Monday, 8 January 2018

Open Letter to Syriza-ANEL government Mikis Theodorakis on the issue of FYROM

Open Letter to Syriza-ANEL government
Mikis Theodorakis on the issue of FYROM
The Council of Political Leaders in 1992 decided a common national line towards a name which did not include the word ‘Macedonia’. A compromise on this line will have disastrous results for the future of this country taking into account that after eight years of robbing the Greek peoples which led us to todays dramatic situation, the only thing that remains is the protection of our national inviolability. The Kopje government threatens without any holds barred the inviolability of our country. Using the vehicle of the name ‘Macedonia’ and disrupting historical events to such an extent of ridiculousness they are trying to extend their borders against our own attempting to create the ‘Macedonia of the Aegean’. This aim has functioned decades now as a basic national aim of the neighbouring country with the result being that a generation of Skopje citizens believe this idea and today have the firm belief they are the direct descendants of the Kingdom of Macedon Phillip and Great Alexander.

A truly colossal propaganda which has involved a number of states in this historical ridiculousness being aided of course from the position of those in charge of Greece who made no attempt to change this view in the eyes of the foreigners this massive falsification of history. We reached the ridiculous point where we are threatened as a Peoples, to be obliged to justify our patriotism! If we back down this moment from our position its as if we open Pandoras box. We need to be vigilant for our national independence, taking into account there strong international forces whose aim is the salamisation of the area of the Balkans. The Yugoslav example is still fresh in peoples minds. The next victim will be our country. The dark clouds that threaten us are becoming more visible. If we back down now to the open provocation of Skopje who haven’t resigned from the original aim of their national line and are trying to become members of NATO with our vote they can tomorrow threaten us from a higher and stronger position then we will guilty of our fate.

Sirs of the Greek Government, the weight that you are being forced to bear is unbearable. That is why don’t do it. Remain loyal to the national line of 1992. The responsibilities you have undertaken on the economic front are great. But in relation to those that are related to our national security and inviolability are colossal and they will not only drag you down but the country as a whole. To be led to bankruptcy and the dissolution of our social bonds is a massive issue. But to arrive at the stage of the inviolability of our country is not only a massive issue but sudden death. Our country will not last if it loses another square metre of Greek land. Is that excessive? Just think who really could have thought that the once powerful Yugoslavia could be broken up. Opportunities wont wait (Thuycicides).

When you are frightened to state you love your country –and even worse you sell it out- that is being a quisling. When you are no longer frightened to state that you love the country and you have the courage to scream it, that isn’t nationalism but patriotism! Greece today more than any other period has the need for patriots!

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