Monday, 28 May 2012

Eyewitness Accounts: Greek Elections-Daily Updates

28th May
-Pharmacists strike continues most Greek NHS have gone two months now without payments for medicine

-Tax bracket reduced to E5k, almost everybody stung with higher tax minimum +E500

-Latest Poll from Economic University of Athens
-1. ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: 31.9% Syriza
2. ΝΔ: 13,8% ND
4. ΠΑΣΟΚ: 8,7% PASOK
5. ΚΚΕ: 6,8% KKE
6. ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ: 5,8% Golden Dawn
7. ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΗ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΡΑ: 5,5% Democratic Left
8. ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΙΑ ΞΑΝΑ: 3,5% Create Again
9. ΟΙΚΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΠΡΑΣΙΝΟΙ: 3,4% Ecological Greens
10. ΛΑΟΣ: 3% LAOS
11. ΔΡΑΣΗ: 2,5% Action
12. ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΗ ΣΥΜΜΑΧΙΑ: 1,2% Democratic Alliance
13. ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ: 0,6% Antarsya
14. ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗ ΣΥΜΦΩΝΙΑ: 0,4% Social Agreement

πηγή: (διαβάστε περισσότερα)

-Media Strike on tv, Papers with Lagardes comments on front page.

- Kammenos IG will agree to form a National Unity Govt without Samaras and Venizelos (as leaders of parties)

29th May

PASOK- on chat shows on tv totally quiet like plot lost forever

KKE-lost the steelworkers strike as the other two factories of Manesis increased production to cover loss of one in Athens, KKE controlled strike and kept it separate from labour movement, led it to defeat, 6 were the original workers to be fired, 70 have gone. Coca Cola strike won without the KKE.
Has got stalls out in various town squares, aint seen Syriza doing the same this early.

Syriza-holding out on their own on chat shows, removed leftwingers Stasinopoulou, Lafazanis, from appearances, centralising party and setting up government programme, to hold national election rally 3rd June.

Kammenos IG-holding out well, states the Bailout agreement has to become unconstitutional, those Germans who bribed Greeks for public sector contracts (Siemens, bent submarines, railway carriages that dont fit on railway tracks supplied by Germany) should be prosecuted under German law. That is why Germany doesn't extradite Hristoforakos who has the names and lists of those people. Creating programme to govern.

Electricity Company
-Council Tax Bills, have become unconstitutional in other words peope cannot be cut off anymore for not paying those bills (victory of the 50% who refused to pay and hundreds of non-payment commitees set up all over the country) Ex-PASOK union bureaucrats/officials joining Syriza with the hope privatisation to be stalled in Electricity company and its selloff.

Trolley Strike
-tomorrow for 5 hours.

30th May 2012

Euro or Drachma-Main issue of the mass media networks.

Return to Drachma presented as Catastrophism 22% GDP Depression, 34% Unemployment, 55% Drop in Income, Syriza presented as Drachma party for wanting to abolish Bailout, constant emphasis on the collapse of the world economy
DL-No party can abolish the Bailout
Syriza (Papadimoulis)= Continued maintenance of bailout leads mathematically to return of Drachma and Bankruptcy. World economy will lose so they have to bargain.

Worker who was going to be unemployed in a week commits suicide from a top floor in a hospital in Crete.162 Cretans have committed suicide in the last three years, many of which are farmers.

Thessalonika: Council workers- Mayor privatising council cleaners , riot police called at council meeting not allowing cleaners inside, workers being attacked by riot police with teargas, next to a school!!

Pharmacists-People still not been paid two months for medicine, pharmacists meeting about continuing strike.

Tax Demands- Millions been hit by new tax threshold at E5K, even unemployed have to pay ...TAX!
Tax workers are now working under conditions of fear, some offices have been occuppied by protestors, in one a man walked in with shotgun, in another someone came in with knives, in another an old lady threatened them with GD. Close relative who rents a place was told by Inland Revenue to not pay rent to Landlord anymore but to them, as he owes property taxes!!!

Students-Taking national exams for entrance to University, some despite having passed are retaking exams as they cannot afford to live in another city from the one in which they live now.

Police-being told that if Syriza wins it will abolish all arms police carry ie they will be disarmed.

Huffingdon Post-doing the rounds in Greece,
Greece and the Eurozone: Weakness Brings Power

31st May 2012

OOSA report on hours worked.
Greeks work the longest hours in Europe and are 2nd on the planet after S Korea.
They work more than 40% more than Germans.

Classical Imperial 4x Hotel Karaiskaki Sq
3,000 hotel staff have lost their jobs in the centre in the last two years, demos crime and mass immigration have made the centre impossible for most tourists so they have boycotted.

Will publish programme on Friday, pre-cursory announcement on tv talk shows stated it will be Left. (This will give them an uplift, I believe, sorry had to add that!)
Returning pensions to previous amount, abolishing all extra taxes (property etc) and abolishing all recent labour laws, halting privatisations etc. Tsipras responded to attacks from his speech in Keratea by Mitsotakis daughter Bakogiannis that its members went to defend those alleged to be members of 17N (alleged terrorist group). One member of Syriza blamed Mitsotakis openly on tv for knowing in advance of threats to his life and doing nothing. WW3 broke out in the media network.
They haven't opened many local offices and dont appear on the streets. Kouris press ex-PASOK (Avriani, Kontra tv etc.) are backing Syriza. Katseli changed line and is wholeheartedly supporting Syriza.

Latest Poll
Syriza is clearly first but not enough to form their own government

Voted to continue strike indefinitely. Remember they are one of the sections like taxi drivers, truckers who are supposed to be blown apart or liberalised by IMF imposed measures.

Papadimos ex-President
Reuters stated that Papadimos sent to Baroso a letter to push Greek politicians to create Euro or Drachma threat for Greek people and after the National Bank of Greece's report yesterday (only 6% owned by Greece) that the world would cave in with a return to the Drachma, shows that the Greek ruling class is now officially split.

American officials have arrived from Obama to analyse Greek situation and impact on Euro collapse.

1st June Daily Update - 4

Draghi-ECB chief was reported to have said in a packed Euro-parliament meeting on Greek TV that the Eurozone in its present form isn't sustainable and a new political union is required.

ND-has come out with an 18plan programme. Syriza members on talk shows have attacked them for not supporting restitution for the war to Greece by their sister party in the European parliament ie. Merkel.

Syriza-will announce its programme today, which talks about re-nationalisations of OTE-Telecoms which is owned by the Germans, re-nationalising Olympic Airways, abolishing the threat of 150k public sector sackings, restoring pensions, stopping all the extra taxes imposed etc.

Exit Polls- they are now supposed to close legally-a few have given a lead to Syriza and some have shown a further drop for PASOK below 10%.

Tsipras on Time Magazine Front Cover,8599,2116075-1,00.html

Lafazanis gave interview on radio, wants Drachma back
Alavanos wants break with Euro as well and the EU

2nd June 2012
ND-Wants now to create a Development Zone on the basis of Cyprus and give permissions to foreign companies the rights to extract oil which exists in the Aegean. Also to increase unemployment benefits for two years and to allow people to come off bankruptcy lists and to add small shopkeepers to unemployment benefits.

Syriza- is being attacked by all the media as the new party of Papandreou wanting to give to all thousands of new jobs, increase the minimum wage back to before bailout terms, not sack 150k publ;ic sector workers, stop the privatisation committee, renationalise the old state sector companies known as DEKO-leave NATO

PASOK-is attacking ND for wanting to overturn the Bailout. If they get 10% i'll eat my hat.

KKE-Main emphasis is Syriza and its inability to overturn the Bailout

Media calling Syriza Tsiprantrea (meaning Papandreou who was elected on the platform of ‘We have Money’)

6Hospitals many of which are in Athens, have been issued with a notice by suppliers that they wont receive any supplies until they pay in hard cash up front, cash which they dont have as their budgets are cut to the bone due to the IMF

Tax returns are astronomic
=Pensioners on low pensions lost two minimum pensions of E500pcm due to exorbitant tax demands after reducing minimum threshold.Another disabled pensioner was taxed E1700 plus his medicine bills which so far are E400pcm. Last year he had no tax, being a 70year old pensioner with 85% disability.... They will add the property tax 4.5million refused to pay onto the tax office and go for repossessions but the number is so large, they will collapse the system if they proceed.If the electoral circus doesn’t complete in June and it goes for a 3rd round, all hell is going to break loose. People are waiting to see if Syriza gets +30% and measures are taken to stabilise the collapse.

3rd June 2012

President of Greek Cancer Patients Federation Persefonis Mittas – been on TV for two days know attacking ex-Minister of PASOK Loverdos regarding the non-issuing of cancer drugs to patients by Pharmacists and Hospitals on the Greek NHS system. Hospitals have been told that they wont be supplied by medicine from the coming Tuesday by suppliers.

Young students
-30,000 children have left schools seeking work as families cant support them. Drug gangs have emerged for the first time by schoolkids as young as 14 pushing heroin, due to the economic crisis.

GD- has been attacked by the Police and the 3 parties of the Fake Left for allegedly hitting immigrants from Pakistan during the pre-electoral period. This is alleged to have occurred after a mobile demo on motorbikes by GD in various districts of Athens, which was followed by the police at the front, side and back of the march. At the same time two Greeks were shot, one dead in a poor district of Athens, which may lead to PATRA style riots, as armed gangs with Kalashnikovs (associated by the media with Albanian immigrants-who have lost most of their work due to the collapse of the construction sector by 70%). A barrage of robberies are occurring at night in people’s houses, mirroring Central American drug gangs, with blindfolds, hostages and beating up to and including shootings. This is one of a 74year old in Lamia

KKE-frightened that half its electoral base is switching and going to Syriza as they want unity of the Left and a Left government to attack the Bailout, has increased its focus in attacking Syriza stating its creating a new socialdemocratic PASOK.

ND- Will emphasise the economy and illegal immigration in the last two weeks as points of criticism against Syriza, essentially arguing Syriza hasn’t costed its economic programme and that they want essentially open borders (last point a difficult sell as Samaras is personally known as the man who supported the fall of the Hoxha regime and his total support in the mass waves of immigration that replaced domestic labourers in the construction sector during the Mitsotakis governments in 1990-93

Syriza-being supported by the Kouris press (avriani, paron, kontra tv) media talk that Laliotis one of the founders of PASOK is behind Tsipras (he said he isn’t but supports the turn towards a centre-Left government). Received a E6m subsidy to fight elections and got another bank loan on top for E3m alleged in the media.

Press Barons-Mega, Antenna sacking journalists left right and centre, massive losses, refusing to support anyone else other than PASOK-ND. Received a E12m state subsidy for adverts for political parties as air time.

4th June 2012
KKE-Syriza govt will fall, Syriza doesn't want us as a partner, and people aren't giving a vote of support for Syriza, they just want something better than ND.

Riots in Evia-Vasiliko, post-industrial area conflicts erupted between Greeks and immigrants from Pakistan after Greeks were rushed in their homes and then counterattacked after a demo in the town centre by 200 Pakistani immigrants who smashed cars.
77year old Greek murdered due to roberry...again in his home. An almost daily occurrence.

Syriza-big meeting in Athens with Slavos ("Bomb Serbia"-anti-communist fame) Zisek, new meeting in Livadia by Tsipras. Proposals for new ministers include Lafazanis as Labour Minister, Dragasakis as Economics Minister. They also want to bring over Papandreous ex-close associate Varoufakis from the USA in the Economics Ministry. Syriza states they will try to overturn Dublin 2 signed by Papandreou in 2003. Serious probability for Syriza to gain full control of Govt on its own as highest electoral poll for them was 31% and on previous polls the highest was 13% but it got near 18%, so its vote may increase by up to 5%.

Health Minister blaming Syriza for not being able to provide money to pharmacists as E1b aint arrived from the EU allegedly. "Syriza is gambling the health of cancer patients to blame everyone but itself" he stated.!!! In October he repeated the same will occur with oil imports, food and medicine.

Papandreou was spotted at the Hilton Hotel in Athens speaking to Jeffrey Sachs, one bankrupt to another

Soros-fate of Euro will be decided in 3 months

5th June 2012
DL-Bistis attacking Lafazani, the issue now is whether we attack the Bailout directly, ie whether it will be abolished forthwith. “What did the bailout actually do to Greece, Lafazani asked, if it is so good, why do we need the money if we are going to be wiped out. We want Greeks to survive. We aren’t guinea pigs.” Bistis is pushing using quotes from Berlinguer (Italian CP leader) to govern with ND from his arguments. Psarianos (DL) attacked Syriza serverely stating you cant ask for alliances with us when you attack me as being the Karatzaferis (clown who runs LAOS) of the Left. DL are playing the role of PASOK playing the hard role of stating we must stay in the Euro, defend the Bailout terms.

KKE – will submit law overturning the Bailout terms. In all probability the KKE will word it in such a fashion where they will put maximalist demands in order for Syriza to not vote for it.

PASOK-Loverdos blaming Syriza for politicising medicine issue and stating repeatedly that the head of the Medical Profession aint a doctor but an acolyte of Syriza. He responded in kind stating the ex-Minister aint a Health Minister either but a dealer of various interests. The President of EOPPI (which is the new NHS) is playing ignorant in whole issue pretending its just a re-organisation question (ie going from known brands to generic etc.)

Syriza-immigration debate on Kontra tv. Can they remain within the EU if they go against the Dublin 2 agreement and issue travel documents for the illegal immigrants to go to the rest of Europe? Will try to resolve issue based on individual cases. Example of Libyans who attacked Libyan embassy in Athens yesterday and riot police were called, after they haven’t been paid and are in private hospitals in Athens since the revolution against Gaddafi there was mentioned as an example of different cases to be resolved. Tsipras giving speeches in squares which are full wherever he goes.

6th June 2012
For greater Athens region....they predicted the 6th May results spot on.
ND gets trounced clearly., showing that 1/3 of voters leave both ND-PASOK as they got
32% combined last time.

This will probably be the rough outcome + or - a few % points due to the rest of country voting differently.
1. ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: 31.9%

2. ΝΔ: 13,8%


4. ΠΑΣΟΚ: 8,7%

5. ΚΚΕ: 6,8%

6. ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ: 5,8%




10. ΛΑΟΣ: 3%

11. ΔΡΑΣΗ: 2,5%


13. ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ: 0,6%


7th June 2012

GD-Plevris from LAOS stated that GD representative beat up his kids and the offered him out on a tv show. Today a punch up occurred on live tv which was then cut with Kanelli (KKE) and Dourou (Syriza) after they attacked GD as wanting to take the country back 500years, after Kasidiaris said that the KKE defended Parliament and has Bangladeshi workers leading its ranks (PAME) whilst Greek workers are unemployed. Kasidiaris is being taken to court by a member of Syriza and he responded by taking them to court and because Dourou said he was a essentially a dodgy character he threw water at her in a tv studio. Kanelli got up with a paper to stop him doing anything further, he got hit on the cheek then slapped her down three-four times. They then attempted to hold him hostage in the tv studio and he made a run from it threatening to bring 100 others back to wreck it. This is on the main Antenna TV private tv studio. All political parties now state they will refuse tv panel shows with GD.

Video of Event

Violent robbery
- in about three houses in Paiania by armed gang with Kalashnikovs. Son finds mother being harangued by knives an d gun runs upstairs gets his shotgun and shoots one dead armed intruder. The whole area comes out with guns, police lose control. 64 dead since January 34 due to armed robberies in peoples houses-govt statistics.

Hospitals-Merging hospitals and breaking down specialisms in order to enforce cutbacks. Chaos with medicines still cancer patients still haven’t received them in full, and there are massive queues and people are screaming at employees.

"Fuck Greece" - Σελίδα αλβανών εθνικιστών στο Facebook!

Albanian nationalists page on Facebook

8th June 2012

=EXTRA 3 TV Debate-Whether this type of crime ie killing of Greek pensioners is done by Greeks or Albanian, Ukrainian, or other type of gangs? Are citizens now taking the law into their own hands? 600,000 Greeks have arms at home. 80% of violent crime is done by illegal immigrants. Why aren’t they given travel documents to leave? Syriza being attacked for wanting to demobilise riot police, responds they don’t want to turn Greece into a banana republic of Central or Latin America where everyone is armed. Syriza (Kammenos) alleges that police force voted for GD. ND (Plevris) responds that illegal immigrants voted for Syriza as they want to give them all nationality. Syriza being attacked for defending every illegal immigrant and calling every Greek a racists and xenophobe, at the same time as defending or giving cover to illegal immigrant drug dealers...Lawyer intervenes-Traitors signed the Dublin 2 agreement and 5million will end up in Greece, we need to tear up the agreement. Syriza agrees, but Greece’s borders are too hard to block.

Today’s Events

Greek mother (80) killed with 20 stab wounds in Patras, children vow to take revenge as long as they live. Peania-Student Doctor who killed Albanian intruder in court today, 500 locals turned up in support chanting ‘innocent’. Judge releases student to appear in court in two years but must appear at police station once a month, passport withheld. GD led march yesterday at centre of Peania, but was not at court this morning.

-Pensioners demonstrated outside EOPPY (Greek NHS) with banner ‘We have Free Health Service, But now Pay for Medicine’

ND-Samaras went to Ag. Panteleomonas and said that we have an ‘invasion of illegal immigrants’ (word for word) and we will take back Greek areas.

GD-Kassidiaris remains in hiding, other media outlets allege conflict on Antenna TV was done to increase ratings as the people invited were all the most dynamic elements of each party. KKE being attacked for turning up when their official position isn’t to debate GD. (A rise of GD in votes over the event aids Syriza indirectly due to the law of unintended consequences)

Schengen Agreement-newspaper reports that Greece will be thrown out as it can’t protect its borders.

9th June 2012

Skai TV-Head of Cancer Patients Ms Mitra was threatened by head of EOPPI (Voudouris) to be taken to prosecutor. He alleges that he isn’t killing patients which is what she said live on air. She said all parties collected their pre-electoral subsidies but patients who have paid all their lives now have no medicine. ND spokesperson said if we leave Euro we won’t have any medicine, food, fuel etc. One bond which had a face value of E80m was paid to the tune of E400m, whilst we are allegedly down E1b in Bailout funding-was mentioned by newsreporter.

ND-Blaming Syriza for a joker who was in Kazakis-EPAM (Amiras) who had youtube video where he called for urban guerrilla war. ND trying to pin ‘red terrorism’ on Syriza and essentially saying they are like extremists of GD, due to their 12 groups within them who have self-proclaimed revolutionaries. Syriza responded that ND has no relationship with reality. Video by ‘brainboxes’ of ND of alleged Syriza taking a woman out to a meal and refusing to pay the bill and being thrown out of the restaurant (implying this will happen to Grece by the EU) in another video a long haired Greek goes to the barber and says cut my Syriza (means in Greek as well give me a baldhead) and the barber does it, then the man looks in the mirror and has a shock, with the video implying watch what you ask for...

Syriza-Those who are wet aren’t afraid of rain,(referring to workers who don’t have a steady income) next Sunday, the past of dodgy dealings and fraud will stop. They are lying about our positions creating fear for our positions

GD-Kasidiaris said he didn’t want to be arrested and his pictures plastered over the media. Punch ups in Veria between GD and anarchists.

GDP collapse in first three months 6.5% of 2012, official unemployment 22% (numbers only include those who are signing on and they can only sign on in full for 12 months)

39year old Greek woman found dead from knife wounds in Athens.

10th June 2012

Criminality- Greek drug user killed mother for E20, citizen in Sparta killed intruder of Romanian extraction.

ND-Using article by Lafazanis and his interview with Amiras (jokester from EPAM-Kazakis who called for urban guerrilla war on youtube) to defend presence in Euro, as Lafazanis is supporter of Drachma. Lafazanis responds that these are old and personal views and that the fearmongering of ND aims to frighten the Greek people to vote for parties of the Bailout. ND has mentioned the possibility of holding its first national electoral demo in Sindagma Sq on Friday. Stated will emphasise economy and illegal immigration in last week.

Syriza-continues speeches in town squares which are packed by people, continues to run the line of Bailout or Syriza as central election focus as well as stating illegal immigrants who have been legalized should be given the right to bring their families to Greece.

80% in support of the Euro!!! Claims the Mass Media.50 clowns in Sindagma for the occasion....

Syriza-ex-candidate Nikos Hanias attacks Syriza in media alleging if Syriza wins the day after the world will end. All media outlets interview him and promote his views. Tsipras gives interview to all media outlets which appears to be very successful. Big speech in Omonomia Sq on Thursday

KKE-election kiosk and member beaten up in Ag Paraskevi.

ND-stating that Syriza wont govern with them.

PASOK-making openings to DL.

4 parties aiming for 3rd place-PASOK, IG, DL, GD

13th June

Pharmacist-Trade-Unionist who was on the national committee who have been on strike shot dead due to an alleged robbery. ND-Samaras making declarations about crime (sounds very fishy this one!)

Syriza-Tsipras gives interview to Financial Times stating that he will do everything in his power to stay in the Eurozone Visited main police headquarters stated coppers should return to the beat to stop crime wave. Wants to pay unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants.

Ollande-interviewed on Greek Mega TV-States there are countries that want Greece expelled from Euro but that isn’t the position of France. They must follow the Accord-Bailout measures.

ND-Election kiosk in Sindagma Sq with police guards.

PASOK-Kaklamanis ex-President of Parliament attempted public meeting met with rotten fruit and coffees by electorate...

Aris Velouhiotis Statue-Nicked

Election Day 17th June
Tsipras voted
in Kipseli with around 200 photoreporters from around the world.

Fires in around 10 different parts of Greece from yesterday.

Greek fans in the match with Russia were chanting
"Put the Debts up your Arse, thats how those that Owe you Shag"
May be match with Germany on Friday!!!!

"Everyting started in Greece and everyone is obliged to respect them. Democracy started from there and so many other disciplines were taught by the Greeks who have great pride and deserve the respect of all. That which inspires us aren't comments of such a nature but the great history of Greece. No one can give us lessons."

Issue arose when a reporter asked him how they will cope if they meet Germany...
Santos is Portugese.

KKE-condemning Twitter where account has been opened up calling for KKE
members to vote for Syriza. She called it a provocation and fraud derailing
the electoral process

500,000 didn't vote, media states due to cost of travel this may remain high but fall
compared with 6th May.

Media-cant add up shit.

They claim there will be a rise for GD and a rise for ND.

A fall of the vote of the KKE thus a rise of Syriza.
A fall in the vote for DL therefore a rise for Syriza.
A fall in the rise of PASOK therefore a rise for Syriza.

So how can ND win?

Apart from being dumb in mathematics they are also stupid...

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunday, 6 May 2012

First 'Party' is Abstention with 35%-Fake Left in Role of Kingmaker for IMF-ECB

The smallest results up until now show that around 35% of Greeks abstained from the elections. Abstention in these elections is the most conscious decision of the most vanguard section of the Greek peoples who have worked out the role of the existing parties and sub-parties. It is them who never believed the fat words from the politicians and they hit the streets against the occupation Parliament and all the parties and sub-parties each in their own way did whatever they could to stop people entering the occupied Parliament and hand the quisling scum that govern there. It is those layers of the people who shouted you want a vot and showed their bo xx cks. It is them who shouted thieves traitors hangings are coming and who provisionally retreated to come back even more militant. That is why we from the Patriotic Left abstained from these elections allying ourselves with the 40% of the people as none of these parties or sub-parties gained the right to our vote and the big abstention justified us. Let us prepare ourselves for the second round more decisively and above all to organise ourselves into a new type of organisation to crush the new world order scumbags with whatever attire they were so we can open the path for a Greece that belongs to Greeks with a programme which has an exit from the crisis which will be:

-Cancel all the Debts. We owe nothing they owe us.
-Leave the EE and the Euro. Return to the Drachma
-National Development and national defence of national production
-We wont import indigenous products from abroad
-Nationalise the banking system without touching investors deposits.
-Control the borders of illegal products illegal labour, Work first of all to the Greek worker
-Popular courts and immediate trials of all the occupation traitors and their spies. -Immediate expulsion of all the illegal immigrants-settlers and whatever
else is required so the country can go forward.
Patriotic Left Greece

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Coming HOLOCAUST in JUNE if PASOK-ND wins the Elections...

1. Abolition of the 13th-14th salary everywhere.
2. New reduction of the minimum wage to Bulgarian levels alongside with whatever reduction occur on wages, unemployment benefit etc.!
3. New lowering of basic and enhanced pensions.
4. Minimising the annual holidays by 10 days.
5. Lowering the added increase for working overtime or on Sunday.
6. Totally flexible labour relations, abolition of labour contracts and rights.
7. Immediate firing of 50,000 public sector workers in 2012 and 200,000 in a three year period.
8. Abolition of pension annuity in the public sector.
9. Gradual abolition of redundancy pay in the private sector either due to being fired or being pensioned off.
10. Total abolition of tax exemptions and all special regimes of taxation. Abolition of interest exemption for mortgages, rents, studies, insurance, hospital visits etc. 11. Increase of the lower band of VAT from 6.5%-13%
12. Abolition of lower rate of VAT on the islands.
13. Placing the farmers on VAT
14. New special tax for alcohol/cigarettes
15. New tax on second hand cars.
16. New increases in road tax.
17. A lowering or abolition of minimum threshold of untaxed income
18. Changing property values every year.
19. Equalising oil based burners for heating with those of cars.
20. Abolition of repossessions of ones first house.
21. Making permanents the housing tax to two alone=unifying the 33 taxes of local government into another.
22. Tax on living in your own home.
23. Abolition of the wages of priests.
24. Emergency taxes after the elections (income taxes, emergency solidarity tax, taxes on property, 2010, 2011 and a special one for 2012) 25. Private tax collectors 26. Selling off national property.
-WE ARE GOING FOR FAKE ELECTIONS _The Opposition is Wanting, below what is required under the current conditions -With the enhanced electoral majority system once again the minority of Quislings are going to Govern. -Organisation and Struggle the Only Road