Friday, 20 March 2020

Greece 2020: Covid Dictatorship to Mask Capitalist Collapse for a Totalitarian New Order

‘We are here for the health of the people and their well being’ Mitsotakis Greek Premier

Governments and Oppositions all singing from the same hymn sheet.

An article appeared way back that the Chinese lockdown would last six weeks and today that this is being written no new cases of Covid have hit China and the circus of this virus is over at least there. So the Chinese shutdown ensured around two months of production ceased which is equivalent to between 10-15% of all production and if not everyone returned at once then this could increase.

They are already predicting around 25% of new unemployment and in Greece added to the official amount we are back once more to the levels of 2012 with the added difference that no one now can leave the country and go anywhere. All new measures will be passed provisionally and will then be attempted to become permanent. To get from A to B they will test people’s reactions, the extent to which they follow the rules and they have taken provisions to empty the prisons to add new clients who refuse to cooperate. Already we have a massive coordinated campaign by the opposition to attack the govts for not imposing the lockdown and adopting religiously the campaign Stay At Home and treat pensioners as pariahs. The old tactics of divide and rule.

In the first week of this campaign they emphasised that people should not be in the beaches or go to the parks, everyone should religiously wash hands every five minutes and wear silly masks. They have cancelled the Army Parade for Independence Day 25th March and they have asked all Church goers to abstain from the Church, measures which haven’t realistically happened ever. Of course all these measures are done for our health and safety as govts have that as a top priority in particularly when they allow homelessness to go through the roof, anyone to come into the country who is able to rob loot and steal primarily pensioners, and children to be fainting in class from hunger or the legions of unemployed who live on the margins of society. So the only logical explanation is that once the full extent of the measures are announced and implemented reaction will occur and then the quarantine measures will go out of the window overnight and announcements will occur that the virus has subsided. But the problem from the Greek point of view is that the weather isn’t identical to Northern Europe, or Northern Italy and to keep people in when temperatures reach 30c will be impossible. Divorces will skyrocket, children of a certain age will not be able to be policed…

Coffins attirbuted to Bergamo City in Lombardy Region but from the Lampedusa earthquake- Fake News in Greek Media

Presstitutes attacking the people on behalf of the Capitalist Lockdown.

The mass media of disinformation that gave us the fake 9/11, the fake WMD’s, fake ISIS, fake climate change etc. has now added the fake virus to control all reaction to collapsing capitalism. In the last two weeks there are daily attacks on ‘Greeks’ those who don’t follow the prescriptions of the collapse and stay in to commit voluntary hara-kiri and the irony of the situation is that the 150-200k migrants in camps who are living in third world conditions have never caught the alleged ‘virus’. It is only a phenomenon for Greeks.

So despite and apart from the 24/7 propaganda those that have lost their jobs wont easily be controlled by people with their verbal propaganda and only the club of the riot police can ensure the total lockdown continues. Already Lombardy is suffering a four week lockdown and then Bloomberg comes along with the Italian medical report and states 99% of victims have other ailments and are of a certain age and that is the area which in 2018 there were 100000 deaths so to rebrand a few thousand as dying of a …virus, which is the new plague, out to succumb millions is beyond a joke as now its officially also stopped spreading in China.

There was a unit of the now defunct paper Eleftherotipia that ran all the 17N fake terrorist group propaganda for a few decades and guess what it was called ‘the virus’, so the Greek media isn’t new to this type of bullshit. It is its bread and butter. It’s the same media that sold the IMF crisis as being the fault of the ‘lazy Greek’ the ‘plumber who didn’t issue invoices’ ‘the Mediterranean lifestyle’ etc. but not the overleveraged corporate banks or the financial oligarchy that runs the world.

People have changed the slogan Stay At Home and have written of the migrant blow ins We Will Enter your Homes

What will Mitsotakis do with the mass repossesions he inaugurated in April? The hotel industry will collapse if it loses this summers bookings and all associated trades leading to the question that will he then utilise the migrant blow ins to become hotel guests? Either which way shutting down business activity based on a false premise doesn't imply that when they cease this nonsense things will function as they did before.

Having now pumped in globally around $100 trillion since since the crash of 2008 they have outstanding derivative commitments to the tune of $60 trillion and whatever they do the stock markets they will continue to collapse and a capitalist lockdown will make everything worse. But the main reason they require it is socio political. In previous times in the past when there was a crash there were severe social disturbances in particular the Veterans March on Washington in 1932 which brought down Hoover and inaugurated Roozevelt's New Deal. But this was almost 100 years ago and US imperialism is in the doldrums, totally indebted, with military bases in 1,000 locations worldwide and a laughing stock being attacked abroad and unable to secure any military victories two decades now when it launched its unipolar path to total global control. Not only are the stock markets going to continue to collapse but the capitalist lockdown is an attempt to use the old medicine under new conditions by assuming people will Stay Home (‘Menoume Spiti’) and commit collective hara-kiri.

The Greek Premier via the paid presstitutes will announce a total lockdown which will be broken as it’s impossible to lock people in their homes 24/7 without having the army on the streets and with patrols everywhere. They don’t have the manpower nor the social forces anymore to impose it as the globalists are in their homes and frightened of venturing out as they believe they will catch a …virus. The last great crash exposed the fragility of global capitalism. This crash will collapse the states themselves as the old medicine of bailouts for banksters and Universal Basic Income for people will destroy the value of all money…

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Greece 2020: Covid Lockout as a Cover for Global Capitalist Collapse Part One

Greece 2020: Covid Lockout as a Cover for Global Capitalist Collapse

“Our first priority is to save lives. Our interest are humans and public health” Mitsotakis Greek PM

“We correctly suspended all mass party activities as we have a high concept of social responsibility” Tsipras

From Stay in Europe to... Stay at Home

All beaches closed to the public and the hotel industry closed till 30th April 2020

For decades the fake left had maximum 24 hours strikes. During the arrival of the IMF they extended it to a whopping 48 hours. Now we have a government General Strike against its citizens by initially closing down schools, then all shops and now by shutting down all economic activity bar supermarkets and pharmacies, for 14 days which will be extended and at the same time with no actual support of those sectors closing down. Never before have we had so much political unity with all the parties supporting the measures to commit collective economic and social hara-kiri over a 2nd pandemic by the WHO since 2000.

A 24/7 propaganda started of an alleged virus which originated from China that they have taken war measures without actually completing any other related issues, like ration cards, emergency payments, emergency hospitals just one attack after the other against the citizens for being outside by the sea, for people opening their businesses but at the same time they are accepting and shipping in migrant blow ins to various parts of the country. They also allegedly banned marches but the antifa brigades marched in central Lesvos.

The US crisis started in 1971 and the transfer of production to China alongside the rise of technology ie automation in many sectors of the economy meant a lot of economies in the West became service sector economies and the expansion of wars in the last two decades during the USA’s attempt at becoming the unipolar leader of the world failed abysmally.

Marx noted over 170 years ago analysing capitalist production that the rapid development of production and the constant competition that increases the availability of material goods, productive forces would eventually pass into fewer and fewer hands, at the same time as unemployment rising, whilst products produced cannot be consumed by the actual markets. 

One should always remember the alleged dialogue between the Head of the Ford Corporation and the head of the Autoworkers Trade Union, when he showed him a new automated factory and laughed that ‘we don’t need trade unions’! Whilst the Head of the Autoworkers responded, ensure the robots buy your cars as well.

What can we say about our era? Trains drive on their own, buses and cars are being tipped to be driverless, whole sectors of production are automated, this is now the main blockage for the global economy and why they started importing migrants for cheap labour to lower all standards and wages. It appears the microchips have held their necks hostage and blood is no longer flowing to the brain. Noticing everything that is going on around us they are trying to solve the problems they haven’t so far been able to ie have skeleton workforces and computerise everything using the feeble excuse of a fake virus with silly masks on people’s faces. Capitalism in decline has entered clown world and its difficult to see how they step back from this after the stock market collapses and the shutdown of cities, ie the general lockouts imposed.

What measures will they Take? The Future is Here in the Present

As days go by more and more the lies surrounding the Corona virus will spread much faster than the actual non-existent virus itself. Here we are dealing with a crime and the alibi a murderer always requires before he gets the victim and this is a global crime started in China for their own specific reasons and spread to the EU via Italy and finally to the UK and the USA (with the lockdown of New York and Los Angeles)

Already many workers are in the air as many businesses have shut down by government dictat. If the individual boss lockdowns the business then the responsibility falls on the shoulder of the owners to pay the wages, but in the case it is a government decision then there is no such obligation. So what will happen?

To support all those on wages they claim they will give Euro 400 that all obligations to Inland Revenue to be suspended.  In reality all anti worker provisional measures taken will become… permanent like the old ‘haratsi’ (property tax which was a provisional tax by the IMF) which a decade later is still here.

What are they actually preparing? To increase home working another step in the direction of part time work which they have introduced. A lecturer at the Athens Economic and Business school said “maybe the Corona virus epidemic is something extraordinary in business activities but the practice will remain intact when the ‘alarm’ is over. As many businesses and govts are losing billions of Euros due to the epidemic, some actions will become permanent.

Thus what will be supported significantly in the last years like remote working which isn’t something new, but now is given an extra impetus by a virus and increases massively its development. Already technological giants like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook asked from the workers to work from home.

The changes which are coming will lead or stigmatise our society and its structures but the economy and its businesses with a more sudden and violent way, processes that came to arrive. As is noted in Harvard Buisness Review in an article on Corona virus and business ‘prepare for a changed world’. Everything is changing, in such a fashion where the change could be characterised as a darwinian development’ The man is stating it in a veiled form but for the peoples of the world he implies the gates of hell have opened.

The lecturer at the University of Athens George Doukidis noted ‘In Greece one can discern that we can be influenced negatively by serious pillars of the national economy like tourism, transportation and various export sectors.

At the same time the psychology of the consumers is being influenced negatively. The reduction of markets, of movements and those who take part in meetings/festivals beyond the reasons of hygiene are also linked to the insecurity which dominates and is ‘translated’ into behaviour which we observe in periods of deep economic crisis’…

Friday, 13 March 2020

Greece 2020: Self organisation, Self arming, Revolutionary Repatriations

Greece 2020: Self organisation, Self arming, Revolutionary Repatriations

Almost all reports surfacing and almost all discussions by Greeks are now centred on how the nation can survive with the external direct threats of being flooded with millions of migrant blow ins from neighbouring Turkey. A real collapse of Greece will lead severe regional disruption and a collapse of major trade routes East to West due to the geographic position of Greece. The comprador Greek ruling class wants to integrate with Turkey to co-manage the Aegean and ensure Greeks are beaten down indefinitely and are destroyed as a nation. Without a nation at its core there is no possibility of any social gains or improvements.

Self-organisation Self-arming of Greeks

The day after the defeat of ND globalist hordes in Chios, Samos, Lesvos the ‘Guardian’ set the tone whose phantom reporter Helena Smith immediately set upον the peoples committees which are manning roadblocks and the skittle was taken over by EfSYN (Greek pro Syriza paper) and Bogiopoulos (KKE presstitute) characterising not the whole islanders (how could they) but individuals and self-appointed committees as being hidden Nazis etc. Without understanding whats happened to them they try to continue in the old format under new conditions and are failing abysmally. Why?

Lesvos historically was a ‘red island’ so selling ‘war refugees’ to them was easy when everyone politically sang from the same hymn sheet. There was an indication something else would happen but few picked up on it. When the NGO’s round occupying empty govt. buildings they extended it to the offices or space of the official union movement without realising that these offices are where a bunch of parasites now reside and in many regional areas the only ones who still play lip service to workers are those association with the KKE. When their Labour Centre was taken over in Lesvos they retook it with clubs and threw out the NGO’s. At the time the Greek Home office ‘anarchists’ who reside in Exarchia then went on a search and destroy mission trying to attack KKE militants for being ….anti-refugee.

Five years down the line after living through a subsidised illegal immigrant occupation of their islands which has made it impossible to have a basic right of free movement on the islands without the fear of theft, being mugged or raped one sees that the right of ‘free movement’ becomes the right to suppress the basic democratic rights of citizens in a county they grew up in and were born. Turning indigenous workers into a minority in their own country would not obviously occur without major eruptions and as such was the earthquake that hit the Aegean islands. This has already forced the government to not accept new migrant blow ins by the boatload despite them arriving in their tens of hundreds.

We have heard reports of NGO’s leaving the island of NGO warehouses being burnt of NGO’s being attacked. This was obviously a characteristic of every retreating occupying army they destroyed their tracks and traces. Without doubt in the not too distant future we will hear reports of their drug dealing, organ selling, torture and rapes after all when you dump a whole bunch of self-serving neoliberal lumpenised individuals from many nations, give them free food and nothing to do all day but watch porn inevitably you have created conditions of an internal prison but in open spaces where contact with the local population would always become adversary. We aren’t dealing here with real ‘war refugees’ those that show humility in their surroundings, aim to integrate or learn a new culture but an army of neoliberal fakeugees, who assume they will replace the host population as they have been told by the army of NGO’s that they are worthless, useless pointless.

One now sees how a real strike and a few protests lead a change in the balance of forces to the host nation and can clearly discern the contours which this path will take. If the anti-austerity protests of the first half of the decade led to the rise of Syriza and a stalemate, the next half of the decade saw an attempt at a state subsidised approach at replacing Greeks both by propagating they should all emigrate to greener pastures abroad or that the demographic collapse of the Greek nation should be arrested by bringing in tens of thousands of AfroAsian ‘school age’ children. By breaking the back of the Greek nation ie what binds a specific group of people in any given nation state they could then do whatever they wanted in whatever way they wanted.
One can also view the rebellion in the Aegean islands as the dying act of a nation in its death throes. That is also certainly the case. If this new decade does not lead to Greeks getting armed and remaining in popular committes to defend their existing way of life they will be unable not only to make any gains but to actually be able to exist within the realms of a society where gains can actually be made. The irony of history is that the Americanisation of Greek life led to its breakdown and the roots of this breakdown are that it can provide either the seeds of national renewal or disappearance.

Under pressure from the Aegean islands ND adopted a ‘nationalist’ line sending troops riot police, border guards, national guards etc. to defend the border with Turkey. Mitsotakis went on a walkabout tour and people came out to cheer the same people that would have been screaming at him for sending riot troops to the Aegean islands. Therein lies the contradiction, of a state which is solidly committed to mass replacement migration having to act in a manner with which it appears to be on the side of the nation it wants to dismember. This is a sign of weakness and creates a vacuum that inevitably gets filled. When one sees farmers sending their trucks there to defend the border and over the last years they have been mobilised many times over blocking the imports and exports of products for their sectional demands (ie reduction of CAP subsidies etc.) they bring a wealth of experience and mobilisation to any new situation. When one sees individuals turning up with their trucks and putting their beam lights on to show the paths and routes where the migrant blow ins may cross one sees that all these disparate groups are united with one aim. To close the borders. Enough is enough.

This obviously has a revolutionising effect on Greeks on the Aegean islands and they mobilise greeting the fakeugees on the coast telling them they not wanted. Once large enough numbers of people get mobilised over issues they would put their life on the line it implies the genie is out of the bottle and its difficult to put it back in. The general culture changes and the dictatorship of political correctness which was never particularly strong in Greece goes out of the window.

Pakistanis undressed Syrians being shot, boats being ordered to be sunk blow ins being teargassed etc. Creating a picture of a defensive Greek state for global circulation a tough new ‘nationalist’ PM who is so embedded in the in the globalist system of mass migration that many members of his family actually run migrant NGOs.

When we see alleged university professors writing a joint statement about mass migration and how planet AfroAsia needs to be housed and fed and when we see Greek lawyers taking Greece to court for allegedly suspending asylum for one month alongside Erdogan their cover has been blown.

Revolutionary Repatriations
To what extent are they going to be able to run the border show for internal and global consumption and for how long is the question under review. The only thing certain is that after the revolt in the Aegean islands it will be difficult for any government to re-package the same globalist propaganda regarding ‘war refugees’ and flood the islands to such an extent the Greeks are finally pushed out. The only prospect left for Greeks is to arm themselves and demand revolutionary repatriation and take back control of their destiny.

9th March

VN Gelis

Monday, 9 March 2020

'I Stand With Greece' Who is Behind It? Turkey opens the Floodgates

This week on a special English-language edition of Dialogos Radio, producer-host Dr. Michael Nevradakis, along with author and ex-university lecturer Evans Agelissopoulos, discuss in detail the rapidly changing developments following Turkey’s decision to “open the floodgates” and release hundreds of thousands of migrants towards Greece and Europe.

Topics that will be covered on this week’s broadcast include the following:

  • Are Greece’s borders really “closed” or does the sea passage towards Greece remain open while the media narrative focuses on the pressures at the mainland border with Turkey?
  • Are the Greek and Turkish governments mutually taking advantage of this situation for their own ends?
  • In Greece, might we be headed towards the establishment of a national unity government?
  • Will the current government attempt to proceed with the construction of “closed” migrant camps, but this time on the mainland?
  • Are the “refugees” really escaping war and violence in Syria or are they from elsewhere?
  • Are these developments leading to the resurrection of patriotic sentiment in Greece?
  • What was the outcome of Erdogan’s recent meeting with Vladimir Putin and what can be expected from Erdogan’s meeting with EU officials?
  • How are the mainstream media, the “left” and the “alt-right” each framing the narrative surrounding the migrant crisis through their own biased lens?
  • How is #IStandWithGreece being co-opted by “patriotic” Greek organizations that have not supported Greek national issues in the past?
  • How is it that Turkey does not have one reported Coronavirus (Covid-19) case when it operates as a transit point from countries where there have been outbreaks of the virus?
  • Finally, what’s behind the politics of open borders and free migration?

All this and more will be discussed in detail on this week’s special edition of Dialogos Radio—hear it via our network of affiliated radio stations worldwide during the week of March 9-15, 2020, or online via our podcast, YouTube, or Mixcloud:

Monday, 2 March 2020

Greece 2020 Working with Turkey: Erdogan Mitsotakis Aiming to Co-manage Migrant Flows and the Aegean Sea

Greece 2020: Erdogan Mitsotakis Aiming to Co-manage Migrant Flows and the Aegean Sea

What you gonna do when they come for you?

“Those who attacked the riot police are scum” Mitsotakis Greek PM

We live in strange times. Never before has a government which allegedly represents the interests of a specific nation requisitioned land at the point of a gun to hand it over to illegal immigrant occupiers. But that is the specific case point in Greece. After destroying wages and pensions in an economic freefall attack creating a collapse of GDP to the tune of 25% far greater and longer than any semi-developed state in modern history we are now witnessing an avalanche of coordinated hatred against all those who refuse to be replaced.

Three islands have become the focal point of conflict: Chios, Lesvos, Samos, but not only, after they created migrant receptions centres in 2016 when over a million passed through Greece allegedly from the Syrian war. Since then it has been revealed over 80 odd nations are represented from these fake ‘wars’ gaining ‘refugee’ status which grants them around €3-400  monthly and if they manage to get out of the reception centres an apartment in any major Athenian city.

Premier Mitsotakis explaining border security to the nation

We used to have backpack tourism in the 1960’s and 1970’s whereby tourists would camp on or near beaches in the summer months which for some spread over to most of the year, that then gave way to mass tourism, the package holiday and the emergence of 4x and 5x hotels, now we have a new type of tourist the Afroasian migrant ‘refugee’ who if he declares he is under 16 but in reality way over gets special treatment ie a trebling of benefits equivalent to a minimum of €1,500 a month which is double the starting salary of Greek public hospital doctor. This is the only economic roadshow for our times.
We saw in the Greek media details published of three companies granted around a €1 millioneach to set up new migrant camps on land which they just took from citizens. Now normally land is taken for issues of national emergency ie. if one is facing an external threat, an invasion etc. Here we have a continuation of the policies of the 3rd Reich which requisitioned land and food for the occupation army of  Hitler but this time round for Merkel's fake refugees to break the back of the Greek nation and destroy its capacity to reproduce and get erased, a prospect it has faced many times over its 5,000 year history.

New Democracy: Merkels Boot Boys

Having assumed power on a campaign of reducing migrant flows and controlling the free for all on the Aegean islands which has led to Greeks becoming prisoners in their own homes, they opened the floodgates once in power shipping tens of thousands over from Turkey and creating in the last six months a new situation which was noted in a previous article, of creating migrant camps everywhere in Greece and housing migrant blow ins in more than 70 Greek cities.

A campaign started by the Soros funded ‘antifascist’ KEERFA alongside the Muslim Association of Greece (who are on record in stating the islands in the Aegean are Islamic) to educate and take on board migrant blow ins in all schools under cover that if they don’t the schools will close as Greeks aren’t having children. Taking into account over 500.000 citizens have left the country  and wages for those in work are so low that one can’t live independently or start a family by the EU austerity imposed on Greeks, it’s ironic the government can finance health care for blow ins to the tune of €30 billion and provide free housing, free food and free money which isn’t provided to the homeless Greeks or those that live in the dark as they have no money to pay for electricity or feed their children which continue to faint in schools due to the lack of nutrition.

The Fear of Erdogan’s Turkey

Never before as well has the ruling class and all its representatives in Parliament been so in unison in their final war against the Greek nation. They are all singing from the same hymn sheet and characteristic is the manoeuvring over hydrocarbons found in the Aegean sea which the Greek government wants to share with Turkey to bail Erdogan out of the bind he is currently in, in both Syria and Libya. The two pronged attack against Greeks is the constant fear peddling MSM about an imminent Turkish invasion (ships drilling off the coast of Cyprus and Crete, fighter jet incursions etc.) and the unleashing of Turkeys migrant blow ins, to ensure that all the islanders are there to serve their own disappearance and extinction with their own money, land, jobs and women.

The three islands in question have their own idiosyncratic existence with Lesvos being famous for ouzo production Chios being famous for world famous mastiha (tree plant producing chewing gum) and Samos being famous for sweet wine production. Lesvos being the largest of the three with its own electricity generating plant became famous for being a ‘red’ island throughout its history with a strong labour movement in power generation and guerrilla war activity against the German occupation and the subsequent civil war whereby they continued to fight months later even after the official downing of arms by EDES forces under the then General Secretary of the Greek KKE, Zahariades…

These islands are currently housing over 50k blow ins and there aren’t more than 150k citizens on them, most of them of a certain age due to the catastrophic demographic collapse of Greece in the last two decades. Requisitioning land at the behest of three large private property companies to ship over containers to house just as many blow ins turning the islanders a minority on the islands doesn’t take into account the physical landscape and how the actual infrastructure is going to cope in terms of water usage, sewage, power. These are all minor issues in the globalist era as accommodating the self-IDing of migrants in order to grant them ‘refugee status’ nowadays is all the rage. If someone doesn’t support the situation they are then labelled with abusive epithets reaching the point of being branded a …nazi. Whilst the concept of the territorial integrity and independence of nations is now just a byword in the era of globalism, the way of life of citizens no longer holds as accepting your neighberhood or your city centre to turn into a migrant dumping ground is what is acceptable.

Mitsotakis has made a big hue and cry about going to the Hague to agree to hand over sections of the Aegean peninsula to the Turks. That is his real agenda. 

Mass replacement Migration at the Point of a Club and Rubber bullets
Mitsotakis not wanting to repeat the mistakes of his erstwhile member Kammenos (ex Independent Greeks) who was part of the coalition  government that governed with Syriza tried the Kos effect on the islanders. He bused in probably around 1,000 riot police on the three islands in a coordinated attack to occupy the requisitioned land and crack some heads open in the process for any that stood in the way. They landed on over three ports with army personnel as well (engineers with diggers) hiding the signal of the ships so the locals couldn’t know when they are arriving and then proceeded to attack the locals in battles that lasted for two days in many parts of the islands.

To name a few of the battles as there were so many. Farmers used tractors to attack riot police vans and to repel them after riot police attacked unarmed citizens protesting, stopped cars and motorbikes of citizens who weren’t involved in the protests and took them out and beat them, a video clearly shows 4-5 riot police cracking the head open of a protester by rubbing his face into the concrete ground, other citizens showed casings of rubber bullets fired at them, riot police are seen smashing up cars on their retreat, riot police are seen retreating into an army base and being confronted by enraged citizens, riot police used police helicopters to fire tear gas at citizens etc.

The actual list is endless and the attacks occurred in so many places at once it’s difficult to write anything all one can add is that riot police were created to police junctions in city blocks and disperse citizens congregated in certain areas. Taking them to mountain roads, mini forests, open air plots of land is extremely foolish as local citizens in many of these islands are armed and if attacked under any conditions will respond as they did apparently sending around 70 riot police to hospital with reports of even injuries up to and including death.

 One incident that hit the social media airwaves was the riot police that was attacked in the hotel they were staying in. Enraged citizens turned up beat them all up and threw all their belongings out of the window. This is clearly a breakdown of the forces of law and order….

Greek Churches raised to the ground in Lesvos

First major defeat of the globalist oligarchs of Greece

Despite all the strikes and battles of the last decade up to and including the anti-IMF protests of the early 2010 decade, the rise of the alleged ‘anti-austerity’ Syriza and the protests over the name Macedonia, the defeat inflicted in the Aegean islands following on from the successful local general strike where everything stopped for a day about a month ago is significant. Local citizens without the ‘fear’ of Erdogan, Golden Dawn tainted labels, antifa etc. resisted and beat New Democracys goons in the first major battle of the 2020 decade.

Whilst the battles of the 2010 decade when Greeks marched in their tens of thousands held over 30 general strikes, protest days etc. tried to overturn road tolls, electricity cut-offs, stave off mass sackings, wage and pension cuts and they were defeated either in part or in whole, the stage is now set for our extinction as a nation by the rapid mass replacement agenda forestalled in part with the rise of Brexit and Trump but now being returned with a vengeance as the last throw of the dice by the globalists.

Their aim of course is to go over to a co-management of tens of millions of AfroAsians in migrant camps set up all over Greece and the co-management of the Aegean sea which has extensive hydrocarbons to help out ErDOGan in his time of need in particular to make him honorary President of the Committee to Celebrate the 200 years from the 1821 Revolution which saw Greece break away from the Ottoman Empire as after all our oligarchs sell him the drilling platforms he uses to invade Greek and Cypriot territorial waters to go on exploratory missions whilst at the same time questioning the whether various islands in the Aegean are actually Greek.

Having lost the Aegean islands the Greek govt must have got on the blower to Erdogan and asked him to send over tens of thousands of migrants to create a border issue so as to draw attention away from the Aegean islands. The govt so far has responded with troops, border guards and riot police arriving at Kastanies the Greek Turkish border post that links the Greek motorway and Turkey. Far quicker would have been if the Greek government just closed the border blocking Turkish road freight passing through. That would last maximum 2-3 weeks. If the Turks then sent across any weaponised migrants they would go bankrupt.

But knowing the globalist roots of the whole of the Greek political class in and out of Parliament they have continued to accept and accelerate the migrants in the Aegean islands. So Evros has been set up to counterattack the Aegean islanders.

The promising news from the islands is that without party political control the islanders are thinking outside the box. They have confronted the riot police guerrilla style as well as NGO’s, they are blocking roads, setting up peoples committees and taking back control of their islands and their lives. This is a battle that will only have one outcome. Those who labour will rule. Or they will become extinct. The local just went national…

VN Gelis
1st March 2020

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Migrant Blow ins Arrive by the Boatload Part Three

Migrant Blow In Arrivals by the Boatload

This aint an invasion, so what is it?

Ministry of Interior
"the laws we have passed regarding blasphemy have been made to defend all those downtrodden people who for whatever reason have ended up in Greece's mainland and are being pressurrised by extremists who are showing their bad self"

Notopoulos ex Syriza Minister
There is no limit to the acceptance of refugees...

The situation officially is now out of control. According to Turkish reports if they fully open the borders for one day, Greece will be overrun. Of course these threats from Erdogan aren’t really threats as the globalist Europhile Greek ruling class want to have an ‘external threat’ to justify their mass replacement migration agenda. They are over the moon ecstatic the new government has started the ball rolling picking up where Syriza was forced to provisionally arrest the flows.

Greece has many islands in the Aegean and Crete which is directly above Libya and a few islands like Lampedusa. Not all islands are targets for migrant blow in NGO’s but all islands will become targets once ND completes its demands to send migrant blow ins in all the 13 regional prefectures of Greece, two of which weren’t included Crete and the Peloponnese.

The only problems they have in their plans aren’t the plans but the reaction of local citizens and whether they are able to forestall this UN Agenda. So far due to the total collapse of any political response by any parties inside and outside Parliament, the demands required have been lacking the desires of many. Since the early 2000 when these agendas started to creep in quietly affecting Athenian neighbourhoods and then spreading to port cities like Patras, citizens committees have been defeated on the ground by a type of stalemate that saw Greeks getting involved in ‘white flight’ from the worst areas until the big change in 2015, catalogued in my book Mass Replacement Migration: The Example of Greece

Will this time round be any different and will Greeks be able to take their country back? For the first time in more than one area Greeks have mentioned arming themselves for what is coming but also we have seen the army directly involved in the UN Agenda. Almost no political forces have demanded Greece leave Schengen or Dublin 3 or the EU. They were all ecstatic with the rise of Syriza as they assumed the issue of Grexit was postponed indefinitely and into the future. The previous government did everything in their power to sell off Greek heritage agreeing to the political transvestites of the banana republic of Skopje-Soros that the name Macedonia is no longer Greek. Just as they thought they had cut the deal of the century and were gushing in receiving awards for the mass replacement migration agenda and the Macedonian issue it all came to a halt.

Now they are using the Aegean islands which have filled up in order to empty them and pass the buck onwards to central Greece. So we have two reactions, those on the islands and those in mainland Greece. Islands such as Lesvos, Chios, Kos, Samos, Simi, Leros are being overwhelmed and areas on the mainland are being flooded. Once the obviously know they will be relocated under Navy and Commercial Fleets then more and more will come. Migrant detention centres with capacity for 3,000 are already reeling with 20,000 and local rivers have been turned into literal shitholes as nothing can accommodate this large number of people.

News reports of reaction on Greek mainland:

Mouriers Kilkis
Residents want to arm themselves against the criminality of the migrants.
Ethnos 5th November 2019
Romanos Kontogiannides
Allegations are being made that there is widespread use of drugs and local residents are being harassed. They want to get shot guns to defend their personal integrity also their properties from criminal elements amongst the 300 migrants dumped in the area living in a hotel in the area, the village of Stathmos Mourion of the Kilkis region where 800 citizens live.
Citizens want to start their own self-defence units in the night hours so they can block any new criminality. They will decide that on Sunday in a village meeting.

Newsreports as stated to Ethnos gr there is fear in the village as houses get burgled frequently, the use and distribution of drugs right in the village square, the violent fights between migrants with little kids seeing it, bothering young Greek girls. Not long ago migrants attacked a resident and took his mobile phone right in the village square.

The residents assert that they feel totally helpless by the State despite them making reports to the police which does not intervene to impose order. “What the state does not do inevitably the residents will do. No one can stop this despite us being against this. We want the islands to be released from the pressure but here we are talking about 300 migrants arriving in town of 500. We have shown our humanism when we looked after 2,300 citizens when they first came in 2015. We have now reached our limits stated the Mayor of Kilkis Dimitrios Kiriakidis

In Mouries fear and desperation dominate said the citizens.

Criminality has gone through the roof since last spring and everyone is frightened in case something bad happens. “They use drugs inside the square they target houses where old people live or they come only at the weekends to commit criminality, they bother young women in the streets and they do abusive hand signals. Girls are frightened coming home at night from cafeterias. They attacked a villager in broad daylight in the square and took his mobile. Everyone is frightened in the town and I believe we will arrive at the situation guns will come out. Reactions will be great if there is a murder committed or a rape. There is fear in our town and the Police turns the other cheek. Its not women and children that live here. Many are migrant men and they appear to be dangerous. We have already decided at night to have foot patrols’’ as reported to ethnos gr by George Makridis representative of the citizens of the town.

The problem isn’t that they steal products from our farms. The problem is the criminiality the use of drugs right in front of our children’s eyes and the vulgarity. At the market the other day my 16 year old daughter was sexually abused right in front of their mother. In the children’s play area some people were beaten up really badly right in front of the eyes of children who were totally shocked. From the 300 migrants in the area around 200 are the scum of the earth. From the moment we have no protection from anyone we are thinking about getting armed. We are also of migrant stock ourselves and we accepted them 1.5 years ago with open arms. But events took a bad turn last spring. Many aren’t refugees, they are criminal elements’’, as reported by Nikos Panagiotidis a town resident.

The reaction of local residents in various parts of Greece

In the last two weeks in many local communities in Northern Greece we have had reactions, mobilisations and turmoil from citizens who are against the arrival and presence of migrants in their areas. What kicked it off was the night of 23rd October in Vrasna Thessaloniki when 150 citizens cut off the main roads into Vrasna blocking the migrant buses arriving with more than 200 on board, originating from Samos and the police organised manoeuvres to bypass the road blockades.

Reactions by Greek citizens on the mainland

A few days later after the Public Council of Serres it produced a vote which provoked reactions for the peaceful and negative characterism of those demanding asylum as ‘investors’ and for the reasons being the change in the demographic character of the area due to the mass arrival of migrants. Two unions of citizens were called forward to have demonstrations Brasna style in the case of migrants arriving en masse in the area.

Demonstrations in against ‘illegal immigrants’Also in Methoni Pierrias we had meetings infront of the statue of Phillip B with the slogan the blocking of the ‘illegal occupiers’ as they characterised them.

Citizens blocked migrant busesThe police had to divert the buses down side streets to get them to the hotels.

A wine producing region
On 5th November in Naousa it was reported migrants would be arriving creating a demonstration of local citizens who wanted to block buses which would transport them. When the realised there were no buses coming they went outside existing hotels where they are being housed and shouted slogans.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Why Greeks Are Rooting for Brexit Part Two

Why Greeks Are Rooting for Brexit Part Two
Current ‘Migrant’ issue a made up nightmare for the peoples and societies

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs New Democracy Varvitsiotis:
‘Let them understand those in areas that don’t receive migrants that we have the means in imposing them’!

It’s beyond doubt that Kiriakos Mitsotakis – like his predecessors – (political parties as politics no longer exist) is just carrying out orders. Essentially orders from George Soros and the supranational economic elite who from their end are promoting with every means available globalisation and the dominance of markets on the peoples and their states.

Their activities are being supported primarily from the NGO Solidarity Now which is a sub section of the Open Society Foundations of the boss George Soros and founded in Greece in 2012 with a declared interest in ‘funding the activities primarily of refugees’, From then in 2012 in Davos he had announced his plans for Greece and they implemented them (in the presence of a big cheerleaders in the form of A Papandreou).…/prwtoboylia-tzortz-soros-gia-tin-e…/

The composition of the aforementioned NGO leaves no room for doubt.
President of Solidarity Now
Stelios Zavvos (George Soros was best man who married St Zavvo and Sofia Doxiadi in June 2004 and his brothers George Zavvos deputy Minister of the Economy in Mitsotakis New Democracy Governemnt)

George Zavvos is a Greek American economist ‘founder and international adviser of Zeus Capital Managers Ltd a company which manages private capital and the development of property and infrastructure and is considered one of the great university teachers like Nouriel Roubini or John Stiglitz or John Paulson. Paulson bought at rock bottom prices the bankrupt banks Alpha and Piraues and alongside purchasing Piraues bank he acquired the Agrotiki Bank and 10% of the shares of EYDAP (water company) – one of the crimes of the coalition government ND-PASOK-Dimar in July 2012. In relation to selling them to John Paulson from my article in 2014 this is considered to be a National Betrayal »"...…/%CE%B9%CF%83%CF%84%CE%BF%CF%81%CE%B9%…/

General Directorship
Antigoni Limberaki (new arrival in 2019)
-nephew of Konstantinou Mitsotaki sister from his sister Artemisia, extreme neoliberal ex- MP for Potamia. Chosen as the Mitsotakis clan was about to take power.
Giannis Boutaris (new member 2018 ex Thessaloniki Mayer Skopjian Promoter)
Nikos Aliviziatis
Aristos Doxiadis
Nikiforos Diamantouros

Manos Matsagannis
Chris Rozakis
Anna Triantafillidou (Researcher at ELIAMEP-Greek Institute for European and International Affairs and a Lecturer specialising in the Sociology of Immigration and Immigration Policy in the area of nationalism etc.)
These names we find in all the decisions in support of anti-national positions and the world government proposals of the supranational economic elite:
1. In support of the politics of Open Borders of free migrant flows, which serve mainly the NGO Solidariy Now a subsection of the Open Society of George Soros
2. In support of the Troika
3. In support of revising history (Liakos, Repousi, Dragonas, Dimou, Koulouri, Koppa, Vermeis etc.)
4. In support of the measures of imposing a regime of a new middle ages for labour (they all take part in the forums Flexicurity and then was the ex-Minister of Education Anna Diamantopoulou – Bilderburg)
5. In support of granting the name Macedonia to Skopje
6. In support to the Kofi Annan peace plan for Cyprus

The same people make up organisations like ELIAMEP and one of the founders was the Lecturer Thanos Veremis the creator of the 1821 film on Skai TV with the deceiving titles ‘The Birth of a Nation’ and the Centre for Democracy and Conciliation in Southeastern Europe (CDRSEE) which is based in Thessaoliniki which is funded by the Open Society Foundations of Soros (look at who makes this organisation up; Matthew Nimitz US Racconteur for the Skopjian issue, George David who was for years President of the Greek Bottling Company (3E, Coca Cola) a member of the organising committee of Bilderberg etc.

The EU and various organisation like the UN Refugee Agency in total cooperation with the ‘humanitaria/solidarity’ NGOs which make tonnes of money function as gangmasters, create and finance migrant flows with open statements of their motives and aims for all those who don’t want to be duped.
The infiltration of the political personnel of Greece from the ‘philanthropic’ actions of George Soros are almost complete. The Syriza camp as well as ND, the ex-Mayors of Athens and Thessaloniki were some of the best lackeys of Soros system

Today’s Issues
As the migrant issue in today’s current form is directed and created by the ruling economic elite, not for the good of the people who receive them, it must be confronted with the relative respect and seriousness. In Greece we must all understand that the problem is not only an issue of humanism. That we should take the necessary measures to confront this crisis.

We must first of all accept that this country cannot accept these migrant waves which are made up by peoples of a different civilizational basis and a completely different cultural prototype and a different religious upbringing. We must all understand that ‘multiculturalism’ which is being advertised from the hidden-open centres which advertise it isn’t civilisation, as civilisation means osmosis and not violent imposition of one prototype on another. Neither does multiculturalism equal ghettoes and ‘refugee migrant reception centres’ which constitute modern concentration camps. It’s not possible for the country to become a destination of millions of impoverished people who have been done over and are now suffering the dissolution of their societies. The end result wont be new multicultural societies but the eventual dissolution of those societies, which today have to defend something, that which the mafias of money want to abolish.

We must add to those citizens of ours who on the one hand are motivated by idealism and humanitarian ideals, feelings of solidarity and fondness towards migrants and refugees and on the other cannot ignore the fact that this country is accepting a tremendous pressure and it is natural for a large part of the domestic population to feel insecurity and a threat. It’s unjustified and criminal for the masses to become tools in the plans of the powerful and to take things out against each other. This crime is being perpetrated by all those who express themselves in an undermining way and in a rude fashion labelling them fascists and racists. Greece and Greeks have proven a long time before that they a country which is friendly to newcomers. They can’t be doing it in such a light manner condemning the majority of their compatriots into being racists and fascists. The impression created by a dumb section of the so-called ‘solidarity’ brigade who criticise anything that has a relationship with Greece and is Greek, with degrading phrases like ‘pseudo-patriots’ and that foreigners will arrive to destroy our pseudo civilisation and other such cheap shots assuming they gain prestige of progressivism undermining those next to them and their own people. We don’t have anything to defend from anyone. We must try to stop this pointless endless and without justification particular elitism. We must also understand that in the migrant waves there are many people that have absolute need and our support.

The issue should therefore be studied deeply and conclusively and to have a distinction between refugees and migrants and those that require asylum. In this category are the children of the families with asylum. Then those who belong to the disabled categories, who come from real war zones or are real political refugees etc. All those who belong to these categories and after selective percentages should be welcome in the country as long as they accept the laws and the responsibilities that accrue and they are in agreement to respect the cultural prototype of the country they reside in. From the rest another section should be forwarded to other European countries or repatriated to the country they entered in illegally ie. Turkey.

After this whoever wants to play this without a danger or responsibility that they are ‘humanitarians’ (criticising the other that we aren’t) to inform us if there is a level of migration which a country can accept. If we remind them that our population is around 11 million and is getting less and that migrants originate from around 80 countries, some of which have around 200 million souls or 100 or 50 million. Is there a limit which this country can accept for the extreme ‘humanitarians’ or do they believe its no importance its just about let anyone in, it will become for all of us who believe that we have something in this place worth defending a cassus belli something worth defending via war. We are the overwhelming majority and we won’t allow our country to be erased

Finally: Either we wil all turn against our rulers, for centuries exploiters and current traffickers which create so much misery and uprooting for these co-compatriots or the future which is being prepared by our rulers will be deadly for us and migrants alike.

P Demetriou