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Nuland-Pyatt’s Greek Boyz Whitewash Azov’s Ukronazis

Curteousy of banned.... (one)worldpress

In one of those ironies that history likes to play on politicians those of the self-styled ‘democratic arrow’ (Greek parties that campaigned for the
imprisonment of retro fascists Golden Dawn) brought Zelensky with a pre-recorded speech into the Greek Parliament and he in turn brought in an Azov combatant of alleged Greek heritage, proving beyond any reasonable doubt as noted in a previous piece that Greece is a lost NATO cause.

Azovs Ukronazi speaking to the Greek Parliament with the Greek Premier Mitsotakis looking on

When Pyatt stated that the best thing since sliced bread is the Greek Premier Mitsotakis and he should be exported to the US, what came to mind was precisely that, when another US foreign policy asset Saakashvilli of Georgia after threatening Russia during the 2008 Beijing Olympics ended up exiled in the USA and after the Pyatt-Nuland roadshow took over Ukraine moved into Odessa in to become Mayor of the historic town. Obviously Saakashvilli doesn’t have the almost eight decade long relationship like the Mitsotakis clan, but not for not trying hard enough, it’s just that the era of being a US quisling isn’t really beneficial anymore and ends up creating more problems than providing solutions as he is now pleading for US help to get him out of a Georgian gaol. 

The traditional concept of the banana republic was the US backyard of Central America ie Honduras and Guatemala, but post-war Greece is the European banana republic par excellence, having agreed to both be the first testing ground for chemical warfare by US napalm during the Greek civil war in the late 1940’s, the chemtrail saga of our era and Big Pharmas covid experimentals in the form of Pfizer and Modena jabs. 

 Having bought into Zelenskys leg of the European tour for WW3 the Greek government surpassed all others, promoting the Azov wing of the Ukronazi army just before Mariupol fell to the combined Russian and Donetsk forces and its main military units were defeated. When Zelensky quoted the chant ‘Freedom of Death’ of the 1821 Greek Revolution we were supposed to be impressed as if a NATO bantustan has anything ever to do with freedom not simply death. 

Demos in support of Russia
The first signs of splits within the Greek body politic is when a demo led by cars with Russian and Greek flags went through the centre of Athens and various Ukronazi hoodlums tried to disrupt it. Railwayworkers also blockaded exports of munitions to Ukraine signalling disruption in the 24/7 media pro-Ukraine coverage. 

A rally was held in a theatre where Greek origin Ukrainians from Donetsk described the appalling conditions they had to be put under and even the last two journalists still employed by the Greek media in Moscow have tried to be objective and have suffered a barrage of attacks. One cannot officially question any aspect of this conflict for the narrative is absolutely one sided more than any other conflict prior, ex-Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya or Syria. Russophobia or more precisely Bidenitis is now the only show on the road, to the detriment not only of the Greek economy, but the tourist sector which is essentially the last sphere of economic activity. Russian citizens accounts, those that have bought properties in Greece and aren’t oligarchs have been frozen by Greek banks, one million tourists can’t arrive and at the same time Greece holds tourist junkets with Turkey whilst criticising them for not imposing sanctions on Russia. Where logic ends Greek politics begin.

A Greek businessman residing in Russia openly calls out Mitsotakis he destroyed us and is destroying the Greek communities in Russia by aligning them with a pro-Kiev stance. The businessman stated he watches three networks, Russian Ukrainian and Greek and he has friends behind all the divides. He refers to the fake news eg. the Bucha incident and states how can the Mayor of Bucha declare he was happy the Russians left at the same time as they allegedly had bodies piled up in the streets. He also said he saw a video of a Russian speaker been brutally murdered in a mafia style killing involving genitals. Finally he added the majority of Greeks in Mariupol consider the Russian forces to be peacemakers and friendly. 

In the meantime newspapers like Protothema gr put on their front cover that Russia has infiltrated Greek media according to FBI reports would be amazing to find them as the number of publicly known pro-Russian serving politicians in the Greek Parliament are zero, the number of publications that are pro-Russian are also near zero. This obviously comes after the shutting down of sputnik gr. 

 Russian Support of Greece in the Modern Era 
The rise of Russia and the terminal decline of the Ottoman Empire brought Greece into the modern era and Russia did more than most to help bring it about as it was mutually beneficial. In eras gone by studies were made one came to myself by accident and it needs repeating only for those who assume we live in a dystopian year zero of mass media Russian disinformation campaign where the past is erased, the present is made up and the future is manufactured with piles of dead bodies.

 The book I am relying on for information was printed during the height of the Cold War ‘Russian-Greek friendship Τhoughout the Αges’ (George Zoidis 1958) 

I don’t obviously need to go back further in time as this isn’t a history lesson but the following events characterise our relationship with Russia whether we like it or not so a brief historiography under the present climate would not be an abuse of time or space, but an enhancement of our knowledge.

 -Peter the Great opened up Russia to the Greeks and traders arrived set up the supply of shipping by creating outposts where Russian ships could dock and re-supply on the Greek islands of Hydra, Spetses, Psara when they were all under Ottoman rule. In a few years the Greeks were able to gain a foothold for the shipping trade between Russia and the West and the trade of the West and the far East and all this due to Russian protection after the ending of the Russo Turkish War of 1768-74 ending in the The Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca . The consequences of the above Treaty led not only to the economic development of Greek speaking areas and the rise of their militancy with an increased consciousness for liberation against the tyranny of the Ottoman Empire (p80)

 -Odessa became the headquarters of the Friendly Society which was set up for the purposes of the Greek Revolution and the shipping merchant class became the backbone of this new movement. 

-The Decembrists in Russia wholeheartedly supported this movement as opposed to the wavering of the Russian Tsar at the time, understanding that a curtailing of Greek shipping by the Ottomans would endanger Russias economic interests, so weapons were provided. -During the Greek Revolution which started in 1821 and lasted almost a decade to liberate Greek speaking areas from Ottoman rule, the Ottomans brought over the Egyptians and in a combined forces tried to face down Greeks and their allies in the naval battles around the area called Navarino. Over 54 Russian officers and sailor died (p.154) 

-Russia launched an attack on the Ottomans in another Russo-Turkish War 1829 (one of many over the 400 year existence of the Ottoman Empire) under Emperor Tsar Nicholas 1 and it led to the Treaty of Andrianople which encompassed once and for all Greek independence (p. 156) 

- Much later, Karl Marx in an article in the New York Tribune (21 April 1853), wrote: "Who solved finally the Greek case? It was neither the rebellion of Ali Pasha, neither the battle in Navarino, neither the French Army in Peloponnese, neither the conferences and protocols of London; but it was Diebitsch, who invaded through the Balkans to Evros".[6] 

-British and French imperialism didn’t obviously want Russia to gain a too strong foothold in the Balkans and did everything in their power to support the Ottomans and limit the expansion of Greece into Greek speaking territories for in this period Greece was only the peninsula around Athens and the Peloponnese. One British foreign minister in this period Aberdeen stated quitle brazenly that the ‘British government will never allow the island of Crete to join the Kapodistrian (ie Greek) State (p.161) 

-The successful outcome of the Russo Turkish war of 1929 blew up all these British plans. Constant rebellions occurred in the 1830’s-1840s to complete the Greek revolution and add the Greek speaking areas such as Crete, Ipirus and Thessaly.

 -Don Pacifico Affair- when Britain introduced gunboat diplomacy as a weapon of politics on Greece on behalf of a Portuguese jew (ex-consul fired) who was a British subject and had a part of his house trashed in Piraeus though the real target for the uprising was a Rothschild who was in Athens during Easter and the burning of the effigy of Judas Escargot during Orthodox Easter was banned by the government of the time not wanting to offend Rothschild leading to the turmoil. The blockade lasted five months and the British brought across 14 ships and around 8000 sailors with over 700 cannons. Britain demanded a couple of Greek islands for the damage to a house! 

-Russia intervened under their foreign minister Karl Vasilyevich, Count Nesselrode to end the blockade and his pro-Balkan stance eventually led to the Crimean War when the Ottoman Empire and British and French imperialism defeated Russia. Greeks reciprocated organising armed detachments to go fight with the Russians. 

 -The Russian Revolution of 1917 found Greece joining Anglo-French imperialism and sending armed detachments to  invade Russia bring back the Tsar and get it to continue the war against the Axis powers. The fledgling Greek socialist movement campaigned for Greek withdrawal and its alleged that Trotsky as leader of the Red Army at the time having caught many Greek soldiers let them return to Greece, to spread the word, that the Russian Revolution is against wars.

 -Under the guise of Anglo-French imperialism Greek troops marched into the collapsing Ottoman Empire to allegedly liberate the Greek speaking areas around Smirni and other areas. The ex-secretary of the Greek KKE Kordatos (Communist Party) (which nowadays marches against ‘Russian imperialism’) gave an interview in the 1950’s (as he had left the party two decades prior) that Russian envoys had been sent to get the Greek government of Venizelos to recognise Russia and in return wouldn’t support Kemal enabling the expansion of Greece. It was refused and Greece lost leading to a couple of million Greeks being expelled from Turkey. 

-Russia moved with troops into the Balkans during WW2 aiding in the retreat of the Bulgarian and German occupation of Greece, but Stalin’s agreement with Churchill that Greece should belong to the West by 90’% sealed its fate as the Quislings who dominated Greek politics during WW2 never left and are still in power… 

-Russia under Molotov agrees to add the Dodecanese islands to Greece and they formally become Greek in 1948. Russia also supports the demands for the unity of Greece and Cyprus in this period of history. 

So in a nutshell so far our Russian allies haven’t blockaded us, bombed us, starved us or tried to limit our territorial expansion unlike our western allies Britain, France and the USA. 

Who is Nuland? 
Nuland is from the bankrupt US generation that set up shop in Moscow in the Yeltsin era and tried to transform Russia into a US vassal state. They brought Russia into NATO as an observer but obviously the aim was just a show.

Events in Yugoslavia hit Russia hard as it was the pretext for the break up of Russia with Russias agreement. The bottom line is if they couldn’t devour Russia when they had the upper hand they aren’t gonna be able to do much now they are down, in particular after the retreat from Afghanistan. The fact that Nuland straddles all US administrations shows that US foreign policy doesn’t really have party political divisions. Its concerns are linked to the Military Industrial Complex and its desires at any point in time. 

A protégé of Strobe Talbot who made this infamous statement in 1992, "In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all." (TIME Magazine) yet now they are concerned about the alleged national sovereignty of …Ukraine almost three decades later. 

The Project for a New American Century co-founded by Nuland’s husband is one she firmly believes in ie when unilateralism was all the rage.

During the Trump era which signified a geostrategic retreat from Empire solidified under Biden, the following statement was made: "When we withdraw and say it's every nation for itself, you open the door for countries dissatisfied with their territorial position and influence in the international system — or with the system itself." (Nuland) which signifies that retreating isn’t what we are about as we want a one world order and us on top. 

The Ukrainian conflict is music to the ears of the military industrial complex as it can start to sell its weapons to the whole of Eastern Europe once they shed all the old soviet weapons having handed them over to Ukraine for Putin to blow them up. So from the US standpoint it’s always a win win scenario even when everyone else loses. But losing the petro-dollar as a backbone of a global reserve currency implies the value of the dollar will disproportionally fall alongside its status and if the US military is unable to back it up, US interests will be questioned everywhere around the world alongside their 800 military bases as they are being done in Taiwan, Iraq, North Korea etc. 

Crying over spilt milk 
One reads reports that the dependency on Russian gas is anything between 30-70% for the Greek economy and now they are complaining about Putin’s insistence on charging for gas in rubles. Once a contract ends you can decide what you want unlike in the Greek energy utility market whereby they have invented retroactive contracts out of the blue and households and small businesses are getting stung by different rates, than the ones they signed up for and being told they were on another contract, thus doubling and trebling the actual rate to pay. 

If Putin was more serious he should have introduced retroactive contracts just like the Greek government has allowed the day after one minor sanction hit the Russia. Let them then find alternative sources of fossil fuels or shut down their economies, either which way in an integrated globalised economy one can’t hit the other without the other affecting you as well. The audacity is so ridiculous that it has no limits. How dare Russia charge for its products in its national currency! If you don’t like it don’t buy it, like Hungary’s Orban said wear a jumper. Don’t put on any heating, turn no factories electricity on and go back to the stone age with a big smile. Russia doesn’t have to sell energy to countries that are providing military arms to defeat or inflict damage to itself.

The fact that Nuland straddles all US administrations shows that US foreign policy doesn’t really have party political divisions. The Anglo-American axis powers that are running Zelensky aren’t dependent on Russia as much (mostly the US with fertilizer imports) so they can run their mouths tirelessly but the EU following them is an absolute economic and social hara-kiri and Nulands phrase of ‘Fcuk the EU’ is being implemented now. 

What will millions do if they are forced into unemployment and they also don’t have money for heating and eating? Blame Putin? You gotta be kidding. The EU in order to survive has to break up and make country by country alliances with Russia and come under its nuclear umbrella after having disbanded NATO. Anything short of that will mean a decade of conflict, starvation and mass immiseration. 

Evans Aggelissopoulos

Thursday, 7 April 2022

The People's Republic of Donetsk sends a message to the Greeks

The People's Republic of Donetsk sends a message to the Greeks

 Dear citizens of Greece! 

Over the past month, Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelenskiy has spoken in the parliaments of foreign countries almost daily. Greece is no exception. All these online performances are built to the same standards and have one aim: to hide the war crimes that the Ukrainian regime has committed for 8 long years against the inhabitants of Donbass and continues to commit to this day. President Zelensky and his accomplices are diligently manipulating the conscience of the public, as they understand that the moment is approaching. th they should be held accountable for their actions. This moment is inevitable. That is why they do not despise any method to simply prolong their existence in power. They use fabricated news of unimaginable ferocity, blatant lies. Alas, most European authorities have joined this campaign of total disinformation. As an example, one of the outrageous cases is the one with the Italian newspaper "La Stampa", which presented the missile attack on the centre of Donetsk by Ukrainian forces as a bombing of Kiev.

 From the new examples of the fake news in Kiev: the alleged mass execution of civilians by Russian troops in the town of Bucha, in the Kiev region. However, all Russian units left the city on 30 March. Moreover, on 31 March, the Ukrainian mayor of the city, in a video message, confirmed that there were no Russian soldiers in the city, but he did not mention anything about local residents, with their hands tied, dead in the streets. In addition, Ukrainian troops entered the city on April 1, on April 2 they announced that they are conducting purge operations against Russians, and it is only on April 3 that videos of alleged bodies on the streets begin to appear, which raise more questions than give answers. 

What is happening in Mariupol and how it is presented by the Ukrainian regime to the global community, goes beyond the bounds of cynicism. An entire staged performance was created on the territory of the maternity hospital in Mariupol, which was held by Azov's nationalist battalion. Actors, cameramen, photographers – an entire film crew – were invited to participate. But many participants in this action eventually admitted themselves that the nationalists forcibly expelled the women who were giving birth there and occupied the hospital to equip it as a firing position. 

But no word was heard from Ukrainian officials about the fact that this very "Azov" battalion held hundreds of thousands of people hostage – in basements without food, water, communications. Those who come out of Mariupol during the liberation of the city from the forces of democracy and Russia speak of gruesome murders, executions, torture, rapes. There are Greeks among these martyrs – representatives of this ethnicity, traditionally numerous in Mariupol, who also suffered from the atrocities of the nationalist battalions. 

 The fact that Nazism, which flourished in Ukraine, developed under the auspices of its authorities, is now carefully swept under the carpet. The West pretends that there is supposedly no Nazism at the state level and never existed. However, there is much irrefutable evidence that the Ukrainian leadership directly encouraged this process. Continuous is the revelation of orders to fighters of the "Right Sector", diaries, comics for children, insignia of officers, flags with Nazi symbols and emblems of the "SS" found in positions liberated by Ukrainian fighters, even signs of fanatical cruelty, such as swastikas engraved with fire on civilian bodies. 

 For anyone who has common sense, or at least knowledge of the events of 1939-1945, it is obvious that the Nazi virus spreading in Ukraine is very dangerous not only for that country itself, but for the whole of Europe. It has to end. 

 According to all the facts and procedures mentioned, you do not have to accept our words. We are not asking you to accept our word: we have enough evidence of the criminality and inhuman nature of the Ukrainian regime. We urge you to think critically, analyze the information and not blindly accept the special effects distributed by the Ukrainian regime, even if they are made according to all the rules of Hollywood technology.

 We call on the world to finally listen to donbass. There are 7 Representations of the People's Republic in European countries, including Greece. Several citizens who have the same opinion as us, through sources, are telling the truth about the events in Donbass, without propaganda or lies. Moreover, recently we have seen more and more people taking to the streets of Greece to support Donbass against the lies spread by Kiev. We express sincere gratitude to all the citizens in solidarity, our true friends, for this. 

 We are not trying to hide anything, we invite representatives of foreign media, journalists, bloggers to the Republic. Come, look with your own eyes at what is happening in Donbass and tell everyone who is ready to listen. This is the only way to stop the scourge of disinformation, falsehood and warmongering Nazism. The main weapon in this fight is the truth, for only the truth can be the way to peace.

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Crimean Greeks on Ukraine Conflict


To the Greeks of the world

 In Crimea live 66 nationalities, with whom we Greeks have been living peacefully for centuries.The only thing, in which the Greeks will always say a stable “no”, is Nazism in all its aspects...

 Eight years of genocide of our residents and expats in Donbass echoing with pain in our hearts. We will never accept national intolerance, terrorism against unwanted people, xenophobia, chauvinism, racism and militarism. 

We strongly condemn the war of the fascist Ukrainian regime against the civilian population of Donbass. Ukraine cannot be considered a civilized country, since in Crimea for more than twenty years it gave the right to develop language and culture only to the Karaites, Krimchakhs and Tatars, calling them indigenous "ethnic communities".

 Ukraine cannot be considered a civilized country, since its corrupt leadership has set up thirty biological laboratories to test biological weapons on citizens of Slavic genome... 

Ukraine cannot be considered a civilized country, as its army hides behind the civilian population making it a living shield. Even in the Middle Ages, armies fought on an open field so as not to harm the civilian population. 

We are angry that there are no laws in today's Ukraine, and its citizens are tying other citizens to death in cold blood.

We are against a unipolar world where a country has the right to appoint unpopular governments and unpopular parliamentarians in other countries, turning the very Greek concept of democracy into a fetish... 

We insist on telling the truth about current events to force the official media to publish it. We call on all Greeks to provide moral and humanitarian support to the inhabitants of Mariupol and to the entire Donbass. ... 

Only the respect and recognition of the free choice of the inhabitants of the multi-ethnic Crimea in the referendum of 16 March 2014, as well as the inhabitants of the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, will lead to cessation of hostilities. We call on every Greek in the world to respect our choice and recognize Crimea as part of Russia, as well as the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as independent states. 

March 25, 2022 Sevastopol Crimea - Russia

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Zacharova is Right. Greece is a lost NATO cause. A view from Athens


Curteousy of banned (one)worldpress 
Greek Premier Mitsotakis: (on sending weapons to the Ukrainian civil war) ‘We are on the Right side of History’
The Fall of the Ex-USSR and Yugoslavia. ‘Peace’ through NATO
When Milosevic in the early 1990's asked for a Balkan Federation with Greece to forestall what the West was up to the Greek political establishment in unison responded  ‘we belong to the West’. During the years of the Troika when the Greek political establishment offered the nation up as willing victims to distract away from the US financial collapse of 2008-9 by blaming the Greek working man for not writing receipts to cover up for the collapse of global capitalism, they had no problem in attacking Greek people Yeltsin style, by slashing wages/pensions across the board by 50% and creating mass unemployment. Mitsotakis was directly involved in this as a Minister of the New Democracy Samaras government alongside the remnants of PASOK.
For political reasons and because it was still quite new Greece didn't directly get involved in the campaign of bombardment of Serbia at the behest of NATO. But they did provide ports and military bases for NATO operations like they are providing now. They also offered the Greek diplomatic service at the behest of the demands of NATO. 
The bombing of Yugoslavia in the late 1990's which lasted for 78 days ended early June 1999. A whole decade before those who allegedly were opposed to the war were in government together with those who were rabid proponents of the war. New Democracy and the KKE governed together in July 1989 a few weeks after the victory of Solidarity in Poland. They were subsequently in government for the next nine months with a change of government in between.
Yugoslavia was the dress rehearsal for what was to befall the ex-USSR. Legitimate or illegitimate demands (the real issues were never of any concern to the West) were supported to break up the ex-USSR into small conflicting parts so the West could control them. Hundreds of advisers arrived in Moscow dictating government policy with the aim of extracting raw materials at rock bottom prices after a crash privatization programme of all the profitable state assets and ensuring they were co-owned initially with the West before being taken over lock stock and barrel. It was only the non-payment crisis of the late 1990’s and the threat of storming the Kremlin that engineered Yeltsin’s departure overnight.
Greece was involved in the NATO onslaught in Yugoslavia providing military facilities and getting involved in all the surrender negotiations imposed on Serbian factions both in Bosnia and over Kosovo. Milosevic to his credit resurrected the idea of a Balkan Federation to block the attempts at EuroAmerican imperialism to play off one country against the other and within the countries. At the time Mitsotakis senior roundly put him down saying we belong to the West. Maps after maps were circulating about the future fate of ex-Yugoslavia and breaking it apart was the clear and open intention of the West. The propaganda regarding the ‘dictator’ ‘the new Hitler’, ‘the nationalist Milosevic’ were run of the mill stories circulated to justify intervention, dissolution and divide and rule on the carcass of the Yugoslav Federation.
Mitsotakis at each phase of the Yugoslav drama was involved in offering ‘peace’ treaties which were NATO inspired disarmament ones, against the Bosnian Serbs and eventually against Serbia and Milosevic himself. He said and did nothing when they imprisoned Milosevic and murdered him.
Mitsotakis family and the British connection.
Greek Premier Mitsotakis is personally related to Premier Venizelos the Cretan politician that dominated Greek politics in the tumultuous years of the early part of the 20th century. Venizelos had connections with Britain and France and the Royals in Greece that had connections with Germany. This political division proved deadly during WW1 as Greece was bombed into submission to accept joining the Allied Power which at the time included Russia.
At the onset of WW2, Mussolini thought Greece an easy catch and invaded without consulting Hitler only to be pushed back into Albania and suffer a humiliating defeat. The forces now allied with Hitler in Greece did everything in their power to overturn this victory and removed the army generals from their posts allowing Hitlers Germany to march in unopposed and take over.
During WW2, under occupation, the Greek nation faced with economic genocide via starvation was obliged to react. Rightist and leftist forces buried the political divide and started guerilla actions to the occupying forces. It has to be noted that both Hitler and Stalin had praise for the Greeks during WW2.

"Among all the enemies who stand against us, the Greek soldier fought with the most courage" (Hitler)

"I am sorry because I am getting old and I shall not live long to thank the Greek People, whose resistance decided WW II." (Joseph Stalin)
In this period Britain got involved by sending emissaries with money to help/influence the partisans. It is said that during this period Mitsotakis (now deceased) senior was bought for by British intelligence.
The influence and rise of the Greek Communist Party- KKE within the broadbased resistance and in particular its guerilla leader Velouhiotis obviously disturbed the British and they embarked on a unique experiment. Supporting the Greek quisling politicians of the 3rd Reich against the Greek population. As is noted by Ed Vulliamy in the Guardian
 “The 1944 December uprising and '46-'49 Civil War period infuses the present” says the leading historian of these events, Andre Gerolymatos, “because there has never been a reconciliation. In France or Italy, if you fought the Nazis, you were respected in society after the war, regardless of ideology; they were heroes. In Greece, you found yourself fighting – or imprisoned and tortured by - the people who had collaborated with the Nazis, on British orders. There has never been a reckoning with that crime, and much of what is happening in Greece now is the result of not coming to terms with the past. Myth and polemic have too long dominated historical discourse”.
If one goes back into history its obviously what happened in the Yalta Agreements where Greece was handed 90/10% to the West and the Russian supporters in Greece around the resistance movement EAM-ELAS supported this decision by handing over their weapons and demobilising. This didn't stop the sinister foreign backers of the Greek government of Papandreou despite the participation of the Greek Left (KKE) in a government of National Unity (1944). So being a EuroAmerican puppet for every post war Greek PM goes with the territory.
Ukraine: Back to the Future for Greek Politics
Although much hue and cry was made regarding the rise of the fascistic Golden Dawn in the last decade and Greece pretended they were fighting Nazis once more on home turf, ie the political descendants of the quisling WW2 administrations suddenly became anti-nazi, the proof of the matter is that it was all a show, a charade to unite the political establishment behind the IMF and Brussels.
The fact that the Greek government openly participates and sends weapons to the Ukrainian civil war to prop up the Azov, Svoboda and general Banderite gangsters many of which owe their political revival from the importation of the current relatives of the Banderites the USA exported to the West much like any other serious Nazis at the end of WW2. Greece owes its political allegiance to the quislings of the 3rd Reich. It senses that if they are defeated in the Ukraine it will be a defeat for them as well not only personally but financially. The Americans for other reasons not really of this article have already attacked wholeheartedly the present Greek government in a Pulitzer prize winning piece with regards to alleged drug dealing by the ship owner class that runs Greece behind the scenes.
It was Greek shipping that developed the transportation of liquefied gas on container ships and that is what allows eg. the UK an independence from the reliance on Russian gas. But the same rules do not apply for continental Europe. Without direct gas imports to cover the shortfall in nationally produced energy eg. coal, Europe freezes and there is no other reliable source anywhere else in the world now nuclear power has essentially been removed in Japan and Germany as an alternative source of energy. The Greek shipping class has a direct interest in increasing the shipping of liquefied gas. Worldwide orders since 2018 are set at a +10% increase.
Why Zacharova is right.
“Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.”
Bertold Brecht 
You cannot claim to be part of the ‘liberal western democratic order’ and support outright genocidal policies against the Russian nation that allowed you to have those democratic freedoms in the first place with the 27million dead against Nazism.
On two counts Zacharova notes the following:
“We noted the unprecedented campaign launched in Greece to defame Russia’s policy. Senior officials in Athens allow themselves to make crude accusations against our country and its leadership, they are literally competing with like-minded people in it. They hypocritically speak of an “unprovoked attack” against Ukraine, for the first time since World War II, a “mass invasion” and so on.
It should be recalled that with the efforts, first of all, of the US and its satellites, wars and conflicts have shaken the world for all the last decades – the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the operations in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan. No one has taken responsibility for the enormous sacrifices and sufferings of the peoples of these countries
In the name of collective Western plans – to do harm to Russia at all costs – common sense has been sacrificed. Bilateral ties are being deliberately damaged, and Russian-Greek relations, unfortunately, are no exception. Athens actively supports the EU sanctions regime. They accuse us of so-called “energy blackmail,” proclaiming the goal of rapid independence from Russian gas, whose uninterrupted supplies have been a stabilizing factor for the national energy sector for decades. Under the collective direction of Brussels, the Greek sky closed for the Russian airlines. The order was given to suspend all cooperation in the field of culture, to terminate the Common Tribute Years. There are calls for a complete cessation of any cooperation. Essentially, for the sake of vague and dubious goals, the Greek leadership is ready to nullify our own common historical heritage, which only yesterday it called its natural advantage in cooperating with Russia.”
Also the following gem:
 “Ukrainian biological labarotaroes sponsored by the US Ministry of Defence in sum of millions of dollars to develop biological weapons.
In Ukraine, these biological labarotaroes were under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. 
In the summer of 2016, the demadministration of Barrack Obama sent Ulyana Suprun to Ukraine, an American citizen who became the Minister of Health of Ukraine.
Father Ulyana Suprun – George Harry Yurkiv, Vice President of North American Controls Inc has resigned. The company specialises in the development of control systems for the defense ministry: from development to delivery of products.
Grandfather Ulyana Suprun – Ivan Yurkiv was a commander in the army of independent Ukraine in 1919. It is reported that at the beginning of the 2nd World War, he consisted of Bander forces and participated in battles and diversion operations against Soviet troops in the Carpathians.
Ulyana Suprun’s husband -Marco Suprun – a propagandist and producer from Canada. Ukraine is known for its connections with ultra-right activists.
Just one example of how demilitarisation and denazification works.
Zacharovas FB page.
The problem in trying to argue with the converted and in particular those who are in awe of death squads, outright Nazism and in love with outright forms of degenerate behaviour is that words lose their meaning and bricks usually come handy. I am not obviously arguing that Zacharova should lob bricks at the Greek Embassy in Moscow, but that is  indirectly occurring by the nazi wing of Ukrainian politics as we have been informed in the last day or two that the Greek consul in Mariupol is trapped inside the consulate and held hostage by Azov battalions, who if they commit yet another atrocity will blame it on …Putin. This might actually be payback for the attempted provocation by a Greek convoy that left Mariupol to show to Greeks at home how evil Russians are as the envoy didn’t join them. He probably new his number was up and stayed in Mariupol.
Since US Ambassador to Greece Pyatt a protégé of Negroponte (who became infamous for running death squads from Central America, through to Yugoslavia then Iraq and Libya), has been ambassador to Greece, the Greek government has adopted an ever more blatant anti-Russian stance.
 From the blockage of tourist visas and expulsion of Russian Embassy staff (by radical left Syriza) to the current sanctions against Russia by the current Greek government which will impact the Greek economy more than the other way round. Greece has already lost agricultural exports to Russia, then tourists and now will lose gas. The only consolation in this whole sordid affair is that Greeks do not show enthusiasm for this anti-Russian stance. But if we don’t actively campaign and show support on the streets  for the Russian special military operation and denazification campaign in Ukraine there will be no hope for us, we will be erased from history.

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Anti-Russian Greek Provocations in the Ukraine?

Anti-Russian Greek Provocations in the Ukraine?

Since the special military operation/incursion by Russia into ex-Soviet territory after eight years of war and the failure of Minsk 1 and 2 due to the inability of neofascist forces in Ukraine to stick to any agreements and the +14k dead from the conflict with two autonomous republics in Donetsk, the Greek government of New Democracy via its foreign minister Dendias, has been working overtime in being engaged in lies and possible outright provocations.

Dendia the Foreign Minister who has spent the last few months flying around the world at the behest of the demented clowns that run Washington first showed his hand when he issued a directive on 12th February that all Greeks should leave Ukraine. Dendias visited Mariupol and met the leaders of the Greek community which allegedly number (total) +100k to allegedly show solidarity with the citizens there but not the Greeks in Donetsk (over +70k) who have been shelled continuously for the last eight years from the Azov battalion whose main base is in Mariupol. In other words he was either there to organise a provocation or set the framework for one to occur.

It’s a long time since the ‘radical Greek left’ Syriza complained to the then Greek foreign minister Venizelos in 2014 about the neo nazi provocations against the Greeks in Donetsk. Now its all Putin, who by the way declared the autonomous republics in Donetsk to finally be under the military umbrella of Russia, thus ensuring the majority of Greeks survival, but hey erasing Greeks has been the cornerstone of EU policy first via the decade long Memorandums of Economic Genocide (EU-ECB-IMF) and then two years of Convid Lockdowns. 

The Greek government did not provide evacuation of Greeks who wanted to leave Ukraine instead they provided a military plane with weapons to continue the war against Donetsk and the Greeks that reside there whilst at the same time flying to Pakistan and Bangladesh and signing memorandums of understanding to ship over +150k locals for the much needed Greek labour market which already has unofficially 30% unemployment.

Coming Greek Anti-Russian Convoy Provocation?

We read and heard about the convoy of the Greeks who are leaving Mariupol. This convoy, organized by the Greek consul, consists of 20 cars and carries 82 Greeks who will cross all over Ukraine to reach the eastern border where a diplomatic delegation will be waiting for them.

The whole event sounds and is extremely fishy.

a) When you leave a war-torn country, you head to the nearest border, not the most remote ones. Unless to get to the nearest ones, you have to go through battle areas. But the opposite is happening here. Already, according to his article in. Gr, 140,000 inhabitants of Mariupol have fled to Russia, passing through areas that have already been liberated and under the protection of the Russian army, which is objectively the strongest on the ground. Apparently to show that only the west offers security, the consul decided to send them from the most dangerous road. It is no wonder that he did not participate in the convoy himself.

b) Mariupol is the base of the ‘Azov battalion’, consisting of Ukrainians and other neo-Nazis and mercenaries of US created Blackwater. Together with like-minded people, they are accused by the Russians, quite rightly, of being responsible for the attacks on inhabited areas that are then attributed to the Russian army. With the Russians preparing to occupy the city, it is natural that many of this scum who could have left for the west - precisely in the area from   which passes the convoy.

c) Marioupoli is historically a Greek city. It seems that it still has a large percentage of Greek inhabitants (Wikipedia, i.e. the CIA, informs us: "The majority of them are concentrated around the city of Mariupol. According to the 2001 Ukrainian census, 91,548 Greeks live in Ukraine). Of these, the consulate  managed to gather 82 people (along with the journalists from Greece). Less than one in a thousand that is. Why didn't  they want more  to be saved from the ‘Russian danger’? These individuals are now marked with crosses on their forehead. Greek government have no issue in sending Greeks to their deaths at the behest of the US-EU (troika economic genocide, fire in Mati, Evia, floods etc.)

d) As if the above are not enough, the in itself Greece - that is, the American embassy - warns us that the convoy will be hit by Russia who want to discredit the Azov battalion (apparently it has such an honourable reputation, no need of defamation). A more open provocation could not be stated beforehand.

e) Normally, in the midst of the loss of this convoy, the convoy should be running to leave as quickly as possible (to travel at night in the bombings, one might say? Yes, I answer, being in constant communication with the two warring sides in order to make its mark so as not to be targeted). Instead, arriving in Zaporizia (which anyway seems to be on the front of the war, since the Russians have occupied the suburb of Energodar but not the city itself), the organizers of the convoy judged (they had probably predetermined it) that the wisest thing to do was to take a good nap in order to start tomorrow fresh. Is this so that they can be hit in the light of day so that there is a wealth of visual material?

Hopefully I will be proven wrong. However, when provocations are made, they are usually done by the person who needs them.  The one who needs them is not the one who wins on the battlefields. As for the fact that some people want to discredit the most infamous criminal gang in the region, this is now a global joke, though one does not know where it originated from Athens-Greece or Virginia-USA

Again, hopefully I am very suspicious and that all the strange coincidences are the result of disorganization and stupidity. If, however, the consul has remained in Mariupol, which is probably going to be taken over within the next few days, he will probably be called upon to give explanations...

Back to the future? Bailing out modern neo-nazis?

When Ukraine banned minority languages including Russian this set the state for Yugoslav style progroms when Croatia and Slovenia attacked all Serbs in the midst of their territories. Greeks wouldn’t even stand a chance. Its an irony not lost on people that the Greek Left have been champions of all minorities in Greece but hate all Greek minorities abroad (Albania, Cyprus, past periods of history in Turkey, Egypt etc.)
The Greek Left composed of Syriza and KKE held a joint march to the Russian Embassy to condemn the Russian ‘invasion’ thus siding openly with NATO. Its an irony of history that whilst Putin has announced openly the de-nazification of Ukraine ie the Zelensky regime which works unnoficially with the Azov battalion (who honour the Waffen SS and Stephen Bandera the Nazi collaborator whose family were Greek catholics, during WW2) that Greece was never de-nazified. Instead the present government are direct political and familial descendants of those that ruled with Hitlers occupation in Greece.

It doesn’t though end there. After Churchill achieved the disarmament of the anti-fascist Greek military coalition of EAM-ELAS (1944) at the Varkiza Agreements he launched a bitter civil war to destroy militarily all those who they thought would attempt a de-nazification of Greece. After the Missouri speech British forces handed over the helm of anti-communism to the US forces who via the Truman doctrine inaugurated the de-communistization of Greece and Turkey.
The general in charge of the UK-US forces in the Greek civil war was a man named Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos the uncle of the current 2nd in command of Syriza, Eucleid Tsakalotos. An umbilical cord ties the Greek Left with the Anglo-American Empire and the evidence of that is becoming quite clear. The problems will emerge of course if the Russian incursion into Ukraine is as successful as the previous ones in Chechnya and Georgia. 

The effect of this new cold war and the banning of all trade with Russia will have dire economic effects on Greece which relies on Russian gas and Russian tourism. Greek people have more to lose in a break with Russia than to gain. The only positive in the whole appalling situation is that Russias incursion into Ukraine has destroyed the 24/7 coverage of Covid which has been going on for a full two years with no let up.

NATO after its hasty retreat from Afghanistan will be proven to be what it was all along, a paper tiger and the USA true to its history of only attacking countries which are inferior to it: economically, militarily and non-nuclear powers. 

The problem the Greek politicians will have, is that de-nazification (not of the Soros sponsored antifa) will become fashionable once more and their history is tainted not only with volumes of Greek blood, but with serious war crimes that they never accounted for due to the role of the Big Powers after the end of WW2.  History though has a nasty way of taking its revenge.

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Evans Agelissopoulos

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Greece's Snowjob: Europe's first climate lockdown?

Greece’s snowjob: Europe’s first climate lockdown?
Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Mothers screeching, children crying, automobiles stranded in the snow. These were common sights in Athens on January 24 and 25, when the Greek capital was hit with a major snowstorm and below-freezing temperatures.

Parts of Athens received up to 50cm of snow, although the largest quantities fell in the city’s northern suburbs, far from central Athens – a point not clarified by international media who covered the storm.

Soldiers and elite forces were called in to attend to stranded drivers and passengers whose cars were trapped in the snow along major avenues and highways. An estimated 4,000 motorists were stuck in their cars, for hours or, in some instances, up to three days. However, these special forces could not clear the roads as it was impossible to bring in snow removal equipment. Instead, they distributed food, including expired pre-packaged croissants, to trapped drivers.

Most of these motorists were stranded on major Athens thoroughfares such as Mesogeion, Kifisias, and Katehaki avenues, and on the Attiki Odos beltway which circles Athens and leads to the city’s international airport. Some drivers, as well as stranded airport employees and arriving passengers, ended up camping out in the airport, with little access to food.

Lights flickered throughout the city during the storm, while some Athens suburbs went without electricity for as long as five days.

While most of the city’s roads were not cleared, with snow quickly turning to rock-solid ice, the mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakogiannis, arranged for the street in front of his mother’s central Athens home to be cleared of snow. Bakogiannis is the son of Dora Bakogianni, ex-foreign minister and sister of prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis–son of former prime minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis.

Tragi-comic scenes ensued. At a central Athens intersection, an ambulance got stuck in the snow and had to be pushed by passers-by. And in the Zografou district, a man injured after slipping in the snow needed 17 hours to reach the hospital due to impassable streets–and then was unable to return home.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis offered a televised apology, but how sincere was it? There were no resignations from the national or regional government or the Citizen Protection Service, despite heavy criticism from meteorologists, opposition parties, citizens, and even the media, typically deferential to the government and the ruling New Democracy (ND) party.

Instead, finger-pointing ensued. Mitsotakis blamed Attiki Odos management for not shutting the thoroughfare, yet it was revealed that traffic police had ordered it shut at 14:00 on the first day of snowfall. It’s unclear why these orders were not enforced. 

Interior Minister Adonis Georgiadis then stated that it is the central government’s decision whether or not to close any roadway, but Giorgos Karagiannis, deputy infrastructure and transport minister, said that the decision to shut city roads rested with the regional government. 

Just one day prior to the storm, regional governor Giorgos Patoulis publicly presented purportedly “gargantuan” pickup trucks equipped with ordinary snow plows, said to have cost the regional authorities €500,000. These trucks were nowhere to be seen during or after the storm. They were reportedly obtained at the last minute via no-bid contracts, as the formal tender for the region’s snow removal contract is postponed until April.

Likewise, the region has no active contract for salting the streets, and it is not to be tendered until May.

What snow removal vehicles did make it to the streets reportedly ran out of fuel.

Two representatives of the prime minister were present at the meeting where the snow removal action plan was finalized, yet the civil protection authorities for northern Athens, the region at highest risk, did not meet until the morning of the day of the storm, sans representatives of Attiki Odos.

The government also blamed meteorologists for “inaccurate” predictions, but the record demonstrated that the National Observatory correctly predicted the storm. Despite foreknowledge of the upcoming storm, a national holiday was not declared for the first day of the storm nor were any advisories issued to drivers.

Drivers themselves were also blamed. Although Attiki Odos offered individuals who were stranded €2,000 in compensation, ND MP Katerina Papakosta and former ND finance minister Stefanos Manos, who previously participated in annual Bilderberg meetings, publicly suggested that the same motorists should be fined instead.
Significantly, Attiki Odos is a private roadway, primarily owned by Greek multinational construction firms Ellaktor (65.75%) and AVAX (34.1%). Ellaktor is connected to Greek oligarch George Bobolas, but a Dutch firm, Reggeborgh, directly owns 29.85% of Ellaktor’s shares and indirectly owns an additional 9.8% through its collaboration with Atlas NV.
Some have suggested Attiki Odos sabotaged the government in a retaliatory move for not receiving €87 million in claimed damages from the government, alleging lost revenues due to the lockdowns. Nevertheless, between 2019-2021, Attiki Odos revenues exceeded €305 million, while profits in the first nine months of 2001 totaled €53 million.

Notably, foreign minister Nikos Dendias, not known as a Mitsotakis ally, is Attiki Odos’ legal representative. 

Mitsotakis also laid blame on climate change, stating “[i]t is equally true, however, that the state mechanism is not yet at the point of readiness that phenomena of such great intensity require.”
But does the climate change narrative hold water? A 2008 storm dumped twice the amount of snow on Athens, without any major disruptions. A February 2021 snowstorm also did not paralyze Athens to this extent.

The Guardian, despite “criticizing” Mitsotakis, falsely claimed that Athens has only twice experienced snow of this magnitude since 1968. This ignores major snowstorms in 1987, 1991-1992, 2002, and 2004. The winter of 1991-1992 saw Athens receive 19 snowfalls. None of these snowstorms resulted in mass paralysis in Athens.
The paralysis was such that a general holiday was declared for January 25-26, during which the entire public sector and most businesses shut, while schools remained closed for the entire week. For some time, buses, trolleys, and trams ceased operating, as did courier and food delivery services.

This begs the question: was the poor response intentional, to help perpetuate specific narratives regarding the severity of the storm? More to the point, could Greece have actually experienced Europe’s first climate lockdown?

Sunday, 30 January 2022

Greece: a ‘testing ground’ for globalist control policies long before COVID

Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

POE-OTA Refuse Council Workers Union Greeting Merkel

Greece is a country renowned for its bureaucracy, where such procedures take place the ‘old-fashioned way’ and where court cases may take years or decades to be concluded. A common sight at public services are huge piles of paper folders, with nary any technology in sight.

Enter COVID, and suddenly Greece is a technological trailblazer. Seemingly overnight, the Greek state unveiled an SMS text messaging system through which, during the country’s two lockdowns, citizens were obliged to text before leaving their homes. Vaccine appointments were conducted digitally and swiftly while ‘efficient’ Germany lagged. And Greece was the first country to propose ‘vaccine passports’ to the EU. Greece’s digital COVID response was praised by The Economist.

Far from a contradiction, this is part of a longstanding trend in Greece. Due to the country’s geopolitical importance and wealth of resources, it has long lacked full sovereignty. As such, Greece has long been an ‘early adopter’ of policies which one may broadly associate with what we call ‘globalism’.

Along with bureaucracy, Greece is known for shipping–and shipping magnates. As far back as 1933, the Bank of Greece found that most shipping revenues never entered the Greek economy. In 1953, the Greek government issued tax breaks for shipowners, which have remained, while shipowners registered their fleets in tax havens and proceeded to hire sailors from developing countries such as the Philippines, where they also set up training programs.

From early on, magnates such as Aristotle Onassis were jet-setting globalist icons–and relied upon the global financial system for their capital. Onassis also maintained close ties with the military junta which ruled Greece from 1967-1974; the same regime that pioneered the first wave of imported cheap labor to Greece, from Pakistan and other downtrodden countries, undercutting local labor, which fueled a new migration wave in the late 60s to mid 70s.

And lest one believe that a massive amount of migrants only reached Aegean islands such as Lesvos in 2015, when the international media ‘discovered’ the story, the islands–and Greece–have received migration waves since prior to the “War on Terror,” as this April 2001 poll from the Lesvos newspaper Aegean Times indicates.

At the same time, in the 50s and 60s, the Greek government’s official policy to “reduce unemployment” was not to create jobs and develop industry, but to export Greeks to countries like Germany, via the Gastarbeiter agreement, to help them industrialize instead, while Greece ‘developed’ from remittances sent back by migrant Greeks. 

Ah yes, the ‘economic crisis’. How did Greece get there? One starting point is in 1981, when Greece joined the then-European Community–and ‘socialist’ Andreas Papandreou, son of a former prime minister, came to power. Papandreou ran on a platform of leaving NATO and the EC and expelling U.S. military bases, but proceeded to renege on those promises. In the meantime, the beautiful Greek language was neutered, while crass Western culture was delivered straight to households’ TV screens by the state broadcaster, which began rebroadcasting foreign private broadcasters while independent Greek broadcasting was still banned.

His successor, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, father of the current prime minister, began a privatization wave in the 90s presented in Greece then and now as “foreign investment.” Later in the 90s, the technocratic prime minister Kostas Simitis sold the national telecommunication company and the management stake of the new Athens airport to German firms, while bringing Greece into the Eurozone in 2002 amid a spending spree for the 2004 Olympic Games, whose infrastructure was largely built by illegal migrant labor. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs assisted in the performance of ‘Greek accounting’.

As a prelude to the economic crisis, and long before ‘social justice’ protests went mainstream, December 2008 riots following the Grigoropoulos shooting incident wrecked central Athens. In shades of Big Tech surveillance, the riots led to the government requiring SIM cards to be registered.

The ‘economic crisis’ itself was not a Greek first. The IMF previously had imposed “structural adjustment programs” in Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere. However, for the first time, the ‘chickens came home to roost’ within the EU, while the bloc’s first technocratic government, that of non-elected central banker Lucas Papademos, was installed in 2011.

SYRIZA later helped usher in the first elements of a cashless society in 2015, imposing capital controls via ATM withdrawal limits, which de facto forced individuals to conduct transactions via debit card. Cash transactions over a certain amount were banned, while mandatory QR codes for all cash register receipts, and connection of all cash registers to the tax authorities, were introduced.

The crisis also delivered a de facto carbon tax, with heating oil so heavily taxed that few could–or can–afford it. This ‘green’ policy fuels (pun intended) a noxious smog over Greek cities each winter, from the use of haphazard fireplaces.

Greece has indeed been at the forefront of the climate crisis since the 90s. Massive ‘wildfires’ would burn large swaths of land and would then be blamed on unscrupulous property developers (even though affected areas often were inaccessible), lit cigarettes, and grandmothers accidentally setting cooking oil ablaze in outdoor stoves. In 2007, two such fires burned large swaths of Attica and the Peloponnese. 

A documentary aired by Russia 24 referenced the “Pythia” plan for the destabilization of Greece and then-prime minister Konstantinos Karamanlis, via the 2007 fires, the 2008 riots, the Vodafone wiretapping scandal, and the attempted suicide of a close adviser following a sex scandal, put into place over Karamanlis’ plans to bring the South Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Greece.

Destructive fires in 2018 and in summer 2021 were increasingly blamed on climate change, which however was used as the impetus to bring purportedly ‘green’ policies to Greece. Lignite mines in northern Greece–the country’s main source of energy–are being privatized, completing efforts launched in the 1950s by Nazi collaborators, as revealed by declassified CIA documents.

Of course, long before 9/11 and the “War of Terror,” Greece (and Italy) were at the forefront of CIA-infiltrated ‘terror’ groups used as a bogeyman; namely, Greece’s November 17 and Italy’s Red Bridgades (think Operation Gladio).

Meanwhile, in a foreshadowing of COVID, the Greek government purchased, in 2009, 24 million doses of the Tamiflu vaccine (for a country of 11 million), presented by Greek state virologist Sotiris Tsiodras, who in 2020 became the public face of Greece’s COVID response and harsh lockdowns.

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