Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Greek 'Elections': Continued One Party Rule or a Coalition Govt?

All indications in the previous period were that the New Democracy administration would implode under the severe Lockdown measures, the economic crash, and the train crash this February when millions hit the streets in protest. Instead of that ND both increased its vote in absolute numbers and as a percentage which Syriza the official opposition lost one third of its electoral base in absolute numbers (600k) and around 12% voting share. No exit polls predicted this.

Electoral Fraud and Voting Irregularities 
The numbers just don’t add up.

In the 2021 census there were 10.4m citizens approximately.

The electoral results both for 2019 and 2023. 

How many are signed up to vote: 9.8m 

Taking into account children under 18 don’t vote and there are around 500k very old citizens with mobility and other issues who don’t vote (no postal vote exists in Greece) that leaves out approximately 2m people. So the electoral base isn’t 9.8m, nor could 5.5m have voted if we had a 40% abstention. Around 1.5m have been added up electronically by Singular Logic

 Bourgeois parliamentarism in this era of deep crisis of global capitalism has surpassed the interwar period of the 3rd Reich. Hitler never one outright in an electoral battle he was only ever the first party and was appointed by the Chancellor Hindenburgh. 

Nowadays the fraud is so blatant and open that it has surpassed anything the 3rd Reich had achieved. Fraud in the electoral process in Greece is not new. During the cold war in the 1950’s when the Left came second fraud was immense, the joke was trees and dead people voted. Nowadays its obviously done by computer.

 One set of results exist at the polling stations and another arrive at the centre. The issue is why doesn’t the opposition say anything regarding the publicly available information where the numbers don’t add up?

The Aegean Issue 
Syriza for decades had the line that the Aegean belongs to its fish and that if a section of it goes to Turkey its no big issue. The same has been stated by New Democracy politicians in different words in particular by the sister of the current PM, Dora Bakogianni. 

 The bottom line is that the US is in a long period of conflict with NATO member Turkey and has tried to get rid of Erdogan in a colour revolution in 2016 and since with the attack on the banks and the engineered earthquake. 

 As Greece is Americas actual backyard offering a section of the Aegean to Turkey under Erdogan is clearly out of the question hence a coalition government may be put on the back burner, despite all the previous attacks on ND by international media outlets inc the New York Times, Guardian, BBC etc . and domestic allegations of paedophilia, economic fraud and gross negligence regarding the recent train crash (which by all accounts appears engineered). 

Next Elections 
If Syriza cannot get an agreement with PASOK to vote tactically ie to withdraw candidates where PASOK is num 2 and vice versa then by all accounts Mitsotakis will gain an absolute majority as the next elections will be with an enhanced majority ie one will require around 37% to form a government on their own and gain a 151 majority unlike the current ones which were base on proportional representation and one required +46%.

What is strange is that Syriza did not actually lead any campaign apart from a lacklustre one and a few day before the elections their ex-Penstions Minister Katrougalos announced a massive hidden increase in tax for the self-employed for which there are many in Greece, thus openly undermining the electoral outcome. This is reminiscent of the 2012 first elections where Tsipras announced he would house and feed any migrunt blow in that happens to arrive on Greek shores.

It's clear that since 2009 however you look at it with or without electoral fraud abstention remains the number one ‘political party’ in Greece surpassing whatever votes are assigned to the number one party by a very large margin (4m to 2.5m). Hence any party that governs is a minority party in society as a whole and however much electoral fraud they practice they cannot conceal this.

Politics is at an impasse in Greece as all the parties standing are anti-Russian, pro-EU, pro-Euro, open borders and hyperglobalists. Whatever forces exist opposed to this aren’t participating in the electoral charade.

VN Gelis

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Greek Protest Movement Re-Emerges Part 5

Greek Train Crash Part 5
The social and economic crisis underpins the resurgence of a mass protest movement not seen since the IMF arrived in 2010-11. This movement both in size scope and age related participation shows it is a new dynamic which hasn’t overcome the defeats of the past, but by gaining momentum shows a new dynamic may be possible if it overcomes the dead end strategy of the past.

2010 IMF decade 
We went through 4 distinct phases. 

First Phase: The rise of the Aganaktismenous-Indignants phase with Occupations in Sindagma sq around 40 mini-establishment organised General Strikes with 48hr being maximums and at one stage near 1million people on the streets of Sindgama. Many times these demos were violently disrupted using tear gas and initially Bank Workers were burnt during one strike by agents provocateurs. Politically it led to an almost total collapse of New Democracy (reaching an all time low of 18%) and a rise of the new kids on the block, Syriza 

Second Phase: ND-PASOK coalition Samaras and Venizelos and a massive strike wave in 2014 which was brought to a standstill when the government introduced Junta style laws banning the right to strike in the public sector and sending out arrest warrants using the police to public sector workers if they continued their strikes. The strike phase ended once people realised that without a solid strike leadership they could only rely on electoral changes so they put all their faith in Syriza 

Third Phase:  Despite the blackmails via the shut banks and a limit on daily withdrawals with pensioners fainting in long queues with hot weather, the Greek establishment tried to sell the Referendum of 2015 as a pro-EU event stating quite brazenly a vote for OXI-NO would equal an ejection from the EU and a return to the Drachma. When 63% of the population voted NO and the KKE abstained it clearly showed peoples disposition if a correct leadership existed but instead we got the pro-EU Syriza clowns who instead like Samaras before them voted in the 3rd MoU 

Fourth Phase: The protests against the sell-off of the name Macedonia to a bunch of NWO Skopje clowns were wide and varied and whilst including a large base of the Patriotic Left had no organized banners from the Left and did involve a large base of the Patriotic Right. The main speech for the massive rally in Sindagma Sq was from Theodorakis and this was the last great speech from this composer who stigmatised Greek history from the struggle against the Nazi occupation till then end of the 2010 decade.
Hundreds of thousands took part in every major city in Greece surpassing left-right political divides. Despite that Syriza agreed and then lost power…

2020’s Decade 
Lockdowns R Us

Never one to cut short any fascistic implementations of restrictive measures PM Mitsotakis went above and beyond demanding Vaccine passports for the whole of the EU (whilst at the same time promoting open borders and the shipping of migrunts without any checks from one part of Greece to the other). Whereas most countries ended Convid PM Mitsotakis with his neo nazi Health Minister Plevris only brought back the 10k odd unvaxxed healthworkers but still with a stipulation to do twice weekly paid tests, he brought multilingual announcements on the metro to wear a mask and although banned at airports the message still rings out more than once in an hour. This clown show is allegedly to end 31st March but don’t hold your breath as there are adverts in place to speak to your doctor regarding endless boosters for your ….health. 

The pent up pressure of over two years of Lockdowns the disaster in the tourist economy and the 20-30% inflation in consumer goods over the last year has pummelled day to day living costs and we are at the dawn of a new social crisis that will dwarf the one of the last decade… 

Demos after Demos
Get Out Scumbags We Want Justice and Education 
Within the space of ten days we have had two mini General Strikes, endless protests by university students, school students with many banners stating ‘Down with the Government of Murderers’. Many were teargassed and the agents provocateurs resurfaced disrupting protests so the riot police could disperse them. In almost every Sunday league match banners anti-govt banners have appeared. Indicative of the situation is that the state controlled oligarchs media has had to put on an anti-govt face. In a research its stated around 2.5m people have been involved in protests and strikes in the last period. 

The widespread participation of youth indicates once again enough is enough and this is forcing the govts hand to try not react in the usual way. For the first time even in right wing media they assert the agents provocateurs who disrupt the rallies are paid informants dressed as anarchists. This is a new development. 

 There is clearly a split within the establishment ranks and the police itself as evident with the departure of the Chief of Police after one year in office without knowing if he was pushed or he resigned. Was the Chief of Police ordered to kill protesting Greeks? Attacking people for mourning their dead and unaccounted for in the Great Train Crash of 2023 doesn’t obviously sit well with elements of the government party and they have openly stated it through their spokesperson ‘that a train crash cannot bring down the government’, but that is exactly what will happen. PM Mitsotakis days are numbered and if he doesn’t win in the first round the knives will be out for him, if he lasts that far and we don’t have anymore engineered …crashes (air sea or road) with victims. 

Knowing full well a global crash was coming they postponed the inevitable with the Convid QE the central banks pumped in everywhere (2019-20) creating mass inflation and now millions are literally on the move it will difficult once more to cage them in. 

The difference with the 2010 decade is that there is no actual single political alternative on the horizon being promoted. The MSM promote Dendias (ND Foreign Minister) and also individuals like Varoufakis trying to spin an anti-IMF twist on his behalf. A coalition govt cannot of course have a single leader and the issue is whether it will be a mini coalition or a broad based one.

KKE as mainstream as they can get 
Having survived the 2010 decade by halving its electoral base and selling off as much as possible to maintain its professional parasites the KKE needs the votes to get an electoral subsidy. It has suddenly changed course and is no longer doing separate demos as it has done for the past 25 years. It now joins all demos with the rest of the people. The unions are no longer ‘class based’ which was the excuse used for its abstentionism.

The demonstrations for the KKE are to gain more supporters to vote for them, the politics is zero as usual. They don’t even call for the government to resign now and they don’t even leave Parliament as a sign of protest. They hope to ride it out get their 300.000 votes and join the next two Parliaments. This might not actually work out for them and this year may be the decisive break that occurs with the KKE that it is forced into a coalition government to survive economically as politically it is dead. 

 The next period ahead
The game of musical chairs now being played between all the organisations that are represented within and outside Parliament for a seat at the parliamentary trough will depend on what numbers emerge and with whom they govern as the one party victory seems too distant if not near enough impossible under a system of proportional representation for the first set of elections. 

The issue is whether the populist movement is able to impose any real populist solutions by acting outside the box, ie not limiting itself to set piece demos where riot police and black clad agents provocateurs decide who can and who cant demonstrate, whether they are able to target politicians like they did in Serres where ex-Minister of Transport Karamanlis had tens of thousands chanting ‘You aint getting re-elected’ and making life hell for all politicians touting for a vote. The political patronage system (whereby votes are granted for jobs and government contracts) makes it very impossible. Either which way the capitalist crisis aint going on holiday and it has come back with a vengeance. We need to respond accordingly. 

Evans Aggelissopoulos

Friday, 10 March 2023

The Signalman Anomalies… Greek Train Crash Part 4

The Signalman Anomalies… Greek Train Crash Part 4
The government from the word get go has attempted to blame the employees involved in this and to get themselves away from the event scott free. How now a whole train system is allegedly dependent on one man is beyond belief in particular when that one man has been seen nowhere since the crash. We have heard his voice, seen his picture but have not seen a single video of him either being taken to court or into custody. All we know is his sister was in and out of the PMs office again in what capacity we have not been told. 

Signalman Anomalies 
The signalman completed his training on 24th January this year. 3 signalmen were supposed to be on his post that evening but he was alone. Various bits of information state the others were having some drinks late into the evening. 

So far from what we know there were two tracks one that goes upwards to Thessaloniki and one that goes downwards to Athens. The passenger train was travelling North to Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki and the freight train was travelling South to Athens. We do not know who had commissioned the freight train and what cargo it was carrying. We also know from the recorded speeches between the signalman responsible for the passenger train that he was forced to hold it on the upwards path for some time over 50m as allegedly the live wires were ripped off collapsing the electricity in part of the route and that at some point there after he switched to the downwards track before switching it back to the upwards track. 

This was stated at 23.41 in a conversation with the Controller Signalman from Athens in a conversation with the Signalman at Larissa (who was responsible for the passenger train).

The signalman blames the magnetic keys that they didn’t switch the wagon back to the upward track in dialogue circulated in the MSM. Why was he even given the job without actually having long term experience in a post whereby 80 trains a day passed? Another two signalmen were allegedly on call (arrested today) but left early leaving him in the lurch. So having stated he accepts ‘part responsibility’ for the crash why was the post not manned? Why didn’t the dashboard make noise that two trains are on the track? Is there a way to block the diversion of the train without the signalmans knowledge? 

Why was he allegedly over the age limit which was set at 45 for this post and he was nearer 60? He was appointed whilst ND was in power and what connection does the PM have with the family? Where is the family from? The signalman’s surname is Samaras just like the sisters. Are they related to the politician Samaras who brought down PM Mitsotakis fathers’ government in 1993? Another one of those weird coincidences which if it was one stinks that this was organised and in your face and someone is having a laugh at all of us. Why one week after the event is a secret being kept regarding this topic? We will eventually find out so the only explanation is damage control, wait till the families have buried their dead and then drip feed us with information. 

The issue is that whichever one looks at it if PM Mitsotakis doesn’t reveal info early on but keeps it hidden for others to reveal he will be labelled as politicising the tragedy to his own political advantage and if he does reveal a connection will go down even faster. Either which way he is burnt politically but when will he jump or be pushed is what is at stake here.

But we have another problem. PM Mitsotakis was recently revealed to be using Israeli spyware to spy on politician’s so he knows exactly what they are up to beforehand and can act accordingly. 

The engines of the trains according to a blogger contain 2.5tonnes of light oil and there are 3 engines parts so around 7.5tonnes and with the speed they are travelling at 160km/h for the passenger train and 90km/h for the freight train with 25,000volts on the overhead cable it isn’t hard to see that a fireball engulfed more than one train wagon… 

So if it was a human error it cant be down to one person as the system isn’t run on one person alone and it would be ridiculous to believe that it was. They employed part time signalmen as well on non-permanent contracts. The driver of the passenger train also allegedly tried to contact the signalman Vasilis Samaras but had communication issues as there are dead zones in the journey. But zooming up the wrong track when the Greek rail system has ‘ghost trains’ is abominable on all counts and shows a trusting relationship between drivers signalmen beyond what one could consider ‘normal’. 

Such an event if an organised provocation takes meticulous planning and the signalmen, trackworkers, drivers etc would have noticed some strange events occurring without realising what precisely at least one month before. One of the reasons none of them appear in the media to not be asked too many questions and contradict the official story: human error. When we all know it is systemic error with or without the element of direct provocation. 

Botched privatisation where the major costs of running the railway rely on the state and where the cash flow is handed over to a private train company. They wouldn’t have been able to do that if they had to pay to upkeep the train tracks and now they have dead on their hands….. 

Blood has been spilt and the Government of Murderers needs to go asap…

Evans Aggelissopoulos

10th March 2023

Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Was a Bomb used for the Collision? Part 3

Greek Train Crash Part 3
Was a Bomb used for the Collision? 

Questions arisen: was a bomb used as a second fallback option to ensure there were casualties? What evidence exists apart from the video of the collision and verbal confirmation by a firefighter of a crater at the location? If a bomb was used then its an open and shut case of a terrorist attack of unknown elements. 

We cannot obviously know what happened as we don’t have access either to the crash site and aren’t a state entity, we can only make certain assumptions which might be reflected upon depending what comes next.

According to the Chief Firefighter no evidence of gas tanks existed in the passenger train as it was an electrified unit and the canteen was modern using only electricity. He did not say whether any checks were made regarding material for bombs. The army is seen in pictures on the days after the crash as being there. Was that to remove any sensitive evidence or to ensure they stated there was no bomb debris on site? 

 A female firefighter told us there was evidence of a crater on site which by the time we had arrived was covered up. What caused the crater? One could argue that the passenger wagons because of the intensity of the crash travelling at around 160kmh a couple of wagons pancaked and as seen from the picture the canteen which was wagon num 3 was pulverised.

The first two freight train wagons show evidence of a collision but they don’t appear to have blown up. That does not imply there wasn’t an explosion but it does not appear to have blown them up or made them into bits. So how would a bomb work on the freight train but its impact to be for the passenger train? A bomb could have been located in the mud underneath the passenger train in the area of the impact to have maximum effect and to a certain extent the total collapse of the first three wagons of the passenger train show that. But one doesn’t see the wagons to have been blown to bits or having opened up as in other pictures in the after math of train bombings. How could they work out the distance the train was travelling and that it would hit at that precise location beforehand? Highly improbable as well.
A link from Associated Press regarding the carriages does not show evidence of a bomb in the aftermath, there are no carriages that have blown outwards.
Aftermath of Madrid train bombing 

The Chief firefighter told us one of the carriages had become like a giant ball and they had to prize it open to gain access. That is the exact opposite of bomb which has the opposite effect, it opens things up it doesn’t close them. 

If they wanted to plant a bomb they could have on the train and blamed it on illegal migrants who use the service for free. I have been on there in the last five years around 5-6 times. I noticed many travelling, there were no checks on and off the train so anyone could in theory carry anything. If the current PM wanted to pass the blame on he could easily have found evidence of a bomb (if there was one) and blamed it on whoever. It would have been believed after all most events are blamed on ….’terrorism’. 

A Greek newspaper on the 2nd Day of the Crash on its front cover had the title ‘Bomb on Train’ and this newspaper is closely associated with the security services. Everybody knows the Greek security services aren’t a single homogenous unit and they represent influences of particular world powers USA or EU….

 Did this newspaper deliberately produce such a title to muddy the waters? This is the fastest ‘conspiracy’ promotion ever in Greece in living memory. We did not see this with Convid, fires that engulf the country every summer or in the previous era of Fake Terrorism. Why know? Who is behind it? Yesterday’s people who would not see a conspiracy anywhere are now all conspiracy all the time. What changed? Or is it the new line so it can all be traced back personally to the PM?

Video Evidence
One needs to view the video evidence to show us how it is the train wagons that crashed.

 From a survey of the site there are no parking points or any security cameras that can see the video they showed from a distance. The video does not show these specific trains as we can’t discern them in the dead of night. What we are seeing could in theory be anything from anywhere.

 It’s not the first time they do this. When the oil wells were burning in Iraq in the first Gulf war they showed us a bird full of oil. This was not from Iraq but it was shown repeatedly. They might want to show evidence of a bomb to muddy the waters so people can fight with each other over every detail which isn’t really that important as the real issues are how did two trains collide on a single track and one is a freight train carrying unknown goods? 

 The firefighter could have been directed by the government to search for a bomb. The issue is could have they been directed to find evidence for a planted bomb in the aftermath of the collision? As far as we now after a crash the priority is to get anyone out alive and see if anyone is still alive in the debris.

 From the extent of the debris of the carriages pulverised there was no chance anyone would be alive. Also for a false flag to operate on behalf of the government it has to be done from scratch it cannot be a response to an event not of the actual governments making. It would involve too many variables. Then would the PM dare false flag the original false flag architects of global fake terrorism the USA? Highly unlikely as he is a Yes Man and if they ask him to commit political or other forms of hara-kiri he would. What comes to mind is Pinochet. He exclusively followed the Chicago boys economic nutjob unit didn’t stop him being chased after he left office or the Greek junta personnel who had 7 years of glory and the rest of their lives behind bars…. 

Organised Train Collision to Politically Personally Burn the PM 
No PM in Greece can survive such a disaster. Tsipras before him got burnt on the stake over the fires in Mati Athens and the Prespes Agreement. With so many dead highlighting the shoddy mismanagement, privatisation for peanuts to a Sicilian mafia outfit and the massive ensuing protests this government will fall. 

Today’s revelations that the signalman’s sister works in the PMs office shows that this goes right into the heart of government. There is no way out of this one. Postponing the elections does not time buy the announcement was supposed to have occurred last Friday but the train crash intervened. The anger and hatred and pent up pressure from two years of repressive Lockdowns is exploding on the streets and the youth are back protesting big time (topic will covered after tomorrows mini-general strike). PM Mitsotakis is about to become persona non grata everywhere. 
7th March 2023 
Evans Aggelissopoulos

Sunday, 5 March 2023

Train Collision Times and Other Anomalies

Part Two Eyewitness Account

It was a very long journey from Athens and back in total 15hrs in one day and with a wake up time of 5am. First point of call was the hotel where some relatives of the deceased where staying. In the foyer one woman was wailing with pain. Naturally one cannot engage with peoples grief, we aren't the mass media and have principles which we cannot override. Peoples grief comes first and always will. 

Curteousy of the ex-Minister of Development in the first Syriza government Mr P Lafazani we were able to join his delegation and to get access to the crash site with plenty of time to view remnants of the damage and to speak to the Chief of the Firebrigade on site. 

One needs to understand that on these specific issues Greece is unlike the French or the English and a lot more like the Americans. The firebrigade is subservient to the Police on site and the Police are a political entity who take orders directly from the prevailing Government Ministers. 

 Over Convid the Greek police where given track and trace powers for all citizens who could not leave the house without noting where they are going or they faced multiple fines beginning with €300.

 The police were in charge of the crash site and in their first road block they told us we can’t go through unless directly involved in one way or another. Mr Lafazani managed to convince them that we came from Athens to lay wreaths for the dead.

 Having gone through to the site we managed to secure a 40m question and answer session with the Chief Fire Brigade officer and other close colleagues we understood that they were suffering PTSD and they needed to get some things off their chest primarily with strangers.

 We were told that there was zero evidence of bombs anywhere on the crash site. One cannot assume the Chief Firefighter was lying as he was very open and stated after the collision from impact the train wagons caught fire from the materials contained in them. But lets not dwell on whether there was an explosion or not as the impact alone was enough to kill passenger, the issue is whether the ‘explosion’ would have killed more or less and this argument is now similar to the one adopted after 9/11 between the No Plane theory and the Planes theory which doesn’t override anything else from the debris site ie kerosene cannot melt steel beams and the subsequent evidence of thermite.

Train Times
The Passenger train was delayed over 50 min in Larissa due to faulty electrical cables (could have been cut or damaged by external forces and this happens frequently by those who steal cables for money) by that time the freight train had travelled far down the track. The signalman then places the passenger train on the same line as the freight train and 25km out of Larissa they collide. Here is where it now gets interesting.
Pulverised Debri of the canteen.
The Chief Firefighter stated that when they arrived from all over towns close to Larissa the ambulance service and a couple of big buses were already there.

He stated they arrived between 11.50 to 12am. People had managed to escape the collision from the back carriages (3 front ones were damaged beyond repair one was fully pulverised). 

Time of Train Crash 11.22pm
Firebrigade arrival 11.50-12pm 
Ambulance service already there prior to 11.50am

The actual length of time of the collision was 16m. So 11.22pm and 16m already is 11.36pm. If we are to allege passengers rang after that for emergency services as the trains personnel was already dead and this took max another 4m we are at 11.40pm.

Anyone ever involved in a head on collision of any sort knows that the times I have given are ridiculous in terms of reaction of passengers and cannot be held to be serious as they are the shortest amount possible to give the benefit of the doubt to the other side that the emergency services responded after a passenger call.

The scene of the crash site is approximately 25km Larissa. Last 3km you go along dirt tracks to to get to the side of the train where emergency services set up camp with the army present probably the next day. It is physically impossible even on permanent standby with being able to leave immediately (assume the engines of the ambulance service were on and a signal as if we are in a car rally was made and they left immediately) to go to a crash site the location of which they don’t know 100% and it is already dark outside to arrive any time prior to 12am.
Where the emergency services are. This is approx. 2-3km from a main road.

This in and of itself shows this was a pre-engineered event. Time cannot be created out of thin air and rickety ambulances aren’t 4by4  vehicles which easily can go over dirt tracks.
Larissa General Hospital 

The Chief Firefighter was baffled as to how they were there so swiftly. Of course phone logs wont be provided at what time of day was the ambulance service called to leave Larissa General Hospital which happens to be 2-3 blocks away from the centre but still in a congested part of the town. 

 This is of course assuming all ambulance crews are ready on no other calls out and they can go there at the drop of a hat. Everyone knows the collapse of the Greek health system due to the enforced austerity of the EU-IMF in the 2010 decade for which the country has never recovered. The focus on explosive materials may be a diversion from the point of view of the actual events themselves and what we can understand from what is a rapidly changing situation. We will return.

 Evans Aggelissopoulos

Friday, 3 March 2023

NATO Engineered Train Crash in Greece?

NATO Engineered Train Crash in Greece?
Train collision fireball? Or NATO weaponry exploding on impact? 

A passenger train carrying mostly students on a late evening journey from   Athens to Thessaloniki collides with a freight train going from Athens to Thessaloniki in an area near Larissa town killing at least 57 but with that many more unaccounted for. Explosions were heard by passengers and fireball was created. Within the Greek system there are ‘ghost trains’ which send freight so they aren’t billed. What was in the cargo of the freight train we do not as yet know. The signalman was a recent appointee with rumours his daughter works in the parliamentary office of an MP. The more time that passes the more strange this whole saga becomes. 

After Blinken’s visit to Greece strange things started. All of a sudden sworn political enemies started a merry go round of negotiations as to what to do in the coming elections. For months talk was of a Greek-Turkish conflict which could occur at anytime. After the Turkish earthquake it was all smiles and kisses. After the Greek train crash which by all accounts is very strange they are best of buddies again and coalitionism is on the cards in Greece again. 

The army turned up to take control of the situation and the freight trains which appeared to be over 30 wagons ended up becoming only 11. Tonight a government official stated the deceased will only be given in sealed coffins as they don't obviously want relatives testing the remants of their relatives for fragments of military hardware from the explosions.

EU Directives
 The war by NATO against Russia has brought to the fore the issues of transportation of military equipment from West to East. There are a myriad of countries in the EU and many of the rail services have been privatised. The freight and passenger trains usually with the rolling stock and infrastructure still belonging to the governments. The high cost of maintaining the infrastructure falls on respective governments and most of the profits to the privatised rail companies. The purpose behind privatisation is of course to break the back of health and safety regulation by cutting corners and weaken and immobilise any reaction of train drivers. 

According to the fire brigade there were no gas bottles or other explosive material in the passenger train but they haven’t disclosed what was in the freight train.

 Some people have alleged that there are ghost trains on the system that ship goods but aren’t registered so they avoid paying freight charges so under such a system the possibility exists munitions were being carried on sections of the railway and something triggered a crash. 

An article appears last year in April in Politico which deals with EU issues with such a title: “Europe’s roads and railways aren’t fit for a fight with Russia

Having a better army doesn't much matter if you can't get it moving.

 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has focused attention on preparing the EU's roads, railways, ports and airports for the rapid movement of troops and tanks. Relieving bottlenecks and buttressing tracks and bridges used by both military and civilians is crucial to the Continent's defense program. But despite those worries, the EU isn't planning any immediate increase in spending on the issue.” 

 For every big geopolitical change dynamite comes into play, from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to 9/11 to Ukraine. Its already evident that the Greek quisling government is emptying Greece’s military  arsenal from every part of Greece and shipping it to Ukraine. Last summer a cargo plane crashed in Northern Greece creating a fireball with toxic fumes which was reported once more by myself. To date we were never told what type of cargo and who it was essentially for and how it was flying over populated areas.” 

The EU took Greece to court early March for non-compliance with EU directives regarding railway infrastructure and fined them. On the following day of the crash PM Mitstoakis was supposed to visit the state infrastructure unit of the railways and give a pre-electoral speech. It was obviously cancelled. What are the chances of being fined for non-compliance with EU directives and the PM giving a speech at the institution officially responsible for the crash.

 If someone of course believes in gargantuan coincidences like others believe in fortune tellers then it’s not a big deal. Most events can be explained away face value and there is no need to investigate. It is what it is as the MSM said so.

 Convid wasn’t a Wuhan event until it was, 9/11 wasn’t a controlled explosion until thermite was found in the debris. Saddam had WMD’s until he hadn’t. Anyone tyring to logically process the stories from the MSM would end up with the men with white coats.

The signalman is at fault. 
From the word get go the signalman who is now purported to be a political appointee with little or no experience is the fall guy. Apparently due to his inexperience he knows little or nothing about moving freight trains on different tracks so they don’t collide. His daughter allegedly works for a minister. The prosecutor who has been brought into to investigate the event has a son who works for the Transport Ministry as a lawyer. One could say it all runs in the family or not at all, but when one sees the angle maybe the signalman was the fall guy for an event which was pre-engineered.

Nothing in Greece is ever as it appears and characteristic is the premier globalist reporter from Skai tv network owned by a ship owner with deep state connections Portosalte who stated "maybe the tragedy will lead to an upgrading of the network."

If the war in Russia is to last into 2024 then they require the train tracks modernising and what better way than to have over 100 sacrificed to the alter of NATO upgrades.

Monday, 27 February 2023

Blinkens Visit to Greece: A Wolf in Search of Sheep

Blinkens Visit to Greece: A Wolf in Search of Sheep
The massive earthquake in Turkey by all accounts has fast forwarded political developments in Greece to such an extent whereby yesterdays political enemies are now becoming friends. The issue of course was this event a natural phenomena or the sword of Damocles over both Greece and Turkey? US concerns with Turkeys non approval of Swedish NATO membership, its refusal to join anti-Russian sanctions and its agreement to remove troops from Syria leaving the Americans exposed are issues that could have triggered a massive HAARP attack (as noted by the head of Turkeys Space Agency

 Bidens Ukronazi Debacle 
One year on, Bidens America has achieved massive sales in weapons and exports of gas but they are destroying their EU partners in crime, deindustrialising Germany and bankrupting Italy with inflation soaring ahead in quite a few countries at around 20%. The massive destruction of Ukraine the collapse of GDP by 70%, the endless power cuts and the massive loss of life indicate that only remains will be left behind. The Ukronazi army is on life support with reports circulating in Greece that the Ukrainian ambassador wants a list of all male registered refugees so they can be deported back to join the meat grinder. 

The issue at stake of course is for how long can the US prolong this debacle? By claiming victory every 2-3 months they are just using an excuse to send more weapons and deplete all EU stocks so they can then sell their hardware after…but b destroying the EU economies they will have less capabilities of selling their overpriced gas and weapons systems. But we are where we are and the US no longer has the capacity to openly threaten allies so they do it in a myriad of other ways as has occurred with Turkey. 

Greek Premier Mitsotakis: Last Chance Saloon Unable to announce elections for fear his term will finally be over and he will join the pantheon of dead career politicians and their nepotistic heritage and the opposition clearly not wanting to govern the mess he has created, they are dragging on to elections with no single party being promoted by the mass media. Mitsotakis realising his time is up is on a mission to make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time just before he departs at the same time as opening new fronts in the class war. 

For over a decade the Greek ruling class has toyed with the idea of mass repossessions but this alone would bankrupt the housing market overnight. Having bailed out the banks more than once they then transferred all bad mortgage and business loan debt to various investment funds which have been granted powers to call in the bad debt immediately without informing the owners. Two cases emerged this week of an extremely disabled woman whose flat was repossessed and court ushers arrived with police to evict her on the streets which was blocked by concerted action from people and the case of a hotel owner who was attempting to reschedule a portion of his debt but he was unsuccessful being evicted and beaten up in the process.

Scandal after Scandal
It emerged that one of the companies that had bought the bad debt was an MP of the ruling party New Democracy from a man called Pahtsis. He created a company out of thin air which then had money loaned to it that he used to purchase bad debt at approx. 1/50 of its face value. One can assume this is a motivation to keep the party members in check. Vote for us and we will grant you investment opportunities from those who will lose their properties. 

Another ND stalwart by the name of Mihos was uncovered to be involved in underage child prostitution scandal with over 200 prominent names (which have yet to be revealed Epstein style) alongside the ex- National Theatre Director Lignadis (close personal friend of Premier Mitsotakis) who was into little migrant boys. 

 But the scandal that even reached the European Parliament was Mitsotakis Israeli spyware where he listened in on all political opponents after having made himself Director of EYP (Greek Secret Service) and then used his majority in Parliament to vote any measures against himself down forcing all his MP’s to accept institutional fraud. As a sign of opposition Syriza withdrew all its MP’s from Parliament in one go to pretend they are against the govt and they haven’t called for mass demos to bring it down. 

 Political Landscape is a Merry Go Round 
The next elections whenever they will be will be run on full proportional representation without a first party bonus so no party can get +36% hence we will have a hung Parliament. Knowing this the political forces on the outside are in round table discussions with each other to see who can get elected and receive state subsidies. 

 By all accounts the merry go round between Syriza, PASOK, Papandreou himself, Varoufakis and the ex-expelled Syriza clowns of LAE is an indication that politics isn’t about principles but what can be achieved in the very near parliamentary future. What unites all the existing political forces withing the Greek Parliament is their anti-Russian venom, their open (indirect in the case of the KKE) support of NATO and the US war aims. PM Mitsotakis has made it a hallmark of his premiership not only to have fanatically supported Convid like few others around the world, but he has also come out fanatically in support of the Ukronazis from bringing Azov speakers on a live link into the Greek Parliament to emptying the Greek islands from their military hardware leaving them defenceless.

Aegean Sea up for Grabs
If Syriza lost Macedonia to the Skopje clowns, Mitsotakis is on a mission to lose the Aegean to Turkey, but it is an irony of history just as he is all Turk all the time, the Americans are in conflict with them so he has to tread carefully, making ‘nationalist’ pronouncements and integrationist ones ie the carrot instead of the stick when called to do so also.

 American politics for the region after having beefed up the Greek port of Alexandroupoli is at once to have a base to send military equipment to the Ukronazis and also to have a gateway to be able to block the Turkish straits if Erdogan were to go and a new pro-American premier takes over. Under those conditions the carrot of the Aegean could be handed over to Turkey to do US bidding. But the Aegean is insignificant in relation to the energy hub proposed by Putin for Turkey and the benefits of the BRICS trade should Turkey join.
KKE Pro NATO Clowns 

 After abstaining from the Greek OXI Referendum and asking for an Abstention from the Brexit Referendum the KKE has adopted the Ukronazi propaganda about an ‘invasion of sovereign territory’ and they have promoted the concept of a plague of both your houses alleging Russia and the USA are re-dividing the world as imperialist powers so they ask for the Donetsk republic to lay down its arms.

 This is the same party that adopted Convid and criticised the govt for not being dictatorial enough and stood on a May Day parade in Sindagma Sq socially distancing itself, the same party that didn’t lift a finger from they  fired thousands of Healthworkers, the same party that asked from citizens to show they have been Pfeizer jabbed to enter political meetings. We are dealing with political degenerates of the highest order. The only positive in the whole situation is that this might be the year they evaporate as after all they have lost half their electorate in the last decade and they might lose another half again.
May Day 2020 KKE socially distances in Rally at Sindagma Sq 

 Having marched with Syriza against the Russian Embassy they are showing the contours of the future if they need to survive as a parasitic rump (which is what they essentially are) as their printing presses have been sold off, their newspaper is no longer every day of the week, their tv station and many of the buildings they own have gone and they are up to their eyeball in debt.

KKE Marching with Syriza on behalf of NATO
against the Russian Embassy 

In the last elections July 2019 the KKE received just short of 300k votes having lost approximately that number during the 2010 decade. The next elections will be based on proportional representation so even if they get 200k votes it will appear they got enough, but the problems will start if we have subsequent elections if no single party has won an outright majority (unless of course the go from the get go for a Grand Coalition).

 If the KKE doesn’t therefore get 3% of the votes in the next elections it will lose parliamentary representation and disintegrate like its other western European partners (French, Italian etc). That in and of itself will be the most positive political development in Greece for decades. The organisation is so corrupt and rotten it has destroyed what remains of organised labour. It has organised near enough zero protests against the cost of living crisis, its union leaders have excelled themselves in supporting the suspension of non-vaxxed Healthworkers and they outdo the govt demanding it accepts more Ukronazi refugeez and it houses any chancer that crosses into Greek borders.

Grand or Mini-Coalition? 
One cannot foretell what is coming as the results of the elections haven’t come through but the political machinations now evident are clear. Either a ND-Syriza coalition or a Syriza-PASOK-Varoufakis one etc. 

 The Greek political system is broken beyond repair. We are living the twilight of the Mitsotakis clan that has domintated Greek politics since the 1950’s. By all accounts if ND doesn’t win outright and it looks like that is completely out of the question the knives will be out for Mitsotakis. The problem there is he has stuffed the public sector with so many supporters that that wont be the end of it. Political patronage of the EUs premier banana republic is alive and well and was re-inforced by Syrizas assumption of power and continued exponentially by Mitsotakis. 

 The shenanigans of the Mayor of Athens (Bakogianni his nephew) is unbelievable as he has dug up the centre twice in one term to make money from contractors. These hyperglobalist neoliberal clowns are all privatisation at all cost at all times and then they use the state coffers to line their pockets. 

The only positive in the whole sorded political environment is the coming Russian victory. It will upset the pro-NATO pro-American applecart once and for all.