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Syriza Firestorm 2018: Resignations amidst Conflicting Fire Start Times

The Syriza circus has no end in sight. After appearing at a joint press conference the day after the firestorm that killed to date around 90 people the head of the Fireservice and the Head of the Police alongside the Minister of Interior after having stated all went well operationally resigned.

In January of this year Syriza's Firebrigade held joint exercises with Israel’s Firebrigade in the Penteli mountain range (where the fires started that ended in Mati wiping out people) and in February a new head of the Firebrigade was promoted by the Defence Minister and the Minister of Interior (ex-NATO). Now since when does Israel put out fires?

Since its creation Israel has been responsible for lighting them and blowing up places let alone all the assasinations it has carried out the world over. Syriza has signed a military pact with Israel whereby Greek soil could be used for the Israeli military to train its airforce which for decades has been used to blow up Palestinians.

Now after this joint love affair with the West's premier terrorist state, we have had these criminal events occurring so close to each other (murderous floods and fires) which according to the constitutional make up are under the direct jurisdiction of Syriza's regional governor for Attica Ms. Dourou.

Operational Issues

Firebrigade trucks with no water. Police with CB radios not working either in digital or analogue according to an eyewitness account given by a policeman on ANT1 TV on 4th August 2018. But this fire was allegedly a natural ‘climate change’ event when Tsipras invited two academic clowns after the tragedy to justify mass murder.

The audacity of appearing the day after to pretend all was well, shows the extent they will go to justify every decision they make on behalf of NATO.

Other people have started to notice the inconsistencies of the time regarding the fire outbreak. So far there are four start times. Depending on your point of view and one is expected to believe the same exact fire started at different times and they have up to 4.30hrs difference between them.

Parallely a newspaper published detailed evacuation maps of the area which exist within council and firebrigade departments. So the issue is if they weren’t carried out and the people were sent to the highway of death in Mati this is pure and simple mass murder which cannot be blamed solely on negligence but an organised disruptive plan to ensure nothing can work properly.

Four Sets of Firestorm Times

*The official times of starting as reported by CNN Greece was:

The above time contradicts with interviews of the Director of the Agios Andreas summer camp which gave another start time at 4.45pm but hey its only 15m apart so we can go with whichever, it doesn’t make much difference either way. But then we have an announcement by the Penteli Mayor's office the day after that comes up with a start time a whole hour before at 4pm!

Lets assume one hour difference once again is no big thing. That would have given ample time for the successful evacuation of the summer camps that occurred as coaches could easily arrive within a two hour window and depart with the hundreds of children there as occurred by the Athens Mayors office. The next time the fire started was in the pro-Syriza paper EfSyn and they have a 3.02pm start time and this now starts to get serious as it shows that the authorities had a full three hours to act.

Finally there was another internet paper that produced a start time at 12.38pm below which gives a difference of 4.30hrs before the official start time! So the issue now is which is an objective observer expected to believe. The ‘official’ start time as recorded in CNN Greece and repeated ad nauseam by the fake news of the MSM, the one by the Mayors office in Penteli, or the other two?

If a court case were to occur and there were four contradicting times circulated for a single event then the Prosecutor's office would have to call all four sets of people responsible for circulating such contradicting start times to get to the bottom of it. So far they haven’t produced any phone calls or messages sent to the Firebrigade or the Police prior to 5pm. Lawyers for the dead have asked for transcripts to be released for all the higher ups communication calls in the Firebrigade and the Police. Will they?

Statements by Officials since the Firestorm that left over 90 dead:

‘Fires occurred to destabilise us’ Ex Minister of Interior Toscas, Skourletis and Tsipras

‘I am looking for but cant find any big mistakes. The area is at fault’ Toscas, Tzannakopoulos

‘You were in the fire but you dont know what you are on about’ Only 5 drowned in the sea. Their properties are illegal I hope they learnt something’ Defence Minister Kammenos

‘Mistakes occurred, we were just involved with the Troika’
Foreign Secretary Kotzias

‘Out of the 26 from the tens burnt alive the owner was a member of New Democracy’ We said sorry, what else do you want?' Spirtzis Syriza's Infrastructure Minister

‘The dead blur the good image of the state’ Syrizas ex health minister Polakis

‘Let their deaths not go to waste, Democracy can gain’ President Pavlopoulos

‘A mistake occurred under my ‘watch’ and it doesn’t do justice to me but let me take responsibility’ Athens Regional Governor Dourou

‘I take political responsibility’ PM Alexis Tsipras

‘Tsipras is only 44 years old, its not his fault’ Syrizas Vernadakis

VN Gelis
6th August 2018

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Burning Greeks Alive: NATO Enlargement, Macedonia & the Fake Left Part Five

Burning Greeks Alive: NATO Enlargement, Macedonia & the Fake Left

Are these manufactured fires related to NATO enlargment in the Western Balkans and Greeks militant opposition to them with demos going on for months and the bloody assaults of the state using NATO’s paramilitaries (SEEBRIG) against them? Are these fires part and parcel of creating a strategy of tension to both militarise the states response to the popular resistance against the Tsipras-Zaev deal and at the same time frighten the people into submission, as happened in the early days of the IMF’s arrival in Greece?

Anyone who can remember going back to the early 1980’s knows we have had weird fires prior to big political changes and that has characterised Greece throughout its post-war history… A post-war analysis of the Greek Deep State explains these phenomena and was recently published in February 2018.

Let us not forget that since 2015 and the election of the Syriza government a historic agreement has been made with Zionist Israel, the US airbase that has been alleged to have been instrumental in aiding 9/11 in New York and were involved in the security cameras of 7/7 in Londons Underground. Now we have strange events occurring throughout Greece.

1980 Greek Deep State: Firebombing Independent Traders for EEC Entry

In 1980 prior to Greece’s entry to the EEC there was an organized plan of burning down Greece’s premier shops Minion and Katratzos. This was the beginning of the end of Greek shopkeepers and the entrance of large multinationals in our country.

This nightmarish scenario was repeated on 3rd June 1981 with the parallel burning of the shops Klaoudatos and Atene and in a smaller extension on 4th July Dragonas and three days later in the shops Lambropoulos in Piraeus. The barrage of these firebombed buildings buried Greek shopkeepers and the entrance of large foreign multinationals in our country.

On the morning 19th December 1980 we had two parallel fires that destroyed two of the most historic shops in Athens ‘Minion’ and ‘Katrantzos’ during the holiday period. We are dealing with fires and the police labelled them terrorist events.

3am in the morning on Friday eyewitness accounts in both stores heard explosions and seconds later saw fires emerge from both buildings. In a few minutes big fires burnt the buildings to the ground due to the stock inside and not enough walls dividing the areas.

The firebrigade that arrived in both areas with 38 vehicles and 170men had a difficult job to do. Their main aim was to contain the fire so it didn’t spread to the surrounding buildings. The fire was of such intensity that Minion only had the frame left whilst the Katrantzo store collapsed. The damage was equivalent to 2 billion drachmas. Until today both cases Minion and Katrantzos and the other four remain without knowing who the perpetrators were and they have been legally timed out.

Syriza and the 9 day Burning of Greece in 2007

Announcement for the fires of 2007 by Syriza
‘The Holocaust which is occurring in the last days and is still continuing provoked death to 65 people over 100 missi ng, thousands of victims, unaided, half of Greece in ashes. All what we hear from asymmetric threats, a foreignfinger, secret services, aim to cover up and justify these culpable policies”

Firebombing of Marfin Bank

Between the early 1980’s and today there have been countless fires, the major ones are state sponsored and directed terrorism. Apart from the 2007 fires which have been covered there has been the firebombing of Marfin bank whereby four people died in the large anti-IMF demos that rocked Greece. What happened on that fatal day in 2010?

Employees complained that because of a strike, their branch was the only one open in central Athens during the protest and that they had never been given safety guidelines. Andreas Vgenopoulos, Chairman of the Marfin Investment Group which owned the bank was not charged despite widespread criticism that he had disregarded the safety of his employees.

Angeliki Papathanasopoulou, aged 32 and four months pregnant at the time, Paraskevi Zoulia, aged 34, and Epameinondas Tsakalis, 36, died of suffocation after the bank they worked in was firebombed and they fled to a top floor only to be overcome by smoke.

Fire rages in Marfin Bank. Soon the people in the balcony will be dead.
“The bank should have been secured. The front windows had been repeatedly smashed, yet they were never replaced with shatter-proof glass,” Zacharias Papathanasopoulos, Angeliki’s father, told the court on the opening day of the trial.
“I believe that what happened is because of the criminal indifference of the bank’s officials,” Papathanasopoulos added. “I demand moral compensation.”

No actual culprits were ever found as this was a Deep State operation against the people in general
Purpose was to dampen down peoples resistance to the measures that were about to hit Greece. The purpose of these criminal fires to all extent have been done to dampen down peoples resistance to the Tsipras-Zaev NATO deal. Demos have rocked Greece since February as large if not larger than those that hit Greece in 2010.

Subsequently a whole block caught fire burning a historic cinema near Marfin bank.

The Greek Fake Left on the Fires New and Old

Paper of breakaway from the KKE: “Its Profit Dumbassess Ilia, Mandra, Mati…”

The LEFT sees a conspiracy in property developers and state officials, but sees no conspiracy in terms of the actual NATO state and its security agencies. In other words a property developer who operates in an area goes round undisturbed setting fires, turning areas into ash in order then …. to develop them, build houses and flats without anyone batting an eyelid.

That could suffice if Greece was overdeveloped in coastal areas like Spain where they have tower blocks all along the coast for mass tourism. But if one looks at Greek tourist areas the coast is normally reserved for small individual developments and where four star developments have sprung up no requirement has been to burn anything to smithereens. They can bribe government officials to extend their land if they don’t have enough for development. There is no requirement for fires.

How do all the small owners collaborate in setting fires, from which they don’t burn themnselves and have enough alibis to justify where they were when the fire started? They can easily hoodwink the firebrigade? It’s more a case of the fake left trying to hoodwink the people to justify state sponsored terrorism which always had ulterior political motives in Greece.

FYROM and the Tsipras - Zaev deal.
The issues around this have extensively been covered by Mihalis Nevradakis in a series of articles ( so no need to go over them again and have been published in Kindle format ‘Macedonia: Whats in a Name?’ (

The issue is were these fires created to dampen down the Greeks opposition to the deal? Since February there have been mass rallies against the change of name. By creating a national tragedy to the focus of attention is re-directed away from the criminal policies of the Tsipras Zaev deal, the upcoming fake compensation claims of Albania and NATO’s Western Balkan expansion. One has to add that no national parties have taken part in the anti-Macedonian deal rallies. No one supported them. The government subsequently labelled them all ‘racist’ ‘xenophobic’ and ‘fascist’. Found isolated members of GD and tainted the millions that have taken part and tarred them with the same brush.

When that failed it was Putin who allegedly funded and financed the rallies. This is from the government which when it was in opposition used to allege if the EU doesn’t cut a deal they would go to the BRICS. If political acrobatics was an Olympic sport Syriza would win hands down. Never in the history of politics in such a short period of time have we had such shennanigans. The question is will they be able to remain in power for another twelve months?

New National Curriculum Syriza Science: Laws of Physics are Overturned

Since 9/11 the laws of physics are constantly taking a pounding. We were told passports made of paper could withstand an airplane explosion and be found and that skyskrapers made of concrete and steel beams could disintegrate from a fire provoked by airplane fuel ie the kerosene in the wings of jets. Skyscrapers collapsing at free fall speed. Which by itself is physically impossible and absurd just as we were about to believe them they upped the ante, announcing the collapse of Building 7 a full 30 minutes before it occurred live on tv which fell without a plane even hitting it. Taking into account these were the only skyscrapers that ever collapsed from fires ever in the history of humanity the paid shills of corporate propaganda bypassed it basically destroying any education anyone learnt in high school.

Syriza is now alleging a forest fire spread so fast and so quick ,making car wheel rims melt, engines are seen to have evaporated and bodies are singed right next to white walls of buildings some of which are fully intact, next to burnt trees. Whilst in other situations trees are intact right next to destroyed buildings.

When windows have a burn rate of between 1400-1600cc and plastic from 50c-550c we see windows burnt whilst plastic still standing at the same time as being told not all trees burn as there are exceptions to the rule, in other words wood doesn’t have the same burn rate as windows or car wheel rims. Basically there is an excuse for anything and everything. Science is defunct.

Greek Defense Minister Panagiotis Kammenos, right, greets his Israeli counterpart Moshe Yaalon in Tel Aviv, 19 July 2015

NATO abstentionists in the fake Left and Right that Prop up Syriza:
Issues that cant be ignored:

-Napalm was first used on Greek partisans by US fighter jets in the postwar Civil War and then rolled out globally in Korea and Vietnam

-Gladio was a secret anti-communist cabal set up by USA-NATO to forestall a leftwing takeover and specialised in car bombs, assassinations, chaos.

-Geoffrey Pyatt was appointed Greek Ambassador in 2016 coming from the Ukraine where he took an energetic part in supporting the Maidan regime in its civil war.

-6th American fleet was both in and around Greece during the Mandras murderous floods and the murderous fires in Mati.

-US Navy wants to install laser guided weaponry in all its ships by 2019

-Greek Minister of Interior Toskas was a Greek appointee at NATO headquarters

-Defence Minister Kammenos ex ND signed a pact with Zionist Israel the first ever in our history.

-Kotzias (Foreign Secretary)was an adviser of George Papandreou and Toscas (Interior Minister) belong same political grouping called Pratto

-Expulsion or Russian diplomats announced by US Embassy in Greece prior to the Syriza government

-Syriza Firestorm Training Day in Penteli Mountain scene of outbreak of fire in May 2018

-Satellite images show multiple fires occurring in the other fire on the same day in Kinetta, Greece

-Breeze 2018 EU’s Naval Training occurred from the 18-21st July in Bulgaria and then the 6th Fleet returned to Piraeus on 25th July passing from Rafina port.

-Daou Pentelis was a Greek Defence Ministry site in the 1970’s and 1980’s then it is alleged to have become a NATO arms depot and is the origin of the source of the fire.

-Nea Makri US bases though formally closed have a section still linked to the US Embassy.

-Defence Minister Kammenos stated in a BBC interview NATO did not allow Greek Army to get involved in fire rescue

-Evacuation times are contradicted by three different sources by up to two hours when the fire was fully ablaze for the childrens summer camp.

-Despite being seen by military helicopters hundreds of Greeks were on the beach for hours waiting to choke to death from the smoke or die drowing when trying to escape and no one came to save them.

-Prior to Tsipras first press conference at 11.30pm on Monday evening the authorities knew there were victims but no victims were announced on tv.

-Syriza did not visit a single burn vicitim in hospital and Tsipras went to the area one week after the event at 6am and met no one.

Syriza has alleged the fires in in Mati where set by arsonists. If they allege this is the work of another nation this will be tantamount to a declaration of war. Hence they are between a rock and a hard place.

In my humble opinion if it looks like a duck swims like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck. This was a NATO operation against the Greek nation.

VN Gelis
1st August 2018
Series of articles dedicated to the victims of NATO aggression

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Burning Greeks Alive: Evacuation Anomalies and Inconsistencies Part 4

Dancing Whilst Athens Burns

Regional Governnor Rena Dourou and Mayor of Marathon Psinakis in happier times

The issue burning Greek society now is why no evacuation was organised after they found that some evacuation occurred by the Mayor of Athens. There is a Greek saying ‘blood has been spilt, revenge which should be sought’…. Will it?

There was a children’s summer camp site with over 600 children in Agios Andreas which was positioned right next to Mati. Somehow it was evacuated in time and over 15 coaches arrived somehow to carry this out. A cousin of mine sent their child there last year and stated the buses collected all children from central Athens. Hence any buses ready for evacuation would have left Athens. Hold on to that thought for a minute.

This is the location of the summer camps.

There are three versions as to when it was evacuated. One by the Minister of Interior Toscas who at a press conference mentioned 5pm. Another a tweet by an eyewitness who stated 5.30pm. A third by a news journalist who interviewed the director working at the camp site stating 6.15pm. Which version are we expected to believe.

The fire is alleged to have started prior to 5pm. One has a facebook posting at 5pm approximately showing smoke from the area of the original source of the fire. So it was started anytime between 4.30pm to 4.50pm. It lasted maximum 90 minutes and there were very strong winds, its total length was around 5km. Strong winds imply fire speed at anything between 5-10km with 5km being the slowest and 10km the highest. So by all accounts the fire if started at 4.30pm the earliest time possible would have ended at 6pm or reached its final destination and if started 15m later would have ended at 6.15pm. Leoforos Marathonas was closed at 6.15pm hence the fire had already passed its halfway point. Whatever times we use its impossible for 15 coaches to have arrived from central Athens prior to 6pm (it takes approximately an hour and it implies 15 coach drivers are on standby to drive off, which is unbelievable as no company works like that)

Tweet by eyewitness which states children were being evacuated alongisde army camp at 5.30pm as she was there at Agios Andreas. The fire was still at Neo Voutsa. At 6pm it passed Leoforos Marathonas. At 6.20pm it had reached towards the sea.

According to reports circulated in Kathimerini they decided at 5pm to evacuate. Somehow around 15 coaches arrived by 6’15pm and by 7’15pm a section had left the area. They got through Leoforos Marathonas and escaped unscathed. Most of the escapees from cars who were directed into the dead end of Mati where on the beach front by 6’30pm where they stayed until midnight.

“The lady responsible for the childrens summer camps Ms Christina Vasiliou when she understood the fire could threaten the camp rang the head of the Firebrigade in the area. By luck she had his mobile as they were in constant communication in the last period. She asked him if the camp was threatened and he replies “According to my opinion it would be best for the kids to leave” At 6’15pm the kids had gathered at the desired place and at 7.15pm the first 150 kids had left”

‘The Evacuation No One knew Was Occurring’ Tania Georgopoulou Kathimerini 29.07.2018

Leoforos Marathonas police blockade due to the fire at 6.12pm

So how did 15 coaches get through roadblocks and escape when the fire was in full swing with smoke everywhere? Something isn’t right there either in the timing or in the story.

Like in every criminal act where the perpetrator is interviewed about where they were and what they did, this criminal act is being made up as it goes along and certain things don’t add up. There couldn’t have been an evacuation in those times simply because the roads were backed up with traffic, there was mayhem, why did these coaches get clearance through a road that was closed as it was unsafe but normal cars were re-directed into the highway of death in Mati?

For the story to work they left much earlier than 4pm so that would imply they knew there was going to be a fire, assumed they could evacuate them all but somewhere along the line it went haywire.

No order was also give to evacuate people from the sea only volunteers went there on their own. Why is the question? It appears they didn’t want professional people as they have professional equipment, eg high powered binoculars, camera recording equipment etc. and they didn’t want them in the area seeing things they shouldn’t. That can be the only explanation provided by the Defence Ministers statement to the BBC that NATO didn’t allow the Greek armed forces to act in the area.

Another media report states that deep sea divers were in the area by 9pm and they fished out dead bodies from the sea.

According to other reports the first reported dead were around 7.40pm and according to ANELs ex MP Dimitri Kammenos on Skai tv in the morning 31st July he stated 40 body bags were ordered on that evening, so its impossible for the govt. to not know they had mass casualties when they appeared on the tv at 11.30pm making an announcement that didn’t even mention any dead showing a case of being calm for a minor event. Tsipras wasn’t even in Greece but flew in that day from Bosnia so to what extent could this clown know what is going on is dubious as he spends most of his time reading from pre-pared scripts.

With 1000 houses burnt over 400 cars pulverised and yet trees still standing next to them in many areas the questions are more than the answers.

What is strange was that Kammenos as Defence Minister on the night in question was with the Russian Military Attache in a fish restaurant in Athens. Subsequently Lavrov makes a statement that Greece is being pushed into an anti-Russian line. The explanation on the event is that they must have met them to justify why they will be blamed?

Subsequently the Mayor of Rafina Bournas whose area isn’t Mati as it belongs to another clown called Psinaniks who is Mayor of Marathon (he was partying in Mykonos and despite being informed on Monday chose to not fly back to disturb his drug haze) claims the government forged papers and pretended he was in a meeting with another Mayor (area of Dionysos). It appears the Syriza government in attempting to defend its criminal role is trying to apportion blame down the chain of command for the Mayor of Rafina who isn’t the Fire Service, or the Port Authority or the Greek Army.

Citizens trapped by sea trying to cope with the smoke.

Videos have emerged of army helicopters being off the beach on Antenna TV 31st July 2018 where 500 odd people who managed to escape found themselves there and in the water.

Video which shows military helicopters when still daylight off the coast of Mati 1.30 and 2.57

Ex ANEL (Independent Greeks) then Syriza MP Rachel Makri tweeted ‘Criminals Resign you Murdered People. Scumbags tell us who gave the order for you to close Leoforos Marathonas and what time and how come you evacuated the summer camps and you couldnt evacuate the people?

There is also a link below with a newspaper feed on the net which speaks about the fires in Rafina at 12.38pm on 23rd January... How can that be?

Now why were the people not evacuated? For some reason or another they stayed either on the beach or in the water until after dark for hours. No other explanation can be provided. It appears the area was sealed off for some type of military experiment with over 100 Greeks and tourists paying the price with their lives.

31st July 2018
VN Gelis

Monday, 30 July 2018

Burning Greeks Alive: Hybrid Warfare: Chemtrail Spraying, Murderous Floods and Earthquakes Part Three

Murderous Floods

Before one goes into the murderous floods in Mandras suffice to say that it is located right next to Athens military airport in Elefsina. From which most of the chemtrail spraying occurs.

On the aforementioned day it wasn’t even raining in most parts of Athens and wasn’t particularly stormy in Madras. What happened next is out of one of them science fiction novels. A massive amount of water arrived from the nearby mountains which by the time had reached the centre of Mandras were up to 4-5 meters high. The official excuse was that the underwater passage were built over and housing was built in old river paths. One could explain it away as a natural weather phenomena part of this aforementioned ‘climate change’ which used to be called something entirely different a couple of decades ago.

What is unexplainable in relation to the events in Mandras is the volume of water that arrived. People who have been residents there for four decades had never seen so much water. Everyone in Athens has observed over the years chemical spraying over the skies and before anyone claims this is hogwash there is a company registered in Thessaloniki which works closely with the Greek outpost of the Common Agricultural Policy and is involved in Weather Modification programmes. The question once more is why are they involved in this type of weather warfare in breach of the 1977 United Nations Geo-engineering Convention?

Since about 2000 they started selling the concept of ‘climate change’ and forced a lot of countries to sign up to bogus treaties about limiting the use of carbon in the atmosphere. Part and parcel of this process was to justify the Trilaterals Commissions Agenda in the 1970s to limit indigenous production of energy for instance across the old EEC (coal) and to make areas around the world heavily dependent on imports from large multinational corporations. The purpose was twofold: make sovereign nations dependent on other countries and and replacing the imploding oil based reserve currency the dollar with another tradeable currency ie imported energy’ Hence we had the oil based wars in the Middle East financed in part from the US drug trade in Afghanistan, the weir event around Fykushima which led to Japan becoming a net importer of energy as its nuclear plants were shut down and gas wars in relation to Southern Europe over Russian pipelines known as Southstream.

Over 500 cars were trapped in the flloods including commercial lorries just to understand the power of this flood and the area looks like it has been bombed out. They allege less than 25 died which is absolute nonsense as many illegal migrants live and work in the area and n one has tracked them or cared to.

Eyewitness Report-On the Flooding of Mandras in Athens Greece

A. On the Dead
There must be a few hundred – with conservative estimates. When we will get the full number is an issue.
In a thousand cars, which were quashed the declaration that 19 died only appears as a funny joke as those that disappeared 19 which we know personally.

B. Responsibilities
1. The current Council
In other floods and under other conditions we would attack the local Council for criminal irresponsibility. But under today’s conditions the mistakes and omissions which weigh on the council aren’t founded – I am referring to the current council, not those that went on before it. I could actually congratulate it with the passion it showed in these difficult times. Many times it raised its voice to the ludicrous representative from Syrizas Regional Administrators who came to police the manner and the distribution of help. The latter tried to impose a bureaucratic process, which was lacking all essence and in many ways slowed down the whole process. Its no coincidence the PM Tsipras didn’t risk entering Mandra but like a thief visited for communication reasons from a distance of at least one km. I must admit that the army of the region wasn’t solely Syriza who shone in their absence but the jackboots of various NGO’s when help arrived from various unknown quarters and tried to take control of it for no practical reason forcing the residents to rebel against them. We don’t need aid by force like Papadopoulos Junta, so as to support the anniversary. So as to not be misunderstood the Mayor we have is politically supported by PASOK who in the past wasn’t what could have been better. Could have been worse.

2. Regional Administration
Criminal responsibility. They must answer they and the previous people as they never explained and they never actualised any plan to take the water away which of course no Mayor on their own could carry out. When the rise of the water reaches three meters in height no drainage can cope with such a deluge and we aren’t talking about a simple flow but something the size of three rivers having acquired flow and power when they entered the city of Mandras. In the last fifty years we also had deaths and victims but the previous floods bear no relationship with the last Armageddon.

3. Greek State
Criminal irresponsibility by the Region, but clearly better than the Greek state, which allowed, if it didn’t provoke itself the ‘phenomenon’. That which the conspiracists call HAARP. Explaining it more bluntly, the war against the Greek Nation and the peoples the world over via ‘natural’ catastrophes. For so long and on a daily basis the continuously spray the atmosphere. Now will those who don’t believe it after such a large destruction which occurs by some non-believers that how on earth can we have such a large destruction when we have never had anything similar in the area before in history. The conspiracists therefore are right.

It would be rudeness to the dead, to mention like so many others the reasons for the concretisation of the underwater streams, the town planning of the area, the bribery of government officials and planning offices, the unbridled profit of local developers etc.
These are well known and common knowledge. Whoever uses this do it deliberately to disorientate the people from the determining factors which provoked the destruction…
November 2017

Deadly Earthquakes
The earthquake in Lesvos which was felt all the way in Istanbul...its intensity in such a small has had some people allege it was over 10 richter though its source was below the ocean.

The Mayor of Ankara at the time Melich Giorktsek declared that we should investigate whichever ship of a foreign power happens to be investigating earthquakes in the Aegean at the time of the disaster.

Later on he added on twitter “I believe that it was a technical earthquake. I am not sure, but it is a serious possibility which should be investigated. Was it a ship of earthquake investigation at the centre of it. If so to which country does it belong?”
These ‘seismic’ ships have been doing the rounds in the Aegean and no one knows what they are really up to.

Weather Modification Programmes in Greece

Who is behind the programmes? 
Weather on Demand? 
Many people who see such a title immediately believe the author is a raving conspiracy nut. Yet they never sit to analyse a topic from a variety of sources and angles or to ask themselves that technology doesn’t stand still. There are variety of reasons where weather modification is used officially. In military and in agriculture. The issue is whether it is used for other purposes.

Agricultural Uses in Greece
ELGA does weather modification programmes with 3D planes, there were the most hailstorms fall and weather modification is what they call the programmes that can increase rainfall and snow, ensure fog is diluted and hailstorms can be magnified or reduced. It reminds one of the mafia which offers protection, from itself! Who actually provokes climate change and which interests are hidden behind these? Small and large planes with big and large interests. The end result is that instead of Greece having a surplus of agricultural products it can export as well it becomes dependent on imports, whilst farmers face the threat of their land being taken away from them. The responsibilities of the politicians is massive as massive as the pockets of 3D who doesn’t want to leave a single part of Greece not being sprayed. These programmes do not benefit farmers and their animals or the population which relies on this food to survive. 

D S.A. is a Greek private company founded in1976 in Thessaloniki. The company provides custom made services and applications covering all major contemporary activities in Greece and abroad and since 1981 has been actively involved in several Weather Modification Programs (rain/snow enhancement and hail suppression). 3D S.A. offers a distinguishing range of services that rightfully makes it unique in Europe and one among the four most recognized companies worldwide specializing in Weather Modification Applications 

Reading their website one sees that the govt body which is responsible for farmers OGA (Organisation of Farmers in Greece) has handed out contracts to this company for weather modification. Initially it would have been about protecting crops from adverse weather conditions but as Greece joined the EU in 1981 and 27% of the economy was agricultural now it has become something totally opposite as according to EU regulations farming in Greece had to fall below 10% which it has. Food security was turned into its opposite ie. food insecurity. 

The weather modification programme was implemented in Central Greece (big agricultural areas) in Imathi a, Pella, Pieria and Thessaloniki region occupying an area of 2.350.000 acreas during the months April to September. So if these regions are allegedly being protected why do we have such toxic weather in these months which destroy the crops? A group previously called SaveGeaGroup had been involved in questions regarding these topics and have also demonstrated against the company involved. But to no avail as these programmes continue unabated at a great economic and social cost as the climate is behind damaged and agricultural production destroyed.

Joanna Charalompoulou a member of KEP and a manager in charge of agriculture did an impact study of this year’s hailstorms and looking at the report it is truly disheartening. “From 2013 onwards apart from Spring and during the summer months June-July-August we have many storms and hailstorms in Greece ‘What is also illuminating is that these storms affect mostly areas where we have large agricultural production and because in the last few years we have been bombarded with reports that we are being met by bigger heatwaves – every year – we are being attacked in our judgements and we are asking: summer in our country is only two months, but we have scenes of collapse every now and again. With one or two mini heatwaves we end up having the lowest temperatures in Southeast Europe? It’s the period where we lived through the ‘hottest summers?”

Does it correspond fully with what we have collated? How can it fit with the theory of hottest summers and at the same time hailstorms that destroy agriculture when the weather modification programmes are allegedly there to protect agriculture?

These programmes are obviously there to regulate overproduction and keep prices high. Products instead of being buried are destroyed via hailstorms or floods.

VN Gelis

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Burning Greeks Alive: 'Firestorm 2018' and Syriza Part Two

Criminal Culpability or Criminal Negligence for Being Geoffrey Pyatts Errand Boyz?

Mati, Greece Highway of Death

The allegations that have surfaced against Syriza are that of criminal negligence due to the inability to act in time and for wrong decision making. The main highway Leoforos Marathonas which acts inadvertently as a fire break between wooded areas was cut off and people were re-directed back into Mati which is a small area by the coast with a single road but as there was no one there re-directing them it appears once a critical mass of people were there they ended up burning to death and the cars were pulverised by to what all accounts appears to be Directed Energy Weapons. The issue is to what extent are Syriza in on the act or are they so dumb they are being directed like a blind man by his dog?

When there are more than 30 areas of fires all at once no one knows where to turn and where to go for this isn't a 'natural phenomenon' nor can someone aim to put out a fire when it can re-light behind you or on the side of you. I was witness to the manufactured fires of 2007 in Evia where a pilot crashed his sea firefighting plane. Being perched high up on a hill I witnessed the plane put out sections of the fire and at the same time new sections of fire being created elsewhere. The constant returning to the sea, the fatigue and stress of flying under such conditions and the pockets of air being sucked out by the fire led inevitably to a fatal crash with the pilot being killed.

What is strange in this fire as reported by a citizen on a channel was that the fire started near an area known as Daou Pentelis which has over the years been reported in the MSM as a NATOist weapons depot and area where this fire started, was taken over by the Ministry of Defence in the 1970's and 1980's.

"In 1977 they started new works from the Ministry of Defence. They attempted to keep these works secret. After though a revealing publication in 'Tahidromos' on 6.10.1977, the Army was forced to admit that the army had started totally secret works in the caves in Daveli! As is natural the stories started to go big. Especially as the area became a military area and was guarded by troops.

In recent years there are constant referrals by citizens of the area regarding strange lights in the sky, weird noise etc. Inside the cave there are weird anomalies with respect to the magnetic fields. Lights come on and off for no reason without batteries, various organs suddenly show massive numbers, visitors end up with memory loss, panic crises and other issues. Something ain't right there"

Syrizas Firestorm 2018 Training Exercise or 9/11 Redux?

As with 9/11 where they had training on the day of the attacks on the Twin Towers, Syriza held 'Anti-firestorm' exercises in Penteli mountain where the fire allegedly hit first not on the same day but in May, two months ago.

No one can remember fires that broke out in Penteli with serious winds for them to burn everything within such a short time frame ie. within 90 minutes and spread right down to the coast.

"An exercise for confronting a fire in the woods of a large area with the code name (DIA PIRROS 2018) (Firestorm 2018) occurred on 8th May by the Fireservice in the wooded area of Penteli (Piriza area), under the framework of how to best prepare for an anti-fire period for the year 2018 and the cooperation of the interested parties, services and the authorities involved in keeping forests from catching fire. The aim of the exercise is the control and practice of the processes and the requisite readiness in action in confronting the events due to the forest fires, working out a realistic plan of action in conditions assessed to ascertain the readiness of the mechanisms of putting out forest fires and the assessment of their decisiveness, the orientation of the agencies in minimising the time of reaction and the improvement of the cooperation of the interested parties for putting out the fires"

The exercise was actualised with realistic practices developing all the functional stages of the 3rd phase: announcement, mobilisation of forces - initial estimation of the situation, development of forces - intervention, partial control, control - guarding and complete ending of fires. Who was present at the exercise was Home Office Minister Toskas and various regional governors alongside the Fireservice."

United Nations praises Syrizas role in the Firestorm Murders

There is no justification for the statement by Defence Minister Kammenos that 'we could not send the army in as NATO didn't give the green light.' In other words he openly admits NATO runs the Greek armed forces. Or is there something else more sinister? That the Greek armed forces would have seen direct evidence of Directed Energy Weapons? That would have blown up the premise of a 'natural phenomena'. According to the same Defence Minister they knew from 4pm on Monday yet no planes flew above the area and in a video introduced whereby Syriza shows them in an extraordinary war cabinet meeting Tsipras states on Monday evening firefighting planes would fly Tuesday morning.

When they appeared at a joint press conference on Thursday 27th July Minister of Interior Toskas, Govt Spokesperson Tzanakopoulos head of Fireservice etc they gave themselves a green bill of health and subsequently the UN General Secretary did as well. In other words what they did was superb and they couldn't have done anything more.

Citizens were stuck in the sea for four hours with no help, the police redirected them to the highway of death into the dead ends of Mati, the army wasn't called out. Usually Syriza would have blamed the cuts in infrastructure (firebrgade, police, fireplanes etc.) but they didn't as priority was that 'climate change' dominates, this was a natural phenomena and the deaths were ...inevitable. This implies they are criminally culpable and sections of them in on the act like the Defence Minister and the Interior Minister who know fully which foreign secret services operates in the country.

Interior Minister Toskas: 'I cannot find any big mistakes'
Firebrigade Chief: 'I wouldn't have done anything differenctly'
Govt Spokesperson Tzannakopoulos: 'It was impossible for anything different to have occurred'
Police Chief: 'I am proud it was excellent work'

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres expressed deep sorrow to families of victims and the Greek government after a forest fire killed more than 80 people in the country.
Through his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, Guterres at the same time praised the national move by the Greek authorities in handling the fire.

A Russian Threat to Emerge?

One needs to focus that since Pyatts arrival in 2016 at a ceremony in Washington where Negroponte was present and presumably blessed him after having blessed Hillary for standing for the elections despite being a Republican, we have had a mysterious earthquake in Lesvos, two massive floods without storms in Mandras with scores dead, now these deadly fires and also an attack on a Greek frigate allegedly by Turkey and the capture of two Greek officers in Evros (who are still being held captive by Turkey).

So was the Defence Minister Kammenos a New Democracy stalwart for years paid in kickbacks not only to buy weapons from the USA which he did, but also to allow NATO testing of these weapons on Greek soil? Its illuminating to note that when the expulsion of Russian diplomats was announced it first came from the US Ambassadors office and then from the Government. So who runs Greece?

In today's Syriza mouthpiece paper 'Kontra' 28th July 2018 it is announced that US and Israeli security services are on the hunt for foreign agents who have definitely started these fires and the tv networks constantly repeat that there were incendiary devices at the scene of the crime. They alluded to the fact that its probably people opposed to the NATO expansion exercise in the Western Balkans and the Tsipras - Zaev deal. So after alluding that Putin was financing the anti-Macedonian rallies in Greece which have been going on in 50 odd cities, is it a coincidence that the Foreign Minister of Greece Kotzias was in Moscow meeting Lavrov when these criminal firestorms broke out?

Almost everybody in Greece knows the story of the Russian gas pipelines and how Greeks were burnt alive to scupper the deal and that one of the first acts of the criminal Papandreou government before calling in the IMF was to cancel Southstream. We also know that during the IMFs arrival Greeks were burnt alive in a bank called Marfin to derail the mass movement against the IMF. Can Syriza sell the Russian threat? No one will surely buy it. When all else fails its fashionable to blame Putin. After all he has a direct interest in destabilising lilliputian Greece, so presumabely he never sells any oil or gas to it...

Irrefutable proof will probably be found in the form of irrefutable proof like that which was circulated for 9/11. Grainy images of people arriving somewhere, passports that can be found intact after fireballs and money tracing on accounts in their own banking networks that can prove whatever they want to prove, but the reality will of course be totally different from what it appears to be.

Syriza Diversions

In order to send people on side issues Defence Minister Kammenos started talking about illegal dwellings in Mati and essentially blamed the victims for the crime of mass murder he presided over. This has been a constant since the IMF arrived in Greece. Greeks were the most corrupt on the planet responsible for the Wall St crash, the Euro crash and now because of non-existent planning laws (the state refused to plan cities so as to not have liabilities in urban planning eg schools, hospitals, roads, squares etc.) fires break out and people die. Obviously facts being stubborn things never seem to get in the way of a fake story like the one that Mati was part of planning laws. When Tsipras announced that all illegal dwellings would be bulldozed and we will not hesitate to use force one can only laugh as over 50% of dwellings in Greece are illegal and even the legal ones are currently 'illegal' as one has to pay an architect to change building plans accordingly if one wants to currently sell or pass to ones children any property or land. Some people started circulating that this was the cause of the fire that the state wants to take peoples property ignoring the fact that during the Troika years 130k properties have already been handed to the state as people don't take onboard properties handed to them they cant finance. What would the state do with them anyhow? The property market has collapsed.

Another diversion was the fire in Kinetta which happened on the same day. Here we had full admittance that there were 13 simultaneuous fires which again begs the question if they are spread out over a significant area only if one had access to the whole ocean could one put them out, as having 50 planes in the air wouldn't do it and everyone knows these fires are done so professionally that they know the wind speed and direction and which mechanisms to light at which time to gain maximum effect. By de-characterising the area from a Forest one they can then dig for natural minerals re Bauxite which is underneath. This restores the old the story of the profit motive behind the fires, ie property developers, capitalists etc. and gets the fake left excited (which I will analyse in the third and final part). But there is nothing of that nature in Mati even if some newspaper or other alleges it was burnt to build a new tourist resort when hundreds of areas are already empty and ripe for investment but no investment occurs (eg. the old Olympic Airport has been derelict for nearly two decades and every year it is being built and every year it remains empty!)

Strange Occurrences? Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons? Unanswered Question....

An eyewitness who passed by the bus yesterday from the scene of the crime saw burnt out areas which are totally blackened and within one and a half hours are three totally white houses which haven't even been blackened from the smoke. The individual in question was totally shocked that he forgot to take pictures or a video. How could this be? But we have a picture from a drone in the aftermath of the crime.

Trees still green and buildings still standing in a forest fire next to each others where others were burnt to smithereens

Bodies appear charred to smithereens but building intact next to them

It has been reported that US drones are to be stationed in Greece. Was this a real tine training exercise to see how they can operate in real life situations?

Kazakis reported on a radio show that US tourists in a hotel in Mati Greece where notified to leave at 2pm but this is a report and cant be verified unless he has a source, but it can be possible as was the events during 9/11 when images appeared in 'Eleftherotipia' of two planes crashing in towers before it happened.

VN Gelis

Friday, 27 July 2018

Burning Greeks Alive: Manufactured Fires in a US Protectorate Part One

Hybrid Warfare in a US Protectorate

They used to say didn't the Germans know they were next to concentration camps where the German state committed acts of mass murder against imprisoned people. In future they will say the same about our era. Didn't we know they are committing acts of mass murder with hybrid warfare?

Greece due its geographical position is a crossroads between Europe and Asia and North Africa. It belongs firmly in the Euroatlantic alliance despite in the recent past having flirted with the East (during WW2 and the rise of partisan movements)

This isn't the first time Greeks have been burnt alive but it could possibly be the last. An extensive research article was published on Hellenic insider in the month of July (Who Burnt Greece?) These events aren't 'natural disasters' nor are they caused by 'climate change'. The focus of this article isn't to analyse the cause as its taken for granted these are part of state sponsored terrorism. The focus is to try to ascertain who did it and to what aim.

Its obviously too soon to tell but there are enough indications that this has been organised by sections of the US security services with ulterior motives which we will find out in due course (whether a Russian or Turkish angle is added!)

The question as to why nearly a decade after Greece was destabilised by the CIA over Russian gas pipelines such an event occurred of blatant mass murder in broad daylight? During WW2 we had the German airforce bombing districts and killing people like rats. The same occurred when Churchill arrived in Greece to 'liberate' us. Now the question is why?

The Minister of Interior has spoke about an 'asymmetric threat'. It has been reported that incendiary devices have been found and the Prosecutors office has started an investigation. For the first time the excuses of human mistakes have been downplayed in explaining how the fires started. The reason is of course simple, the main excuse since the 1980's when these 'natural disaster' fires started to appear in Greece was due to rapacious property developers who burnt areas down in order then to rebuild them. They turned previously green areas into ash in order to build either homes or holiday homes. An analogy would be car repair shops going round causing car crashes to have business. The theory stood as a stand alone thesis for a few decades primarily repeated ad nauseum by the Left that the purpose of mass fires was just a base capitalist motive of profit making. It could have been stopped in its tracks if the real perpetrators were called out. During the civil war led by the then 'communist' Left no fires occurred of any wooded areas despite the partisans hiding in the woods. Taking into account there were a lot more trees then and it was much easier to start fires and allow them to burn as there was no infrastructure to even attempt to stop them, none every really happened. But hey 'climate change' must have changed all that.

The fire allegedly started in the Penteli mountain region spread to Neo Voutsa and then Nea Makri where over 80 died being burnt alive and over 100 are still allegedly missing.

Who is the US Ambassador in Greece?

Geoffrey Pyatt is none other than Nulands boy who was transferred to Greece from the Ukraine. We all know his history in the Ukraine. Presiding over the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner and the burning down of trade union offices in Odessa with scores killed, his career has been to to organise death squads to weaken the resistance of East Ukraine to full blown Americanisation. Since arriving in Greece in less than a year we have had two full blown 'weather warfare' aka climate change events, one near the military airport of Athens and the other near the near defunct US base in Nea Makri. Mass murder ahs now become a 'natural phenomena' which just happens to occur on his watch. Lets now take a closer look at who he really is.

'As a native San Diegan who grew up in one of the worlds great Navy towns, I have a special respect for what the Navy represents and I am humbled by and thankful to all of you for your service. Captain Collins, thank you for inviting me to take part in this celebration" Ambassador Pyatt remarks at 242nd Birthday Ball for the US Navy.

Those familiar US military history know that after the SU collapsed and via the Yugoslav wars America embarked on a path to global unilateralism they sought new forms of warfare to hide their real intentions so they published a research paper entitled 'Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025' This was obviously in breach of the 1977 UN Treaty on Geoengineering between the old SU and America. But hey the SU collapsed and the Americans essentially abolished all treaties with respect to the sovereign rights of nations with what they embarked on with the break up of Yugoslavia, then with the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Having spent two formative years in Honduras Pyatt is well trained in the black arts of death squads and outright US gangsterism. After all Honduras was the original stomping ground of John Dimitri Negroponte the only constant in US governments abroad the man who presided over the central American death squads before moving across to Yugoslavia and Iraq. Negroponte alone embodies US imperialism abroad in its most rapacious form. Today they have published some books on this gangster who is a Greek descendant, so when anyone states why would the openly kill innocent Greek citizens the answer is in the history. That's what they do. Its just business.
"Our Man in Honduras

When a country finds itself at the center of world history, it begins attracting spies, mercenaries, war profiteers, journalists, prostitutes, and fortune-seekers. Often they gravitate to a particular hotel. In Honduras, which was shaken from its long slumber in the 1980s and turned into a violent staging ground for cross-border war, the Maya was that hotel. Perched atop a high hill near the central plaza in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, its tinted windows giving it an air of mystery, the Maya attracted a variety of sinister characters. Counterrevolutionaries hatched bloody plots over breakfast beside the pool. You could buy a machine gun at the bar. Busloads of crew-cut Americans would arrive from the airport at times when I knew there were no commercial flights landing, spend the night, and then ship out before dawn; they said they didn’t know where they were going, and I believed them. Friends told me that death squad torturers stopped in for steak before setting off on their night’s work. But in those days, much of what anyone said in Honduras was a lie. That was certainly true at the Maya, and equally so at the American embassy a couple of miles away.

The diplomat who presided over that embassy from 1981 to 1985, John Dimitri Negroponte, was a great fabulist. He saw, or professed to see, a Honduras almost Scandinavian in its tranquillity, a place where there were no murderous generals, no death squads, no political prisoners, no clandestine jails or cemeteries"
Stephen Kinzer
September 20, 2001 Issue

The US 6th Fleet which appears to be permanently in and around Greece (though stationed in Italy) since the 'migrant' crisis and the fallout with Turkey arrived in Piraeus on the 25th July coming from the Black Sea so passing by Rafina port. The vessel in question is the USS Mount Whitney which was also involved in Operation Enduring Freedom ie the invasion of Iraq and in the sanctions against Libya in 2011. It is according to its website:
"The ship's afloat communications capability is second to none.  USS Mount Whitney can receive, process and transmit large amounts of secure data from any point on earth through HF, UHF, VHF, SHF, and EHF communications paths.  This technology enables the Joint Intelligence Center and Joint Operations Center to gather and fuse critical information while on the move.  As the most sophisticated Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence (C4I) ship ever commissioned, USS Mount Whitney incorporates various elements of the most advanced C4I equipment and gives the embarked Joint Task Force Commander the capability to effectively command widely dispersed air, ground and maritime units in an integrated fashion" and if one looks at the pictures appears to be a floating HAARP vessel.

The vessel left Bulgarian sea exercises in the Black Sea on 19th July to make its way to Piraeus which means passing across from rafina Port which is right next to the affected burnt out areas.

According to Lockheed Martin there are laser weapons that exist that can pulverise cars at least a mile away. Drones presumabely can be mounted with this technology and anything can happen. If one looks at the picture below tree fires burnt cars and turned cars into molten lava. Do steel works use wood as fuel to burn steel. . If they don't they need to get the technical know from Greece. They can cut their costs right down for their steel works.

VN Gelis

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Investigation: Matthew Nimetz: Impartial Macedonia mediator or deep state agent?

Investigation: Matthew Nimetz: Impartial Macedonia mediator or deep state agent?
Major Hellenic Insider investigation: The role of Matthew Nimetz in the longstanding conflict between Greece and its northern neighbor may purportedly be that of an impartial mediator, but his past and present endeavors and many conflicts of interest reveal otherwise
by Michael NevradakisMICHAEL NEVRADAKIS
July 9, 2018, 2:59 pm

The UN's special mediator on the Macedonia naming dispute, Matthew Nimetz.


Nimetz performed his legal clerkship under a Supreme Court justice who co-founded an organization promoting eugenics and which maintained Nazi ties.
His diplomatic career began during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration, under whose watch came the U.S.-supported coup which brought a military dictatorship to Greece in 1967.

Nimetz’ legal career has included partnerships at firms which have represented the likes of Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase.
Nimetz was in charge of Greek-Turkish and East Mediterranean affairs in the U.S. State Department between 1977-1981. During this time, the U.S. arms embargo towards Turkey was lifted.

Nimetz proposed the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” as a temporary name for Greece’s northern neighbor in 1995, then used this name against Greece more recently, stating that Greece already accepted a country name which included the term “Macedonia.”
Nimetz is the former COO of General Atlantic LLC, which was a shareholder in Denmark’s Saxo Bank, which operated a banking subsidiary in Greece at the same time that Nimetz was the UN’s “special mediator” between Greece and “FYROM.”
Nimetz is a trustee of the Central European University (CEU), based in Budapest and founded by George Soros.
Nimetz is the founding chair and current board member of the Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeastern Europe (CDRSEE), based in Thessaloniki, which operates the “Joint History Project.” This project, among other things, publishes history textbooks which are promoted to governments all across the Balkans. These textbooks recognize Greece’s northern neighbor as “Macedonia” and republish nationalist poems of that country.
As part of the Tsipras-Zaev deal brokered by Nimetz, the two countries are obliged to change the history textbooks used in their schools to remove “chauvinistic” references to Macedonia.

The CDRSEE is founded by George Soros’ CEU and Open Society foundations, the U.S. State Department, the European Union, and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In other words, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided funding to an organization founded by the purportedly “neutral” mediator between Greece and “FYROM” on the Macedonia name dispute.

The mayor of Thessaloniki Yiannis Boutaris is another CDRSEE donor.
The CEO of the FP Group, which publishes Foreign Policy magazine and which recently proposed that Tsipras receive a Nobel Prize over the “North Macedonia” deal, is a board member of the NGO “IREX,” which is a donor to the Nimetz-founded CDRSEE.
Nimetz is a member of the board of advisers of the NCAFP, whose vice chairman Nancy E. Soderberg is the former vice-president of the International Crisis Group (ICG). The ICG proposed, in 2011, the name “Republic of North Macedonia” for Greece’s northern neighbor. The ICG includes amongst its board members George Soros and his son, Alexander Soros.
Tsipras admitted in a televised interview that the “North Macedonia” deal was sent to Nimetz for “corrections.” Which “corrections” were made, and why?
Has Nimetz truly been impartial in his role as mediator on the Macedonia naming dispute?


We are supposed to believe that the entire world is rejoicing at the news that Greece’s prime minister Alexis Tsipras and his counterpart in “FYROM” (the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”) have come to an agreement where Greece’s norther neighbor will hereby be recognized as “North Macedonia.” Actors such as the EU, NATO, and the U.S. State Department have rejoiced, while Foreign Policy has ludicrously rushed to propose that Tsipras be awarded with a Nobel Prize.

Indeed, we are supposed to believe that this agreement is a great net positive for both countries and for all of humanity, putting an end to a dispute which has been ongoing ever since the unfortunate breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the “independence” of the so-called “Macedonia” in 1991.

Ever since 1994, the diplomat who has been tasked with brokering a solution for the dispute between the two countries is a man by the name of Matthew Nimetz. Initially appointed by the Clinton administration as a special envoy in 1994, Nimetz has served as the UN’s mediator on the Macedonia dispute ever since 1999.

When a diplomat is appointed to a position as a “mediator” in a conflict or dispute between two countries, one is led to believe that said diplomat is neutral and impartial, not siding with either party. Is this the case with Matthew Nimetz in the case of the Macedonia dispute, however? Who exactly is Matthew Nimetz, and what is his background? The following paragraphs will be quite revelatory.

Early beginnings in “diplomacy”

According to Nimetz’s biography, he was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family in 1939, and graduated from Williams College, a small, private liberal arts college located in Massachusetts, in 1960. Such small liberal arts schools are favorites of the U.S. State Department for the purposes of recruiting future diplomats, in the mold of well-read and purportedly “idealistic” youth who want to “change the world” (but seemingly always within the confines of the existing order).

Nimetz immediately went on to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar — the scholarship program established by the racist colonialist Cecil Rhodes — prior to commencing his legal studies at Harvard, where he became editor of the Harvard Law Review, a position which was later also held by Barack Obama.

Upon Nimetz’s graduation from Harvard, he began a two-year legal clerkship for U.S. Supreme Court justice John Marshall Harlan II, son of John Maynard Harlan, who himself was a Supreme Court justice for more than three decades and who is considered one of the most influential justices in the court’s history. Harlan II and Nimetz both attended the same college at Oxford (Balliol College), whose alums also include Adam Smith and the (until recently) foreign minister of the UK, Boris Johnson.

The first of many detours begins here, as it is worth examining who Harlan II was. In 1937, Harlan II was one of the founding members of the notorious Pioneer Fund, infamous for its promotion of eugenics — a practice favored by the Nazi regime in Germany, and by many in North America at the time. At least two other founding members of the Pioneer Fund — Wickliffe Preston Draper and Harry Laughlin — seem to have maintained at least some ties with the Nazi regime. Draper met with leading proponents of eugenics during a visit to Nazi Germany in 1935 and expressed enthusiastic support over the concept, while Laughlin was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Heidelberg less than a year after the enactment of the Nuremburg Race Laws. Indeed, Laughlin is quoted as stating that the United States and the Third Reich shared “a common understanding of … the practical application” of eugenic principles to “racial endowments and … racial health.”

One additional founding member of the Pioneer Fund, Frederick Osborn, wrote in 1937 that the Nazi Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring was “the most exciting experiment that had ever been tried.” Still another founding member of the Pioneer Fund, Malcolm Donald, was also a former editor of the Harvard Law Review. See a pattern? One of course might wonder why Nimetz, who is Jewish, was so comfortable working with a justice who was a founding member of an organization that was so close to the Nazi regime.

Immediately following his clerkship in 1967, Nimetz was able to secure a position in the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson, initially as a member of his domestic policy staff. Clearly Nimetz didn’t have to worry too much about sending out copies of his resume and waiting for the phone to ring. What happened in 1967 though? This was the year that the U.S. and Western-backed military junta overthrew the democratic government of Greece.

To get a sense of the position of Lyndon B. Johnson towards political developments in Greece at the time, one needs to go no further than to an infamous outburst by Johnson towards then-Greek ambassador in 1965, after the latter rejected Johnson’s plan to divide Cyprus into Greek and Turkish parts, as a solution to the ongoing disputes between the two countries:

Fuck your Parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If those two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked… We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador. If your prime minister gives me talk about democracy, parliaments, and constitutions, he, his parliament, and his constitution may not last very long… Don’t forget to tell old papa-what’s his name what I told you [referring to Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou].

Fuck your Parliament and fuck your constitution. That’s the language used by the so-called “leader of the free world” and “progressive hero” Lyndon B. Johnson, towards Greece with regards to another issue of national importance. Then the proposal was for partition of Greek territory, today with the Macedonia issue, there is a partitioning of Greek history and cultural identity and the invention of a new ethnicity, language, and nationality out of thin air, one that is now apparently “racist” and “chauvinistic” to deny.

Of course, two years following Johnson’s outburst, the Greek junta came to power, a military regime whose attempted overthrow of the Cypriot government in 1973 opened the door to the Turkish invasion and occupation of almost 40 percent of the island which continues to this day. This was precisely the partitioning that Johnson screamed about in his rant.

As another quick aside here, it bears noting that fake savior Yanis Varoufakis, who rammed through austerity as Greece’s finance minister in the first half of 2015 while maintaining a “radical” and “anti-austerity” facade in the public eye, was invited for two years, spent the two years before his political appointment as a “visiting professor” at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin (which happens to also be my doctoral alma mater). Varoufakis was the second-highest paid visiting professor in the University of Texas system at the time, with a salary of $100,000 (more than many full-time faculty members) according to data which was publicly available at the time in the Texas Tribune. Varoufakis was brought to Texas by economist James Galbraith, also a part of the LBJ School. Keep that name in mind for later. Of course, Varoufakis also supports a compromise on the Macedonia name issue, going as far as to describe it as a “patriotic obligation” for Greece. What a surprise.

Strategic posts

Returning again to Nimetz, he remained part of the Johnson administration for two years, prior to moving on to the private sector, specifically to the major law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett. With eleven offices and revenues of over one billion dollars annually at present, this firm has maintained longstanding relations with the likes of J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America (banks which “man of the people” Barack Obama informed us were “too big to fail”), the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and more recently Microsoft, Google, and Facebook — together champions of so-called “net neutrality” whilst simultaneously engaging in systematic censorship online.

Once again Nimetz likely did not need to send out too many resumes or go to too many job interviews to land this position — nor did he seem to have much trouble becoming a partner at this prestigious firm (within just four years).

Even in the private sector, Nimetz continued his involvement in politics. For instance, in 1974 and 1975, Nimetz worked on the electoral campaign of Hugh Carey, who was soon to become governor of New York State and who in 1981 married the wealthy Greek-American real estate mogul Evangeline Gouletas. Carey later became a special adviser to president Bill Clinton.

Between 1975 and 1977, Nimetz was a commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. For those who are not familiar, what exactly is the Port Authority? It is the owner of the three international airports of the New York City area (JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty), it operates the ports of the New York City area, and it was the owner of the World Trade Center and current owner of One World Trade Center. The Twin Towers had just been completed in 1975 and were in the process of being developed and populated. Airports and harbors imply trade, and trade is intricately linked to geopolitics.

Nimetz’ relationship with the Port Authority was indeed rekindled more recently, when in 2007 then-governor of New York Eliot Spitzer nominated Nimetz to again serve as a commissioner. Following the public disgracing of Spitzer (who once described himself as a “fucking steamroller“) and his subsequent resignation, Nimetz’ candidacy for the post did not progress.

Return to diplomacy, end of the U.S. arms embargo against Turkey under Nimetz’s watch

In 1977, Nimetz was appointed by the administration of U.S. president Jimmy Carter as Counselor of the United States Department of State, under then-Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. Who was Cyrus Vance? He had also been a member of the Johnson administration along with Nimetz, is a member of the Trilateral Commission, and later served on the board of directors of IBM, Pan American World Airways, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, U.S. Steel, and The New York Times, and as a trustee of the Yale Corporation, as Chairman of the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Vice Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. Vance had also practiced law at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, just as Nimetz had. Vance’s son is today a district attorney in Manhattan. As we will also see, Vance played his own significant role in Greek affairs in the coming decades.

What were Nimetz’s responsibilities at the State Department between 1977 and 1981? His purview included the Cyprus issue and Greek-Turkish relations. Why is this significant? In 1978, under Nimetz’s watch as the Carter administration’s official in charge of Greek-Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean affairs, the U.S. arms embargo against Turkey was lifted. This embargo was implemented in 1975 following Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of almost 40 percent of Cyprus.

It is also interesting to take a look at other issues under the purview of Nimetz during his time at the State Department, which included U.S.-Mexico border affairs (hold on to this thought, as well as to Nimetz’ previous role in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey), and the Micronesian status negotiations. How did these negotiations turn out? According to Hellenic Insider contributor Déborah Berman-Santana:

The US dragged out the Micronesia negotiations for over 20 years, long enough to break down plans for an independent Federation with sovereignty over the surrounding ocean (a no no for the US), divide the Micronesians into fake “associated republics” with no sovereignty but UN votes, payoffs of compliant locals and assassinations of leaders, torpedoing reparations for nuclear testing, etc.

One therefore may wonder whether Nimetz’s role has been not to solve disputes but to perpetuate them, at least until one of the parties is sufficiently weakened.

Following his tenure in the Carter administration, Nimetz returned to the private sector for the next 19 years, joining another high-profile New York law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, almost immediately becoming partner. To provide a sense of where this firm is coming from, it is listed as the third-biggest donor to U.S. Senator and current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (another Harvard Law alum) between 1989-2018. That “top ten” list of donors also includes Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Lazard — brought to Greece by the aforementioned Varoufakis and by the previous two governments to advise the country on implementing the austerity agreements with the “troika.” Another Schumer donor? George Soros.

Nimetz again continued his involvement in politics and particularly in matters of foreign affairs while in the private sector, however his return to politics in earnest came in 1994, when president Bill Clinton appointed Nimetz as his special negotiator for the Macedonian issue.

Now, what was happening during this period? The breakup of Yugoslavia was fully underway by this point, war was being waged in much of the region, and “Macedonia” had itself declared independence in 1991. And beginning that year, one of the individuals who was prominently involved in negotiations between the different sides in the Yugoslav conflict was none other than Cyrus Vance himself.

Getting involved with “Macedonia”

It was Nimetz who, in September 1995, oversaw the temporary accord between Greece and its northern neighbor whereby the temporary name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” was assigned. Nimetz has since used this temporary accord against Greece. In an interview broadcast earlier this year by Greece’s ANT1 TV, Nimetz stated:

“One has to be realistic. Right now the name of the country in the United Nations is Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. So the name Macedonia is in the name now in the United Nations and recognized by Greece with that name. Over 100 countries recognize the name as Republic as Macedonia, so it has Macedonia in the name, for most countries.”

The Yugoslav conflict finally came to a close in December 1995, just a few months after the interim accord between Greece and “FYROM,” with the Dayton Accords, whose chief architect was the State Department’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Richard Holbrooke. Upon Holbrooke’s death in 2010, a “heartfelt” obituary was published in The Guardian by economist Peter Galbraith. Who is Peter Galbraith? He is a former State Department diplomat who, among other things, “discovered” that Saddam Hussein was “gassing” the Kurds (and who has supported the breakup of Iraq into three states, while also playing a role in the creation of Iraq’s new constitution in 2003, following the Bush administration’s invasion of the country).

Peter Galbraith was also the former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia during the crucial 1993-1998 period. He is the son of the Nobel Prize-winning economist John Kenneth Galbraith and brother of economist James Galbraith, who is based at the aforementioned Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin. Galbraith was an adviser to Varoufakis when the latter served as Greece’s finance minister, a founding member of Varoufakis’ DiEM 25 “movement,” and has repeatedly defended Varoufakis’ inexcusable actions in the press. In the world of globalism, “it’s all in the family.”

Furthermore, Peter Galbraith was also a former candidate for the governorship of the state of Vermont. Keep Vermont in mind as you continue reading.

In 1999, Nimetz became the United Nations’ special mediator for the Macedonia issue following his nomination by the then-Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan, the same Annan who was the architect of the “Annan Plan” for Cyprus which would have, among other things, led to the maintenance of a permanent Turkish military presence on the island, or if you prefer, would make permanent the presence of the island’s current occupying force. The plan was (rightly) rejected by Greek Cypriots in a referendum, while it was (again not surprisingly) approved by Turkish Cypriots. The Greek “rejection” of a “solution” to the Cyprus issue is now used as a “weapon” of sorts against the Greek side, implying that it is the Greeks who do not desire peace and reconciliation on the island.

That’s how Nimetz attained his position as the United Nations’ special mediator for the Macedonia name dispute. However, aside from his questionable diplomatic past, Nimetz has also long been involved with other organizations and initiatives which belie where his true allegiances lie while calling into question his impartiality regarding the Macedonia issue.

Globalism, NGOs, George Soros, and clear conflicts of interest

To begin with, it should be mentioned that Nimetz is listed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which will appear many times in the coming paragraphs and whose influence over such things as the mainstream media is well-documented.

One highlight of Nimetz’s resume is his former position as director of the Nature Conservancy. Who works for the Nature Conservancy today? Maria Damanaki, as the NGO’s global managing director for oceans. And who is Damanaki? She was purportedly involved in the “resistance” against the Greek military junta and was the voice of the famous pirate radio broadcast by students from inside the occupied Athens Polytechnic Institute during the student uprising, shouting out “Edo Polytechneio” (“This is the Polytechnic”). She parlayed her “resistance” into a political career, and is a former member of the Synaspismos political party (which was the predecessor to SYRIZA) and PASOK (the Panhellenic Socialist Movement) and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), out of which Synaspismos later split.

In 1994 and 1998 Damanaki was a candidate for mayor of Athens, finishing second in 1998. In 2009, Damanaki was named Greece’s representative to the European Commission, while the following year Damanaki was elected as the EU’s Commissioner-designate for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, a position she held until 2014. Despite earning 400,000 euro annually in this position, Damanaki maintained her parliamentary pension at a time when Greece had been forced to enact the first and second memorandum agreements, implementing harsh austerity cuts for those not fortunate enough to be professionally involved in saving the planet as Damanaki was.

Nimetz, between 1986 and 1994, also served as the Chairman of the United Nations Development Corporation (UNDC), as an αppointee of former New York City mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins.

Nimetz is also a trustee of his original alma mater, Williams College. He is also a director of the Revson Foundation, founded by Charles H. Revson, the founding president of Revlon Cosmetics. Nimitz, between 2009 and 2014, also served as chair of the advisory board of SUNY Global/The Levin Institute of the University of the State of New York, named after Neil D. Levin, the former executive director of the aforementioned Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Nimetz is also the co-founder and former head of the World Resources Institute, which boasts offices in the U.S., China, Brazil, Indonesia, and India, and which puts forth “policy solutions” for a “sustainable economy” and “sustainable cities.” The institute’s current president, Andrew Steer, is the World Bank’s former special envoy for climate change, while the organization’s board members include other former World Bank personnel as well as the ex-president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón.

In addition, Nimetz — who seems to have his hands in everything — is a member of the board of an NGO known as the Landesa Rural Development Institute, an organization which purports to support “land rights” for the world’s poor. One of the senior advisors to Landesa is none other than Bill Gates.

On Nimetz’s Landesa bio, he is listed as an Advisory Director and former Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of General Atlantic LLC, worldwide growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support for growth companies.

Indeed, Nimetz’s time at General Atlantic includes another conflict of interest with his role as a “neutral mediator” between Greece and “FYROM.” As has been revealed — but never reported in Greece or by Greece’s foreign correspondents — General Atlantic, during Nimetz’s time at the company, invested in a Danish bank known as Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank has a Greek affiliate, which however was never disclosed by Nimetz in reports filed with the UN (see here, here, and here for example). Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesman for the UN’s Secretary-General, was confronted with this obvious conflict of an interest at a press briefing earlier this year and denied any impropriety on the part of Nimetz.

Nimetz also is the former director of Renren Inc. and its subsidiary, Oak Pacific Interactive the second-largest operator of social networking sites in China. Nimetz, in addition, is a former board member of KCG Investments (Knight Capital Group), formed in 2013 with General Atlantic as a major shareholder, while Rene Kern, General Atlantic’s Managing Director, joined KCG’s board. KCG Investments was a global financial services firm engaging in market making, high-frequency trading, electronic execution, and institutional sales and trading.

Additionally, Nimetz also served as the director of Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain Weis Markets Inc., and has served as the director of Ability Resources, Inc., a third-party administrator of life and health insurance products, in addition to involvement with Zagat Survey, Inc., and Multiplan, Inc. Bloomberg also lists Nimetz as the director of the European Institute of Public Administration.

But wait, it gets better still! Since 2017, Nimetz is also a trustee of the Central European University (CEU), based in Budapest. The founder of the CEU is none other than George Soros, while the CEU openly promotes Soros’ “open society” initiatives. Recently, the continued operation of the CEU has come under threat by the government of Viktor Orban in Hungary, and one of the leading figures opposing Orban’s stance towards the CEU is Kati Marton, wife of the late Richard Holbrooke (previously mentioned) and former wife of longtime ABC Evening News presenter, the late Peter Jennings.

Soros remained chair of the CEU until 2007, and was succeeded by Leon Botstein, who at the time was president of Bard College in New York State. Why is this significant? Bard College is the home of the Levy Economics Institute, whose president since its establishment in 1986 is economist Dimitri B. Papadimitriou. Papadimitriou, who has taught at Bard since 1977, has also presided over Congressional committees, previously studied at the New School, infamous for its connection to the Frankfurt School and what is known today as “cultural Marxism.”

Papadimitriou, between November 2016 and February 2018, served as SYRIZA’s minister of economy, development, and tourism before resigning (reluctantly) in disgrace after it was revealed that Papadimitriou along with his wife, Rania Antonopoulos, who was the SYRIZA government’s alternate minister of labor and social solidarity, were each receiving a generous rent subsidy from the Greek State for their residence in Athens, claiming that they were permanent overseas residents. Antonopoulos resigned as well following these revelations. Notably, Papadimitriou and Antonopoulos were the wealthiest couple in Greece’s parliament.

Antonopoulos has also long been an economist with the Levy Institute and a member of the faculty at Bard College. She, like her husband, also completed her studies at the New School. She is a former adviser to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and to “UN Women,” and is a proponent of “feminist economic theory.” As a researcher at the Levy Institute, her proposed “Greek New Deal” (later touted by Varoufakis and James Galbraith) promised the creation of up to 550,000 new (minimum wage) jobs, which of course have never materialized during the three-plus years of the SYRIZA government. Antonopoulos also famously wrote in SYRIZA party-owned newspaper Avgi in 2016 that the third memorandum agreement, signed by the SYRIZA-led government after it ignored the result of the July 2015 referendum, was “a blessing.”

Rewriting history one textbook at a time

Even more egregiously, Nimetz, in 2014, was the founding chair and later director of an organization known as the Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeastern Europe (CDRSEE). Nimetz remains on the organization’s board of directors to this day. Despite being based in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city and the capital of the Greek prefecture of Macedonia, this organization is virtually unknown to the general public in Greece. And yet its role is extremely significant to the Macedonia issue — and to Greek cultural and historical maintenance.

The CDRSEE describes itself as “a non-governmental, non-profit organization that seeks to foster democratic, pluralist, and peaceful societies in Southeast Europe.” Among other initiatives, has promoted a “Joint History Project” with the support of the EU. This project is described as an effort to “change the way history is taught in schools in the Balkans,” and one might be tempted to wonder whether such a “joint history” includes, for instance, a “joint history” of Greece and “Macedonia.”

The answer to that question is very likely “yes.” As was revealed by Nina Gatzoulis, general coordinator of the World Pan-Macedonian Congress, history books released under the auspices of the CDRSEE’s “Joint History Project” make repeated references to “Macedonia” and to a “Macedonian nation.” Published under the oversight of Panteion University professor of modern and contemporary history Christina Koulouri, the CDRSEE has released three books which purport to promote “balance” and “objectivity” in the teaching of the history of the Balkan region, and “reconciliation” between its peoples.

How do these books apparently achieve this objective? One example comes from a section titled “nations and states,” which includes the national anthems of the countries of the Balkans. For Greece’s northern neighbor though, its national anthem is not included and in its place, a nationalist “Macedonian” poem attributed to Gjorgi Pulevski and titled “The Historical Roots of the Macedonian Nation” appears. This poem refers to the “Czar” Alexander and to “our” ancient Macedonian kingdom.

In other words, these “joint history” textbooks, under the guise of “tolerance,” are promoting the ultra-nationalist historical revisionism of so-called “Macedonians,” despite a wealth of evidence that Alexander the Great, as opposed to “Czar” Alexander, was indisputably Greek. And here another danger arises: while the Tsipras-Zaev deal purports to protect “Macedonian” claims against ancient Hellenic civilization, the hard-line position of “Macedonian” nationalists has been that ancient Macedonia and figures such as Alexander the Great were not Greek.

The covers of three history books produced by the CDRSEE’s “Joint History Project.”
It should also be noted that while the aforementioned nationalist poem has been attributed to Pulevski, no original manuscript has been found of the poem, which was written in Bulgarian instead of in the so-called “Macedonian” language.


A “Macedonian” nationalist poem published in place of the “Macedonian” national anthem, in a history book published by the CDRSEE and translated into Greek.
The CDRSEE’s history books have been translated into the Greek language, as can be seen in the accompanying image, and are being targeted for usage in Greek schools. And here one would be correct to ask another question: with the Tsipras-Zaev deal specifically stating that textbooks and other educational materials in use by the two countries will be reviewed for “irredentist” and “chauvinistic” material, will the CDRSEE, founded by the purportedly “neutral” Matthew Nimetz, stand to benefit by providing the new, “historically correct” textbooks that will be used by schools in both countries?

As for Koulouri, her curriculum vitae shows a long history of involvement on committees responsible for school history textbooks in Greece — during a period (since the late 1990s) when the teaching of Greek history in Greek primary and secondary schools has been gradually diluted. Specifically, her CV describes, as part of her 17 years of involvement with the CDRSEE, such highlights as organizing workshops “on how to teach sensitive and controversial issues in history in Southeast Europe,” “assessment and editing of alternative teaching materials…as part of a new method in history education,” “coordinating the editing of local editions in seven Balkan countries,” and “coordinating the development of alternative teaching materials…in Kosovo and Montenegro.” It bears noting that Kosovo is not even recognized by Greece. In addition, Koulouri has participated in a similar “shared history project” between Greece and Turkey

What is perhaps most notable and striking about the CDRSEE is a look at who funds this organization. The list is enlightening, featuring a globalist who’s who which encompasses:

The European Commission
The U.S. State Department
The European Commission’s “European Neighbourhood Policy And Enlargement Negotiations,” headed by EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who was in the Prespes region for the signing of the Tsipras-Zaev deal and could barely conceal his glee.
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
The National Endowment for Democracy
The European Agency for Reconstruction
The European Fund for the Balkans
The aforementioned United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
The Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (which was in existence between 1999 and 2008 and of which “Macedonia” was a member. This body created a “South-East Europe Regional Energy Market” with the participation of Greece)
The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (so much for Switzerland being “neutral”)
The Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
The Austrian Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs
Norway’s Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Norwegian People’s Aid
Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Principality of Lichtenstein
The Balkan Trust for Democracy (under the aegis of the German Marshall Fund)
The Central European Initiative
The Institute for Sustainable Communities (co-founded by Madeleine Kunin, former governor of Vermont and former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland during the Clinton presidency). Where have we seen Vermont previously?
The United States Institute of Peace (founded by the U.S. Congress and whose experts include the chair of the Police Restructuring Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina and former head of the legal department of the International Civilian Office in Kosovo, a former National Endowment for Democracy fellow, and a former assistant administrator for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance at USAID and current member of the Council on Foreign Relations)
The Winston Foundation for World Peace at William and Mary University (another liberal arts college favored for recruitment by the State Department)
ING Insurance
IREX (a nonprofit whose board members include the managing director of the Bush-affiliated Carlyle Group, the vice president of content acquisition for Comcast — which owns NBC, a former USAID director and Google executive, a former communications director of USAID, the former Senior Advisor of International Education for USAID and wife of former Iowa governor and presidential candidate Tom Vilsack, a former U.S. State Department official during the George W. Bush administration, a former vice president of the Carnegie Corporation, the former executive director of the previously-mentioned “UN Women,” the CEO of the FP group — publisher of Foreign Policy, the chair of Refugees International and a former reporter for Time, CBS, CNN and NPR; and the former Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs and former deputy secretary to Bill Clinton during his presidency)
Sabanci University (Turkey)
The University of Bucharest (Romania)
And last but not least, the George Soros-founded and affiliated Open Society Foundations, Foundation Open Society Macedonia, Open Society Institute Sofia, and Central European University.
The above list does not include the various “Greek” sources of funding for the CDRSEE, which includes:

The “Hellenic” Ministry of Foreign Affairs (under the aegis of Minister Nikos Kotzias)
The Municipality of Thessaloniki (under the mayorship of globalist darling Yiannis Boutaris)
The A.G. Leventis Foundation
The Cyprus Federation of America (which maintains extremely close ties with the U.S. Democratic Party, including Senator Robert Menendez, who has faced corruption charges. Its membership and leadership includes Philip Christopher and Nikos Mouyiaris, former owners and publishers of the now-defunct pro-PASOK diaspora newspaper “Proini,” based in New York City, whose one time editor, Michalis Ignatiou, was the longtime U.S. correspondent of the pro-austerity, pro-PASOK Mega Channel television network in Greece. Christopher’s niece is employed by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Business Channel, while Proini also once included within its ranks Chrysanthos Lazaridis, former adviser to ex-Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras; and Alexis Papachelas, executive editor of the pro-austerity, neoliberal Kathimerini which also publishes the English-language eKathimerini. Papachelas studied economics at Bard College at the same time that the aforementioned Papadimitriou taught economics at the same university. Papachelas has also attended the Bilderberg meetings in the past. He recently appeared alongside Tsipras on state broadcaster’s ERT panel discussion on the “North Macedonia” agreement).
The Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (whose longtime chairman, George A. David, has been a regular in the annual meetings of the Bilderberg Group)
Titan Cement (whose CEO, Dimitris Papalexopoulos, is a regular attendee of the Bilderberg meetings, including this year’s conclave)
The National Bank of Greece (repeatedly recapitalized by Greek taxpayers)
Greece’s Alpha Bank (repeatedly recapitalized by Greek taxpayers)
Samaras and Associates (based in Thessaloniki)
The Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki
The Greek-Turkish Business Council

In turn, the CDRSEE’s private donors include Matthew Nimetz himself, Greek attorney Stathis Potamitis, shipping magnate Pekin Baran (a member of a Turkish think tank known as the Global Relations Forum), the late John Brademas (former Majority Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, former president of New York University, former chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and former board member of the New York Stock Exchange and the Rockefeller Foundation), businessman Nikos Efthymiadis (vice president of the CDRSEE, Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Thessaloniki, and Chairman of the STABILITY PACT/Business Advisory Council for Southeast Europe), businesswoman Stacey A. Polites (Elastrak), Alex Gus Spanos (the billionaire chairman of the A.G. Spanos Companies, owner of the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers, and one of the top donors to the campaigns of George W. Bush and a Bush family friend), Rigas Tzelepoglou (president of the Thessaloniki Business College), and Spiros Voyadzis (οwner, Partnerships for Finance and Development).

Many of the aforementioned individuals participate in an annual conclave which could be described as the Greek edition of the Bilderberg Group, the Delphi Economic Forum. These individuals include Nikos Mouyiaris, Nikos Efthymiadis, Alexis Papahelas, Dimitris Papalexopoulos, and Maria Damanaki, in addition to a veritable all-star team of leading Greek and foreign politicians, businesspeople, bankers, journalists, academics, clerics, military leadership, and ambassadors far too numerous to list here. As mentioned earlier, it’s “all in the family” as far as neoliberalism and globalism is concerned.

To illustrate just some of the above connections, consider that David Rothkopf, the CEO of the FP Group, which publishes Foreign Policy, is a board member of the IREX NGO. IREX is listed as a donor of the CDRSEE, where Nimetz is a founding member, former director, and current board member. Foreign Policy, following the Tsipras-Zaev deal, has suggested that Tsipras be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At the same time, the Trump-Kim peace deal and the reconciliation between North and South Korea, for instance, are treated with hostility by the same press establishment, and by the “markets.”

In another example, we see that Nimetz is a trustee of the Central European University (CEU), which in turn is a donor to the CDRSEE, as are the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, who established the CEU and was its initial chair. His successor, Leon Botstein, was previously the president of Bard College in New York. Bard College is the home of the Levy Economics Institute, whose founder and president Dimitri B. Papadimitriou was, until recently, Greece’s economy minister, while his wife, a senior economist with the Levy Economics Institute, was alternate minister of labor in the same SYRIZA-led government. Journalist Alexis Papachelas, who appeared alongside Alexis Tsipras in his televised interview immediately following the “North Macedonia” deal, was once a journalist with the Greek diaspora newspaper Proini, whose owners are members and past presidents and board members of the Cyprus Federation of America, which is also listed as a donor to the CDRSEE. “All in the family,” as we see once more.

What should be evident here is a stunning conflict of interest on multiple levels, calling into question Nimetz’ impartiality towards Greece and his suitability for the role of “mediator” between Greece and the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.” He is the founder, former director, and board member of an organization which, in the textbooks it produces, has long referred to Greece’s northern neighbor as “Macedonia.” His textbooks have reproduced nationalist texts of “Macedonia” and made references to a “Macedonian ethnicity.” And the agreement which he brokered includes a specific clause which makes reference to the revision of school textbooks and other educational materials in both countries, as they pertain to the teaching of history. The CDRSEE produces history textbooks, under the auspices of the “Joint History Project.”

Furthermore, the CDRSEE receives funding from an outfit, IREX, one of whose board members is the CEO of the FP Group, which publishes Foreign Policy and which has called for Tsipras to receive a Nobel Prize as a result of the “North Macedonia” agreement, brokered by Nimetz.

Another noteworthy factoid is that the FP Group is itself a division of The Slate Group, which also operates and which itself is owned by the Graham Holdings Company, formerly The Washington Post Company (which owned the newspaper by the same name, as well as Newsweek magazine). This company has branched out into other industries, including health care, manufacturing, and energy. With regards to the latter, Graham Holdings purchased, in 2013, Forney Corp. Based in Texas, Forney manufactures equipment that monitors and controls the combustion of coal, natural gas, and other materials. This equipment is sold to electric utilities for use in power generation plants.

Here, one simply needs to recall that the Tsipras-Zaev deal includes a specific clause for cooperation between the two countries on the construction, development, and operation of oil and gas pipelines. One may further note that the “Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe,” which was in existence between 1999 and 2008 and of which “Macedonia” was a member, was a donor to the CDRSEE. A lasting legacy of this body is the creation of a “South-East Europe Regional Energy Market” with the participation of Greece). And at this time, while all of Greece was focused on the “North Macedonia” agreement, a new austerity multi-bill was passed in Parliament in June, placing 25 billion euros’ worth of public assets as collateral, while foreseeing the privatization of Greece’s Public Power Corporation (DEH). Stavros K. Goutsos, the CEO of DEH, was one of the speakers at this year’s Delphi Economic Forum.

What is also egregious is the fact that the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was purportedly negotiating with the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” over the name issue, is listed as a donor to the very organization, the CDRSEE, founded by the mediator in the name dispute, Matthew Nimetz, an organization from which Nimetz has not absolved himself as he remains a board member. Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in other words, has funded an organization founded and directed by Nimetz, of which Nimetz remains part, which has long recognized Greece’s northern neighbor as “Macedonia” and which may stand to benefit from the “revision” of history textbooks in both Greece and the country which may soon be known as “North Macedonia.”

Continuing this thread of potential conflicts of interest, Nimetz is also a member of the Board of Advisors of an outfit known as the National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP). Described as “a nonprofit policy organization dedicated to the resolution of conflicts that threaten U.S. interests,” the NCAFP “identifies, articulates, and helps advance American foreign policy interests from a nonpartisan perspective within the framework of political realism.” How can Nimetz serve as an impartial, neutral mediator if he is simultaneously a member of the board of an organization which seeks to “advance American foreign policy interests”?

Notably, the NCAFP’s leadership includes Paul Volcker (former chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System), and more notably still, a certain Nancy E. Soderberg, who is the committee’s vice chairman. From 2001 until 2005, Soderberg served as the vice president of the International Crisis Group (ICG), which in 2011 proposed the name “Republic of North Macedonia” for Greece’s northern neighbor. Other NCAFP board members have served as Vice Chairman of Global Banking for Citigroup and Undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury for International Affairs, former associates of the RAND Corporation, and are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

As the Council on Foreign Relations has appeared several times in this investigation, it bears noting that recently, Julian Assange tweeted an image showing the CFR’s links to major media holdings. Many of those outlets have correspondents based in Greece or who regularly report about Greece, almost all of whom have not concealed their excitement over the “North Macedonia” agreement while, for instance, ignoring the austerity bill passed by parliament last week and instead reporting that Greece is on the road to economic recovery.


Note that Foreign Policy appears above, as do many other prominent outlets. This may therefore help explain why practically all of the mainstream media outlets — and their correspondents based in or otherwise reporting on Greece — have barely concealed their excitement over the “North Macedonia” deal.

However, what about the International Crisis Group mentioned earlier? On its board, we find both George Soros and his son Alexander Soros, in addition to a globalist all-star team which includes former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister Carl Bildt (who served as a mediator during the Yugoslav conflict, as the EU’s Special Envoy to the Former Yugoslavia, co-chairman of the Dayton Peace Conference, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the UN’s Special Envoy for the Balkans), Wesley Clark (former U.S. presidential candidate endorsed by the “leftist” Michael Moore, and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, who led the bombing campaign against Serbia in 1999), Wadah Khanfar (former Director General of Al Jazeera, which has repeatedly chastised Greece and other European countries for their “treatment” of “refugees” while Al Jazeera’s parent government hasn’t taken any in), Wim Kok (former Dutch prime minister), former U.S. Undersecretary of State Thomas Pickering, Javier Solana (former Spanish foreign minister, former NATO Secretary General, former EU Commissioner, and Distinguished Fellow at the aforementioned Brookings Institute), and former U.S. Treasury Secretary and president of Harvard University “Larry” Summers. The president of the International Crisis Group, Robert Malley, former Special Assistant to the President during the Obama administration, has followed virtually the same academic path as Nimetz, attending Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, as well as Harvard Law School.

It should also be mentioned that two “Greeks” also find themselves on the International Crisis Group’s board of trustees, including former U.S. Congresswoman Olympia Snowe and Maria Livanos Cattaui, former Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Commerce. What else does Livanos Cattaui do? She is on the global board of the Open Society Foundation of (who else?) George Soros.

Indeed, to be specific, both George Soros and son Alexander are on the Open Society Foundation’s global board, along with (surprise!) some other familiar names, including Leon Botstein, the aforementioned president of Bard College and member of the board of trustees of Soros’ Central European University. Another board member, Ivan Krastev, is also a member of the board of trustees of the now-familiar International Crisis Group in addition to being a founding board member of the European Council of Foreign Relations and former executive director of the International Commission on the Balkans. All in the family once more.

Some further peculiarities

In Tsipras’ interview on Greek state broadcaster ERT soon after the agreement was reached, he stated that both he and Zaev sent the deal to Nimetz for “corrections.” Say what? Exactly what “corrections” were made by Nimetz? And were these “corrections” approved by Tsipras and/or Zaev, or were they unilateral? Tsipras did not clarify his statement, nor did the softball government-employed interviewer on ERT.

What is nevertheless interesting though is that Nimetz has a long history of finding himself in positions which pertain to border and frontier disputes, and in regions which also happen to be known for trafficking of all sorts: drugs, humans, and more. Nimetz was at one time responsible for U.S.-Mexico border issues at the U.S. State Department. He was a commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which controls the airports and harbors of the New York City area. And the region which includes “FYROM” as well as Albania — and the significant Albanian minority within “FYROM” proper — is notorious for drug and human trafficking. What does Nimetz know about these issues and what, if anything, has he done to combat such issues all these years?

Therefore, having examined Nimetz’ history, his diplomatic and business connections, and his prior positions both in the public and private sectors, numerous serious questions arise as to Nimetz’ impartiality, the many potential conflicts of interest which can be identified between his role as “special mediator” on the Macedonia issue and his positions on numerous corporate and non-profit boards, his prior stance towards Greece and Greek national issues dating back to his role in charge of Greek-Turkish affairs in the U.S. State Department during the Carter administration, and the ulterior motives he may have had in brokering the 1995 agreement which led to the name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and which was then used by Nimetz against Greece by claiming that the name “Macedonia” had already been accepted for inclusion in the name of Greece’s northern neighbor. Is it simply a coincidence that Nimetz’ Thessaloniki-based NGO, the CDRSEE, produces school history textbooks for the Balkan region, recognizes “Macedonia” and a “Macedonian nation,” and that the Tsipras-Zaev deal brokered by Nimetz includes specific provisions for the revision of school textbooks in both countries?

Further questions also arise: why has the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs been providing financial support for an NGO which was founded by the purportedly “unbiased” Nimetz and which recognizes Greece’s northern neighbor as “Macedonia”? Why is such funding also provided by the Municipality of Thessaloniki under its mayor, Yiannis Boutaris? What is the role of the international press and of figures such as George Soros in the Macedonia dispute, as evidenced by the many connections between NGOs Nimetz participates in, and Soros and the global press? Furthermore, was the “North Macedonia” name agreed upon as far back as 2011 or even earlier, and finally rolled out today for specific diplomatic or geopolitical reasons, such as, say, a fear that with Euroskepticism and “Trumpism” gaining ground in Europe and SYRIZA’s support continuously weakening in Greece (despite its purported “economic success story”), the time was now for the EU, NATO, and Nimetz to finally announce an agreement?

More questions still: what is the SYRIZA government gaining from this agreement and indeed why are they suddenly so desperate to “solve” longstanding foreign policy disputes such as this? Furthermore, what’s in the deal for Zaev and his country? Was Zaev, who did not win the December 2016 elections in his country, installed precisely to see this agreement through, and for what ends?

Or could it perhaps be that the Tsipras-Zaev deal, with the many hurdles that it still faces before ratification, is meant to fail? If so, what will follow a collapse of the Tsipras-Zaev agreement?

In looking at Nimetz’ diplomatic history, was he perhaps installed as “mediator” due to a prior history which could be considered questionable with regard to his stance towards Greece? Indeed, was he placed in the position he maintained for over a quarter century due to a history of not resolving longstanding disputes, such as the issue of Micronesian independence? Is the fact that Nimetz has often been placed in positions which concern border regions and areas with a high degree of trafficking coincidental, or is there something more to the story that we are not being told?

Ultimately, all of the above questions boil down to this concluding query: was Nimetz truly impartial in his role as “mediator” or are the many potential conflicts of interest identified above enough for the Tsipras-Zaev deal to be considered invalid?