Tuesday, 15 November 2016

When the Obama Circus came to Town

And Met the Local Syriza ANEL-Clowns
Eyewitness Report

A cavalcade made up of many black limousines, hundreds of agents in a show made for a mass media spectacle of an Emperor visiting his colony, when in reality we are witnessing a dramatic end of Empire to a bankrupt banana republic which is run by clowns which still have the audacity to call themselves Left. It's been a long time anyway since Tsipras was demonstrating against the last American Emperor that visited Athens in the 1990s. Now Obamas visit had all the hallmarks of a Syriza event one that people are used to, riot police everywhere, roadblocks, tear gas and the police fighting ....themselves (black clad hooded 'anarchists') creating massive traffic jams everywhere and the usual 'riots' in central Athens around the Polytechnic and Exarchia.

What was the purpose of Obamas visit? According to Syriza to support Greece in its fight of reducing the foreign debt burden which doesnt allow it to borrow more to get back to where it left off. To support Syriza in its housing and feeding alleged refugees. To support Syriza in alleviating poverty in Greece.

The fact that US imperialism via the vehicle of the IMF and its US puppets ex PM Papandreou and his partner in crime in the Greek statistics agency ELSTAT Mr Georgiou, fabricated Greece's budget deficit so the IMF could arrive and regulate Euro-Dollar fluctuations after the 2008 Wall St Crash, is hidden by Syriza and ignored. Its as if they govern a nation with no history and no present and that what they present in public is actually what they are discussing.

Tsipras praised Obama and Merkel. Obama has saved the American economy (hence 50m are on food stamps!) and Merkel is saving Europe (by collapsing it!). You couldn't find a more ridiculous politician who says one thing and does the exact opposite.

Tsipras alleged we have turned the corner growth has returned unemployment has been reduced when at the same time the Greek TUCs research department Ine GSEE claims official unemployment is at 30.8% and that doesn't include the 500k that have emigrated since 2010. We have heard this nonsense so many times before its a joke to even bother repeating it.

Obamas agenda was probably Cyprus. Having failed to get Cyprus agreement with the Annan plan and the subsequent ultra mysterious crash of a Cypriot airliner Obama is returning with a newer identical version to keep the island divided so the British Akrotiri airbase remains at their disposal.
The demos were marginally small, less than 15k split equally between KKE and ex Syriza assorted leftists. There was riot police everywhere and they marched on different roads being blocked by riot police and police buses parked in the middle of the road so no one could get to Sindagma Sq. Syriza jokers on tv shows in the morning alleged no change would occur in US foreign policy and the same jokers were alleging Trump wouldn't win.

As a servile American Tsipras whose father worked with the US backed military junta got a pat on the head for spending 2% of the state budget in an era of savage austerity for NATO and for housing and feeding tens of thousands they labelled refugees whilst Greeks scavenge in dustbins to eke out a living if they have no source of income...

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

British Trade Union Solidarity and Greece Aiding Reaction Then and Now Part Three:Daily Worker on Labour Government push for Greek Civil War 1946

Russians push in security council for peaceful resolution of Greek and Indonesian conflicts stoked up by British imperialism. At the same time it is reported that the Labour Government is sending arms to Greek royalist rebels

At the time British imperialism was involved in a life and death struggle in maintaining its colonies from Indonesia, Greece, India. They sold the usual mythology that if they leave massacres would occur. The Greek TUC demanded the British Labour Government takes its troops out of Greece. No such luck. They oversaw the bloody civil war to destroy the Left for a generation.

Bevin representing the Labour government in the UNs Security Council turns the whole charade into an anti-soviet diatribe, proving always that the Labour Party since the 1920's is anti-soviet to its core, whilst the Russians were trying to create a climate for peace, but to no avail. The Labour government was hellbent on appearing to out-Churchill himself.

British Army gets involved in trying to control collapsing Empire from India to Egypt to Greece. Just like the French lost Vietnam and put their emphasis next on Algeria, the Brits put their emphasis on Greece, but lost India.

Fake elections are announced in Greece under the backdrop of militarism and the rise of a PM who had worked openly for Hitlers 3rd Reich. Labour Government does everything in its power to support them. At the same time a union clampdown in Cyprus by the British occupation of the island.

Cold war starts proper with the Brits threatening Russia when they have so many open fronts. Sabre rattling from Churchill who only experienced defeats for when he came upon the world, Britain controlled almost one quarter of the worlds land mass and by the time he left, the British Empire was no more than a mere shell, an adjunct to the rising American Empire.

A new dictatorship rises in Greece, backed supported and promoted by the British Labour government. Left wing newspapers shut down, killing galore and imprisonments. By 1947 thousands were languishing in gaols courtesy of the Labour government. Daily Worker reports on the military crackdown and terrorism unleashed.