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Towards a ‘Greater’ Albania : Albanians we Learnt to Love not Hate (Part 3)

Greek Serbian Nationalism Bad, Albanian Nationalism Good
KLA Commander Sylejman Selimi insisted:
"There is de facto Albanian nation. The tragedy is that European powers after World War I decided to divide that nation between several Balkan states. We are now fighting to unify the nation, to liberate all Albanians, including those in Macedonia, Montenegro, and other parts of Serbia. We are not just a liberation army for Kosovo."

The onset of the new world order in the break up of Yugoslavia and the myth of Serbian nationalism ie the creation of a ‘Greater Serbia’ hid beneath it the push for the creation of a ‘Greater Albania’ by ethnically cleansing Serbs from their ancestral areas and key to this was the creation of ‘multicultural’ Bosnia as the example to be set for all other areas. This NATO protectorate never had a possibility of a viable state structure as a religious minority was elevated to the levers of power and division remained ingrained as ever if not more so after bloodshed was shed. Similar developments took part in Kosovo where the Serb minority became the new Palestinians of Europe.

A couple of decades later an ex-British diplomat helping in EU Accenssion for what they term the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, FYROM) admits essentially without saying so directly that the multicultural experiment on the debris of ex-Yugoslavia was an abject failure:
“Bosnia has long been the most dysfunctional state in the region, wasted by civil war in the 1990s and afflicted by ethnic divisions ever since. The Serbs and Croats have never abandoned their goal of separation. Milorad Dodik, the president of Republika Srpska (Bosnia’s Serbian “entity”), is being squeezed by political rivals at home and investigated by police in Sarajevo for alleged money laundering. To shore up his position, he has threatened a referendum on independence for Republika Srpska, scheduled for 2018.”

“The Office of the High Representative adjudicated in ethnic disputes, clamped down on nationalist rhetoric and focused the locals on questions of social and economic reform rather than borders and territory. If politicians refused to co-operate, they were removed from their positions or presented with criminal charges. Nato troops on the ground did the enforcing.”

“Not far behind is Kosovo, an impoverished plateau in the Šar Mountains. It is unrecognised by half of the world, run by a corrupt elite and saddled with an embittered Serb minority. After years of resistance, Kosovo’s Serbs have recently extracted the right to territorial autonomy from the country’s notional EU supervisors. This has provoked a ferocious backlash from Albanian nationalists, who have attacked the parliament and held a series of violent street demonstrations.

So the question that emerges is if the multicultural experiment promoted by the West in the debris of ex-Yugoslavia was such an abject failure why would it be a success in neighbouring Greece with the mass importation of Albanians?

Albanians we Learnt to Love and not Hate

PM Tsipras wearing Antetonkoumpos name on a tshirt to protest 'racism'

It is illuminating that they were either elements that were involved with the Albanian security services or were co-opted by the Greek ones or both. I will forcus on three famous cases : Kaplani from Ta Nea, Pirros Dimas from Olympic gold medal winner in weightlifting, Chenai the student from holding the Greek flag on OXI day. It was a psychological war which continues to this day. The latest version of this story is the Nigerian born in Greece Antentokoumpo that fills adverts from AegeanAirways, recycling centres and even the PM wears his shirt in Parliament.
The migrant in any way shape or form was now best at everything despite the fact that those who came from Albania in reality learnt most of their trades whilst in capitalist Greece. They were experts in rock breaking and moulding, animal thefts and other type of thefts no doubt as the Albanian regime essentially emptied its prisons and its country to wipe out unemployment and this was in accordance with the wishes of the Western politicians.

The issue at the end of the day aren’t Albanians per se although many of them pose an existential threat for Greeks. It’s the whole concept of surplus labour under capitalism. But not any type of capitalism but capitalism which is going into reverse ie it requires always less and less hands to do work and the onset of technological advances means productivity since the 1970s has increased exponentially. So under conditions of the scarcity of labour to be a proponent of more and more surplus labour to be added to any given nation it implies one is a globalist pure and simple at a first stage but more importantly a support of ethnicide ie. the erasure of nations.

“When they first In what environment did I grow up and what do you remember from your years as a child?
Unfortunately I was born with my back against the wall. There is a picture when I was one year old where I am by the window and my mother is holding me up in her hands. The window is in a hut those which the communist regime sent the ‘internal enemies’. That is where my once rich family of my father had been exiled. The communists chased them when they occupied power, night, from their large house. They weren’t even allowed to take their family photographs. They put my uncle in prison. When he came out he had lost his marbles due to the torture. He never recovered. I lived and grew up in that hut until I was five. I remember these years as being happy. My granny was a very important woman she did everything in her power in making this hell bearable. She placed flowers all around, cooked superbly with whatever she could find and all the time cracked jokes. My aunties were some of the most beautiful woman I ever found. They used to gather all the relatives in the hut. They remembered the past when they were rich. They used to say ‘life then’...I believe my passion in saying stories grew from then….”

On reading the above it is a classic statement from most of those who came from E Europe. They were either multimillionaires or brain surgeons who flew on the Russian space programmes but were held back by ….communism. Its reminiscent of the scenes in Scarface where the drug dealer Montana alleges he was a political refugee under Castro when he was just a bum who wanted to make money at any and all cost to human life which he did not respect one iota.

Further down the same Albanian journalist of Ta Nea writes the following: “Practically the last attempt at a Big Idea was Milosevic (popular in Greece) for Big Serbia. He smashed his face and took a proud nation, the Serbians downhill. Whoever dreamt of Big Ideas in the Balkans suffered. I hope the Albanian understand this.” Implying the Serbs were fighting for a Greater Serbia when in reality they were trying to forestall being a minority in their own country by the globalist forces of the New World Order.
The same gentleman was arrested at one point by the Greek police for unknown reasons or reasons that weren’t declared and then left for the USA….Papandreou it was alleged got him out.

Albanian Kaplani a pseudo-globalist ‘intellectual’. By product of Americas attempt at unipolarity after 1990.

Kaplani then appeared not to be able to get Greek nationality. Question is why would a hard core Albanian nationalist who found only racism and fascism in Greece want Greek nationality? What’s wrong with Albanian? Or is it a case of continuing the propaganda when over one million Albanians were granted Greek nationality but their start reporter wasn’t? Nothing with what he writes is at it seems, in particular when he criticises Syriza for not being globalist enough. They make Soros look like a nationalist on a good day.
“I will never forget the revengeful and hated case which is exclusively owned by today’s government ie. Syriza.
“I will never forget all those who appear as defenders of the rights of minorities and migrants as being essentially low life’s a deeply stalinist approach: whoever disagrees with us and we dont control them we crush them so they become an example to others”
Whatever they do I will remain in Greece with my books and my physical presence.
Those who are responsible for my case will remain in the dark, sad bureaucratic shadows, thieves and parasites of a system who think only how to crush human lives and crush rights.
“I will always have many valuable friends in Greece. I will have my readers. From this point of view they can go to hell with their miserly nationality”

Kaplanis cover was blown when he appeared in Tirana launching a book with a tirade about the Greeks slaughtering Albanian collaborators of Mussolini and Hitler in their made up state of Chameria. From here one understands the quality of migrant promoters of... multicultural diversity. They stoop to any level promote any crime but in particular they are fascinated with those of the 3rd Reich and they have diplomatic immunity from the Greek anti-racists. One could take it a step further. The Greek anti-racists only ever defend or cover for minority promoters of the 3rd Reich. Kaplani is an example par excellence.

Tsenai- The ‘Top Albanian’ Student
There was big hue and cry when an Albanian student who arrived in Greece after the age of ten was promoted to hold the flag during secondary school celebrations for Greek OXI day when we said no to Mussolinis invasion of Greece which the Albanians supported. It’s like inviting a German student to an anniversary of the massacre of Distomo to speak of the dead.

Tsenai in Boston USA studying

Such is the hatred of the Greek political class against Greeks in general that they will promote anything that is first of all anti-Greek and secondly and above all foreign. Anyone who disagreed was labelled racist. This solidified the middle class teachers behind ‘multiculturalism and globalism’ Anyone against the concept of ‘bright students’ (under capitalist education which ironically was a hallmark of the Left) and of migrants being promoted to that position were deemed to be reactionary, but and being pro-Albanian was the hallmark of being until the next but last wave of migrant blow ins arrived reaching a crescendo when Interior Ministry (signed Antifa) graffiti appeared on walls stating we want Albanian students Pakistani co workers and ...Afghani neighbours. In short anything but Greek. This of course being promoted by globalists who live in areas were there are only Greeks. If irony was for sale globalists would have an overabundance of it.

Tsenai at one point was quoted as saying years later:
“Of course there is a logic of assimilation that creates big pressures. On my own I responded to these pressures as the first time round I had created a tragic scenario. At one point due to the pressure I was forced to state that I felt more Greek than Albanian. What meaning did it have?”
Οδυσσέας Τσενάι, Εψιλον 24/10/04, διαθέσιμο στο: Πηγή:

Coca Colas Olympics being sold by adopting Greeks from Abroad

“Here I was Albanian and in Albania I was Greek, confusion. I entered the bus and was grabbed the bars from the highest point so they could see my hands. I was frightened that if a wallet was stolen they would blame me...”

In order to popularise the Olympic games which was being touted would come to Greece from the early 1990’s, Greek migrants from abroad were adopted the most famous being Pirros Dimas from Himarra in Southern Albania.

The ruling parties in this decade started to adopt celebrities to cope with cataclysmic collapse in their fortunes after adopting the EU-IMFs economic genocide programme. One of them was Pirros Dimas. He recounts that he “entered Parliament in a difficult period. It wasn’t bright and rosy. People are experiencing harsh times, they dont have fuel to heat their homes to warm up. I felt the need to do it and I will not regret it. We cant all sit on our backsides and want things to happen on their own. I am daily on the streets. I enter the metro and the buses. I believe that I am the only person who has the right to look people in the eyes who are suffering and feel injustice. I didn’t join politics to leave, I came to stay. Only via politics can you change things”

In an interview in Lifo Magazine Pirros Dimas is asked:
“Are Greeks racist?
I believe Greeks are racist towards weaker people and poor people. If I never became an Olympic winner they wouldn’t accept me easily. They would look at us in a dodgy manner. The same for Antentokoumpo. He would just be a black person who sells CD’s. He became famous and Samaras called him the Presidential Palace to give him Greek citizenship. Isn’t that all hypocracy. They loved us because we had something which each peoples loves more: Pride”

Whilst paying lip service to Greeks in Northern Ipirus Pirros Dimas is now living in the USA in charge of the Weightlifting Team… Not a pipsqueak about the murder of a compatriot in Albania Katsifas killed by Ramas paramilitary death squads,but enough energy to brandish Greeks as being racist.

Pirros Dimas whole career was a business venture and his foray into politics whilst PASOK-ND were embarking on economic genocide another business venture. So his stories about dual racism are there to sell the rottenness of the Greek nation. That didn’t seem to sell enough as he wasn’t re-elected, this ‘man of the people’, Coca Colas Olympics poster boy. If he wanted to battle racism in his own field he should have at least said something when Greeces Kenteris and Thanou were banned ad hoc in the 2004 Olympic Games by the Americans in case Nike lost the sponsored finals. But hey life is short and it appears in Pirros Dimas case so is money.

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Towards a ‘Greater’ Albania: From an agricultural backwater to...a marijuana heroin exporter (Part 2)

Part TWO

‘Greater’ Albania: From an agricultural backwater to...a marijuana heroin exporter

‘Greece does not have territorial demands on Albania’
Greek Premier Mitsotakis 1992
How did a small isolated ex - socialist country become the Columbia of Europe?

Its very difficult to source materials regarding the relationship between Greece and Albania in the last two centuries as we are dealing essentially with agricultural countries and putting pen to paper wasn’t necessarily their strong point nor were the areas clearly demarcated as the collapse of the Ottoman Empire may have occurred in certain areas of current Greece but they weren’t really clear until the 20th century.

As part of the Ottoman Empire the region of Albania was primarily islamiscised and worked for the Ottomans. In terms of foreign associations due to their size and historical development they appear to have followed always Empires that were on the wane. Fanatically in support of the Ottomans, then the Austro-Hungarians, then the Italians, then the Germans subsequently Stalin's Russia, then Mao's China and then finally the Americans under Bush senior and Clinton. One could argue if one wanted to, look who the Albanians are fanatically in support of and work out who is about to lose. They resemble a gambling man who always believes he will win and always bets on the losing horse. Sad but true.

The point of division between Greece and Albania is an area of around 6-7000sq miles which is labelled ‘Northern Ipirus’ by the Greeks and ‘Southern Albania’ by the Albanians. This area was granted to Albania in 1913 by the Florence Protocol so as to make Albania a viable state. This division of Ipirus enraged the Greeks as it was part of Greece from ancient times with settlements there. This area has continued to be a bone of contention for the two countries (recent killing of a Greek called Katsifas a day before OXI on October 27th 2018 by armed Albanian paramilitary police created tension).

During the Sevres Agreement in 1920 Greece was granted the right to assimilate Northern Ipirus, but the political situation made this impossible at the time in Greece. Between 1927 and 1939 when King Zog of Albania was in charge he handed over control to Mussolini’s Italy and Albania became a province of Italy with the scope of uniting other Albanians areas under one region. Here was first born the concepts of ‘Greater Albania’…

Albanians in Albania and neighbouring countries

The problem of the Balkans was that populations of different identity lived in areas that never became part of the bourgeois transformation of each nation state ie minorities ended up on the wrong side of the border. Bigger powers played on this in order to gain a political foothold in each country promised them something that was never granted. Such was born the concept of ‘Greater Albania’ begging the question what was ever great in Albania? The concept of a Greater Albania adopted by Mussolini’s foreign policy to justify neo-colonialism to a desperate home population suffering severely from the onset of the 1929 Wall Street Crash is an irredentist concept of lands that are considered to form the national homeland by many Albanians, based on claims on the present-day or historical presence of Albanian populations in those areas. In addition to the existing Republic of Albania, the term incorporates claims to regions in the neighbouring states, the areas include Kosovo and the Preševo Valley of Serbia, territories in southern Montenegro, northwestern Greece (the Greek regional units of Thesprotia and Preveza) , referred by Albanians as Chameria, and other territories that were part of the Vilayet of Yanina during the Ottoman Empire and a part of western FYROM.

At some point prior to WW2 Italy adopted them officially and turned them into a province of Italy and then to keep them on board Mussolini sold the idea of a ‘Greater Albania’, in other words uniting all the Albanian speaking areas of the Balkans which in today’s time it implies uniting the Albanians in ex-FYROM and Kosovo thus affecting the operation of two states.

When Mussolini’s invasion of Greece failed and in part that was helped by the refusal of the Greeks in what is now southern albania to play ball, Hitlers 3rd Reich adopted them alongside the short lived ‘Republic of Macedonia’, but obviously to no avail as the whole experiment ignominiously collapsed. Both Serbia and Greece were a hard nut to crack to dismember….

Chamouria – Modern Albanian myths related to the Ottoman period

Albanians harp on about a quarter of northern Greece being theirs despite not having citizens living there and they call the region Chamouria.

During the Ottoman rule, the region was under the Vilayet of Ioannina, and later under the Pashalik of Yanina. During this time, the region was known as Chameria (also spelled Tsamouria, Tzamouria) and became a district in the Vilayet of Yanina.The wars of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries between Russia and the Ottoman Empire negatively impacted upon the region.Increased conversions to Islam followed, often forced. Its ironic that history appears to be repeating itself.

During the phases of implosion of the Ottoman period enforced islamisication occurred in the regions encompassing modern day Greece. Today we have a similar situation with the promotion of everything islamic (from the opening of the first state funded Greek mosque, to migrant blow ins of islamic heritage being funded to settle in big cities and on the islands of Greece.)

Albanians marching for their Ottoman past for the made up kingdom of Chamouria

Citizens of theirs that collaborated with the 3rd Reich in brutal killings of Greeks were expelled. That fear always lingers on in the back of the mind of every Albanian. It explains in part why Albania wants to be shot of all Greeks within their midst and Eddie Rama has pushed for the expropriation of Greek property whilst the President has provisionally blocked it.

Albania itself for most of its modern existence was an agricultural country and remains so. It never really industrialised.

In the conflict between Albanians Hoxha and Russias Khrushchev Russia didn’t want Albania to industrialise and saw no reason for it to do so as Russia could provide it with industrialised goods in return for agricultural ones. So emphasis was placed on investments in agriculture and Albania did become self -sufficient in food but lacked in industrial and consumer goods and its perpetual conflicts with both Russia and China meant that for a couple of decades they were isolated from the world market and did not update their infrastructure. Under Hoxha they built a national railway and a port they built did station a Russian submarine but once they fell out with each other Albanians took it over and sold it for parts.

This isn’t the area to analyse the merits or non merits of the socialist experiment under Hoxha. That can be left to future historians.

What concerns us is the interaction between those who departed from Albania and Greek labour. The reason being is twofold. Did they raise the experience of Greek labour and increase the general standard of living of both the host working class and themselves or did they lower the general standard pinning it to the floor? Did the free movement of labour between Greece and Albania create better conditions for life in general or make it all worse? The irony of the whole situation is that although they alleged free movement only really applied for countries that negotiated it in the EU with its four freedoms, this was brought to Greece a couple of decades early and the results have been catastrophic.

The Albanians having been socialised under Hoxha as he died in 1985 so if they were a minimum of 20 when they made a dash across the Albanian border to Greece they were born in 1970, 5 odd years before Hoxha broke off all relationships with the outside world, they came full on anti-communist only interested in making a fast buck. If they were 30 they were born in 1960. However which way one looks at it there is no explanation as to how a country emptied by half in the space of a decade or so after Hoxhas death and they were all ready made to undercut the labour of foreign workers, to be viciously anti-communist and at the same time in various sectors of the Greek economy to become one with the KKE (allegedly pro-communist)

Albania Rocks: Marijuana Galore & Imported Heroin

Albanian marijuana plantations

The mainstream BBC has even reported on the business which is Albanias main export.
“In Albania, a kilo of this illegal drug sells for between 100 and 200 euros (£85 to £170). In Italy it will fetch about 1,500 euros. And most of the country's cannabis crop is trafficked out - north through Montenegro, south to Greece, or west across the Adriatic to Italy. There is no significant home market. One source estimates the illicit industry may be worth five billion euros (£4.25bn) per year - about half of Albania's GDP.

The 20kg of stinking greenery slowly drying in the sunlight that streams through an open window does not represent this man's entire crop.
"I've produced 350kg," he says. "This year almost every single house in the village grew cannabis - tons and tons have been produced in this community alone."
This man employs 15 people to pick and process, and armed guards to defend his crop. He says he is in charge here, but he probably belongs to a wider network. So if everyone is growing it, and that seems to be common knowledge, why has there been no police raid?
"I pay the police 20%. Everybody has to pay. If you don't pay they will take you to jail," he says.
Then, he gets defensive.
"This is our curse - there are no jobs, no work here. There's no money in growing anything else. I know it's not a good thing I'm doing, but there's no other way."

The road to the EU
The issues that will arise is that if a US retreat occurs from Afghanistan, Albania – Kosovo loses its pivotal role as a Heroin processing and distribution hotspot and if moves are made to bring it into the EU, loses its status as a state where its citizens have essentially diplomatic immunity from criminal acts in neighbouring countries as all they need to do is rush back across the border and all is well. Extradition does not apply. Famous in this was a corporate lawyer (Zafiropoulos) for top politicians in Greece who got paid by Albanian mobsters to spring one of their own from a Greek prison and when that didn’t materialise was shot at point blank range in his office and the perpetrators went back to Albania no questions asked.

This is where Albanias problems arise. Having carved out a niche as a narco terror state the Columbia of the EU they have to tone down their act as eg France and Holland aren't happy in being undercut in marijuana production and for Albanian citizens having diplomatic immunity from criminal acts.

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Towards a 'Greater' Albania: The Coming Crash: The Albanian Conumdrum in Greece (Part 1)

The Coming Crash: The Albanian Conundrum in Greece

When the Soviet Union collapsed a whole series of satellite states emerged in Eastern Europe which ended up on the path of the Western orbit. The West European ruling classes were instructed by their big boss across the Atlantic to prop up and support these states. Greece adopted Albania and the political parties did all in their power to try to integrate them into economic life. The Albanian experience was the beginning of the end of the Greek labour movement.

For decades the mass media railed against the Soviet Union that the peoples weren’t free and they counldn’t travel to the West. This was of course a smokescreen to justify the demarcation points of the Cold War. The Russians responded in kind by highlighting the degrading conditions of Blacks in America or the Western unemployed. This obviously could no longer hold water come the 1980’s when in Russia they had no unemployment but no actual goods in the stores, making the old dictum now infamous: they pretend to pay us we pretend to work.

1980’s Greece

Greece went through the post war boom in a strong fashion. Money from shipping when there were Greek crews helped the country rebuild itself after the devastations of the 3rd Reich and the subseqent British/US sponsored civil war that sent back the country a decade in fighting and almost total economic devastation and loss in manpower.

Poor but unbowed Greeks rebuilt the country from ashes which resulted in a first class tourist destination, a range of really marketable agricultural products, the development of 14 universities, a national health service and the rise of strong industries: cement, plastics, leather, solar power etc. Alongside this the working class ended up owning a roof over their heads to an extent unparalleled in relation to the rest of Europe. Almost all major utilities were state owned in the 1980’s and Greece was around 40% self-sufficient in energy production for the needs of its civilians.

The strength of labour was such that the six day week gradually gave way to a five day week and zero holidays to six week holidays were granted. The usually non-union building industry set the agenda throughout the 1960’s till the 1980’s and was dominated by the KKE. They set the wages for almost every sector and all governments were frightened of them running amok (ripping up paving slabs and lobbing them at the police were their tricks of their trade when it came to demos).

After all the building trade hadn’t really progressed too much from the 1960’s in terms of technology. Workers still carried cement in buckets after mixing it up wooden ladders in buckets and it was back breaking work and let’s not forget that was the only industry you could work in without a police check, hence thousands of labourers who couldn’t emigrate after the end of the civil war (who were on the left) ended up working in the building trades. But by the mid to late 1980s the building trade had reached saturation point as most things had been built and bosses were frightened of new investments.

So when the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse they got the green signal to become unhinged. Via cross party agreements as we had coalition governments in 1989-90 amongst the three main parties New Democracy PASOK and the KKE the agenda was set for the next decade. The bosses would rail against the failure of ‘communism’ and the now without a home (plus source of financing) Greek Left would adopt the multitudes of economic migrants who were going West to make a …killing. Slowly but surely over a period of a decade and a half up until the Olympics 2004 whole swathes of Greek labour were replaced by migrants and when the crash came in 2010 we had an absolute collapse.

Albanians Arrival

Almost all the Albanians that arrived were hard core anticommunists, those that the Greek Left adopted en masse under the guise of helping the imported poor to the detriment of the local population as after all if you are interested in the most recent arrivals that implies defacto that you aren’t interested in your own citizens.

The most infamous case was that of the Foreign Minister at the time Samaras who organised a trip to the Greek areas in Albania and wished them all to be free by next Xmas (in reality stating come on over to Greece). He spoke about Greek business investing in Albania which was one of the demands by US imperialism to co-opt all the old Soviet sattelites. Business would save them if only they came on over….
By our decade Greek business was the 2nd biggest foreign investor in Albania. Cross border trade in drugs, women, weapons went through the roof and Greece supported indirectly/directly all operations in the break up of yugoslavia without formal participation the NATO war....

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Pyatt unleashing Deep State against Greeks?

Pyatt unleashing Deep State against Greeks?

Nimetz according to reporter said there is a danger to Greece in not agreeing to the Prespes Agreement.

Under the guise of the ‘nationalist threat’ the Deep State provocations of Pyatt's Syriza clowns are being hidden. We had 100 deaths in the summer allegedly by ‘natural fires’ and we saw hooded protestors come out of the Greek Parliament to attack the riot police who in turn fired teargas volleys destroying a 1.5m strong demo against the NATO expansion of FYROM. Will we witness new deaths?

Provocations constitute one of the most useful and decisive political weapons by established power in particular the establishment powers of totalitarian regimes. In today’s globalised world, the powers that be (states and protectorates) have reached a crescendo of provocations. Almost daily we have provocations which are assigned to whomever the powers that be want to denigrate.

Now not only the powers of globalised capital use all the forms of power (state, deep state, paramilitary, the mafias of money, with their armies, etc) create provocations and events so as to manufacture propagandistic shows so as to disorientate, to advance certain economic and political objectives fro new social disasters…

This generalised character of the provocation, usually provokes confusion to them themselves in the mechanisms of provocation and even more recently develops by the same mechanisms of provocation into a parody, a bad theatrical show, into a farce which everyone (except the idiots) understands. They understand that the game is rigged and manufactured.

Such a character was the provocation against the Macedonia is Greek rally last Sunday. The violence against unarmed protestors attending the rally with children was phenomenal and totally exposed the ‘radical’ left Syriza.

The ‘left wing’ globalists who at every turn have supported the Provocations of the Deep State and the government crooks are as rotten to the core as the right wingers. They are professional globalists against each and every nation state they reside in. Professional anti-nationalists, anti-racists and the CIA.

When you close your eyes to the manufactured games of provocation and the made up (by the state, paramilitary states and the secrete services) of ‘hired thugs’ and assign the events (fake and preplanned) to the ‘far right’ Golden Dawn then you are defending the provocation and the government plans of State Terrorism against the hundreds of thousands at the Rally.

Depending on the issue in progress whether its related to demands for social justice or those of a national issue we have analogous characterisations. For those regarding social justice issue the provocateurs will be ‘anarchists’ ‘antiestablishment’ figures. The well known ‘known unknown’ provocateurs.

When we dealing with issues of a national issue the provocateurs will be of the far right, they will wear the clothes of the far right…

To be more precise such popular manifestations by the leftist globalists are given to the right and far right of globalisation in other words to their twin partners in crime.

In such circumstances the mechanisms of deep state provocations change the label of the provocations from ‘far left’ to ‘far right’. It’s well known that many parts or groups of Golden Dawn are part of the actual state and its Deep State versions.

Those who granted exclusively that the events at the rally were solely those assigned to GD without revealing the nature of the Deep State and its provocations let’s not forget that the burning of Marfin Bank with four dead when the IMF first arrived in Greece was an event assigned to ‘far left’ anarchists, last Sundays events to those of ‘far right’ Nazis.

Those who gave the excuse to the police to unleash a terrorist wave to dissolve the Rally are organs of the Deep State, without any ideological colours, political labels are assigned and utilised for certain political purposes.

Pyatt’s boys in Athens are on a mission to extend and pretend NATO is buoyant and expanding. That we should add every banana republic and square the circle of the collapse of ex-Yugoslavia by breaking up Serbia again by enforcing a Greater Albania via the Prespes deal.

Just as provocations cannot change the course of history, provocations only buy time for the state. But a state in a state of disintegration starts to run out of excuses and people don’t buy the garbage. This is the beginning of the end of official excuses regarding state provocations against peoples uprisings in Greece

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Eyewitness Accounts: Macedonia Rally 2019 Images Part Two

Part C: Up close and personal. The paid provocateurs, one of whom assaulted the eyewitness.

Part D: Riot police firing tear gas at (paid) "provocateurs" even well into the side streets around Syntagma Square, while patrons sitting outside where threatened and forced to relocate indoors. One such provocateur verbally assaulted me to stop taking photos then gave me the finger (tough guy!) when I kept shooting. Was busy with his work though and went on his way...

Part E: Various photos of the aftermath and suffering. Note also the "badass" "antifa" grafitti referring to "Macedonia" (as in the country, not the Greek province), and the tear gas canister (the one I had in my hands) in one of the photos.

Notes on the Macedonia Is Greek Rally: What Comes Next?

Notes on the Macedonian Rally: What Comes Next?

We ended up with the following phenomena:
Syriza (they who give it instructions) moved towards an open, confrontational, final signal of war against the whole of the Greek Nation. That is the only answer that can explain the enforced attack with tear gas against One Million people who congregated for a rally, young old and pensioners amongst them.

This turn by Syrza for an open rupture with the Greek people (and unavoidably with the other nations in Europe and the world) was being livestreamed by more than one channel.

A previous ‘show’ that occurred was when Athens literally burnt around December 2008. Then it wasn’t so blatant or clear by the scum mass media and whoever directs them. They did not show one million people take tear gas attacks from all quarters from which only the use of live fire was lacking. They only showed then various agent provocateurs doing their usual dancing with the police in pre-arranged mock battles, The channel which transmitted this line was clearly the CIA ones like Skai (Aris Portosalte was there at the demo) There is no point in explaining what orders they were given.

1) Syriza is heading for a full scale attack against the People, placing even glasses on the Colonels regime of the 1960;s.
2) The MSM are cheering this turn of Syriza… What should we then assume regarding what political developments are being advanced?

Is there full agreement between the USA and Germany in what is occurring? Is the MSM taking part in just terrorising the people? Or is Syriza advancing orders from Merkel (‘impose the Prespa Agrement even with bloodshed!) alongside the CIA agencies – the well known MSM –to open a hole for them with orders from the other side of the Atlantic? In other words conflict between the USA and Germany?

The departure of Panos Kammenos (ANEL partner of Tsipras on day one) leads to the suspicion – if not conclusion – that the USA for which he is carrying out the instructions have organised this break. If this is so this will be seen with departures of Syriza MPs (with $$$ for this purpose as opposed the Merkels Euros so as to guarantee 5-10 MPs depart) under the guise of a crisis of consciousness by the event that occurred today and not only).

Waiting for the next developments

Kostas Thiseos

Reuters has announced the Prespes Agreement to go to a full vote in the Greek Parliament on Thursday 24th January

Eyewitness Account 20th January Rally for Greek Macedonia

Eyewitness Account 20th January Rally for Greek Macedonia


I thought about leaving this for the following day. But I will write what I can say about what happened today in the big Macedonia rally in Sindagma Sq… calmly having put my thoughts in order. I don’t know what was played on the tv and I am not interested. I know what I saw.
I walked up Amalias towards Sindagma to find friends. I went sideways towards the Statue of the Unknown Soldier, there where the flag was of the immortal Katsifas (killed by Albanian hit squads a day before OXI day in Albania).

Whilst I was on the right hand side of Parliament, heading towards the centre of the square, the first set of tear gas started falling. I quickly went towards the road. The citizens that had undertaken to defend the Flag did not want the agent provocateurs to cut fruit off the trees nearby and throw them at the police, ‘please don’t they said’ ‘please don’t provoke’. ‘There are old people here and children’ Many of those who attacked the police WERE not Greeks but Africans and ArabAsians.

New Type of ‘Greek’ Rioter

On the road now the first wave of tear gas started. I had a very clear path of vision. On the side of the Parliament around 40-50 people were very close to the line of riot police (about 4-5meters away) provoking them. The reaction of the riot police were noise bombs and tear gas to the ranks of people behind. Something they always do. At one point once the wind was in our direction we started to run backwards towards Great Britain hotel. A man with two children, we couldn’t see clearly infront of us I helped him with his children. I felt they were throwing something above us. For five to ten minutes the same. From the balconies of Great Britain hotel they were tear gassing people. I just didn’t see it. Others did as well. It started raining, the situation somewhat calmed down with respect to the teargas. Suddenly the riot police from Parliament but also from Panepistimiou Street start to move forwards to 20 meters from the front of Great Britain hotel. Teargas from all directions. I reached Stadiou around 200 meters away the riot police vans block the exit of people and start an attack with teargas, sandwiching us from all ends with tear gas volleys!

Pensioners and parents with children! Around 80% were older people with children! Can you believe the police actions! Next to Coffee Island on the sidestep a pensioner looking lost, we helped him get out of there. We are talking about a man in his 80’s with difficulty in walking. We got towards Ermou and we headed towards Monastiraki. The closer we got the better it got. Athens in different light, everywhere peole with flags a calmer climate! Our company was cut off in the melee. We spoke and saw it was quiet. We went up towards Mitropoleos street. We stopped and got a coffee and water. In a moment again a repeat of the mayhem! Older people, women and children being attacked with chemicals by our friends. We headed further away again towards Monastriaki. People shouting abuse to what is being pretended to be the PM of Greeks by the enraged people. Everyone swore about his family and the government (not for the Greeks)

Greek tries to disarm 'rioter'. Riot police attack Greek....

I don’t want to describe anymore. With certainty I am informing you on my honour as a man that the ‘known-unknowns’ (what the agents provocateurs are referred to in Greece) WERE not more than 50 people. Now how unknown were they amongst themselves I don’t know. But there were a few times when the riot police were as close as 2 metres and others when they were lost amongst them. I never saw any conflict amongst them. I saw them attack the crowds with expired tear gas (from July 2017) to women children and pensioners. To cut off escape routes and to throw tear gas from every direction. Which smart aleck gave this order? I wish from the depth of my heart for this dumb ass to choke from asphyxiation. That’s what almost happened to us. Somewhere there the rally ended. I believe the issue isn’t over just that they managed to get people to leave.

Please spread this eyewitness account so all the people learn what is going on. This is what the new EFIALTES of History (that is how they will be known) to frighten and terrorise the people. They achieved this in part today. Our country is no longer a Democracy but under an occupation by a bunch of leftist who have as the aim the granting of National Independence, the destruction of history and the economic immiserisation of the indigenous peoples of this country so as to grant a pre-determined sellout of this country.

They want to frighten us. But do you know what? They are frightened of the hatred of the peoples who if they rise will bury them.
I am not writing any lies or what the others told me. I am writing what I saw with my own eyes. Don’t be frightened! Spread the story. This is written by myself and with my own name. There is no hatred or any threats. It refers to real events!

Greeks don’t be frightened. Spread the story so people can understand what has happened. Their aim is to terrorize us as they are frightened of our hatred which their injustice is provoking.
Stratos Pendogennis