miniscule.

Now correct me if I am wrong if one is a father and he has a child who borrowed money from other primary school kids how could the country with one of the lowest debts in the 'old' EU bankrupt the dad?

The less than 1% bankrupted the 99%!!
Or is this just reverse psychology predating the movement against the 1%?

US Foreign Debts = E10.9trillion
Old EU- E15.7trillion (Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland

Ireland owes E1.7trillion, more than Spain yet Ireland hasn't been at the centre of the financial storm

So the nonsense parroted by 'journalists' corporate lackeys and their blog followers is clear beyond all reasonable doubt, Greece was selected for a purpose. None of the figures add up as to how the schoolboy in the primary school bankrupted the dad with such unbelievably low debts

It is indeed a story of Mice and Men...