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Whats in a Name? (Macedonia)

Whats in a Name? (Macedonia)

Many countries have many names in many languages. Greece is called Hellas, Greece, Yunan, Germany is called Allemangia and Tendeskia whilst France and Albania also have many names which for all countries mean one thing: their identity. Identity isn’t an issue of self-direction (eg for China to declare it is Mongolia) but a symbol of recognition, for everyone to accept that China is China.

The beginning of recognition in international law is recognition! A state does not exist if others don’t recognise it or only a section do. Britain recognised the USA whilst the USA doesn’t recognise Taiwan and Taiwan doesn’t recognise China (unless they have in the meantime). Palestine exists to the extent it is recognised or other countries recognise it.

According to this FYROM exists as a state, recognised by all whilst a few like Greece don’t recognise it at all. ( We must add here that however many recognise FYROM as ‘Macedonia’ this is of little importance for the brothers or a neighbouring country as it isn’t recognised with this name by Greece and international organisations.

FYROM is the historical paradox of a peoples trying to usurp an irredentist identity. This is due for two reasons: nationalism (irredentism for which we will speak later) of a newlycreated nomenclatura, which has a reason for a national existence and US imperialism which on this state they see the basis of their politics in the Balkans and Europe.

Everyone recognises and not only academic communities the history of the Slavo Macedonians (who today call themselves Macedonians) We are dealing with Slavs from those who have spread to the whole of the Balkan peninsula in endless waves. National identity of some of them was created by the tribes that spread around the Acrida area (the first Bulgarian Kingdom) under the influence of Christianity which in those days functioned as a Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Byzantium.

FYROMIskis today, the Slavomacedonian brothers speak first ediction Bulgarian language (from which started the Christianisation of the Slavs) and they bring an important civilisation, strange and parallel related to the other Balkan peoples through the ages.

It’s a paradox to negate their precious identity and to demand another, it is without logic to come out of history and to create a parallel history. Why do they do it? Why do they transform their state into a spark (inside the Balkan powderkeg)? As the ruling circles in this country are nationalists who dream of expanding it via irrendentism (mainly against Greece, as Bulgaria has taken measures). They are nationalists as they have the backing of imperialism, as via the tool of nationalism it completes its best jobs.

FYROM despite on the internal front suffering an issue of difficult cohabitation of two nationalisms, in foreign policy it has the paradoxical nationalism of an unknown national identiy, as this matches (from this it tries to gain) a new world order re-planning of the area.

FYROM and Kosovo and other entities not only harbour the biggest US base in the Balkans and at the same time build the biggest fences against the refugees (from the wars the West has unleashed)…

Concretely the rest of the ‘macedonian salad’ of the Balkans, Greece existed up till now existed as a state with the greatest level of national homogeneity not only in the Balkans but in the whole of Europe. The muslim minority in our country is only religious and extremely small whilst even smaller is the slavomacedonian minority in the north eastern Macedonia (which should be uself for the Greek state and not be chased as it was until recently) They are very small minorities but as tools of irrendentism of FYROM and the expansionism of Turkey can be used by the USA or rising powers inside the EU as a pressure lever to destabilise the Balkans, a destabilisation that started with the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Each destabilisation ends up with blood being shed.

Ambassador to FYROM in Athens wife standing in front of the map calling for half of Greece.....

Despite all this (in general terms) the Left in Greece (including the KKE) has shown that it has certain problems. A few would speak about ideological views and others about issues of understanding whilst others about viewing reality – as truth always exists via example. Untouched by this theorem a section of the Left which adopted the ‘ideology’ of imperialism and every other type of Americanisation (multiculturalism, self directionism, fantastic fairy tales and stories) saw in the face of FYROM a ‘victim’ (the gullible for the nationciders know full well what they saw and see). Thus in the name of self-directionism of the Skopje brigade we were confronted by the oxymoron that internationalists of Greece were supporting the nationalism of Skopje (consequently irredentism and behind the it the imperialism that directs it). Oxymoron and at the same time stupid, thus dangerous. This problem existed and still exists in Syriza. Storms and conflicts came with it and alongside it verbal abuse and slander by the nationcide brigades not only against their comrades but against all the Greeks with such overflowing hubris characterising all nationalists, racists and populists. Despite nationciders who exist within the Left have been exposed in all their ideologies in particular on the issue of borders, multiculturalism and other such topics, as long as Syriza was demanding power was attempting to hide the problem under the carpet with patriotic references of Tsipras personally, the same party after its right turn, not only liberated this forces anew but they became dominant. Now the nationciders can follow confronting the Skopje brigade the same right wing politics the USA follows alongside the European Union. The defence of Mr Mouzalas from a number of cadres is indicative. I will explain here that Mouzalas never said anything ‘bad’ he said that which he believes (irrespective if according to many he badly believed it) Anyhow Mouzalas has to show a serious amount of lifes work in support of people. His work as a Minister maybe he cannot do and to do something more important (from the many interviews he gives)

The whole subject is emblematic of the grotesque decline we live under. Kammenos asked for Mouzalas head for using the word ‘macedonia’ whom he himself has used at least ten times and listens to the word Macedonia wherever he goes. Hypocracy? Maybe! Maybe it’s the first case of Mr Kammenos taking his distance from the government which he is a participant of due to coming elections and fall of the government. Kammenos cannot appear as an anti-Memomorandum individual but he can pretend to be a ‘patriot’ via vulgar nationalism. With a hapeless victim (who is no longer a Minister) Madame Repusi.

Mouzalas ‘crime’ (not allowed as a Minister) is the tip of the iceberg. The leftists in other words those who follow a right wing line on national issues and the right wing line is what aids imperialism. The so called internationalists that support nationalism (as this is the turh of others, ie their nationalism) is a storm in a teacup as it is a really a storm in glass of water. What threatens to drown –along the refugees that drown – the whole of Greece is the refugee issue

The migrants and refugees who have arrived in Greece like many others aren’t going to leave. The issue of housing them, integrating them, assimilating them becomes the number one issue of the country parallel with the IMF occupation of the country.

The core political forces (Syriza, ND, PASOK, ANEL etc) have clearly shown they cant confront one problem after the other nor the result that both these issues create. We have therefore a strategic impasse. The people mobilised by Syriza have been pushed aside…

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