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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Economics of Genocide: Made In Greece by IMF/EU/ECB

The Economics of Genocide

Made in Greece by IMF-EU


The depression and the MoU (memorandum of understandings) have evaporated around 65Billion Euros in relation to 2008. During the same period the govts cut around 23billion Euros whilst investments were reduced by 2/3 and the consumer demands of households reduced by 36billion Euros.

The numbers show with clarity the ‘miracles’ performed in Greece in the last 5-6 years from the governments of both parties who are demanding once more our vote to complete their destructive work in cooperation – during periods – in cooperation with other (vanished political forces like LAOS and Dem Left) but they surely don’t describe the extent of the humanitarian catastrophe which was implemented in the name of efficiency and growth.

The statistics produced by the Greek statistical body could be referred to as ‘Statistics of Genocide’ as they constantly remind us that no horrific achievement no new tragedy will stop the disastrous policies of the coalition govts in charge. A policy they follow with frightening regularity all these years towards the advantage of the banks, the big construction companies, the ship owners, the big tax evaders, the ‘investors’ etc

None of these give anything to the unemployed and with the semi unemployed constitute around 1.5 million with 1 million positions being lost, the strangulation of the welfare state and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of small businesses.


In 2013 the GDP was reduced in relation to 2008 by 65b Euros or by a percentage of 26% (It was 25% during the Greek civil war which only lasted 3 years!) The percentage as well as the duration of the crisis are profound for the western world during the post war period.

In the same period wages were reduced by 23b or by 28% whilst the consumer spending of households was reduced by 36b Euros or by a percentage of 22%> Investments were reduced by 37b Euros or by 65%


Industrial Production and Consumer Sales

Last October industrial production was 24% reduced in relation to the same month as 2008

The volume of consumer sales was reduced by 35% in relation to the same month as 2008

In relation to sales in stores we notices the following reductions:

-Big supermarkets by 26%.

-Food, drinks, smoke -35%

-Chain stores by -43%

-Fuel -34%.

-Clothes -50%.

-Furniture household items -50%


In this sector are to be found some of the ‘best’ achievements of the current government

Το τρίτο τρίμηνο του 2014 οι απασχολούμενοι ανέρχονταν σε 3.586.900 άτομα, 1.002.900 λιγότερα σε σύγκριση με το ίδιο τρίμηνο του 2008. Η μείωση είναι της τάξης του 21,9%.

In the 3rd quarter of 2014 there were 3.6m in work 1m less than in the same period of 2008. A reduction of 22%

In the same period official unemployment increased from 355k to 1.3m ie around 900k

If we add those 250k in number who work so little that they appear to be more like the unemployed then the unemployed are around 1.5m

Let’s look now at the losses in the most important sectors of the economy in the 3rd quarter of 2014 in relation to 2008.

-Agriculture -30k or 6%

-Restaurants 230k or 42%

-Construction 240k or 60%.

-Trade 200k or -24%

-Transport -43k or -20k.

-Tourism -2,900 1%

-Banks, insurance companies -28k or 24%

-Public administration, defence, social security 65k -17%

-Εκπαίδευση -34.100. -10,8%.

-Education -34k -10%

-Health -21k or 9%

The ‘family basket’

The median spend of the Greek family has been reduced to 1.5k Euros from 2.3k Euros in 2009. In other words inside of four years it has been reduced by 30% or around 700Euros

Greek households reduced their spend on food by 17.5% whilst they have stopped essentially spending money on clothes and shoes by 50%

The smallest drops have been the costs for education or more importantly private education as they were reduced even more than the reductions for food by about 17%. Greeks chose to eat less but to ensure their children continued their education

After the reductions for food we had reductions in health by 20% or drinks by 27% or housing by 30% hotels and eating in restaurants by 38% and transport by 40% (purchase of cars, fuel etc)


Social Protection

The Troika hit with particular venom against the welfare state using Presidential Decrees extreme neoliberal practices but in particular the  vile attacks against the social groups which had some form of social protection and the dissolution of all the networks of social protection.

Based on ELSTATs figures which only go up to 2012 (we do not have those for the extreme 2013) we are placing the main social welfare policies and how they developed to 2012 from 2009. They all develop negatively with the possible exception of pensions where here it appears the cost has increased not because pensions increased but because of the large number of people that went for early retirement.

Social benefits in millions of Euros
Mothers benefit
Family Benefits
Pregnancy benefit
- 52
Pension benefits
Health benefits
- 92
Hospital care
Care outside hospitals
Unemployment pay
Disability pensions

Looking at the chart until 2012 that is we see that whilst unemployment has increased by 250% unemployment pay has been reduced by 12%. (Unemployment is only paid for a short period of time and then nothing is provided) At the same time by 52% the benefits for birth are reduced in a country where deaths outnumber births.

Hospital treatments have been reduced by a third and disability pensions by 16% whilst family benefits have been reduced by 25%

Between 2009 and 2012 costs were reduced by 5.3b Euros or around 8.5%

Only total pensions have shown an increase of 13%

In other areas of social protection the situation has developed accordingly

·         Illness 6K million -32%

·         Disability -395million -13.5%

·         Widow -550m -10%

·         Family 1k million -25%

·         Unemployment -56m -1.5%

·         Housing -677million Euros -58%

·         Social Care 112m Euros-112 -8,3%.

If in 5 years of Troika austerity around 25-30% of the economy is shattered another 5 years of this and there won’t be any economy left to realistically talk about.

Monday, 29 December 2014

The Capitalist Crisis and the Election of a Syriza Government

US president Lyndon Johnson’s hubristic disregard for Greek democracy when he expressed himself with regard to the Greek ambassador’s concern with the US’s preferred solution on Cyprus: “Then listen to me, Mr Ambassador, fuck your parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. If these two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked by the elephant’s trunk, whacked good … We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr Ambassador. If your prime minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitutions, he, his parliament and his constitution may not last very long.”

The fact of the matter is that Samaras-ND and Venizelos-PASOK spent the whole of 2014 pretending Grecovery had set in place but no one saw it on the ground. They then went around in the last 3 months stating the Troika is over in Greece and had discussions with Merkel who told them to introduce more cuts until essentially Greece has Chinese wages and zero pensions. Unlike the Latin American caudillos or even those of the ex-satellite states of Russia when the going got tough Samaras and Venizelos chose to cut their leadership short by bringing forward the election of the President by two months instead of bringing about new cuts and creating massive civil unrest and being forced to evacuate by helicopter to ...Miami.

This capitalist crisis is unlike all the other that went before it. What is becoming clear is that it is unrelenting it continues unabated and specifically in Greece it has taken the features of an avalanche. So far 4 political parties have been burnt ND, PASOK, LAOS, Dimar and lets not forget that from 1974 to 2010 the two main parties gained above 85% of the popular vote. In 2012 it had dropped by 50%. This time round it will have easily dropped by another 50% with 3 of the above four political parties disappearing off the political map.

Others who voted for GD and Ind Greeks will also feel that the present govt opens new possibilities for them.... The main losers will be ND PASOK and the KKE from any new election.

KKE-Antarsya working electorally… for New Democracy

Just as Syriza didn’t want to govern in 2012 as after all it had no actual programme other than ‘end austerity’ and remain within the Eurozone, now we have those on the ‘left’ of Syriza standing independently to weaken its votes so it doesn’t get an overall majority. In 2012 the KKE received 4.5% of the vote. It will be a miracly if theya re able to increase it as almost all its political venom is about not voting for Syriza (what Junquer and Schauble have stated already). When in 2012 Tsipras offered a joint slate with the KKE, the KKE responded primarily with such ridiculous arguments that could be summarised in stating they only like to govern with New Democracy or PASOK (which is what they did in 1989). As a result they lost half their votes lost another third when it came to the Euroelections of 2014.

Antarsya whose politics differ not one iota from Syriza but due to the fact that its largest component the SWP-Greece had already split and one of its leaders had gone into Syriza (Davanelos) didn’t want to follow the same path as its leaders don’t need a career in politics (they have family money as they are related to the ex-central bankster of Greece- Garganas) so they play at politics not with what is required but with what they choose to do. The other coalition partners in Antarsya wanted talks and they are underway with Plan B- Alavanos (ex Sinaspismos chief), Drachma-Katsanevas (ex-PASOK) and EPAM-Kazakis (ex-KKE and Theodorakis) with the aim of a joint slate. In the last elections if their votes had gone over to Syriza it could have matched New Democracy. Now by standing they will be reducing Syrizas electoral prospects if they don’t get 3% thereby wasting the vote.

Syrizas Campaign-Not for an Absolute Majority?

During the course of the next month the extent and the style of the Syriza campaign will determine whether they will gain an outright majority. So far they are trying to cook an omelette without breaking any eggs. A difficult task to perform as they are trying to ascertain what the other side are going to do. Germany can refuse everything play hardball and stop all funding to Greece. That will force them out of the Eurozone and in bankruptcy immediately triggering social unrest and revolt. This cannot be a German desire as the whole of the EU project will start to unravel. The Germans cannot expect for Syriza to continue where Samaras left off ie a new round of cuts in wages and pensions

On the other hand does capitalism have anything more to give or is it in a downward spiral where all the gains will now revert to the 19th century? Under these conditions a Syriza victory will only be transitional before something else is born. Just like in the place of PASOK emerged Syriza so with a Syriza victory people will feel they can gain something and demands will emerge in particular around the 30% unemployed and the previous attacks on pensions.

Syriza is a middle class party. It is soft at the edges. It has no real social base in Greek society. It believes that with nice words and correct arguments you can take on the banksters. It will give renewed hope to Greeks to fight and regain a life destroyed by collapsing capitalism. As such it will find it extremely difficult to govern as it can’t send out riot police to break up protests like in the Gold mine area of Skouries. If Merkel and Brussels give no leeway they will end up with more militant Greeks and Syriza will be a transitional govt to something far worse for the point of view of the banksters.

The political and economic impasse will be resolved one way or another.

Why was Greece selected?

This is due to the fact that its political class were collaborators with the German 3rd Reich and then went wholly over to Anglo-American imperialism leading Greece into a civil war and a bloodbath which saw a 21% collapse in GDP. Despite only being 2% of the total Eurozone economy Greece was allegedly the sum of all evil the root of all corruption the devil incarnate of what goes wrong when you employ people in the public sector or you have politicians. A nice convenient fairy tale to move the global narrative away from Wall St and the City of London. The corporate media who are an appendage of global capitalism sold the story and it was repeated ad nauseum by Greek and foreign politicians as if working in tandem. If the following course of events is for Greece to be burnt fully and spat out as the example not to follow it is good to heed Aristotles words ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Being forced out of the EZ will enable Greece to print its own money, try to restore some of its control over its economy and leave the EU.

It can then start to trade with Russia and China not the financial parasites who only seek a pound of flesh. What may seem now like a pipedream soon will not. With a resolute leadership that is willing to go into battle the banksters can be defeated. They don’t produce much apart from debt and enslavement. The nations of this earth can go back to controlling their destiny not their destiny being decided without them and for them in other corners of the earth forcing them to accept millions of products as well as humans in the free movement of everything which has been called globalization. Economic genocide and the erasure of small nations is what was inaugurated by the 4th Reich in Greece. This time we have a good chance of defeating it like we did with the 3rd. We just need to be willing and creative.

Elections Updates
30th December 2014

Syriza: Will probably get over 35%. The US Ambassador predicted around 44% in a poll they had for themselves according to a mate. Hardly any people are found that wont be voting for Syriza. ND will be forced to get a new leader, many will go over to the Ind Greeks and it will change its name. If Syriza gets an overall majority it will be difficult for Merkel to not seek a compromise. If they boot Greece out of the EZ then the whole EU will unravel in 2015. Greeks can be bought lock stock and barrel and added onto German GDP and funded like the Germans fund their unemployed. If one doesn't vote for Syriza then that implies that you want Samaras to stay in power... The Germans may use an accounting trick to pay the German war reparations to decrease Greece external debt burden thus calling it a one off debt reschedule. The same will not be able to be applied for Italy and Spain. So either Germany adopts Greece or it goes for an abortion. That will unravel the EU faster. The choice is now theirs...

1st January 2015

Syriza has stated that if Merkel does not back down they will call a Referendum. Some people are circulating the FALSE idea that Syriza will continue where Samaras left off. That might be the case with the leadership of Syriza. But if Syriza wanted to continue the same politics they could have voted for President allowed Samaras to run his course and taken a hit with the new round of cuts proposed by the Troika. The fact of the matter is that over 50% of Greeks haven't paid the property tax implemented by the IMF and the so called budget surplus during Grecovery was made up bullshit. That is what is at stake. Thatcher lost the poll tax due to non payment and after a riot almost brought central London into flames. Her successor didn't reintroduce the Poll Tax in the same exact form.

2nd January 2015

Fuchs threatens Greece with expulsion

Germany’s leadership believe we are in 2012. We are not. The fear of Grexit and the rise of Syriza have existed for 3 years. Same threats do not apply to electorate. Rightwing in Greece grew up in cold war era with tales of the “communists will take your houses (wives, daughters etc.)”. Now they complain Samaras is doing it in practice. New Democracy will be unable to hold onto its electoral base and will not find a new one however many votes PASOK or Potami get.

With that in mind empty threats have no meaning. The exit of Greece may not indeed be of a systemic nature to French or German banks but will become a green light that the EU project is unravelling. This is understood clearly by Syriza. So if Germany doesn’t bargain they announced a referendum on the debt. Turkeys will never vote for Xmas. Fuchs can go Fuchs himself…

3rd January 2015
Papandreous sets up new mickey mouse organisation called Democratic Socialists.
Will take votes from PASOK and as PASOK is hovering around 3-5% hopefully will do something positive in his life and erase both their chances consigning themselves to the dustbin of history where they belong.

4th January 2015
Syriza held a show of force a controlled Conference in a big auditorium for media consumption. Tsipras tried to do a Blair and control the delegates and who would be assigned to which area as MP's creating a furore at Congress as local organisations did not want candidates jet setted in in particular if they had a murky political past. The Tsipras leadership was defeated in this endeavour. The margin between Samaras and Tsipras keeps on expanding on the corporate controlled media and the figures they provide are of course nonsense. Syriza should easily be in late 30's as a % and Samaras should be below 20%. One needs to remember that in 2012 in the first election the corporate 'public opinion' forming polls gave Syriza 9% and they got double that at 18% and Samaras took previous Presidents vote and almost halved it.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Weekly Worker (Globalists par excellence) in ad hominem attack…Will the real Maciej Zurowski please stand up?

A reply to the EU's 4th Reich Empire Apologists...

"If China," says Mr. Stapleton, M.P., to his constituents, "should become a great manufacturing country, I do not see how the manufacturing population of Europe could sustain the contest without descending to the level of their competitors." (Times, Sept. 3, 1873, p. 8.)

The wished-for goal of English capital is no longer Continental wages but Chinese.


Out of the blue the known globalist rag ‘Weekly Worker’ regurgitates old arguments on Greece not for the sake of a discussion as they have imposed a ban on responses from myself (after the last round of ad hominem attacks by David Walters, Gerry Downing with the respect to the book produced and reviewed in Weekly Worker on Greece) (1) and have now used the services of some unknown Polish journalist to promote the EU and the American NWO.

A search on the internet finds this character but he is now deceased. Our esteemed cde assumes a name from the past ( …

Spitting on the past of the (19th Century) First International and the reason Marx created it (defend workers living standards and block the bosses ability of recruiting workers from abroad to break strikes) he pretends the First International didn’t have whip rounds to repatriate workers, didn’t agitate against ‘free movement’ and didn’t realise early on that mass migration/emigration (controlled by the bosses) led to a perpetuation of slavery. (2) The reason he has such venum against the blog I have is that none of it is by myself, its what the classical Marxists wrote and that is what enrages him as anyone can read it and work things out for themselves.

Maciej isn’t really interested in the ‘debate’ on open borders. Weekly Worker is imploding and one has noticed that they venomously allowed an attack on a Willie Hunter (paedophile connotations) an ex-cde of theirs being an anti-Semite (Ian Donovan) and now alleging I am a...Nazi. These tiny outfits act as vassals to globalism to ensure the flock return home (to Labourism) and they promote the EU above all else (repeatedly giving to the ‘permanent boom of capitalism’ lie in the letters of the buffoon Arthur Bough).

According to John Plant (editor of Revolutionary History), a Mike McNair was allegedly going to review the book produced in English ‘Classical Marxism and Immigration’ by myself and S Lawrence (3) but presumably this hatchet job from an anti-communist from Poland is the answer, in other words, mass immigration is here to stay, is positive the world over as it abolishes nation states and leads to nirvana, which raises living standards for the working class and does not reduce them to penury, as has happened to the Greek working class which has been forced to receive millions of illegal immigrants without being asked by the globalist Greek quisling politicians of the Fourth Reich. (Greek Cross party parliamentary committee did look into it in 1993!)(4)

In the meantime in the real world, the EU instigated expansionist wars on the borders of the EU, starting in ex-Yugoslavia and ending in the Ukraine are events that are always supported by ‘WW’, the ‘racism’ of the indigenous nationalities (Serbs, E. Ukrainians) is always decried and the hyper-globalism of the City of London/Wall St always promoted as progress, precisely because they destroy working class living standards and create a globalised ‘melting pot’ so beloved by an ‘educated lumpen petty bourgeoisie’, current shock troops of the Fourth Reich, who move abroad in search of greener pastures like they change shirts and if an ‘uneducated’ barbarian from the ‘lower orders’ dares to complain against the EU and its four core principles (freedom of movement for capital, labour, services and goods), they bring out the big hammer of ‘Racism’ and for those who require special treatment, ‘Nazism’. No wonder the rightists are sweeping the board clean (France, UK) and there is widespread popular venom against the EU.

Maciej wants to defend his brethren in their mass movement West, (admitting by default that they are playing the role the Irish did in the Nineteenth Century in undercutting labour), but forgets to add that then capitalism was still expanding, in particular in the USA, whilst now it is declining and the jobs don’t actually exist for population transfers of this gargantuan magnitude

Recent surveys have shown for example London has 200,000 less school places and the use of the ambulance service has increased by 4 million in less than a decade whilst the actual service has been cut. Is this any wonder when the new arrivals have made no contribution to the capital cost, of this infrastructure?

Characters like Maciej want their globalist cake (unlimited mass migration) with no respect for the standards of pre-existing workers or the public services they were entitled to receive. But in reality this unceasing mass immigration becomes a harbinger of the third worldisation of all standards under the guise of ‘working class unity’ which dictates ‘don’t be ‘racist’ show ‘class solidarity’ and let it happen’. There were individuals like that in WWII who argued that one could not go against the occupation soldiers of the Third Reich as they were workers like us, and they were developing unity with them, borders were being erased, we were seeing the end of ‘reactionary’ nation states and so on, all this bringing the struggle for ‘internationalist’ socialism closer. They forgot to add that in the meantime the people were experiencing barbarism and they wanted to stop it, not encourage its further spread the world over. But since 1989 the old left has made peace with capitalism and not any capitalism in general, in any particular period of history, but US capitalism, the last global capitalism (that has used nuclear weapons and has the power to self-destruct) and it is to this type of capitalism, the bastard offspring of European capitalism, we must all bow down to.

The American Empire inaugurating its NWO destroyed the multi-ethnic state of ex-Yugoslavia in cahoots with German imperialism. Now it is intent on destroying the old nation states of Europe with the mass importation of millions of illegal immigrants, one of which is Maciej himself. Some E European countries, like Albania, haven’t even joined, but their population was one of the first into the EU. No host countries were allowed a referendum on the entrance of E Europe. This process has created multi-ethnic ghettos with no tradition and no history. In the field of labour we have had the emergence of zero hours contracts, the equivalent of these multi-ethnic entities could be characterised as ‘zero history nations’. To this Maciej subscribes politically, but of course someone from ‘WW’ didn’t tell him that he joined the ‘party’ just as it finished... (Lehman's bros crash)

Stalinism, a cancer of the labour movement for a whole historical period, allowed the collapse of the British Empire to morph into the American one and get away scot free. Today the practitioners of the politics of globalism are everywhere defending and promoting America in decline, but nowhere more so than decrepit British Labourism and the trade union flunkeys that fund it and have made its politics indistinguishable from the Texas oil-igarchy.

On the other allegations which are the stock in trade of American globalists that there is only one holocaust ie the jewish one, (no Russian or Black or Armenian one) this obviously fits in with the adoption of cold war politics which sought to minimise the intra-european nature of WW2 (ie Russian, Greek resistance as a % of total population dead and in overall numbers) and elevate American storytelling that WW2 was only about the …jews and if anyone was to question that they would join the ranks …of ‘holocaust deniers’. This type of garbage works well in academia or the ‘legal marxists’ (as Lenin referred to them in his days), but in the real world people just laugh. For deep down it’s the politics of Hollywood, praising the US Empire even when we all know it cant fight (Vietnam, Iraq Afghanistan) or it joins wars right at the end to come on top (WW1 and WW2). Especially when we have current war criminals going about the business (Blair, Bush etc.)

Why the sudden interest in Greece? When Greece officially defaults and goes back to its national currency the whole EU project which was a political attempt at unifying the ruling classes will start to fully unravel. It is this event and this fact alone that massively enrages the pettybourgeoisie and they focus all their energies in arguing ‘Greeks should be erased from history’ (David Walters) (5) if that is to save the EU and condemning the nationalism of the Greeks (whilst at the same time defending the supra-nationalism of the EU, NATO, USA) or the hyper nationalism of the Germans (whose sole claim to fame is that they bankrupt Europe time after time). The Pole Maciej is in good company. Having abandoned Russia and slavish subservience to Stalinism he has gone over direct from Warsaw without a stop straight to Washington and embraced globalism fully. If he was to be a waiter or even a doorman at the top table one could say good luck and good riddance, but I doubt if they ever even assign him a role in taking out the garbage, for which he has been trained (when he throws Weekly Worker into his own)…

For after all a so-called paper that prints attacks, but bars the right to reply is nothing better than the Murdoch press, a print medium they have more in common than anyone else. (6)

VN Gelis


1. Dave Douglass Review of How the IMF Broke Greece: Eyewitness Reports and the Rold of the Fake Left


3. Book on Classical Marxism and Immigration

4. The Left knew: Cross Party Parliamentary Committee on the Impact of Mass Immigration

5. David Walters: An American Provocateur Proponent of One World Government..

6.Unpublished Letter to Weekly Worker

Part Two:

Who runs Weekly Worker? Grandson of Neville Chamberlain ex-PM and Grandfater Secretary of State for Colonies?

That would explain why they are so pro-EU. They want it to reach New Delhi (Mode 4 agreement as highlighed by No2EU) and recreate the 19th Century Empire all over, not only does this run in their politics it presumabely runs in their veins...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Euroelections: Syriza Comes First


Euroelections 2014
Difference 6/2012
Euroelections 2009
New Democracy
Golden Dawn
Ind Greeks
Bottom of Form


Abstention (inc Blanc vote spoiled etc)=remains high at 44% and the number one ‘party’ as it has done in most electoral conflicts of the last two decades

Syriza: went from 240k to roughly 1.5m votes ie  by a multiple x7 first time in Greek history the Left has won in an election

GD: had the highest increase of ALL parties from 0.46% in 2009 and 45k votes to 500k ie x10

KKE: Had 430k now dropped to 340k so around a third must have voted for Syriza despite the leaders wishes for its members to not vote Syriza anywhere even in run-offs with the Right in the Mayoral and Regional Governor Elections

Dimar (Dem Left): wiped out reaffirming the characterisation of its leader as being the Karatzaferi of the Left (ex-LAOS party which joined the bankster Papadimos govt and then got nothing in 2012

Syriza Satellites Split the Vote: Antarsya, Plan B, EPAM, EEK, OKDE, Drachma aggregated got around 3% ensuring total Syriza vote didn’t surpass 30%

Euroelections 2009: 3 top parties in 2009 (PASOK-ND-KKE) had a combined vote of 3.8m and around 75% of the total vote now that has been reduced to 1.9m votes ie a drop of 50% in actual votes and around 36% in votes.

If one then adds the total votes of ND and PASOK one sees they got around 16.5% of the current electorate (if one adds the inevitable electoral fraud they probably got around 10%) with their total votes being around 1.7m when ND on its own got that figure in 2009