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Migrant Blow ins Arrive by the Boatload Part Three

Migrant Blow In Arrivals by the Boatload

This aint an invasion, so what is it?

Ministry of Interior
"the laws we have passed regarding blasphemy have been made to defend all those downtrodden people who for whatever reason have ended up in Greece's mainland and are being pressurrised by extremists who are showing their bad self"

Notopoulos ex Syriza Minister
There is no limit to the acceptance of refugees...

The situation officially is now out of control. According to Turkish reports if they fully open the borders for one day, Greece will be overrun. Of course these threats from Erdogan aren’t really threats as the globalist Europhile Greek ruling class want to have an ‘external threat’ to justify their mass replacement migration agenda. They are over the moon ecstatic the new government has started the ball rolling picking up where Syriza was forced to provisionally arrest the flows.

Greece has many islands in the Aegean and Crete which is directly above Libya and a few islands like Lampedusa. Not all islands are targets for migrant blow in NGO’s but all islands will become targets once ND completes its demands to send migrant blow ins in all the 13 regional prefectures of Greece, two of which weren’t included Crete and the Peloponnese.

The only problems they have in their plans aren’t the plans but the reaction of local citizens and whether they are able to forestall this UN Agenda. So far due to the total collapse of any political response by any parties inside and outside Parliament, the demands required have been lacking the desires of many. Since the early 2000 when these agendas started to creep in quietly affecting Athenian neighbourhoods and then spreading to port cities like Patras, citizens committees have been defeated on the ground by a type of stalemate that saw Greeks getting involved in ‘white flight’ from the worst areas until the big change in 2015, catalogued in my book Mass Replacement Migration: The Example of Greece

Will this time round be any different and will Greeks be able to take their country back? For the first time in more than one area Greeks have mentioned arming themselves for what is coming but also we have seen the army directly involved in the UN Agenda. Almost no political forces have demanded Greece leave Schengen or Dublin 3 or the EU. They were all ecstatic with the rise of Syriza as they assumed the issue of Grexit was postponed indefinitely and into the future. The previous government did everything in their power to sell off Greek heritage agreeing to the political transvestites of the banana republic of Skopje-Soros that the name Macedonia is no longer Greek. Just as they thought they had cut the deal of the century and were gushing in receiving awards for the mass replacement migration agenda and the Macedonian issue it all came to a halt.

Now they are using the Aegean islands which have filled up in order to empty them and pass the buck onwards to central Greece. So we have two reactions, those on the islands and those in mainland Greece. Islands such as Lesvos, Chios, Kos, Samos, Simi, Leros are being overwhelmed and areas on the mainland are being flooded. Once the obviously know they will be relocated under Navy and Commercial Fleets then more and more will come. Migrant detention centres with capacity for 3,000 are already reeling with 20,000 and local rivers have been turned into literal shitholes as nothing can accommodate this large number of people.

News reports of reaction on Greek mainland:

Mouriers Kilkis
Residents want to arm themselves against the criminality of the migrants.
Ethnos 5th November 2019
Romanos Kontogiannides
Allegations are being made that there is widespread use of drugs and local residents are being harassed. They want to get shot guns to defend their personal integrity also their properties from criminal elements amongst the 300 migrants dumped in the area living in a hotel in the area, the village of Stathmos Mourion of the Kilkis region where 800 citizens live.
Citizens want to start their own self-defence units in the night hours so they can block any new criminality. They will decide that on Sunday in a village meeting.

Newsreports as stated to Ethnos gr there is fear in the village as houses get burgled frequently, the use and distribution of drugs right in the village square, the violent fights between migrants with little kids seeing it, bothering young Greek girls. Not long ago migrants attacked a resident and took his mobile phone right in the village square.

The residents assert that they feel totally helpless by the State despite them making reports to the police which does not intervene to impose order. “What the state does not do inevitably the residents will do. No one can stop this despite us being against this. We want the islands to be released from the pressure but here we are talking about 300 migrants arriving in town of 500. We have shown our humanism when we looked after 2,300 citizens when they first came in 2015. We have now reached our limits stated the Mayor of Kilkis Dimitrios Kiriakidis

In Mouries fear and desperation dominate said the citizens.

Criminality has gone through the roof since last spring and everyone is frightened in case something bad happens. “They use drugs inside the square they target houses where old people live or they come only at the weekends to commit criminality, they bother young women in the streets and they do abusive hand signals. Girls are frightened coming home at night from cafeterias. They attacked a villager in broad daylight in the square and took his mobile. Everyone is frightened in the town and I believe we will arrive at the situation guns will come out. Reactions will be great if there is a murder committed or a rape. There is fear in our town and the Police turns the other cheek. Its not women and children that live here. Many are migrant men and they appear to be dangerous. We have already decided at night to have foot patrols’’ as reported to ethnos gr by George Makridis representative of the citizens of the town.

The problem isn’t that they steal products from our farms. The problem is the criminiality the use of drugs right in front of our children’s eyes and the vulgarity. At the market the other day my 16 year old daughter was sexually abused right in front of their mother. In the children’s play area some people were beaten up really badly right in front of the eyes of children who were totally shocked. From the 300 migrants in the area around 200 are the scum of the earth. From the moment we have no protection from anyone we are thinking about getting armed. We are also of migrant stock ourselves and we accepted them 1.5 years ago with open arms. But events took a bad turn last spring. Many aren’t refugees, they are criminal elements’’, as reported by Nikos Panagiotidis a town resident.

The reaction of local residents in various parts of Greece

In the last two weeks in many local communities in Northern Greece we have had reactions, mobilisations and turmoil from citizens who are against the arrival and presence of migrants in their areas. What kicked it off was the night of 23rd October in Vrasna Thessaloniki when 150 citizens cut off the main roads into Vrasna blocking the migrant buses arriving with more than 200 on board, originating from Samos and the police organised manoeuvres to bypass the road blockades.

Reactions by Greek citizens on the mainland

A few days later after the Public Council of Serres it produced a vote which provoked reactions for the peaceful and negative characterism of those demanding asylum as ‘investors’ and for the reasons being the change in the demographic character of the area due to the mass arrival of migrants. Two unions of citizens were called forward to have demonstrations Brasna style in the case of migrants arriving en masse in the area.

Demonstrations in against ‘illegal immigrants’Also in Methoni Pierrias we had meetings infront of the statue of Phillip B with the slogan the blocking of the ‘illegal occupiers’ as they characterised them.

Citizens blocked migrant busesThe police had to divert the buses down side streets to get them to the hotels.

A wine producing region
On 5th November in Naousa it was reported migrants would be arriving creating a demonstration of local citizens who wanted to block buses which would transport them. When the realised there were no buses coming they went outside existing hotels where they are being housed and shouted slogans.

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Why Greeks Are Rooting for Brexit Part Two

Why Greeks Are Rooting for Brexit Part Two
Current ‘Migrant’ issue a made up nightmare for the peoples and societies

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs New Democracy Varvitsiotis:
‘Let them understand those in areas that don’t receive migrants that we have the means in imposing them’!

It’s beyond doubt that Kiriakos Mitsotakis – like his predecessors – (political parties as politics no longer exist) is just carrying out orders. Essentially orders from George Soros and the supranational economic elite who from their end are promoting with every means available globalisation and the dominance of markets on the peoples and their states.

Their activities are being supported primarily from the NGO Solidarity Now which is a sub section of the Open Society Foundations of the boss George Soros and founded in Greece in 2012 with a declared interest in ‘funding the activities primarily of refugees’, From then in 2012 in Davos he had announced his plans for Greece and they implemented them (in the presence of a big cheerleaders in the form of A Papandreou).…/prwtoboylia-tzortz-soros-gia-tin-e…/

The composition of the aforementioned NGO leaves no room for doubt.
President of Solidarity Now
Stelios Zavvos (George Soros was best man who married St Zavvo and Sofia Doxiadi in June 2004 and his brothers George Zavvos deputy Minister of the Economy in Mitsotakis New Democracy Governemnt)

George Zavvos is a Greek American economist ‘founder and international adviser of Zeus Capital Managers Ltd a company which manages private capital and the development of property and infrastructure and is considered one of the great university teachers like Nouriel Roubini or John Stiglitz or John Paulson. Paulson bought at rock bottom prices the bankrupt banks Alpha and Piraues and alongside purchasing Piraues bank he acquired the Agrotiki Bank and 10% of the shares of EYDAP (water company) – one of the crimes of the coalition government ND-PASOK-Dimar in July 2012. In relation to selling them to John Paulson from my article in 2014 this is considered to be a National Betrayal »"...…/%CE%B9%CF%83%CF%84%CE%BF%CF%81%CE%B9%…/

General Directorship
Antigoni Limberaki (new arrival in 2019)
-nephew of Konstantinou Mitsotaki sister from his sister Artemisia, extreme neoliberal ex- MP for Potamia. Chosen as the Mitsotakis clan was about to take power.
Giannis Boutaris (new member 2018 ex Thessaloniki Mayer Skopjian Promoter)
Nikos Aliviziatis
Aristos Doxiadis
Nikiforos Diamantouros

Manos Matsagannis
Chris Rozakis
Anna Triantafillidou (Researcher at ELIAMEP-Greek Institute for European and International Affairs and a Lecturer specialising in the Sociology of Immigration and Immigration Policy in the area of nationalism etc.)
These names we find in all the decisions in support of anti-national positions and the world government proposals of the supranational economic elite:
1. In support of the politics of Open Borders of free migrant flows, which serve mainly the NGO Solidariy Now a subsection of the Open Society of George Soros
2. In support of the Troika
3. In support of revising history (Liakos, Repousi, Dragonas, Dimou, Koulouri, Koppa, Vermeis etc.)
4. In support of the measures of imposing a regime of a new middle ages for labour (they all take part in the forums Flexicurity and then was the ex-Minister of Education Anna Diamantopoulou – Bilderburg)
5. In support of granting the name Macedonia to Skopje
6. In support to the Kofi Annan peace plan for Cyprus

The same people make up organisations like ELIAMEP and one of the founders was the Lecturer Thanos Veremis the creator of the 1821 film on Skai TV with the deceiving titles ‘The Birth of a Nation’ and the Centre for Democracy and Conciliation in Southeastern Europe (CDRSEE) which is based in Thessaoliniki which is funded by the Open Society Foundations of Soros (look at who makes this organisation up; Matthew Nimitz US Racconteur for the Skopjian issue, George David who was for years President of the Greek Bottling Company (3E, Coca Cola) a member of the organising committee of Bilderberg etc.

The EU and various organisation like the UN Refugee Agency in total cooperation with the ‘humanitaria/solidarity’ NGOs which make tonnes of money function as gangmasters, create and finance migrant flows with open statements of their motives and aims for all those who don’t want to be duped.
The infiltration of the political personnel of Greece from the ‘philanthropic’ actions of George Soros are almost complete. The Syriza camp as well as ND, the ex-Mayors of Athens and Thessaloniki were some of the best lackeys of Soros system

Today’s Issues
As the migrant issue in today’s current form is directed and created by the ruling economic elite, not for the good of the people who receive them, it must be confronted with the relative respect and seriousness. In Greece we must all understand that the problem is not only an issue of humanism. That we should take the necessary measures to confront this crisis.

We must first of all accept that this country cannot accept these migrant waves which are made up by peoples of a different civilizational basis and a completely different cultural prototype and a different religious upbringing. We must all understand that ‘multiculturalism’ which is being advertised from the hidden-open centres which advertise it isn’t civilisation, as civilisation means osmosis and not violent imposition of one prototype on another. Neither does multiculturalism equal ghettoes and ‘refugee migrant reception centres’ which constitute modern concentration camps. It’s not possible for the country to become a destination of millions of impoverished people who have been done over and are now suffering the dissolution of their societies. The end result wont be new multicultural societies but the eventual dissolution of those societies, which today have to defend something, that which the mafias of money want to abolish.

We must add to those citizens of ours who on the one hand are motivated by idealism and humanitarian ideals, feelings of solidarity and fondness towards migrants and refugees and on the other cannot ignore the fact that this country is accepting a tremendous pressure and it is natural for a large part of the domestic population to feel insecurity and a threat. It’s unjustified and criminal for the masses to become tools in the plans of the powerful and to take things out against each other. This crime is being perpetrated by all those who express themselves in an undermining way and in a rude fashion labelling them fascists and racists. Greece and Greeks have proven a long time before that they a country which is friendly to newcomers. They can’t be doing it in such a light manner condemning the majority of their compatriots into being racists and fascists. The impression created by a dumb section of the so-called ‘solidarity’ brigade who criticise anything that has a relationship with Greece and is Greek, with degrading phrases like ‘pseudo-patriots’ and that foreigners will arrive to destroy our pseudo civilisation and other such cheap shots assuming they gain prestige of progressivism undermining those next to them and their own people. We don’t have anything to defend from anyone. We must try to stop this pointless endless and without justification particular elitism. We must also understand that in the migrant waves there are many people that have absolute need and our support.

The issue should therefore be studied deeply and conclusively and to have a distinction between refugees and migrants and those that require asylum. In this category are the children of the families with asylum. Then those who belong to the disabled categories, who come from real war zones or are real political refugees etc. All those who belong to these categories and after selective percentages should be welcome in the country as long as they accept the laws and the responsibilities that accrue and they are in agreement to respect the cultural prototype of the country they reside in. From the rest another section should be forwarded to other European countries or repatriated to the country they entered in illegally ie. Turkey.

After this whoever wants to play this without a danger or responsibility that they are ‘humanitarians’ (criticising the other that we aren’t) to inform us if there is a level of migration which a country can accept. If we remind them that our population is around 11 million and is getting less and that migrants originate from around 80 countries, some of which have around 200 million souls or 100 or 50 million. Is there a limit which this country can accept for the extreme ‘humanitarians’ or do they believe its no importance its just about let anyone in, it will become for all of us who believe that we have something in this place worth defending a cassus belli something worth defending via war. We are the overwhelming majority and we won’t allow our country to be erased

Finally: Either we wil all turn against our rulers, for centuries exploiters and current traffickers which create so much misery and uprooting for these co-compatriots or the future which is being prepared by our rulers will be deadly for us and migrants alike.

P Demetriou

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Having Lost Grexit Why Greeks are Rooting for Brexit Part One

The EU's multifaceted war against Greece and its people spanned most of the last decade when this small European country with less than 2% GDP of the Eurozone was blamed for all and sundry and was penalised in a most brutal way having their banking system taken out by the ECB and its population reduced to the twin evils of abject penury and enforced emigration. The cataclysmic shock of the early part of the 2010 decade which saw mass redundancies, hospital collapsed, thousands of suicides and pensioners scavenging in dustbins to survive has been overtaken by the open border policies of the ruling oligarchs who have set as their aim the mass replacement of the native Greek population.

When thousands occupied the squares in almost every Greek city and thousands protested the IMF the whole planet heard the issues at stake and Grexit became globally known. Would the Euro implode, would Brussels allow Greece to go back to a national currency and devalue or would it crush it like a fly ensuring it had the greatest GDP collapse of any semi-developed state not in an actual state of war for the longest period ever? By collapsing wages and pensions by 50% and ensuring unemployment reached the apocalyptic official levels of 30% and youth unemployment of 60% the Troika (IMF-ECB- EU) ensured that the mad hatter policies emanating out of Brussels were used like the bogeyman is used to little children to get them to do something they don’t like. But here it was for the whole of Europe. Greece became the flagbearer not only of everything wrong with the EU but the sacrificial lamb in a perpetual psychological war by the msm to prove resistance was futile.

Despite all the general strikes (over 30) despite all the occupations of city squares (over 50 cities) despite the rise of what was termed the ‘radical left’ in the form of Syriza-Tsipras (Greek version of Corbyn) not only wasn’t anything gained or really achieved apart from it becoming worse and Greeks retreating into a tiny shell of their former selves, blaming themselves for their misfortunes and their inability to break out of the impasse and to crown it all, the ruling elites in coordination with the EU embarked in 2015 with a programme of mass replacement migration, which they labelled a ‘refugee crisis’ which was anything but.

Once Bitten Twice Shy
Initially the hyperglobalist media whose interests represent the non-taxed based offshore corporations that rule the world sold the mass migrant movements as being to do with ‘refugees fleeing wars’ when it was nothing of the sort. No amount of questioning this evidence even when FRONTEX registered 77 nationalities arriving in Greece would lead to anything other than being labelled a nazi, a racist or a xenophobe. This obviously meant that no one could question or indeed feel able to publically express themselves against what was going on as the msm had an agenda which they would play over and over on the networks in the media, on the radio and a global Orwellian information blackout was created to censure all opposing views. Only those who supported globalism were given the airtime of publicity and this omerta holds strong even till today.

But as always using villagers on an isolated part of a Greek island ie Lesvos to sell this narrative worked in its initial phases, but as time went on and the full practical effects of hyperglobalism came to be seen, from occupying farmlands, from mass lootings, from physical violence up to and including death and torture of the older generation and women in particular in rape and sexual assaults the tide turned the other war giving way to a new breed of anger elements of which we saw early on in 2015.

Example of Kos
Kos became a tourist island but was targeted by the migrant traffickers as a landing post for migrant blow ins right in the middle of the tourist season whereby, afroasian migrants would suddenly arrive in tourist spots and occypy all areas as if they owned them. The locals sensing this would destroy them for good reacted and resisted this and started to protest. Athens immediately sensing this may give a lead to other areas in the only way it knows best. Sent riot police to go and crack heads open which they duly did, mothers with children and pensioners were teargassed and clubbed for not wanting their areas to be turned into a migrant free for all where people eat shit and piss on the streets and turn the areas they are in into a carbon copy from the shitholes they arrived from.

Under most circumstances the citizens would have lost as they did with all the protests in the first 4 years of 2010, but not everything always goes according to plan. The situation spiralled out of control reaching the stage when the locals threatened the Athenian gendarmerie with reprisals if the continued with the gung ho attitude. The Defence Minister at the time had also arrived at the island and was pelted with eggs and was whisked away. The impasse ended when the riot police were holed up in the hotel they were staying in, the locals fired real ammunition above the hotel and ship flares lighting up the place in the dark. The Chief of the Riot police phoned the local army base and asked for the army to intervene which they duly refused. Frightened like the rats they were, they left the island with the tail between their legs.

A significant but important defeat had occurred for which the Defence Minister went on record to state we know who the 2-3 families are who are leading this campaign. Having been able to win, Kos islanders saved as best they could their tourist industry which would have collapsed otherwise. Other places were unsuccessful ie. the small island of Chios or the much larger Lesvos (which became the flag bearer of every globalist politician that flew there to promote it like Dianne Abbot.

As a consequence of the over 1.5 million new migrant arrivals throughout the latter part of 2015 and 2016 they revealed their plan which was to create migrant arrival centres in as many places as they could in the 13 regional prefectures of Greece, to acquire housing to rent out, private hotels and to occupy government buildings for this aim. Over 30 odd government premises were occupied in Athens by NGO’s and if you complained they dragged you through the court system like lickspittle presstitute Paul Mason from Channel Four did to Greeks when he interviewed them over migration.
Since 2016 when I wrote the following book:
Mass Replacement Migration: The Example of Greece

much has changed and much has duly circulated regarding who these alleged refugees are and what their role is. Most people via their own life experience have worked out a new surplus army of parasitical labour has arrived on our shores with the sole purpose of replacing the locals and erasing Greece as a nation state off the map and turning it into just a region of the EU where Greeks allegedly live.

The Importance of Brexit
Just as in 1940 when Greeks beat back Mussolini in the first actual defeat of the Axis powers in war and gave a psychological boost to all the nations that they could achieve the impossible even when everything was lost, the Brexit referendum was announced in the middle of 2016 with the rallying cry of ‘Taking Back Control’ and was won. The first significant rupture by a major player of the EU had occurred just when everyone thought the game was over, Greece was crushed, Grexit buried under the capital controls imposed on Greek banks by the ECB and that the EU Empire would go on expanding encompassing Turkey, North Africa and eventually the whole continents of Africa and Asia hence the constant arrivals of citizens from those areas so we would get a taste of things to come, get accustomed to them and embrace them.

But subsequently with the rise of Trump, Orban in Hungary and Salvini in Italy it wasn’t meant to be. The hyperglobalist narrative started to have gaping holes in it. Suddenly borders became a nation, the existence of nations a discussion point and philosophical debates ensued as to how all these endless hordes would fit, how would they assimilate and how would they be financed. The tide had turned and suddenly a new narrative appeared on the scene one that questioned the role of mass replacement migration, one that started to raise the issue of repatriation and expulsion words which were buried in the 1970s.
The whole of the Greek political class railed against Brexit first by pretending that the people of the UK would vote to Remain then gleefully predicting it would never happen when the shenanigans continued in the Tory Party postponing one departure after another. Just as the media controlled the narrative people turned to seek answers for themselves whereby a majority of feeling was that they were trying to stall it but it would occur nevertheless occur sensing that the EU was finally on the retreat with the belief recounted many times to myself, that the UK isn’t Greece, they don’t have the Euro and if they set themselves on a path it’s difficult to change their minds or for them to take orders.

What Germany didn’t achieve during WW1 and 2 they thought they would be lucky a third time round and achieve via they EU and so having a sense of history they started with the country that set up barriers last time, lilliputian Greece. In this venture they had ready made politicians the same families that ran Greece before the war and during it, those that collaborated with the 3rd Reich so the transition to the 4th was relatively smooth, but they obviously lost on the impact it would have on the British population which came to the defence of Greece not via the so-called ‘solidarity’ committees that sprung up but by voting for Brexit. That was the best defence of the Greek nation imaginable and it opened up pandoras box that another way is possible and the unraveling of the EU was within our reach.

VN Gelis

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Lefteris Sklavos RIP Part Two

Polish Trip.

When developments in Poland and the crisis there reached levels of systemic collapse of the old Stalinist order, Dimitri took time from a Summer break, driving up from Greece with some others and observing it for a whole month, visiting many places, including many factories. From these experiences he became convinced that the problems of the Stalinist order were ones of democracy. There was nothing coming from the bottom up and the system was invariably tied to an authoritarian political order whereby the ruling party was always right, never wrong and anyone who disagreed with it, or demonstrated against it, was labelled a...Counter-Revolutionary. This was also an invaluable lesson as the Greek KKE defended all acts by every Communist Party against its own people under the guise that they were…saving socialism. It became an irony of history when a few years’ later, in 1989, the KKE governing with (the historic Capitalist party) New Democracy, caused the formation of a ‘left’ faction, its youth wing and a few MPs e.g. Kostas Kappos (who produced a pamphlet defending Jaruzelskis... socialism) waffled on about no internal democracy in the KKE and that governing with New Democracy wasn’t right…though Jaruzelski’s tanks were.

Not only had Dimitri taken a close look at developments in the ex-USSR, but he correctly predicted that Gorbachev's Perestroika was the end of the Stalinist era, whilst erstwhile ex-comrades like Savvas Michael (who, as an agent of Healy, stole the printshop) fawned over Gorbachev and then literally salivated at the rise of Yeltsin as if it was the arrival of The Messiah. This was just a precursor and part of a general trend within the final turn of the KKE towards the USA’s unipolar World Order and all its satellite groupings followed suit. What actually produced a limited hesitation was the fall of Yugoslavia.

During the 1980’s, Dimitri published a paper ‘Ergatiki Drasi’ (‘Workers’ Action’) and although I came from a different group i.e. Lukas Karliaftis, made a serious contribution to the understanding of the nature of the State of Israel, calling it out as a US airbase in the Middle East, which was at first a point of division, though later resolved. Unlike all other groups, Ergatiki Drasi always had original headlines, never the same sterile nonsense one gets from the brain dead left. For a number of years Dimitri and comrades ran a typesetting outfit in order to produce a paper at low or minimal cost and used to run many meetings and public campaigns around Omonia station (when its population was mainly Greek in composition). This was the period in which Dimitri had influence in the building workers’ union as one of the main oppositions against the domination by the KKE.

Collapse of Albania
When the Berlin wall came down and it became common knowledge that there was nothing holding citizens of Eastern Europe moving west, this is precisely what happened. Hundreds arrived from Albania looking dishevelled and malnourished. Like everyone else, Dimitri was concerned and got involved in trying to provide relief for them. After a few years, it became known via building workers they were being used as cheaper labour and many KKE building workers, who became contractors, were using them against other Greeks. In fact, many of the Albanians were hard core anti-communists who moved West just to make a fast buck, not interested either in Greeks or Greece in general, and certainly not interested in maintaining any of the conditions of labour. There obviously was a marriage of convenience at play here. The KKE in its turn to the West found appropriate individuals to justify this turn and at the same time generated some income.

During this period, as always, Dimitri returned to classical Marxist texts and in particular Engels and the Condition of the English Working Class and the sections that explained the arrival of the Irish and their impact on English workers. This created uproar in the leftists who adopted Albanians as if they were the instrument with which a revolution would occur for the rights of labour when in reality they were the instrument to destroy the rights of Greek labour. What preceded the view with respect to Albanians was the arrival of Kurds from Northern Iraq. They were all pro-NATO and wanted America to invade Iraq.

Pablo returns
Although now in his latter years, Pablo returned to the struggle yet again, setting up a Committee to Defend Iraq from US Sanctions and got involved defending the Serbs from the US-German NATO sponsored collapse of Yugoslavia, in both of which, Dimitri was involved. Pablo was given a difficult time by his erstwhile Western comrades Mandel, Healy, Lambert and Cannon, only because he meant what he said, contributing directly to the downfall of French colonialism in Algeria, like no other and this obviously affected them as they didn’t want their existence affected by dangerous issues like underground printing presses, illegal arms factories, distribution of fake currencies and passports to maintain the Algerian resistance alive. So when Pablo had his French citizenship revoked and was incarcerated in a Dutch prison, this was well and truly beyond their political horizon, as Dimitri kept telling me. Many years later during a publication of a book on European Revolutionaries and Algerian Indpendence by British historians, a relatively unknown British MP John Baird saved Pablos life by saving him from being deported to Greece where he would have been imprisoned.

Pandelis Pouliopoulos Society
In the 1990’s a few Greek leftist groups set up the Pandelis Pouliopoulos (first Secretary of the KKE) society. Dimitri took an energetic part in this, in honour of the great man killed by Occupation Troops during WWII. This committee, whilst researching and publishing historic materials regarding Pandelis Pouliopoulos, also focused on the NATO war in Yugoslavia. From this, two distinct tendencies began to emerge, a pro-NATO, anti-Serb, pro-Albanian wing and a pro-Yugoslav, pro-Serb, wing. Inevitably these two could not be contained in the one organisation after one wing signed a pro-UN, pro-NATO, declaration in support of foreign troops arriving in ex-Yugoslavia. This was a first for groupings of the Far Left in Greece and set the scene a decade or so later for their overwhelming support for mass replacement migration and their vehement hatred of everything and anything which had ‘Greek’ associated with it.

Mass imported migration
Concerned by the rise of illegal labour and its dominance in industries which, as they became a majority, were now essentially non-unionised, Dimitri wrote a seminal piece which set the scene for the last phase of his life, setting up a discussion forum and site called Patriotiki Aristera – ‘Patriotic Left’. Ahead of his time once more, it was the recent General Elections (for which he was too ill to take notice), that many of the organisations and parties ran on a ‘patriotic’ ticket when, in reality, they are all hard core globalists.
The political legacy that will be left is the work within the Citizens Committee in Agios Panteleimonas Square, that which launched the issues there onto a national level and essentially brought the two ‘extremes’ to the fore: Syriza and Golden Dawn, both parties which had minimal political influence in the 2000 decade.

The Citizens in Agios Panteleimonas were concerned their square had been taken over by drug addicts, alcoholics and perverts and that foreign nationalities were running the show. They wanted it to go back to how it was when kids played in the squares free from abuse, theft and rape. Women took control of the conflict as they were facing the brunt of the effects of imported ‘Multiculturalism’ and for over three years there were protests, police riot charges and the arrival of both the Greek version of Antifa and their twin on the other side the Retro-Fascists. It is an irony of history that the KKE required the services of Golden Dawn in 2012 when it was selling out a steelworkers’ strike, but allegedly condemned any association with...Fascists

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Lefteris Sklavos RIP (Dimitri Toumbanis) A Light Amongst the Darkness of the Left

Lefteris Sklavos RIP Part One
A Light amongst the darkness of the Left

Born into a working class family in a South Athenian suburb of Dafni during the cauldron of WW2 in July 1940 when Athens was under a starvation blockade alongside his sister. Dimitris father was taken away by the German occupation and sent to work in a concentration camp. After the war he managed to walk back and make it home intact only to suffer the continued conflict of the Greek civil war. The dead bodies, the starvation blockades, his fathers disappearance and later arrival made an impact on the young Dimitri.

At a young age he got involved in politics after learning a trade (mechanic, lathe operator making olive oil pressing machines in last decades of his life) during which time he was associated with Michel Pablo. A voracious reader in his spare time, he met many of the engineers Pablo had sent to fight in the Algerian War of Independence and was quickly politicised in particular in the mid 1960’s when the struggle for civil rights became a dominant theme for the Left. In the July events of 1965 Dimitri was always present having now joined a new group Ergatiki Protoporia which was led by Lukas Karliaftis. Lukas had building workers associated with him and Demetri was from the mechanics union. The 1960’s were a period where workers took on the bosses and won despite having lost the civil war. Main reason was the Left wasn’t allowed or able to emigrate as they couldn’t obtain passports. I remember being told that Dimitri liked to see what was outside and once boarded a train from Athens ending up in Switzerland, had some hassle trying to get back but that was a learning curve when he escaped from the Junta.

Leftist student Petroulas killed by riot police in the July days of 1965

As Editor of their journal he was solely responsible and would thus face imprisonnent when the Colonels took over in 1967. Breaking with Greek tradition he didn’t wait to get caught and be inactive in a police cell and made a run for it escaping to Britain. Via Lukas he had got into contact with Healy and the International Committee of the 4th International and when in the UK claimed asylum and ended up working there as an engineer in exile till 1974 when the Junta fell and he made the journey back home.

Between 1967-74 Dimitri published a Greek paper in exile ‘Ora tis Allagis’ Time of Change and was involved in doing lots or research on the Greek Civil War refuting the general thesis of ‘plague on both your houses’ by the Lukas faction and gaining a following via Healy. But Healy wasn’t what he claimed to be and in order to ensure the survival of his highly inflated organisation sold his soul to the Devil, removing the working class elements inside his organisation (Thornett faction of car workers at Cowley now BMW) and co-opting celebrities from the acting world (Redgrave) and adopting the nascent Arab bourgeoisie to keep the daily paper afloat by christening people like Arafat as leaders of the Proletarian Revolution in the Middle East.

A big dispute with Healys organisation was over the nature of the Greek Junta and how long it would stay in power. After the Polytechnic events in November 1973, Dimitri correctly predicted the fall of the Junta within a year and made preparations to that effect. They purchased the first printing press of the Left and managed to set it up in Athens before even the KKE. Healy wasn’t obviously happy that local organisations were acting independently from his orders. So in usual Healy fashion he organised an internal coup and removed Dimitri from the post of General Secretary.

Dimitri worked as an engineer in and around Finsbury Park in North London those days in the late 1960’s and always had fond words of respect for British workers in particular their respect for organisation and timed breaks. At the time jobs were plentiful and enough was made to be able to survive. Healy at the time had a lot of workers and this milieu was something Dimitri felt at home in, but his heart was always set on Greece. Healys gruelling regime of early morning paper sales burnt many a comrade, but Dimitri had boundless energy even managing to having a son whilst in exile.

Such was the widespread belief at the time that the fall of the Junta would bring about change that Dimitris paper then called ‘Socialist Change’ we had the word ‘Change’ ‘Allagi’ as the main slogan of the up and coming PASOK movement whose leader Papandreou outflanked the KKE. Such was the respect for Dimitri that Papandreou himself personally sent the current clown George Papandreou (who brought the IMF into Greece) to learn some basic politics. They allowed him to follow lectures and he wanted to take part in putting up posters but was so useless he couldn’t carry a bucket and the posters with the glue and would be all over the place and he didn’t last long. A total abysmal failure continued on into the present day.

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s in whatever strikes Dimitri was involved in supporting (Eskimo, OTE etc.) he only ever knew victories despite the pessimism of the KKE and all its attempt at derailing struggles. Indeed one must note that the KKE originally stated the occupation of the Polytechnic was an inside job run by police agents. When the mass movement developed after that and the global powers provoked the loss of Cyprus, Dimitri argued workers have go to war if called for, but stated the ruling class wouldn’t want an armed population in conditions when the movement was on the up. When the first American diplomat was killed by a newly formed ‘terrorist’ organisation as a means of curtailing the Left, Dimitri was arraigned by the police and answered accordingly when asked does he have any knowledge regarding 17th November. He answered Yes. Look at the secret services. They duly released him.

Greece enters the EEC in the early 1980’s and Dimitri followed the tradition of the old pre Junta Left which was vociferously against joining, criticising the fake left for taking part in Euroelections whose sole purpose was the erasure of national sovereignty. After the split with Savvas Matsas in the mid-1970’s they orientated towards KKE (interior) interior the precursor to Syriza, as they had dropped hard lie stalinism and allowed some form of discussion but under conditions when the revolutionary ebb from the fall of the Junta was setting in, it was just a continuation of the old politics with the facade of democracy. Almost three decades later when politics even for the far left had become the search for a money tree, nearly all groups joined Syriza setting the scene for its rise to power and it eventual sell out of the aspirations of the Greek people.

Having been in contact still with Alan Thornetts breakaway group in the UK -WSL and having gone to a couple of conferences abroad the degeneration of the British far left to personal identity politics was proceeding apace (a feature seen in Athens some three decades later) when they adopted transvestites in pubs they hanged out in and philosophised about the global gay revolution.

At every difficult juncture Dimitri returned to the classics of marxism to see if they held any positions on the topics in disupte and loe and behold he found texts and comments written by both Marx , Engels Trotksy which once reprinted were considered anathema by his political adversaries and granted an early ‘phobic’ label for raising one iota of criticism. These phobic labels were to follow him to the rest of his life.

Being in touch also with Wohlforth, the other Healy protege in the USA he helped translate and published Wohlforths seminal work ‘The Structural Assimilation of Cuba’ burying another tenet of Healyism which maintained that no social overturns could occur on the back of the old ex-USSR.

VN Gelis

Monday, 22 July 2019

Greek Elections Singular Logic & Leftists Part Two

Part Two:

Singular Logic (electronic vote counting company rules)
Electoral shenanigans. Countless are the conflicting numbers between what the local polling stations provide in terms of votes and what the result is at the end. Lets look at some of the dodgy numbers
How many are registered to vote in:

1985 8,119.410
2019 9,961,718
Births over deaths in last 35 years

difference +1,842,308
increase 22.69%

Births over deaths in last 35 years roughly 1/1 ie no net gains or losses eg 1997 there were 92000 births and 92700 deaths ie. negative growth

The only explanation for the above is that migrants make up the new numbers or the fluctuate numbers accordingly when required via electronic vote counting. One must also add to the above that according to another government agency over 1m Greeks have left Greece since 2008. So what percentage of the actual electorate is Greek? Below 70%

Only during 2019 over 200k Albanians gained Greek citizenship. According to votes in a Greek prison over 85% voted Syriza and their composition is around 85% migrants (including those who gained Greek citizenship. So that would imply the figure of 25% of newly added citizens over the last 35 years are primarily voting for globalist outfits that promise them all and sundry. Hence is the real division in Greek politics between ‘left’ and ‘right’ or between indigenous and migrant arrivals?

Globalist Leftists
AntarCIA, LAE, Zoi, EPAM what all the little Syriza satellites didn’t expect was a return to Syriza by a section of its old supporters only because they believe a) they differ politically from Syriza b) they are special. The mas of people who returned to Syriza after the Euroelections didn’t believe that ND was anything special or to be trusted. They wanted to give Syriza a bloody nose for all its about turns but that didn’t warrant its total wipe out inferring to ND that we are still here and will fight to maintain our gains (however meagre they are).

Lets take one by one.

They allegedly broke with Syriza in August 2015 by not voting for the 3rd Bailout but having voted for the continuation of the 2nd. When Tsipras didn’t put them on the electoral lists theystood in the following elections just missing entrance into Parliament by 0.1%.

Abstained from Macedonian protests remembered them too lately got hammered in Euroelections spent two years campaigning against home repossessions alleging mass evictions are occurring thus being an extra arm of pressure for Syriza in getting people to pay their debts, in the meantime the daughter of Lafazanis in the City Plaza occupation by German sponsored NGOs involved in population replacement.

One of their ex-members Costas Lapavitsas wrote a typical careerist piece whereby he bears no responsibility for the capitulation of Syriza despite being an MP for them until August 2015. When Varoufakis signed an extension of the 2nd MoU in February 2015 then introduced Capital Controls Lapavitsas said nothing. Mr Drachma as he was known forgot to mention it during the critical period. Now his whitewashing of his own role an the fact he writes a whole piece and forgets to mention the fake migrant crisis at all is amazing.

essentially campaigned for its fake anti-EU agenda but was instrumental in campaigning prior to the elections for a heroin trans activist thief who died trying to rob a jewellry store. Syriza co-opted most of its agenda so even its own followers made a run for it and it collapsed in the elections.

EPAM – Kazakis
They had reached a high in previous elections of around 100k but after years of dissaray their vote imploded. They joined with a farmers pro EU outfit called AKEL but they allegedly are against the EU. In other words there is no point in taking anything they say for granted if they are to stand in the elections they will stand with anybody hence their vote reflected that collapsing to such a point they proved their pointlessness.

Faced with an elecctoral wipeout most of the pro-Syriza outfits had their followers voting for Syriza. After all not much separates them and as those that voted understood their vote is pointless it would weaken Syriza in relation to ND and that would not serve their globalist agendas as ND base still pays lip service to the nation, the state and the family, unlike Syriza.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Pro-EU Neoliberal Syriza bites the Electoral Dust Part One

Neoliberal Syriza bites the Electoral Dust

Syriza loses the elections but with margins that are marginal in relation to to the votes achieved in 2015. It only loses 150k votes but the margins are big enough as ND gains 770k and around 8% difference between the two parties. The voting electorate approximately 50% of the total electorate wanted to primarily penalise them on two specific issues: unfettered immigration and the Prespes Agreement as this was shown in the voting patterns in the Thessaloniki region and the Aegean islands (Lesvos, Samos etc.) The vote was worse for Syriza during the Euroelections but picked up for the national elections six weeks later which begs the question why the snap elections?

An analysis of the voting patterns in particular the Greater Athens region shows that in poorer districts Syriza beat ND which is logical as people have a short memory as the last time they were in power in a coalition with PASOK they oversaw mass sackings and wage and pension cuts. People felt that under the electoral system as presently exists the choice is limited. They wanted to penalise Syriza but not enough to grant ND absolute electoral immunity. ND did gain an absolute electoral majority and did go from 18% in 2012 to 39% in 2019, leaving everyone with the idea that it actually gained new followers not just an electoral swing. Looking at its pre-election rallies they were essentially non existent and the actual tone of the elections were almost silent which i’snt the character of Greek elections ever.

The GD Circus…
Its rise was predicated by the specific social conditions in the actual centre of Athens whereby unfettered immigration in the early 2000 era led to mass disturbances in an area known as Ag. Panteleimonas. It went from 0.1% to around 7% but its rise was cut short when they refused to back Samaras collapsing government and they were blamed for the murder of a rapper. At the time there was an international hue and cry that Greek Nazis were about to march to power raising the ‘far left’ profile of Syriza which was fighting allegedly to keep Greece on a democratic pro-austerity pro- EU path. The call for bans of GD were made precisely to ensure no Greeks ever complained that their country was being overrun by all and sundry under the guise of fleeing war zones, so many in fact that over 70 nationalities were registered as arriving!

GD and its leader Mihaloliakos are Deep State USA from the era of the 1960’s Colonels Junta. They never had any intention either of either rocking the boat or doing anything that went against the establishment apart from allowing pent up feelings to be vented. Now they didn’t get in or agree to not get in as they didn’t meet the threshold of 3% for a few hundred votes as allegations have surfaced that Mihaloliakos agreed to this as a quid pro quo of not allowing too many of its members to be prosecuted now they don’t have parliamentary immunity anymore. The ridiculousness of this outfit is the belief that it could actually reach power based on its ridiculous slogans of fighting and burying ‘bolsheviks’ and tainting all those in Syriza as being hard left ‘communists’ when they were Merkelites pure and simple.

Another state funded pointless organisation that exists only due to the civil war era and government subsidies. It achieved just around +15k votes more than its historic low of 277k in the Troika decade of austerity losing around half its electoral base. Its leader having come out against both the Greek Referendum in 2015, against Brexit in 2016 and against what they term the ‘capitalist Drachma’ in support of the Euro, they exist only to exist as they have a large parasitical organisation they have to fund which does nothing.

During the last ND-Samaras government they helped derail the Steelworkers strike alongside GD that stood on its strike platforms for which they probably got a backhander allowing them to sell government tv licences granted to them or buildings they owned in the centre that are bought by the state and now being in a bind they have had to produce their newspaper missing out their Sunday edition which used to be the recruitment one. Now the government has announced they want to end the asylum from police interference in the Universities (granted through struggle after the Polytechnic Rising in 1973) so as to try to control uncontrolled criminality by migrant blow ins who sell drugs and cigarettes, the KKE will probably aid ND in controlling any resistance to these measures.

What we notice is that Greek peoples rights are curtailed constantly due to migrants. They cant go out at night in certain areas, old people are frightened of going to the bank alone or coming home, now students lose their rights to study without police interference as the state itself allowed uncontrolled immigration into the country. In this game the Greek people lose and the rent a mob migrants are used to justify anything in line with the globalist parties that make up the Greek Parliament

Will govern like May in the UK. Will be anti-racist pro -trans and will be implementing the next phase of the programme agreed by Syriza and Merkel. Merkel was already quoted in Kathimerini on 11th July that ‘Mitsotakis must stick to the programme’. Syriza will obviously help where it can in particular in specific areas: in foreign policy and how it impacts on Greek society.

ND pursued a policy of trying to gain back ‘far right’voters that it lost first to LAOS then to GD over issues related to crime and immigration and to allegedly go against Syrizas cultural programme in support of LGBT, migrants etc. But this is all for show. As on none of the major issues does ND disagree ie. Prespes, migration centres, crime etc. For show they can of course pull out the bike squad police as they did under Samaras who became famous in chasing protestors but also in doing migrant checks in the city centres. But the uncontrolled immigration was never really criticised by ND as evidenced when riots broke out in places like Kos they were nowhere to be seen.

Illuminating is an article that appeared in all places from the zionists in Haaretz showing the real neo-nazi roots of New Democracy as opposed to GD who weren’t even around in the period where collaboration with the 3rd Reich, when they mention that at the end of the ‘1950’s came the Max Merten scandal when the Nazi commander of Thessaloniki (aka Sallnika) who was responsible for the transfer of 45k Jews to death camps, was given an amnesty by the then Prime Minister Karamanlis following a controversial trial in which he was sentenced to 25 years hard labour.” 9th July Achilles M Peklaris

Karatzaferis who went to set up LAOS had within his midst three characters who were characterised by severe anti-communism allegedly anti-migrant and pro- privatisation: Voridis, Georgiadis and Plevris. Loe and behold all three are now with Mitsotakis and two of them have become core government ministers the lawyer by trade Voridis Agricultural Secretary and the book seller Georgiades the Minister of Development. The ‘old wine in new bottle in a nutshell, people with no knowledge of anything given ministries they have no clue about in that sense maintaining a dishonourable tradition.

Greece’s new Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is the son of a former prime minister. His older sister was Foreign Minister of Greece and his cousin is the New Democracy mayor of Athens. Mitsotakis clan are one of the main factions in ND have no real national rootws or power base within any electoral area despite originating from Chania and being related to Eleftherios Venizelos who expanded Modern Greece in the Balkan wars. They are known as blackmarketeers in ancient minoan artefacts in the big auction houses around the world and are very close friends with the Bush clan they supported the supranational interest of the transnational elites. But this elite is now split between a globalist and a nation state based faction. Mitsotakis new government is Soros infested along with a Bilderburg presence.

According to the Vima Newspaper based on British Foreign Office releases Mitsotakis (the father) was a British spy handing over information to the Brits as he was a lawyer acting for Greeks under the German Occupation authories during the war.

Having joined Enosi Kentrou the Union of the Centre (Papandreous grandfather party in the mid-1960’s) during the struggles for post war democracy against the Cold War state he collapsed the government paving the way for the Colonels Junta. And subsequently after being exiled in Paris and returning to Greece with the fall of the Junta he worked with Mikis Theodorakis and the Americans to forestall the possibility of a left wing turn of Greece (as noted in Theodorakis speech at the inauguration of the ‘Spitha’ movement). The son who is the current PM was a minister under Samaras and spent most of his time sacking government employees the most famous case being those of the cleaners in Parliament, school caretakers and Council police. Mitsotakis was so far up Merkels rear he came out at the other end creating the conditions for the ‘left’ role of Syriza but when it came to the 3rd Bailout both Syriza and New Democrcy voted for it….

Prior to being elected Mitsotakis announced tomorrrow ‘we will have clear skies and a new dawn of development will occur’ whilst also stating in a Cabinet meeting we ‘aim to build bridges not walls’. No sooner had the words been spoken Mitsotakis was faced with a weather wars attack Halkidiki leaving 7 dead, most of the steel electrictiy pylons uprooted from a concrete base and hundreds of thousands of hectares of farm produce destroyed. This all occurred after he announced he would be directly in charge of the Greek secret service (obviously to try an control foreign infiltration which has been an issue since the Karamanlis govt was overthrown by the USA over Southstream)

Mitsotakis is trying to ride a horse once more at both ends, pro-USA and pro-Merkel. But Merkel seeks open borders and the massivee destruction of all Greek entrepeneurial activity to buy everything for peanuts and to flood Greece with migrant blow ins from her pal Erdogan. She also seeks the co-management of the Aegean sea and its energy resources and her point man in Greece the ex-PM Simitis wrote that in an article in Greece and was reprimanded by Pyatt for it (who then mysteriously fell of his bike first breaking both legs then not breaking them but his hip) which also happens to be the Syriza position with the infamous slogan they have ‘the Aegean belongs to its fish’ whilst at the same time having no issue selling off mineral deposits to multinational corporations like Total or Exxon with Israeli security thrown in.