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Greece: From a Covid Coup to a Covid Junta

Greece: From a Covid Coup to a Covid Junta
The Greek govt is trying to excel in its imposition of totalitarian rules for a non-existent Covid crisis. Magnifying alleged PCR positives and blowing infections out of all proportion they shut down Greece in early November imposing draconian measures. The Covid Coup of early March has metastasized into a full blown Covid Junta as areas in Western Athens have had a full 24 hour curfew imposed on them. Citizens have been quoted on MSM as stating this has nothing to do with a virus but a full-blown attempt at a Junta.
PM Mitsotakis in a video conference call with Klaus Schwabbs Great Reset book on his desk September 2020 

Whilst hotels were partially opened in the summer but a whole series of roadblocks were created on tourists from PCR tests for entrance into Greece, the banning of certain islands from tourists, night curfews etc. the actual numbers were miniscule to support the tens of thousands that work in the industry or supply it. 

The collapse in the tourist trade was catastrophic and as most businesses were closed down during the draconian years of the IMF EU imposed austerity the economy entered the new Great Depression already on its knees and it will now be blown up completely. That is why even more draconian measures are sought and imposed. Mitsotakis New Democracy is fully embedded to Merkel’s EU and she dictates the agenda and the covidclowns in Athens are only too eager to please and the reason is simple.

 Since Syriza came to power they have shown that they are more pro-EU than the EU itself and they know the opposition wants even more measures than are being proposed or implemented.
Old habits die hard: Afghanis and Pakistanis celebrate in central Athens despite Lockdown measures 

After making masks compulsory for shopping and public transport the govt then made mask wearing compulsory everywhere the moment you leave the house with E300 fines, SMS messages in order to leave and not allowing people to leave the region/area they live in. Fines became like confetti when the changes were first implemented, to what extent any are paid is another issue. Coupled with compulsory mask wearing in schools the defeat of the student protests due to the Lockdown Left the govt implemented a second Lockdown in early November which continues till this article was written and they want to extend it to Easter and possibly indefinitely.

 Economic Meltdown Anew

Having been the guinea pigs for the Eurocrisis that was magnified beyond all proportion for lilliputian Greece they have now chosen for themselves to be the Covidclowns for Davos’ Great Reset. Without any serious functioning industries left anymore and relying mostly on imports and the tourist trade, they are being imploded one Lockdown after another on dubious excuses regarding infections and Covid deaths. 

The ever evolving Covid-1984 goal post serves an agenda, that which destroys the independence of all and turns them into dependent appendages of a higher authority whose aim is to instil fear via virus terrorism and to ensure people no longer meet or act independently of governments. The closest description are prisoners of an Open Prison who are free to act within certain limits and their life is regulated.

 The collapse of GDP year on year but beginning from the first Lockdown early March 2020 until March 2021 will probably be in the region of around 25% equivalent in one year what took four to occur between 2010 and 2014, but you won’t hear that being said anywhere as a boom is always literally round the corner the only problem being for most people they can never find that corner and it isn’t due to a lack of working out google maps.

 The two reasons Greece and its people survived (not everyone of course that is) in the last decade was the fact that hundreds of thousands of citizens went abroad for work and North African coupled with Turkish tourism collapsed due to the wars/upheavals in those regions. But the 2020 collapse in tourism which registered probably a 80% downturn in both numbers and takings will eventually take its toll as it will complete a full cycle (easter 2020-easter 2021). 

  For Whom the Bell Tolls
Police roadblocks in the Western Greater Athens region of Aspropirgos

The Greek riot police has spent over a decade cracking heads open and targeting the most vulnerable in society usually pensioners, women and children. They actually get a buzz out of it which breaks the boredom of hanging around doing nothing. Twice in the past they have been defeated. In the riots over a dump site which was withdrawn in Keratea, Greece and in the islands of the Aegean over illegal immigration. A third event is developing, this time round the Covid dictatorship in Western Athens, the old rustbelt of Aspropirgos (which in the last three decades has been populated by ex-Russian Pontiac Greeks who arrived in the mid-1980s and settled in the region) and a northern town called Kozani which has also been in extreme Lockdown

The curfew has been imposed from 6pm till 5am and helicopters and drones have been circling the areas daily with police road blocks in and out of the roads that connect the region. All shops, markets apart from supermarkets are to be closed. Hundreds got involved in battles with the riot police for a series of nights. These areas have become a testing site to wheel this out nationally and its no coincidence locals interviewed in the media mentioned that this is all about going national ie. a new Junta.

Just as this is being written a new Lockdown has been announced, nationally restricting movements from 9pm to 5pm and re-closing everything apart from supermarkets. The aim of course is to lock Greece down from 6pm and block all movements. This appears to be an EU agenda as France announces similar types of measures as well. 

 The riot polices role has now been elevated in imposing round the clock curfews, the problem being that there aren’t enough of them and going into local areas in such a brutal manner only shows their limitations and this role can only realistically be imposed by an army with shoot to kill orders.

The Covidian Junta is trying to impose a Woke Dictatorship whereby people volunteer to stay imprisoned indefinitely and if they come out we send riot police out to crack a few skulls. This would work if there was an active segment of the population on the streets pushing for people to stay in but they are all shielding from life in general, hence the arrival of the riot police only inflames passions and inevitably leads to their defeat as they can’t take on locals in their own areas. Apart from the riots in Aspropirgos a motorcade rally now occurred in Kozani with emphasis that no political parties are allowed to be present. 

Lockdown Left Propping up New Democracy

Never in the history of Greece has there been such a total and complete unison in politics by all the representatives in Parliament. The previous decade of course showed that they were in unison in particular when fake left Syriza took over and ND voted alongside them for the 3rd Memorandum. Now though they are in lockstep behind endless rounds of Lockdowns which according to the World Bank are to go on for a full five years (funding has been secured for that aim).

The leaders of the official Left Parties Syriza and KKE rushed to get the Pfeizer vaccine and no other. Not the Russian but Pfeizers the one that the govt was allegedly going to roll out for millions within weeks but which now has been derailed as only a few thousand arrived and are now on hold. 

Having told everyone Lockdowns are the way in stopping the virus but then they don’t stop it they now tell everyone the vaccine will, but they stop its rollout which begs the question if Lockdowns were successful why were they continued and if they weren’t successful why weren’t they discontinued?
World Bank documentation stating funding for Covid goes on till 2025

The Greek government has voted through a (Great Reset) Bankruptcy Law and now individuals will be treated as corporations and without your knowledge creditors can apply for default. So for any loan you have taken out or for any money you owe, if they push for bankruptcy and you own any assets they will go for them….real asset stripping will occur not the fake ones that occurred before, when they fake Left allegedly got involved in stopping them.

This time round there won’t even be any fake protests as the Lockdown Left will be at home wearing a mask and keeping ‘safe’. This is the number one priority of all political discourse nowadays: how to save oneself from death by dying one Lockdown at a time. Why in the end only a Grand Coalition of all Covidian parties will become inevitable either as a consequence of a rebellion or prior to one…

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Greek CovidClown Parliament in the Service of FrancoGerman Lockdowns

Greek CovidClown Parliament in the Service of FrancoGerman Lockdowns

Having locked down the economy for almost three months and half heartedly opened the tourist economy by doing all to sabotage it, week after week the Greek CovidClowns egged on by the ‘opposition’ are implementing the Great Reset at breakneck speed. By shutting down whole swathes of the economy which aren’t linked to the fiat currency financed stock market big companies thousands will go to the wall creating once more mass unemployment.
First time round the belief in the CovidCoup worked as the propaganda was 24/7. Tens of thousands were dying daily and hourly and the propaganda took its toil in particular once the fake Left adopted the ‘pandemic’ in its May Day social distancing circus in Sindagma Square. It's true that instead of ‘flattening the curve’ they flattened the economy, peoples lives and created a vast schism in society between the different generations as everything was done to 'save the olds' . When in reality most of the olds dying were either in care homes or of such advanced age with underlying ailments that they would have passed away anyway, now the flu seems to have gone on vacation because of Covid-1984. 

Protests Against Covid
In mid-September once the government announced masks for schoolchildren during lessons from the age of four (soon to be extended to those at birth) and recently added a condition that they are to be worn at breaktimes as well when kids might run around. Already 2-3 children have died and the autopsies are kept hidden and many more will, not that it leads to any concern as the one sided govt propaganda is that masks work, even when they don’t.

Protests occurred in quite a few cities lasted for 2-3 weeks and were taken over by school student occupations which at their height reached nearly 1,000 schools but with the only political force available (KKE) they were derailed to sterile demands of more teachers, more cleaning, less pupils in a classes in other words demands so unrealistic, where it would have been better to ask for aliens to arrive to save us. Only because Greek schools are never staffed properly, around 40% have to share facilities in morning or evening schedules, cleaning is a pipedream and the idea that one can fit 15 students to a class only aids the Gates Stay Home learn through the internet agenda of total social isolation to create the humans of the future – alienated anti-social automatons. 

New Local Lockdowns building for one Big Indefinite One 
Once those in power become accustomed to power and realise they have everyone in support and the type of politics are those where they are egged on by the opposition to pretend (regarding the dangers of Covid) and extend (indefinitely Lockdown) they are playing chess by themselves and control all the pieces. 

The problem is that this year they will have destroyed a lot of businesses as they will have been closed between 4-8 months depending on the business and having refurbished their outlets for ‘covid secure measures’ they are asked to shut down again. The irony of the whole situation is that all the companies of a certain size which are listed on the Greek stock exchange are subsidised with their shares propped up by the actions of the central banks. So in an economy where sales are down anywhere between 50—80% one would expect that to be reflected in the share price of the aforementioned companies, but it isn’t. We have entered a new phase of state subsidised corporate capitalism where capitalist Lockdowns now work to wipe out the middle man.

The government has also extended via dictat for the public sector 50% to work from home in areas where they can and they have now adopted UK style genocide programmes for those in hospitals stating openly they will reduce all operations by 80%. Having paid employees a furlough amount of E534 and given business almost 0% loans many small businesses had some money to tide them over and weren’t overly concerned. But when the tourist season didn’t kick off as the government kept on blocking countries from arriving and now they have imposed a second Lockdown on spurious grounds questions are starting to appear.

Out of the blue some ex-winner of fame story a Petrakos became an almost household sensation questioning the statistics of Covid and was immediately branded a heretic or conspiracist, the new catchphrase by the globalists in power and their supporters. To sell the narrative of the Covid pandemic they moved from deaths to ‘infections’ based on PCR tests that show no such thing and organised state employees as in Thessaloniki to queue in their hundreds to get tested to justify a Lockdown.

New Bankruptcy Law
      Premier Covid-1984 Clown R US

PM Mitsotakis needs to show that he is more Covid-1984 than the WHO himself and shut down the economy once more whilst repeatedly saying he wouldn’t. Who didn’t go bankrupt in the first wave will go in the 2nd and if anyone is still standing we will have a 3rd and 4th wave until no one is, apart from the big boys.

If globalisation gutted out the working class and immiserated the middle class making it financially dependent on big monopolies either via work or via the banking system they are now putting into to place the measures to reduce homeownership to zero. In fact any type of ownership.

Not having been able to take peoples homes via the first three IMF backed MoU they have now put into place the legal capacity to do so. If you owe money to any financial institutions for whatever reason they can proceed to personally bankrupt you and anything in your name goes to them. You can then proceed to unbankrupt yourself twelve months later after having been made of course homeless.

The brave new world of ‘owning nothing’ but having the right to use services etc. is what they are after making you totally dependent on your actual existence on the corporations. Knowing of course that this will lead to a massive rise in homelessness and disease on the streets they will then proceed to vaccinate you as you are deemed a danger to public safety and send you packing to your maker a lot earlier in unattended funerals where you are cremated, so no cause of death can every be ascertained. Rebranded Mengele style fascism for the modern age.

Pseudo Opposition
KKE anti-social distancing May Day Parade

Both Syriza and the KKE have pushed for more Covid-1984 measures than the government themselves and have essentially argued like the rest of the globalist LockDown Left that the new style enclosure acts of post-industrial capitalism should have gone into effect probably a decade ago just to …save lives. 

The argument is so absurd that any capitalist government is actually concerned about peoples health and the Greek one in particular which in the last decade left cancer patients without medicine and closed down whole swathes of the medical service by reducing funds massively. Instead of highlighting the fraudulent turn of the government which went from Covid-1984 deaths to Covid-1984 positives as a justification of combating the …2nd wave when in reality what is being attempted is across the board financial restructuring of the economy to ensure it becomes a part of the global cog of the Great Reset ie the Fourth Industrial Revolution whereby only around 10% of people are kept alive to service a small stratum of financial oligarchs.

Tsipras went with actors dressed as nurses to Thessaloniki and stated we don’t want another Bergamo in Greece justifying extended Lockdowns 

 The merging of all segments of the ‘opposition’ with the government leads to a vast collapse in all politics, culture, debate and a new totalitarianism.

When Premier Mitsotakis called all pandemic sceptics deranged conspiracists attacking vast swathes of the population who don’t buy in the narrative a departure occurred as it implies the setting up of Covid-1984 witch-hunts with the difference being this time the active participation of the fake left. 

To what extent this is possible without spontaneous rebellions and conflicts is hard to predict or imagine as the Covid-1984 measures of random fines for eating and drinking without a mask on in the streets  in cars or on the beaches shows the absurdity of the situation. The only thing for sure is that history hasn’t ended.

VN Gelis

Friday, 31 July 2020

Neo-Ottomanism in the Service of the Greek Covid Coup

Neo-Ottomanism in the Service of the Greek Covid Coup

Ahmet Davudoglou

“The sun almost set. Martin is nice like Istanbul… it has an eye that sees Mesopotamia…it belongs to a desire beyond this world…Just like Jerusalem…is a summary of the history of humanity… divided societies and the contradictions of the nation and of dogma. The colours left behind by the the tribes which passed, the elements left by the civilisations which were created here…an order was established…you must understand that the arrow which expanded from central Asia to eastern Anatolia, how they intermingled civilisations by the people who moved within the arrow and what type of unions they created by intermingling… the order which we refer to as Ottoman was created by the meeting of active human elements and a surrounding of stability.

We represent  them all…we have a tremendous experience based on Greek civilisation, Mesopotamia, Persian civilisation, Egyptian, India and China, in the Balkans, in the Caucuses…The spirit of Turkey constitutes the centre of the spirit which in the future is aiming to constitute the spirit of the world order…”

Ahmed Davudoglou

Speech to Turkish Ambassadors South Eastern Turkey January 2010

Erdogan’s arrival on the political scene was inaugurated as a moderniser whose sole aim was to bring Turkey into the EU in the first decade of his rise to power. During his second decade a turn towards his near neighbours was made in an attempt to revive neo-ottomanism once it was becoming clear the US Empire was in retreat after the disastrous Iraq war which led to an Arab Spring and civil wars engulfing a series of Arab countries: Egypt, Syria, Libya etc.

Turkey and the EU

Greece became an ardent proponent and supporter of Turkish entry into the EU at the beginning of the 21st century which was stalled with the French Referendum (2005) and Brexit (2016) when Turkish entry twice became a campaign issue. The Greek love affair with all things Turkish can be seen by all the PMs in the 21st century being photographed with Erdogan, becoming godparents to his daughters children, dancing at NATO summits with Turkey’s Foreign Minister  and encouraging mass migration from Turkish shores by a meet and greet policy unparalleled in modern times and can only be compared with the modern tourise industry. Being consistent with neo-Ottomanism the Greek state has funded on its own in times of serious economic crisis and built a Mosque in Athens, buys volumes and volumes of shows from Turkish tv, sells properties, hotels and businesses in abundance to Turkish citizens whilst not once taking retaliatory measures in anything Turkey does.

When Cyprus sold off its sea shelf to foreign multinationals the Turks started to threaten to drill in Cypriot coastal waters. To aid Erdogan the Greek shipowners moll Aggelopoulou (who was the 2004 Olympics organiser and subsequently given the Chairmanship of the 2021 celebrations of the modern Greek revolution of 1821) sold him a drilling ship which Turkey lacked and Greek geopolitics in the region has been to merge with Turkey and that course is still the main direction of ‘Greek’ foreign policy, which in reality is just German.

Since the failed Turkish coup of 2016 and Greece’s anti-Russian line (at the behest of US foreign policy) which became evident in Greece with the Hybrid Wars launched in the 2010 decade and subsequently when Greek agricultural exports towards Russia and the limiting of Russian tourist visas (extended this year to a total embargo) Greece has spent countless flight hours training Turkish pilots who are involved in hundreds of incursions into Greek airspace, but are never confronted only aided in flight manoeuvres. To cover for the blatantly open support for Erdogan a show was created with 8 Turkish officers which apparently sought asylum in Greece and were granted it for their alleged role in the Turkish coup.

Mass Migration

When Merkel ordered millions of AfroAsian migrants funded in part by Turkish airline offers to North Africa with $40 one way tickets to Istanbul then coordinated by buses from there, many ended up staying indefinitely on Greek islands near Turkey: Chios, Samos, Lesvos etc. This led to a people’s revolt on these islands and after the Greek PM tried to quell it by sending in hundreds of riot police from Athens they were beaten to a pulp and forced to return with their tale between their legs. This was a significant defeat not seen throughout the whole decade of the Troika austerity despite mass mobilisations general strikes and protests. Subsequently to this in order to raise the ‘nationalist’ credentials of the Greek PM Mitsotakis (globalist family based clan dominating Greek politics since WW2) Erdogan organised a show in the Greek Turkish border of Evros allegedly trying to storm the borders using AfroAsian migrants and Turkish special forces which the Greek riot police repelled. This was equivalent in form not content with the events that were going on in the US-Mexican border. A form of Trumpism had arrived in the EU by default not intent for the Greek government to gain a new lease of life.

Then Covid hit and the issue of mass migration as a new invading force from Erdogan dissapeared. After the alleged successful Greek Covid Coup and response the Greek govt appears to be repaying Erdogan in kind. Out of the blue and without warranting a reason Greece announced it is willing to go to the Hague to debate ‘disputed’ territorial waters. Open borders once more were back. Erdogan announced a sea corridor all the way to Western Libya cutting across Egyptian sea waters, Cypriot and Cretan and the Greek PMs response was not to ask for a joint Exclusive Economic Zone with Cyprus but to go the …Hague. For a long time now the position of the Greek elite has been to divide up the Aegean and defacto have open borders with Turkey.

Oil Geopolitics

21st Century has led to severe conflicts over competing superpower energy supplies Initially over the Russian South Stream pipeline which Greece signed for then reneged on, then the Azerbaijani pipeline which has been built but not really functionable as the US has fallen out with Turkey, Cypriot hydrocarbon finds and the selling off to Italian, US oil majors, the East Med pipeline deal with Israel, Greek hydrocarbon finds in the Ionian sea has meant everyone is interested and in particular Turkey. The mass investment by the Turkish state in military rearmament in Navy ships even a small aircraft carrier has meant it has arrived on the scene locked and loaded to question various parts of the Aegean Sea from Cypriot to Greek territorial waters.

One cannot of course know or predict the future course of developments or what Erdogan may or may not do, whether he is being encouraged to question every previous treaty with Greece, whether he seeks a break with NATO, whether he is being encouraged by Russia etc. The only thing that is certain is that he is involved in skirmishes with 3-4 countries already and adding Greece on the list with the effect that would have on existing Covid based tourism (which has already collapsed to 90% of previous years) means that the costs of rearmament, the effects of Great Depression 2 and the balancing act with world powers implies that not even the best trapeze artist on the planet could survive this geopolitical tightrope. In the last decade Erdogan has threatened Russia, America, France, Italy, etc. but all his moves towards Greece are measured and in prior agreement with the Greek government. 

The problem that exists is how to sell a victory when in retreat to their respective populations. Both Erdogan and Mitsotakis are in weak positions. The Covid Lockdowns have exacerbated the economic crisis to the point of no return. A war would destroy the existing service based economy in the Aegean sea for both countries and there is no ultimate gain. On the other hand despite and apart from the Quisling nature of the existing Greek political class, the role of the military is an unstable factor for resistance to an invasion could create a real populist backlash. Greeks are concerned there is a presence of a few million Islamic origin migrants in the country and they could constitute a fifth column in support of Turkeys possible territorial ambitions and to forestall this the Greek PM at the behest of Germany (which is facing out nuclear power and requires EU based hydrocarbons) wants to make an agreement with Erdogan.

The issue now is do all the other EU powers: France, Italy or the UK?

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Corona Virus and the World Economic Crisis

MayDay Leaflet circulated in Athens 1st May 2020

Corona Virus and the World Economic Crisis

Today’s demo in support of Mayday is occurring under peculiar conditions. In reality under a concealed illegality. A demo under ‘conditions’. Under what conditions those gather, how many metres apart from each other, what type of health accessories are going to be required (masks, gloves etc.)! A Mayday demo we wouldn’t even dream in our wildest nightmares…

A cause for today’s ‘under conditions’ rally, and for all the stressful hardship which we have suffered in the last months (psychological and mainly economic) is Coronavirus! Which originated from where? In what manner? It’s hidden under a blanket mystery. Did it escape from a Chinese lab? Was it deliberately planted? Was it planted by the Americans? Is it humans fault, bats, nature? The essence is that we have a coincidence, a very big coincidence that it erupted just prior to the dawn of a great economic depression which all the international organisations and economists over a year ago were predicting was coming at full speed. Today the modest word depression has been replaced by the same people with the phrase the greatest economic crash ever. Which appears to be closer to reality. Comparing it with that of 1929 they say it will be bigger. How could it be any different? When in the last few years the profits of big business, the parasites of the world was based on massive financial bubbles which bore no reality to the real productive economy. Where unemployment grew massively and the demand for daily products fell exponentially. With the result being that capital abstained from any productive activity as it bore no …profits.

All these macabre developments which have occurred, met ‘by coincidence’ with Coronavirus. Without realising it we are in the midst of a global economic crash. How else can the measures be characterised that are taken to confront ‘Corona’ when suddenly 700.000 workers and professionals are on the streets and 260k businesses have shut down? How many of them will reopen? How many will be able to reopen? How many will be forced to close from now on?

We have no desire to listen to government pronouncements regarding a general indefinite return to ‘normality’. We are in a position to realise, that from now on we will live under totally new conditions. That using Corona virus, the first phase of the EU-IMF programme 2010-2012 with whatever was withheld from us will appear to be an idyllic situation compared to what is coming from the world system and the Mitsotakis government is preparing to serve us. The issue is that the popular movement, the working class and the youth must be prepared slowly but surely, for forms of struggle, which must in no way have the nature of the passive resistance of 2011…

Patriotic Left

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Greece 2020 Covid Coup: We Are at the End of an Era and the Beginning of a New One

Events usually pace ahead of a conscious understanding of what is occurring. Human consciousness requires time to ‘comprehend’ the true extent of the dimension of the problems which have been created in the intervening period in the near past or even further back.

The adventure with the deadly virus emerged again like a bolt of lightning out of the blue on the heads of all people on the planet… There was nothing that could be handheld something visible in general that could be discerned. Suddenly from MSM (here in Greece regarding) the information started to circulate regarding a virus which originated in China. In less that a week the simple information regarding ‘Coronavirus’ and we finally learnt its name) and was transformed by the MSM into an Armageddon. Not only in Greece but the whole world. The ‘news’ from MSM stopped reporting anything else that was occurring in the country. From dusk till dawn, the presstitutes with a sadistic mania kept on repeating the amount of ‘dead’, counting them (mostly from China and Italy) and the first alleged infections in Greece from whom the the first ….dead appeared. People who died due to serious health ailments who were arbitrarily diagnosed as being Covid-19. This has materialised from the various criticisms by family members have made regarding the adhoc diagnoses as well as banning postmortems… A state attitude which is repeated in other countries in an even bigger scale. The time had matured of course for the intervention of the WHO which characterised the virus as a Pandemic and from that moment onwards the fascistic mentality of banning movements from the ‘serious and responsible’ Mitsotakis government, was just a matter of time…Something which occurred finally with the aid of the MSM who in order to aid the government showed images from various areas that people were still travelling and out and endangering public health. The same aid was given by all the parties of the Opposition to Mitsotakis and not only them…

The majority of people are frightened and that is obviously natural. Its not a panic like occurs with earthquakes, whose murderous knock on effects is heard by all when they break out in a specific area. This is an undetermined fear, invisible, with which one doesn’t have an immediate contact, but is contracted by two human senses. By sight and smell. From the tv networks and radio waves where the people are watching and listening almost 24 hours a day every day, the triumphant increase of victims of Coronavirus in both the country one lives in or from the rest of the world. It’s a hidden fear which isn’t spread by a syringe, but bombards ones head and remains in the cells, in the psychosomatic aura of each individual influencing their psychology. At the same time the enforced enclosure in the house makes the situation worse. That is the reason why on the roads at the Supermarkets and other places various disturbances occur amongst those who are calm and those that are panicking, who behind their masks view those without one in a transmission of fear in a weird manner if anyone is close to them. But this is a transmissionable fear (which we spoke about already) which soon will have a sell by date. That will occur when everywhere will be felt the true dimensions of the economic developments which will bring about economic developments which will exist in the whole planet

The Economic Crisis Which We Will Experience
Coronavirus which they are trying to promote as a deadly virus threatens the whole of humanity, is a lie. Its an attempt to cover up the real disaster, which is the bursting of their bubble. For more than two years the most serious economists on a global level warned about the arrival of the of the current crisis. But the ceaseless bulimic demand for profit for a bunch of multinationals,, dominated. Its not a matter of stupidity. It’s the nature of the system. Thus the chain has been pushed to its breaking point, which inevitably will break. What will follow will be the break up of the chain and what will follow will be linked from the breaking point of this chain, which they have already blamed on the… Coronavirus. But in a very short period of time it will be clearly known: The real pandemic is capitalism itself….

Eric Toussaint who was a Doctor of Political Science and President of the Committee of Abolishing the Debt of the Third World in Belgium wrote the following in this big excerpt which we consider useful to quote: of dodgy products
“Whilst dominant mass media constantly maintain that the crisis of the stock exchanges has been provoked by the coronavirus I have emphasized for years now that we have all the conditions for a new financial credit crisis and that the coronavirus is just the spark or the excuse for the crisis in the stock exchanged and not the cause. The financial credit sphere is full years now with massive amounts of dodgy products who only required a spark to provoke an explosion: we weren’t sure for the precise year and cause but we knew it would come. Thus something had to be done to avoid it but nothing was done. Many writers of the radical left wrote about this crisis like Michael Roberts, Robert Brenner Francediil Chenais, Michael Hudson. From 2017, I have written frequently regarding the topic. A serious stock exchange collapse happened in December 2018 in Wall Street when under the pressure of a bunch of large private banks and the administration of Donald Trump, the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA started once more to lower the interest rates something which was supported by the large private companies which dominate in the stock exchange. The rapid increase in the value of stocks started when companies started to buy their own stocks. Utilising the fall in interest rates large private companies increased their debts and the big investment funds increased the purchase of all goods including those of industrial one utilizing debts.

Once again in Wall St from September 2019 there was a large liquidity crisis in a financial credit market which was already stretched by liquidity. A crisis of liquidity whilst having an oversupply of liquidity. It was a serious crisis and the federal reserves required an injection of billions of dollars to avoid a collapse of the markets. They maintained as well in their budget more than 1.3 trillion of toxic dollars of collateralized products which was bought from the banks in 2008 and 2009 as they correctly assumed that if they dumbed in the secondary debt market their values would collapse and would lead to a bigger stock market collapse and a bank collapse. The Fed did not act to defend the general interests of the population but to defend the interests of big business, the richest 1% of society. The ECB and the other big central banks (UK, Japan, Switzerland, China…) have implemented in the past the same policy and bear significant responsibility in accumulating toxic products in the financial credit sector.

I maintain the pandemic isn’t the true and deep rooted cause of the crisis of the stock markets which occurred in the last week of February 2020 and has continued since then. This pandemic was the detonator and a spark. Other serious causes of a different nature also had the result to constitute the spark like the development of a war between Washington and Iran, or the immediate invasion of Venezuela. For the current stock market crisis war would have been the cause. But I would also argue that if such a war did occur it would have been the excuse but not the cause. Therefore if there is an undoubted connection between the two phenomena, the crisis of the financial market and the pandemic of the Coronavirus, that does not mean we shouldn’t condemn the simple and basic explanations which put all responsibility on coronavirus. This almost mystical expalanation is an excuse which aims to divert public opinion (99%) from the role the policies which serve the large businesses on a planetary level and in agreement with governments”

This with regard the so called stock market bubbles, which are created from the moment the real economy in the realms of production, but the exchange of produced goods, is collapsing irretrievably. Despite and apart the unavoidable inter-imperialist (essentially amongst the multinationals) a trade war that has broken out in the last years amongst the US, China amongst the USA and with the, whole of the EU mainly Germany there has been a big stasis in production. Which was of course related to a big drop in demand. Eric Toussaint once again informs us that in 2019 a crisis of overproduction of goods occurred in particular in the auto industry with a mass drop in car sales in China, India, Germany and Great Britain and elsewhere. This led to a reduction in the production of cars. There was also overproduction in the German tools industry and industrial infrastructure being one of the global leaders in this field. There was also a rapid fall in Chinese industrial production which had serious consequences for countries that export infrastructure, cars and raw materials towards China. During the second six month period in 2019 the industrial sector in Germany, Italy and Japan, in South Africa and Argentina and elsewhere and the construction sector in the USA went into depression.

Even if all these components didn’t exist, the massive reduction in the demand of oil internationally, is the most clear (we have written this before) clear witness for the great reduction in production. What relationship do all these events therefore have with the coronavirus?

What Will Occur from Now On?

All the signs indicate that todays situation not only shows but screams that we are at the final disruption of what they term ‘normality’, which in the last decade has become part of our life determined by the IMF Memorandums. Whatever one calls todays development the essence is one. We are at the end of one era and the beginning of another. It’s like reading the introduction of a book isolating it to understand the main topic of the book. Hyperbolic this explanation? We is will soon know.

We know the masses are frightened from the myth of Coronavirus they are asleep and other ‘explanations’ which we have been hearing for years. All those that argue like this done understand or ignore that in periods of severe economic crisis and social crisis none of the above external or even internal sociopolitical characteristics which people acquire can continue indefinitely. The motor of life just goes to zero and starts to measure once more. Marx’s famous aphorism that the ‘masses make their own history making revolutions that they did not want to make’ is what will in last analysis determine the developments that will follow. This immediate turn of the people’s attitude in critical periods of history, always bothered the ruling classes (but also the useless intellectuals) and surprised them. That is why they continue to see the masses with a vantage point of superiority from the high pedestal of brain waves in their head which are primary and their actually confused head secondary…

There must be no doubt. We have entered into a different period now. It’s a new historical stage to which the working masses have to go through and not only them. This new level apart from its tragedy, maintains a new but very significant element. The necessary political economic materials which have been battle hardened via the fire of developments the new views and new ideas which will once more see the light of day. This will apply to all the countries of the earth. This already is the big change with today and before. Each country with its own idiosyncrancies and the balance of class forces which have been created internally will enter the cauldron. A cauldron with which the hope exists that when it ends the historical time will emerge that the planet will radically change as a whole.


Friday, 20 March 2020

Greece 2020: Covid Dictatorship to Mask Capitalist Collapse for a Totalitarian New Order

‘We are here for the health of the people and their well being’ Mitsotakis Greek Premier

Governments and Oppositions all singing from the same hymn sheet.

An article appeared way back that the Chinese lockdown would last six weeks and today that this is being written no new cases of Covid have hit China and the circus of this virus is over at least there. So the Chinese shutdown ensured around two months of production ceased which is equivalent to between 10-15% of all production and if not everyone returned at once then this could increase.

They are already predicting around 25% of new unemployment and in Greece added to the official amount we are back once more to the levels of 2012 with the added difference that no one now can leave the country and go anywhere. All new measures will be passed provisionally and will then be attempted to become permanent. To get from A to B they will test people’s reactions, the extent to which they follow the rules and they have taken provisions to empty the prisons to add new clients who refuse to cooperate. Already we have a massive coordinated campaign by the opposition to attack the govts for not imposing the lockdown and adopting religiously the campaign Stay At Home and treat pensioners as pariahs. The old tactics of divide and rule.

In the first week of this campaign they emphasised that people should not be in the beaches or go to the parks, everyone should religiously wash hands every five minutes and wear silly masks. They have cancelled the Army Parade for Independence Day 25th March and they have asked all Church goers to abstain from the Church, measures which haven’t realistically happened ever. Of course all these measures are done for our health and safety as govts have that as a top priority in particularly when they allow homelessness to go through the roof, anyone to come into the country who is able to rob loot and steal primarily pensioners, and children to be fainting in class from hunger or the legions of unemployed who live on the margins of society. So the only logical explanation is that once the full extent of the measures are announced and implemented reaction will occur and then the quarantine measures will go out of the window overnight and announcements will occur that the virus has subsided. But the problem from the Greek point of view is that the weather isn’t identical to Northern Europe, or Northern Italy and to keep people in when temperatures reach 30c will be impossible. Divorces will skyrocket, children of a certain age will not be able to be policed…

Coffins attirbuted to Bergamo City in Lombardy Region but from the Lampedusa earthquake- Fake News in Greek Media

Presstitutes attacking the people on behalf of the Capitalist Lockdown.

The mass media of disinformation that gave us the fake 9/11, the fake WMD’s, fake ISIS, fake climate change etc. has now added the fake virus to control all reaction to collapsing capitalism. In the last two weeks there are daily attacks on ‘Greeks’ those who don’t follow the prescriptions of the collapse and stay in to commit voluntary hara-kiri and the irony of the situation is that the 150-200k migrants in camps who are living in third world conditions have never caught the alleged ‘virus’. It is only a phenomenon for Greeks.

So despite and apart from the 24/7 propaganda those that have lost their jobs wont easily be controlled by people with their verbal propaganda and only the club of the riot police can ensure the total lockdown continues. Already Lombardy is suffering a four week lockdown and then Bloomberg comes along with the Italian medical report and states 99% of victims have other ailments and are of a certain age and that is the area which in 2018 there were 100000 deaths so to rebrand a few thousand as dying of a …virus, which is the new plague, out to succumb millions is beyond a joke as now its officially also stopped spreading in China.

There was a unit of the now defunct paper Eleftherotipia that ran all the 17N fake terrorist group propaganda for a few decades and guess what it was called ‘the virus’, so the Greek media isn’t new to this type of bullshit. It is its bread and butter. It’s the same media that sold the IMF crisis as being the fault of the ‘lazy Greek’ the ‘plumber who didn’t issue invoices’ ‘the Mediterranean lifestyle’ etc. but not the overleveraged corporate banks or the financial oligarchy that runs the world.

People have changed the slogan Stay At Home and have written of the migrant blow ins We Will Enter your Homes

What will Mitsotakis do with the mass repossesions he inaugurated in April? The hotel industry will collapse if it loses this summers bookings and all associated trades leading to the question that will he then utilise the migrant blow ins to become hotel guests? Either which way shutting down business activity based on a false premise doesn't imply that when they cease this nonsense things will function as they did before.

Having now pumped in globally around $100 trillion since since the crash of 2008 they have outstanding derivative commitments to the tune of $60 trillion and whatever they do the stock markets they will continue to collapse and a capitalist lockdown will make everything worse. But the main reason they require it is socio political. In previous times in the past when there was a crash there were severe social disturbances in particular the Veterans March on Washington in 1932 which brought down Hoover and inaugurated Roozevelt's New Deal. But this was almost 100 years ago and US imperialism is in the doldrums, totally indebted, with military bases in 1,000 locations worldwide and a laughing stock being attacked abroad and unable to secure any military victories two decades now when it launched its unipolar path to total global control. Not only are the stock markets going to continue to collapse but the capitalist lockdown is an attempt to use the old medicine under new conditions by assuming people will Stay Home (‘Menoume Spiti’) and commit collective hara-kiri.

The Greek Premier via the paid presstitutes will announce a total lockdown which will be broken as it’s impossible to lock people in their homes 24/7 without having the army on the streets and with patrols everywhere. They don’t have the manpower nor the social forces anymore to impose it as the globalists are in their homes and frightened of venturing out as they believe they will catch a …virus. The last great crash exposed the fragility of global capitalism. This crash will collapse the states themselves as the old medicine of bailouts for banksters and Universal Basic Income for people will destroy the value of all money…

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Greece 2020: Covid Lockout as a Cover for Global Capitalist Collapse Part One

Greece 2020: Covid Lockout as a Cover for Global Capitalist Collapse

“Our first priority is to save lives. Our interest are humans and public health” Mitsotakis Greek PM

“We correctly suspended all mass party activities as we have a high concept of social responsibility” Tsipras

From Stay in Europe to... Stay at Home

All beaches closed to the public and the hotel industry closed till 30th April 2020

For decades the fake left had maximum 24 hours strikes. During the arrival of the IMF they extended it to a whopping 48 hours. Now we have a government General Strike against its citizens by initially closing down schools, then all shops and now by shutting down all economic activity bar supermarkets and pharmacies, for 14 days which will be extended and at the same time with no actual support of those sectors closing down. Never before have we had so much political unity with all the parties supporting the measures to commit collective economic and social hara-kiri over a 2nd pandemic by the WHO since 2000.

A 24/7 propaganda started of an alleged virus which originated from China that they have taken war measures without actually completing any other related issues, like ration cards, emergency payments, emergency hospitals just one attack after the other against the citizens for being outside by the sea, for people opening their businesses but at the same time they are accepting and shipping in migrant blow ins to various parts of the country. They also allegedly banned marches but the antifa brigades marched in central Lesvos.

The US crisis started in 1971 and the transfer of production to China alongside the rise of technology ie automation in many sectors of the economy meant a lot of economies in the West became service sector economies and the expansion of wars in the last two decades during the USA’s attempt at becoming the unipolar leader of the world failed abysmally.

Marx noted over 170 years ago analysing capitalist production that the rapid development of production and the constant competition that increases the availability of material goods, productive forces would eventually pass into fewer and fewer hands, at the same time as unemployment rising, whilst products produced cannot be consumed by the actual markets. 

One should always remember the alleged dialogue between the Head of the Ford Corporation and the head of the Autoworkers Trade Union, when he showed him a new automated factory and laughed that ‘we don’t need trade unions’! Whilst the Head of the Autoworkers responded, ensure the robots buy your cars as well.

What can we say about our era? Trains drive on their own, buses and cars are being tipped to be driverless, whole sectors of production are automated, this is now the main blockage for the global economy and why they started importing migrants for cheap labour to lower all standards and wages. It appears the microchips have held their necks hostage and blood is no longer flowing to the brain. Noticing everything that is going on around us they are trying to solve the problems they haven’t so far been able to ie have skeleton workforces and computerise everything using the feeble excuse of a fake virus with silly masks on people’s faces. Capitalism in decline has entered clown world and its difficult to see how they step back from this after the stock market collapses and the shutdown of cities, ie the general lockouts imposed.

What measures will they Take? The Future is Here in the Present

As days go by more and more the lies surrounding the Corona virus will spread much faster than the actual non-existent virus itself. Here we are dealing with a crime and the alibi a murderer always requires before he gets the victim and this is a global crime started in China for their own specific reasons and spread to the EU via Italy and finally to the UK and the USA (with the lockdown of New York and Los Angeles)

Already many workers are in the air as many businesses have shut down by government dictat. If the individual boss lockdowns the business then the responsibility falls on the shoulder of the owners to pay the wages, but in the case it is a government decision then there is no such obligation. So what will happen?

To support all those on wages they claim they will give Euro 400 that all obligations to Inland Revenue to be suspended.  In reality all anti worker provisional measures taken will become… permanent like the old ‘haratsi’ (property tax which was a provisional tax by the IMF) which a decade later is still here.

What are they actually preparing? To increase home working another step in the direction of part time work which they have introduced. A lecturer at the Athens Economic and Business school said “maybe the Corona virus epidemic is something extraordinary in business activities but the practice will remain intact when the ‘alarm’ is over. As many businesses and govts are losing billions of Euros due to the epidemic, some actions will become permanent.

Thus what will be supported significantly in the last years like remote working which isn’t something new, but now is given an extra impetus by a virus and increases massively its development. Already technological giants like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook asked from the workers to work from home.

The changes which are coming will lead or stigmatise our society and its structures but the economy and its businesses with a more sudden and violent way, processes that came to arrive. As is noted in Harvard Buisness Review in an article on Corona virus and business ‘prepare for a changed world’. Everything is changing, in such a fashion where the change could be characterised as a darwinian development’ The man is stating it in a veiled form but for the peoples of the world he implies the gates of hell have opened.

The lecturer at the University of Athens George Doukidis noted ‘In Greece one can discern that we can be influenced negatively by serious pillars of the national economy like tourism, transportation and various export sectors.

At the same time the psychology of the consumers is being influenced negatively. The reduction of markets, of movements and those who take part in meetings/festivals beyond the reasons of hygiene are also linked to the insecurity which dominates and is ‘translated’ into behaviour which we observe in periods of deep economic crisis’…