Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Stories from a Greek Dystopia

Stories from a Greek Dystopia... -Went to buy chlorine in a chain store not allowed without Covidreich papers. Two doors down supermarket. -Friend had to get a signature witness verified local police station not allowed without Covidreich papers. Criminals are brought into questioning without them -You are allowed to sit outside to have a meal/drink with a rapid flow test you have to pay for but not inside unless you double soon to be triple vaxxed. Covid World Stories from a Greek Dystopia Part Two -you can get on a bus stacked up like a sardine but not on the Greek version of National Express you need a private rapid flow test... -you can be vaxxed get into a theatre/cinema catch and spread Covid and last time you did a test was months back. The unvaxxed are banned from them venues. -Greek govt alleges around 90% are ill in hospital are unvaxxed. Whoever dies is unvaxxed. Circulating fake news now a criminal offence. Covid World Greek Dystopia Part Three -Theatrical actor refuses to play to only vaxxed audiences everyone in media and politicians condemn him. Vax apartheid is the new normal. -ND finds excuse for alleged new variant to cancel Congress. A whole Greek alphabet of variants is coming, they will cancell elections at this rate... -Anti vaxxers congregate in Law School for a meeting asking for rapid flow tests and masks to enter Covid world Stories from a Greek Dystopia Part Four -you need a rapid test or to be vaxxed to enter Church. Long live discrimination. God does apartheid -Greek media salivating over Omicron variant. Restrictions Lockdowns gets them orgasmic. -to date no treatments on offer for Covid. Stay at Home get more I'll then come to intensive care, we can send you packing there... Covid world Greek Covid Dystopia Day 5 -MSM circulates new scare stories. Unvaxxed over 60's to have €100 a month pension cuts -Omikron doing the fake rounds. We all going to die if not dead already. -Papandreou ex party leadership debate wants even more measures to 'save lives'. One of the leaders stated last decade Greek pensioners live too long Covid 🤡 World Greek Covid Dystopia Part 6 -Govt announces flat tax pension cuts under guise of Covid for all those over 60...some of people on lowest pensions will get a 30% pension cut -Having sacked 10k hospital employees hospitals can't function properly -PM Mitsotakis is giving Marie Antoinette a run for her money... Covid World Stories for a Greek Covid Dystopia Day 7 -SKAI tv network leads in the propaganda. Had a professor on called Mosialos who stated openly and blatantly not a single person has died from the vaccines int he last six month - Another clown on the same network stated the fine against low income pensioners those that get a 300Euro pension equivalent to a 33% cut is pro low income as you get jabbed you save your life to live longer... -Social media storm against Greek PM gathering pace, demos planned this weekend in many Greek cities. Covid Clown World

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Greek Convid Bandits Selling ‘Climate Change’ Fujimori Style

The Greek Covid response has reached such levels of absurdity that it wouldn’t be out of place in a Cervantes novel or a Kafkaesque description of modern politics in the era of the… ‘Great Reset’. After having sold the narrative of strong measures which led to very few ‘Covid’ deaths during the first Lockdown way back in March 2020, Greece has now surpassed Sweden on all indicators: more deaths, more cases, more covidfascism. So something had to give and it did. Climate change suddenly appeared as a main parallel contender after the burning down of whole swathes of Greece in the summer just gone by. 

 Déjà vu

Burning Greece for political aims is nothing new. It was pioneered quite openly and directly in the 2000 decade over the Russian Southstream pipeline which was signed by one of the three main political dynasties of Greece (Karamanlis) when areas in Evia, the Peloponnese etc. were burnt to smithereens, which everyone since has attributed to the behind the scenes hybrid war between the US and Russia. It’s an irony of history that the political dynasty of the Karamanlis clan got literally burnt by these developments and despite having won resoundingly, early elections were then called (after the death of Greeks due to the fires) and Karamanlis lost to Papandreou.

At the time the author of this piece was in Southern Evia where he witnessed multiple fires emerging concurrently which could only be explained by arson and local emergency services stating in private conversations that this could be only a result of arson. 

This time round the summer arson attacks were once again inaugurated in Southern Evia where I was again, but more as a consequence of a massive propaganda campaign as the biggest firefighting plane in the world (Beriev B200 which can carry 12 tonnes of water in one go) directly from Russia arrived to put out some fake bush fires, but an indication that the biggest fires Greece has ever witnessed would soon occur. It was announced early on (17th June 2021) by the now departed Minister Hardalias implying in no uncertain terms that if the biggest firefighting plane couldn’t do the job, the fires were real, not organised arson.

It's also a pure coincidence the Turkish tourist resort area of Marmaris was burnt to smithereens and the smoke covered almost half of Rhodes, then fires spread in Rhodes leading to electrical blackouts at the height of the tourist season. Why would anyone want to burn tourist areas other than economic sabotage.

 Almost one third of Evia with forests in the northern part of the island was burnt to smithereens in identical patterns to all previous fires: they start and spread when there is wind in multiple areas at the same time and various ‘coincidental’ events occur which derail all the attempts at putting out the fires, like a sudden engine failure of the Russian firefighting plane, or no firefighters sent to the area, or they are sent and instructed to not do anything.

 What was new this time was the concerted push by the emergency services to get people to evacuate from their areas, so as to allow the emergency services to take over, ie so all the evidence of arson to be hidden or the peoples properties to be burnt to smithereens. In the many instances where Greeks refused to leave, they both saved their properties and uncovered evidence of arson.

  PM Mitsotakis sold the idea ‘we save lives as they can’t be rebuilt’ and we aren’t Syriza who allowed 100 people to die in the fires of Mati in 2018, but we cannot stop ‘climate change’. The irony once more was that the areas being burnt were almost identical in fashion to those in the 2000 decade just bigger and more vast in scale. To sell it Athens of course could not be left out. The old area of Tatoi which is famous as being the land granted to the now deposed German monarchy of Greece was burnt to smithereens and in a time lapse video that circulated, one could clearly discern fires emerging at different times in different areas which could not but be a by product of arson.

  For almost four decades the corporate fake news media sold the idea that the fires in Greece were done by property developers, in other words having burnt an area to smithereens they then move in to put in illegal developments, an idea so absurd when basic questions aren’t asked. Why would anyone want to move into an area where everything is burnt? It would take at least a decade to acquire new vegetation and go green again, if that. This was proven to be false in the decade of the IMF-Troika when property developments collapsed, yet fires continued.

 There is truth to the rumours now that the fires will aid ‘green development’ in terms of constructing giant wind turbines which are already evident all over Southern Evia, but are scheduled to appear in almost all mountain ranges in Greece. Clearing the trees makes access to construct and ship to location easier.

 Going ‘Green’ Hedge Fund Style

As a full blown German neo colony Greece has adopted what Berlin desires. They are closing down most lignite producing mines under ‘ecological excuses’ thus reducing the independence of Greece even further in energy production forcing it to import oil and at the same time filling up all mountain tops with vast concrete swathes of wind turbines where you need to create roads and add about 100 tonnes of concrete for each one.

 Just as the PM placed his daughter in one of the firms that bought sections of ex-Greek state owned National Bank of Greece insurance arm CVC Capital Partners in London, the level of banditry only reminds one of Fujimori’s Peru. Modern Greek politics is summarized in how to make money from privatizations in the shortest amount of time possible or use state funds to enrich oneself as one may not be in the same position again soon enough.

Taking into account that the big hedge funds of the world are instrumental in getting over $9 trillion injected into their bank balances between September 2019 and March 2020 which basically dwarfs the bailouts of the 2000 decade they are awash with cash and are on a buying spree essentially targeting all industries that are related to nation states. 

CVC Capital Partners bought out Dodoni milk and cheeses which was a Greek owned entity in the field and they already own shares in others. Which begs the question if they are signed up to the WEF’s Great Reset then the aim has to be to shut down animal protein and replace it with the diet of the… ‘future.

When 40% of the annual GDP of the US is recirculated into the economy in the space of a few months, inevitably inflation will become double digit. This obviously is in slow motion due to the continuous Lockdowns, travel restrictions, Covid passes etc. which reduces the average type of business flow. When all state owned entities are sold and become part of global hedge funds then any form of resistance on a national level via indigenous energy extraction, production of goods or services becomes impossible as you are now fully part of globalized supply chains.

 It’s inevitable that the Convid narrative will at some point reach its full political potential. That is where ‘climate change’ will start to kick in. Not so much the effects of the disasters accrued to it, but the restrictions that are coming into force as a consequence of the ‘disasters’ which may or may not be magnified out of all proportion, may or may not be engineered.

 We are already witnessing the rolling out of the ‘green agenda’ on a small island in Greece called Astypalaia where only electric cars will be allowed (owned by no one but on a pool system), on an island that doesn’t even have a power generating plant. So we can envision the future rationing of services, time limits imposed on transport and energy consumption, limiting refrigeration by changing from an animal based diet, to plants, nuts and weeds. Carbon emission controls will be the key to imposing these restrictions, not Convid. 

 Fujimori Style 

“He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all.”

Behind it all is fast tracking the bankruptcy of all small independent producers and suppliers and fulfilling one of the main aims of Klaus Scwhab’s 4IR Great Reset, ‘you will own nothing and be happy’, presumably like those on Skid Row in California who are over the moon or the hundreds of homeless found in empty doorways in central Athens who dance Sirtaki on the streets regularly. 

 A few state owned entities exist in Greece. At the beginning of the 2010 decade the argument was that if everything was privatized that would both save the economy and its people. The debt burden has now in reality almost doubled reaching the astronomic amount of €380 billion when in 2010 it was around €210 billion and despite almost a decade of austerity, wage and pension cuts of 50%, the debt as a % of GDP has reached almost 180%! So on the economic front the more measures taken, the worse all the figures become and on the alleged ‘health front’ the more measures taken to fight the war on Covid, the worse the situation becomes.

Allegations have surfaced which have been well known in Greece for almost a decade that the Mitsotakis clan are politically related to ship owners who are allegedly involved in the drug business as evidenced by Alexander Clapps prize winning essay The Vampire Ship. For decades the Mitsotakis family have been accused as being German Nazi quislings during the occupation of Greece, then exporters of stolen ancient Greek artefacts even going to the extend of re-naming a street after the father of the current PM (as an ancient Greek artefact thief) but the family doesn’t obviously do itself any favours when they place relatives in political positions (current Mayor of Athens, Bakogianni is the PMs sisters son) or his wife Sia Kosioni is one of the main Presstitutes of SKAI tv the PM is associated with alleged paedophiles and the stench of corruption is so deep that the most popular slogan all over social media, in all the anti-vax protests and even at the funeral of Mikis Theodorakis (the world famous composer) was ‘Mitsotaki Go Fcuk

How will it end? 

We are at the dawn of the Mitsotakis era, they are living through their political end times and one cannot but say good riddance to bandits. The issue is whether any political capital can be gained for Greece to drastically change course and whether the people are able to break out of the defeats of the past. We are living through one of the darkest periods in modern history.


Saturday, 10 July 2021

From a Covid Junta to a Covid Apartheid-The Greek Example

From a Covid Junta to a Covid Apartheid-The Greek Example

"It used to be said that Greeks gave their lives for freedom now they are giving up their freedom for their lives." 
The EU’s Van Der Leyen and Mitsotakis announcing the Davos Great Reset Agenda for Greeks.

 After the partial retreat by the Mitsotakis govt approach to Covid which was to crack heads open in plain sight by his praetorian guards (trained and psychologically prepared for the job at hand after decade of IMF austerity) which led to a mini rebellion, the Covid clowns that run Greece are back with a vengeance, instituting one of Europes first Covid apartheid regimes. From the 15th July once restaurants open on the inside alongside cinemas and theatres a Covid passport will be required to gain access.
 Dividing society between the vaxxed and unvaxxed appears to be the ‘new normal’. 

The ‘Chinese virus’

In order to justify an extended 2nd Lockdown (November 2020-May 2021) the Mitsotakis govt ramped up the deaths to around 10% of all deaths in a single year (around 13k) thus almost matching Sweden despite having compulsory masks inside and out, travel permits and a whole host of other measures thus proving once and for all that nothing was gained in relation to Sweden.

If we now take it a step further we see that Chinas Covid deaths have remained below 4k since April 2020 for a country of 1.5billion people whilst Greece’s are three times as many. So we are dealing with a ‘Chinese virus’ with almost zero deaths in China, but a runaway train in the capitalist west which begs the question, are the Chinese burying their Covid dead en masse without reporting them or is the West making the majority of figures up? 

Either which way it can’t be both a deadly Chinese virus which only effects non-Chinese people….and a non-deadly Chinese virus. 

 Are we dealing with an actual pandemic which saw global population actually rise in 2020 or with political economic measures to wipe out a middle class which still isn’t 100% dependent on large global multinational chains.

 Since the Greek Lockdowns overseas delivery and transport companies have either made a comeback (like Uber) or have set up shop (like Walt , similar to Uber eats). Either which way the ‘Chinese virus’ is no longer a political football inside China, but in Greece Covid is still the only show on the road. 

Destroying tourism one Covid-1984 rule at a time

Despite lifting certain restrictions when Prince Charles visited for the 200 year anniversary of the independence of Greece from the Ottoman Empire showing in practice that Covid is a very clever virus, the Mitsotakis govt has tried its hardest to stop tourism despite alleging it is… ‘fully open’.

 Visitor number based on arrivals by plane in the first six months of 2021 are at 76% of the numbers for the same period in 2019. One bankruptcy after another arrives in the news media but is buried in the back pages as we are… ‘Building Back Better’.

 The oldest and largest company Mouzenidis travel which operated with offices from Moscow for Russian travellers and having brought over 1m tourists in 2019 just went bust. In response the Mitsotakis government introduced new restrictions on Russian travellers by refusing to recognise their Sputnik vaccine and forcing them to do a PCR test to fly to Greece and another test on arrival. As for the Chinese they are banned from coming to the EU.

An internal shipping company Agoudimos transport has also gone bust. With numbers not expected to be more than 30% of the last full year 2019 and with poorer tourists this will imply a second year with a loss of tourist income. It’s no coincidence that in one region fights broke out amongst councillors who wanted to ban migrunt arrivals as hotel owners have arrived at a point in time wanting to have anyone in to collect some money instead of zero.

 Tens of hotels are up for auction and the aim may actually be by targeting tourism to close or merge independent hotels and aim to turn certain areas into Florida style accommodation for retired eg German pensioners. That’s why Syriza handed over 14 regional airports to a German company and Brussels imposes constant Covid-1984 rules. By destroying the competition they aim to gain control of many hotel units to use them as they see fit. 

By limiting Russian and Chinese tourism they make the dependence of the Greek tourist industry on Government handouts when Lockdowns are imposed and they have finally changed the nature of the tourist labour market. 

 Pre-Covid-1984 one used to get a standard 6 month contract for the hotel industry (chefs, waiters, cleaners, drivers, reception etc.) and then sign on the unemployment office in the winter months, now the contracts are month by month and the instability and insecurity created implies many workers refuse to even countenance that so shortages have been created in many island areas due to this instability. The hotel industry is very labour intensive in terms of cooking and cleaning and difficult to automate in those areas. 

 Covid Junta morphs into a Covid Apartheid 

The Mitsotakis government was praised by the Economist as being the best rule book followers for Covid. They are now attempting to divide society into vaxxed and unvaxxed and are implementing measures to support only the vaxxed. The reason might be due to the slow uptake of the vax which according to their own figures imply:
 An analysis of the vaxxes in the Greater Athens shows the following:
 Western Athens 21% one dose 16.3% double vaxx 
Eastern Athens 21.97% with one dose and 15.88% double vaxx
Northern Suburbs 81% with one dose 60% with two vaxxes
 Piraeus 28% with one and 22% with two vaxxes…

 It’s good to remember the OXI referendum in Greece which if more than anything else contributed to Brexit as it became de facto a pro EU Referendum with all the media campaigning for a YES vote.

                 OXI (NO)                     YES

Western Athens 
 Elefsina 71.88%                        28.12% 
Aspropirgos 79%                        20%

 Northern Suburbs
 Marousi       49.52                      50.48%
 Kifisia            36%.                       63.92%
 Filothei Psihiko 28%                    71.84%
Keratisini-Drapa 72.84%              27.16%
 Koridallos         71.25%                28.75% 
Perama.              76.64%.               23.30% 

 If one knows the wealth distribution of Athens one sees that the socio-economic distribution of vaxxed and unvaxxed is that the areas with more money are the ones that had the vaxxes and those with less money voted with their feet mirroring the anti-EU referendum of the last decade.

 That explains in part the venom by all the parties in Parliament against the people. All the parties present either voted for the 3 Memorandums of Understanding with the Troika or abstained from the OXI Referendum (KKE). 

In all press releases or statements by leaders of the Opposition, getting the vax is the priority all else secondary. 

 The Greek government has introduced internal Covid passports to travel from the mainland to the islands and wants to extend them when going from region to region. Failure to comply implies one cannot board a ship or a plane, but if one isn’t vaxxed one has to pay Euro 20 for a Rapid Test to go and same again to come back. The same rule will apply if one is going to be inside a theatre, a cinema, or nightclub or attending an open air football match…

 Its no coincidence then that the Mitsotakis government announced 150 Euro incentives to all those aged between 18-25 knowing full well that they won’t be rushing to take the vax. 

 After announcing with much funfare the pro-vaxx measures and asking eateries to declare their interest only 6% declared they would accept only vaxxed and a movement on Facebook and Telegram has emerged out of the blue with over 60k participants against this ‘medical apartheid’.

 The government appearing to be incensed announced another raft of measures that they would do spot checks on restaurants and if anyone is found to be sitting inside and not having done a rapid test they would be fined alongside the owner and establishments would face closure starting from 7 days. Covid fascism at its finest.

 Government announces 13 Hospital Closures

This same government and the same ministers bar a few odd exceptions in the previous dccade when they were implementing Troika Memorandum (2012-14) became internationally famous for cancelling cancer treatments for patients is now saving lives by announcing 13 hospital closures (five of which are in Athens and Thessaloniki). 

 In the midst of the ‘deadiest pandemic’ in history according to Mitsotakis certain hospitals are too close to each other and need to close in order to ensure that they are able to cater better for Covid patients after being overrun by all those …cases. 95% of which are all over 70 years of age with one and more underlying health condition. 

More and more allegations have surfaced that the Covid protocols introduced in almost every western country is what led to such large fatalities, not the actual disease itself. The lack of treatment or more precisely medical negligence for those over a certain age who weren’t in the best of health led to mass deaths thus ensuring the Covid narrative continued beyond its sell by date. The figures speak for themselves. During the 2nd Lockdown that lasted for around 7 months Greece matched Sweden and overtook them in the rate of deaths which leaves us with the question why the Lockdowns?

 EU’s Muppet Greece implementing the Green and Digital 2030 Agenda

When Ursula Van Der Leyen came to Greece to announce an 8b Euro package for a Green and Digital ID agenda it became clear Greece is being singled out once more to pioneer the latest socio economic experiment whose epicentre is techno fascism where most humans become surplus to requirements.

 Greece 2.0 is a version of ‘Build Back Better’ or in our case Destroy and Leave Nothing Standing. 

Having sold off almost everything, testing the new economy on the locals is the new colonialism like the small island of Astypalaia which will become a Green paradise where no cars, but electric are to be used (will be borrowed not owned) after they install giant wind farms to power the electricity making it probably impossible to sleep. 

 The Greek government has gotten rid of the 8hr day and has implemented new labour laws for the post-Covid era. Compulsory 7day a week working if required which will not be compensated in overtime but taken off in extra holidays when the boss sees fit making the ideal of the flexible employee equal to a switch on a machine. When you need to turn it on or it to work you press the switch or extend labour time irrespective of the other costs, ie transport, or childcare etc.

In this new ‘woke’ era, we have phenomena of migrants who died due to lack of heating being compensated to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Euros (their descendants) as they arrived illegally in the country and the country has a duty to house, feed and clothe them, whilst no such right exists for the locals. It’s no coincidence that Mitsotakis in one of his pre-electorial speeches stated that one of his main priorities is that… nativism should go. Covid it has appeared has given him a once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve that goal alongside the Opposition parties that egg him on constantly and highlight his failings as being he hasn’t implemented measures harshly enough.

 The fact that the Greek army is the one that run the illegal immigration warehouse built and run all over Greece and is now involved directly in the vaccination programme in the largest such centres in Athens and Thessaloniki shows that the Greek state has become a militarised appendage of the demands of the Great Powers. Unless this link is broken, this decade will be worse than the one before. Evans Aggelissopoulos 


Tuesday, 16 March 2021

The Greek Lockdown Covid Junta Exposes itself

The Greek Lockdown Covid Junta Exposes Itself
Beware the Ides of March

A barrage of newspaper exposures and arrests of close associates of Premier Mitsotakis (previously convicted and currently unconvicted) paedophiles from the Director of the National Theatre, allegations of NGO child trafficking via relatives and now the open and blatant police brutality which has shocked most Greeks has led to daily demonstrations and riots which will end up this time with the fall of this Government. 

 Since I last wrote a piece on Greece I stated “In the end, only a Grand Coalition of all Covidian parties will become inevitable, either as a consequence of a rebellion or prior to one…” it appears once more that events have overtaken even my cursory analysis. 

The prolonged Lockdown (started in November 2020) has taken its toll because only 600k Greeks are furloughed, add the other 600k Greeks who work for the public sector that leaves about another 3m off any payroll and having to survive either from small business credits, food kitchens or relatives who might be pensioners (numbering around 3.5m). It was inevitable that in the end a rebellion would occur and an inconsequential spark would lead to riots. Once the genie is out of the bottle it is now difficult to put it back in. The riot police who are the advanced guard of the 75k police force (2nd most in all EU states as a % of the population) have been acting like an occupation force targeting the weakest in society or those on their own. Stories have emerged of undressing women students including their underwear, dragging young adults from the hair along pavements, entering shops without warrants and cracking heads open, taking out guns and pretending to shoot, threatening lawyers on a march, smashing up cars of citizens in areas they have targeted in other words the usual run of the mill practices which characterise banana republics in decline. Make no mistake about it this time the whole atmosphere is different. Having enforced 300 Euro fines for not mask wearing in public whilst walking out of one’s house, having imposed SMS messages to leave the front door and having imposed masks for all children way back in September the pressure cooker of Lockdown inevitably would emerge. Once the police attempted one more overreach finding a granny who was selling her wears to fine, or a pensioner to hold in a neckhold (both events have actually occurred) an explosion of people’s anger could erupt and it did when they beat up in a public square a single young adult over and over where his screams ‘I Am Hurting’ have become a national cause celebre. 

 This is in contrast to the Premier who has been seen cycling in the woods and stopping for selfies, having meals on balconies when visiting the island of Ikaria and generally showing an appearance that the Covid measures are solely for the plebs, not the political elite.

 The area known as Nea Smirni is a newish 1960’s style built suburb relatively close to the centre of Athens which in the last elections returned New Democracy and is generally wealthy without any open signs of open social decay like other suburbs in Athens despite the decade of the Troika ‘bailouts’. It came as a surprise to most why the open viciousness of the police would target people on a Sunday. Subsequent to this a demo occurred the same evening outside the police station of at lease 1,000 and the following day numbers of around 15 -20k marched once more to the police station.
The Ιnterior Minister (known as Chrisohoidis but with a popular nickname Juntahoidis) famous for cracking heads open in another square (Ag. Panteleimonas) almost a decade ago when people were protesting illegal immigration and then on the islands of the Aegean (Lesvos, Chios, Samos) against sprawling migrant camps in 2020 sent in riot police on motorbikes to break up the rally. A tactic they had used successfully in the protests against the Troika almost a decade ago. But this time round they failed as a single policeman was dragged off the motorbike and beaten to a pulp. 

Geopolitical Backdrop: Aegean Sellout to support Neo Ottoman expansion plans? 

Greece once more is entering a new decade with a new national sellout hanging over its head: a 35% division of the Aegean, 3700 islands or islets under the bargaining table some of which will be taken over, to serve Turkish expansion under the directives of the Germans who always wanted Turkey in the EU. When Turkey created sea rights with the disputed government of Tripoli it directly went into areas of Greece and its islands.
The Aegean Sea is split in half by the Turkish Libyan ie Tripoli agreement 

This did not lead to a condemnation of Turkey in Brussels or the Hague or the tens of thousands of air space violations of Greek territorial air space. Turkey is in the grip of an economic collapse and involved in 3-4 territorial disputes with army spending truly high in its neo-imperialist adventures but at the same time in a geopolitical rift with the USA.

Hence we have a revamped US presence in Alexandroupoli in Greece and talk about a closure/reduction of the Incirlik airbase and relocation to Crete. These moves as with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are in conflict with Germany. Germany controls the Greek tourism industry and has massive investments in Turkey. By default German geopolitical interests are aligning with Russia and Turkey and Greece’s with the USA. This geopolitical conundrum is ensuring once more Greece is entering troubled waters and the Greek Premier Mitsotakis is walking a tightrope. 

 If Mitsotakis agrees to a sellout of the Aegean sea to Turkey without recourse to a national referendum and after Greeks went through the Prespes sellout once more without a referendum when either of these geostrategic decisions were in any manifesto of any political party when they were elected (ie Syriza in 2015 or New Democracy in 2019) begs the question who truly runs Greece? 

As with the negotiations with Turkey, Greece has essentially been presenting Turkish positions in order then to support them, from Turkish entry to the EU to collecting its surplus migrants as if they were tourists, what was described in a nutshell in a previous piece.

We are dealing with the best proponents of neo-Ottomanism in the EU

New Democracy – Implosion Awaits

Its origins are in the Quisling administrations of interwar Greece and the defeat of the Left in the Greek civil war (1946-49). It operated death squads both during the civil war and subsequently and has been involved in political murders right up to the 1960’s when they killed Panagoulis the Head of the Greek Peace movement during the height of the Cold War. 

 After the fall of the last Junta (1967-1974) they allegedly democratised the organisation and they have had an amazing ability to appear both patriotic and nationalist whilst being one of the main promoters of Greece’s pro EU path, promoters of globalisation and now rabid supporters of extended and indefinite Covid-1984 Lockdowns. There are essentially three factions that overlap depending on the situation. The hyperglobalists around the Mitsotakis clan (close associates of Prince Charles and the Bush clan) the nation state Karamanlis faction and the ‘nationalist’ Samaras wing. What unites them and drives them is power and a tight balancing act which many times both in the past and in the present are thrown off course by external developments. 

When widespread electoral fraud was exposed in the 1960’s the Mitsotakis clan defended it heralding in the US 1967 Colonels Coup. When Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 the Karamanlis faction made the infamous statement ‘Cyprus is too far’ to do anything. When the Berlin Wall fell the Samaras wing started the open love affair with everything Albanian and encouraged a mass movement of peoples from there to Greece. In a nutshell Greek politics are what the demands dictated by foreign powers at any given moment in time. The actual party is made up of small businessmen but run by the Greek offshore shipping oligarchy which is in tandem with the globalists. The actual calibre of the political class is currently so low that Mitsotakis has surrounded himself solely with yes men who do not at all report the situation but probably have enough spies in operation to comprehend that a rebellion would break out. 

 Their only two options available are either to leave office or to intensify the conflict ie. go over to direct martial law using the armed forces. They have now openly declared that they will ban all celebrations for the 25th March which is the Anniversary of the 200 years of the Independence of Modern Greece from the Ottoman Empire and the shipowners Organiser of the celebrations Aggelopoulou spoke about joint celebrations with the modern creation of Bangladesh as a state which fall on the same calendar month! Whilst the rebellion was afoot and rallies were planned and occurred in about 30 odd Greek cities with the slogan ‘Enough’ the PMs sisters (ex Mayor of Athens Bakogianni)motorcade had a deadly crash at the entrance of Parliament killing the young passenger point blank and were not arrested, neither were witnesses called who were there. This type of ‘above the law’ attitude of those associated with the political class show that the popular mood has shifted significantly and if a section of the US establishment wants to aid in removing the Mitsotakis clan, prior to any agreement with Turkey then they have a number of ways of achieving this as they are past masters in this. 

The problem this time is if the people get carried away and sweep away the whole rotten Greek political class alongside them. Curteousy of OneworldPress

Thursday, 11 February 2021

No to a 'Public Health' Dictatorship Resistance or Slow Death

No to a 'Public Health' Dictatorship Resistance or Slow Death

 Under the pretext of the fake ‘pandemic’, in Greece and in most countries of the world measures are implemented that financially crush the vast majority of society. On the back of the wreckage of the broken economy, however, the infinitesimal minority of billionaires not only do not follow the fate of society as a whole but, quite by chance, see their wealth and power grow even more.

In almost all countries, measures are being put into place that some scientists, well-paid employees of Big Pharma multinationals, are supposed to introduce, which have no health benefits unless they are precisely aimed at maximising deaths. By reducing the hours of food stores, workers who cannot shop in the middle of the night are all crowded at the same time. Fishing and hunting are prohibited so as not to get the flu of the sea bream or the virus of hares. It is forbidden to circulate, to get fresh air, to see the sun, that is to say to come into contact with the physical elements that strengthen our immune system, but also elevate the psychological state of humans. 

Of course, those who impose the ‘Covid-19 measure’ are excluded from them. Mitsotakis himself has been caught three times violating the measures (one with the singer Alkistis Protopsalti, one cycling in Parnitha, once eating on a balcony on the island of Ikaria). His nephew Bakoyannis, the same. In England the charlatan Neil Ferguson (Tsiodras is our Greek version) the same. In the U.S., dozens of Mayors and Governors alike. Everywhere those who impose imprisonments on us ‘to protect us’ violate it themselves without fear of getting a terrible disease. 

Apart from the economy, however, the functioning of society as a whole is being affected. The government's dictat is radically reducing the number of surgeries in hospitals. A curfew is imposed at night (not to be stuck by the other night-time workers who crowd the streets after midnight). Even on the day we are only allowed to go around with special permission, which even occupying governments had not thought of doing. Family gatherings are limited even within homes. Restrictions are placed on religious worship which did not even apply during the Turkish occupation. 3 or 4 people living under the same roof are prohibited from getting in the same car. Even the right to breathe is limited: in order to breathe legally we must wear the masks - gags sold by the Prime Ministers friend Davelis.

And all this, while all sides of the official narrative about the ‘pandemic’ (communicability, mortality, effectiveness of measures, vaccine safety, appropriate treatments) are challenged with compelling arguments by leading experts worldwide. For the first time since Galileo's trial by the Inquisition, the freedom of scientific research and dialogue is abolished. Any scientist who disagrees with the arbitrary decisions of the "experts" (such as computer scientist Bill Gates, politician Gebrejezus or physicist Ferguson) is kicked out of his position, appears from the well-fed media like a madman, and dissappears professionally. In our country, The Regional Governor Patoulis refers to the disciplinary doctor any doctor who dares to say publicly that what is being done is outrageous.

Those who have not yet done so will be forced in the next period to understand that the measures taken are political, not for public health and that they are not transient but have come to stay. The main reason for this is that their economy has collapsed. They are de facto obliged to squeeze production costs, if possible to ... below zero. With the new technologies they are preparing (artificial intelligence) the vast majority of employees will be on the sidelines. The same applies to most sectors as parts of small and medium-sized property. The goal is to accept the position of the slave and the theft of our property by a handful of multinational and international loan sharks for mass impoverishment. 

If we do not fight to regain rights that were still self-evident a few years ago, we will end up living in a dystopian nightmare that will be worse than the death with which we are threatened. 

But there's another way. The Greek people have already successfully fought two occupations. Ottoman and German. If we walk in the footsteps of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, we can take our country back. For us, this is the only one way.
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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Greece: From a Covid Coup to a Covid Junta

Greece: From a Covid Coup to a Covid Junta
The Greek govt is trying to excel in its imposition of totalitarian rules for a non-existent Covid crisis. Magnifying alleged PCR positives and blowing infections out of all proportion they shut down Greece in early November imposing draconian measures. The Covid Coup of early March has metastasized into a full blown Covid Junta as areas in Western Athens have had a full 24 hour curfew imposed on them. Citizens have been quoted on MSM as stating this has nothing to do with a virus but a full-blown attempt at a Junta.
PM Mitsotakis in a video conference call with Klaus Schwabbs Great Reset book on his desk September 2020 

Whilst hotels were partially opened in the summer but a whole series of roadblocks were created on tourists from PCR tests for entrance into Greece, the banning of certain islands from tourists, night curfews etc. the actual numbers were miniscule to support the tens of thousands that work in the industry or supply it. 

The collapse in the tourist trade was catastrophic and as most businesses were closed down during the draconian years of the IMF EU imposed austerity the economy entered the new Great Depression already on its knees and it will now be blown up completely. That is why even more draconian measures are sought and imposed. Mitsotakis New Democracy is fully embedded to Merkel’s EU and she dictates the agenda and the covidclowns in Athens are only too eager to please and the reason is simple.

 Since Syriza came to power they have shown that they are more pro-EU than the EU itself and they know the opposition wants even more measures than are being proposed or implemented.
Old habits die hard: Afghanis and Pakistanis celebrate in central Athens despite Lockdown measures 

After making masks compulsory for shopping and public transport the govt then made mask wearing compulsory everywhere the moment you leave the house with E300 fines, SMS messages in order to leave and not allowing people to leave the region/area they live in. Fines became like confetti when the changes were first implemented, to what extent any are paid is another issue. Coupled with compulsory mask wearing in schools the defeat of the student protests due to the Lockdown Left the govt implemented a second Lockdown in early November which continues till this article was written and they want to extend it to Easter and possibly indefinitely.

 Economic Meltdown Anew

Having been the guinea pigs for the Eurocrisis that was magnified beyond all proportion for lilliputian Greece they have now chosen for themselves to be the Covidclowns for Davos’ Great Reset. Without any serious functioning industries left anymore and relying mostly on imports and the tourist trade, they are being imploded one Lockdown after another on dubious excuses regarding infections and Covid deaths. 

The ever evolving Covid-1984 goal post serves an agenda, that which destroys the independence of all and turns them into dependent appendages of a higher authority whose aim is to instil fear via virus terrorism and to ensure people no longer meet or act independently of governments. The closest description are prisoners of an Open Prison who are free to act within certain limits and their life is regulated.

 The collapse of GDP year on year but beginning from the first Lockdown early March 2020 until March 2021 will probably be in the region of around 25% equivalent in one year what took four to occur between 2010 and 2014, but you won’t hear that being said anywhere as a boom is always literally round the corner the only problem being for most people they can never find that corner and it isn’t due to a lack of working out google maps.

 The two reasons Greece and its people survived (not everyone of course that is) in the last decade was the fact that hundreds of thousands of citizens went abroad for work and North African coupled with Turkish tourism collapsed due to the wars/upheavals in those regions. But the 2020 collapse in tourism which registered probably a 80% downturn in both numbers and takings will eventually take its toll as it will complete a full cycle (easter 2020-easter 2021). 

  For Whom the Bell Tolls
Police roadblocks in the Western Greater Athens region of Aspropirgos

The Greek riot police has spent over a decade cracking heads open and targeting the most vulnerable in society usually pensioners, women and children. They actually get a buzz out of it which breaks the boredom of hanging around doing nothing. Twice in the past they have been defeated. In the riots over a dump site which was withdrawn in Keratea, Greece and in the islands of the Aegean over illegal immigration. A third event is developing, this time round the Covid dictatorship in Western Athens, the old rustbelt of Aspropirgos (which in the last three decades has been populated by ex-Russian Pontiac Greeks who arrived in the mid-1980s and settled in the region) and a northern town called Kozani which has also been in extreme Lockdown

The curfew has been imposed from 6pm till 5am and helicopters and drones have been circling the areas daily with police road blocks in and out of the roads that connect the region. All shops, markets apart from supermarkets are to be closed. Hundreds got involved in battles with the riot police for a series of nights. These areas have become a testing site to wheel this out nationally and its no coincidence locals interviewed in the media mentioned that this is all about going national ie. a new Junta.

Just as this is being written a new Lockdown has been announced, nationally restricting movements from 9pm to 5pm and re-closing everything apart from supermarkets. The aim of course is to lock Greece down from 6pm and block all movements. This appears to be an EU agenda as France announces similar types of measures as well. 

 The riot polices role has now been elevated in imposing round the clock curfews, the problem being that there aren’t enough of them and going into local areas in such a brutal manner only shows their limitations and this role can only realistically be imposed by an army with shoot to kill orders.

The Covidian Junta is trying to impose a Woke Dictatorship whereby people volunteer to stay imprisoned indefinitely and if they come out we send riot police out to crack a few skulls. This would work if there was an active segment of the population on the streets pushing for people to stay in but they are all shielding from life in general, hence the arrival of the riot police only inflames passions and inevitably leads to their defeat as they can’t take on locals in their own areas. Apart from the riots in Aspropirgos a motorcade rally now occurred in Kozani with emphasis that no political parties are allowed to be present. 

Lockdown Left Propping up New Democracy

Never in the history of Greece has there been such a total and complete unison in politics by all the representatives in Parliament. The previous decade of course showed that they were in unison in particular when fake left Syriza took over and ND voted alongside them for the 3rd Memorandum. Now though they are in lockstep behind endless rounds of Lockdowns which according to the World Bank are to go on for a full five years (funding has been secured for that aim).

The leaders of the official Left Parties Syriza and KKE rushed to get the Pfeizer vaccine and no other. Not the Russian but Pfeizers the one that the govt was allegedly going to roll out for millions within weeks but which now has been derailed as only a few thousand arrived and are now on hold. 

Having told everyone Lockdowns are the way in stopping the virus but then they don’t stop it they now tell everyone the vaccine will, but they stop its rollout which begs the question if Lockdowns were successful why were they continued and if they weren’t successful why weren’t they discontinued?
World Bank documentation stating funding for Covid goes on till 2025

The Greek government has voted through a (Great Reset) Bankruptcy Law and now individuals will be treated as corporations and without your knowledge creditors can apply for default. So for any loan you have taken out or for any money you owe, if they push for bankruptcy and you own any assets they will go for them….real asset stripping will occur not the fake ones that occurred before, when they fake Left allegedly got involved in stopping them.

This time round there won’t even be any fake protests as the Lockdown Left will be at home wearing a mask and keeping ‘safe’. This is the number one priority of all political discourse nowadays: how to save oneself from death by dying one Lockdown at a time. Why in the end only a Grand Coalition of all Covidian parties will become inevitable either as a consequence of a rebellion or prior to one…

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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Greek CovidClown Parliament in the Service of FrancoGerman Lockdowns

Greek CovidClown Parliament in the Service of FrancoGerman Lockdowns

Having locked down the economy for almost three months and half heartedly opened the tourist economy by doing all to sabotage it, week after week the Greek CovidClowns egged on by the ‘opposition’ are implementing the Great Reset at breakneck speed. By shutting down whole swathes of the economy which aren’t linked to the fiat currency financed stock market big companies thousands will go to the wall creating once more mass unemployment.
First time round the belief in the CovidCoup worked as the propaganda was 24/7. Tens of thousands were dying daily and hourly and the propaganda took its toil in particular once the fake Left adopted the ‘pandemic’ in its May Day social distancing circus in Sindagma Square. It's true that instead of ‘flattening the curve’ they flattened the economy, peoples lives and created a vast schism in society between the different generations as everything was done to 'save the olds' . When in reality most of the olds dying were either in care homes or of such advanced age with underlying ailments that they would have passed away anyway, now the flu seems to have gone on vacation because of Covid-1984. 

Protests Against Covid
In mid-September once the government announced masks for schoolchildren during lessons from the age of four (soon to be extended to those at birth) and recently added a condition that they are to be worn at breaktimes as well when kids might run around. Already 2-3 children have died and the autopsies are kept hidden and many more will, not that it leads to any concern as the one sided govt propaganda is that masks work, even when they don’t.

Protests occurred in quite a few cities lasted for 2-3 weeks and were taken over by school student occupations which at their height reached nearly 1,000 schools but with the only political force available (KKE) they were derailed to sterile demands of more teachers, more cleaning, less pupils in a classes in other words demands so unrealistic, where it would have been better to ask for aliens to arrive to save us. Only because Greek schools are never staffed properly, around 40% have to share facilities in morning or evening schedules, cleaning is a pipedream and the idea that one can fit 15 students to a class only aids the Gates Stay Home learn through the internet agenda of total social isolation to create the humans of the future – alienated anti-social automatons. 

New Local Lockdowns building for one Big Indefinite One 
Once those in power become accustomed to power and realise they have everyone in support and the type of politics are those where they are egged on by the opposition to pretend (regarding the dangers of Covid) and extend (indefinitely Lockdown) they are playing chess by themselves and control all the pieces. 

The problem is that this year they will have destroyed a lot of businesses as they will have been closed between 4-8 months depending on the business and having refurbished their outlets for ‘covid secure measures’ they are asked to shut down again. The irony of the whole situation is that all the companies of a certain size which are listed on the Greek stock exchange are subsidised with their shares propped up by the actions of the central banks. So in an economy where sales are down anywhere between 50—80% one would expect that to be reflected in the share price of the aforementioned companies, but it isn’t. We have entered a new phase of state subsidised corporate capitalism where capitalist Lockdowns now work to wipe out the middle man.

The government has also extended via dictat for the public sector 50% to work from home in areas where they can and they have now adopted UK style genocide programmes for those in hospitals stating openly they will reduce all operations by 80%. Having paid employees a furlough amount of E534 and given business almost 0% loans many small businesses had some money to tide them over and weren’t overly concerned. But when the tourist season didn’t kick off as the government kept on blocking countries from arriving and now they have imposed a second Lockdown on spurious grounds questions are starting to appear.

Out of the blue some ex-winner of fame story a Petrakos became an almost household sensation questioning the statistics of Covid and was immediately branded a heretic or conspiracist, the new catchphrase by the globalists in power and their supporters. To sell the narrative of the Covid pandemic they moved from deaths to ‘infections’ based on PCR tests that show no such thing and organised state employees as in Thessaloniki to queue in their hundreds to get tested to justify a Lockdown.

New Bankruptcy Law
      Premier Covid-1984 Clown R US

PM Mitsotakis needs to show that he is more Covid-1984 than the WHO himself and shut down the economy once more whilst repeatedly saying he wouldn’t. Who didn’t go bankrupt in the first wave will go in the 2nd and if anyone is still standing we will have a 3rd and 4th wave until no one is, apart from the big boys.

If globalisation gutted out the working class and immiserated the middle class making it financially dependent on big monopolies either via work or via the banking system they are now putting into to place the measures to reduce homeownership to zero. In fact any type of ownership.

Not having been able to take peoples homes via the first three IMF backed MoU they have now put into place the legal capacity to do so. If you owe money to any financial institutions for whatever reason they can proceed to personally bankrupt you and anything in your name goes to them. You can then proceed to unbankrupt yourself twelve months later after having been made of course homeless.

The brave new world of ‘owning nothing’ but having the right to use services etc. is what they are after making you totally dependent on your actual existence on the corporations. Knowing of course that this will lead to a massive rise in homelessness and disease on the streets they will then proceed to vaccinate you as you are deemed a danger to public safety and send you packing to your maker a lot earlier in unattended funerals where you are cremated, so no cause of death can every be ascertained. Rebranded Mengele style fascism for the modern age.

Pseudo Opposition
KKE anti-social distancing May Day Parade

Both Syriza and the KKE have pushed for more Covid-1984 measures than the government themselves and have essentially argued like the rest of the globalist LockDown Left that the new style enclosure acts of post-industrial capitalism should have gone into effect probably a decade ago just to …save lives. 

The argument is so absurd that any capitalist government is actually concerned about peoples health and the Greek one in particular which in the last decade left cancer patients without medicine and closed down whole swathes of the medical service by reducing funds massively. Instead of highlighting the fraudulent turn of the government which went from Covid-1984 deaths to Covid-1984 positives as a justification of combating the …2nd wave when in reality what is being attempted is across the board financial restructuring of the economy to ensure it becomes a part of the global cog of the Great Reset ie the Fourth Industrial Revolution whereby only around 10% of people are kept alive to service a small stratum of financial oligarchs.

Tsipras went with actors dressed as nurses to Thessaloniki and stated we don’t want another Bergamo in Greece justifying extended Lockdowns 

 The merging of all segments of the ‘opposition’ with the government leads to a vast collapse in all politics, culture, debate and a new totalitarianism.

When Premier Mitsotakis called all pandemic sceptics deranged conspiracists attacking vast swathes of the population who don’t buy in the narrative a departure occurred as it implies the setting up of Covid-1984 witch-hunts with the difference being this time the active participation of the fake left. 

To what extent this is possible without spontaneous rebellions and conflicts is hard to predict or imagine as the Covid-1984 measures of random fines for eating and drinking without a mask on in the streets  in cars or on the beaches shows the absurdity of the situation. The only thing for sure is that history hasn’t ended.

VN Gelis