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I am not Greek but is Schauble German


By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

I usually work more than ten hours a day and most of the weekends. I am often happy with what I do and I don’t want to complain, as it is very rare for people to be doing what they really want to do. Still, I criticize myself for not being able to master my life and enjoy it more.

But now I am in deep confusion. Recently some European politicians and parties have been returning to the argument that Greeks are lazy and that Europeans should immediately put a stop to the money they are paying to help us.

Of course I don’t believe those conspiracy theorists who keep telling us that Goldman Sachs and other institutions of the same kind orchestrated a financial attack on Greece in 2009-10, after first launching a preliminary “communication” attack against Greeks, portraying them as lazy, disorganized and corrupt. These conspiracy theorists say this massive “communication” attack served no other purpose than to justify what they afterwards did to Greece. They are even telling the crazy story that banks have used a primitive form of self-destructive “German nationalism”, successfully camouflaging their aim to transform their crisis into an EU debt war, making Greeks and other southern Europeans pay their debts, after previously having the foresight to transform them into sovereign debt.

You have to be very perverse to believe such things. Personally I have enormous respect for most European politicians and also for the people running the Commission. As for the executives of Goldman Sachs and other such institutions, they are of an exemplary honesty and the same applies for the accounts of the Deutsche (?) Bank. As for the International Monetary Fund, I have no comment to make on it. Its international reputation speaks for itself.

So, when I hear respected European politicians and parties explaining to their electorate that we Greeks are lazy, that’s it! Finito la musica, passato la fiesta.

There is of course a small and slightly confusing detail. Why on earth did Eurostat, the statistical agency of the European Union, some time ago publish that data proving that Greeks work much more every week than most Europeans, including Germans, Austrians etc.? Something is very strange here!

But if this is true perhaps it can also explain why the EU, Germany and the IMF have imposed on us these particular “help to Greeks programs”. They wanted to encourage us to relax a little and enjoy our lives, by sending two million Greeks into long-term unemployment or immigration abroad to find a job.


Giving money to Greeks!


I am now also hearing some European politicians and parties saying again that they are giving money to Greeks and should stop it. I am glad to hear this! The money does not help Europe and it corrupts Greece.

But again I have some small confusing problems. Where is the money? If they are giving us so much, why has my income been cut by more than 80% since the beginning of the crisis? Why am I not sure I will end my days with a reasonable pension and health care, rather than becoming a beggar in some park in the capital? Where is the money? Perhaps if I change my way of writing I will see this money, as a friend told me?

Of course there are some vulgar newspapers in Germany that are scandal-oriented and sometimes completely un-German. One of them is Handelsblatt. Recently it published an article explaining that 96% of the “help the Greeks” money went to the international banks and not to the Greeks! These findings are said to be based on some obscure study or other by a German university or research center.

Greeks are lazy, but not all lazy people are Greeks. It seems that some of them are German professors. They don’t have anything better to do to help their country and they spend their time tracking where the “money to help Greeks” is going!

I don’t believe anything of what these Handelsblatt characters have written. But even if I accepted for one moment (no more!), the accuracy of their reporting, then what? 4% of the “money to Greeks” still goes to Greeks. As for the remaining 96%, it is also indirectly helping Greece at least in two ways.

First, it is increasing Greek sovereign debt, thus providing Greeks with a very strong incentive to work more and better (if of course they find a job, which may be the weak point of the idea). It is also strongly motivating for all the country’s public property and infrastructure to be handed over to the creditors for them to manage efficiently. (This is exactly what is included in the last agreement between Tsipras and the creditors discussed now in the “Greek parliament”. We cannot be sure of all its details, because the bill the “Greek governement” has introduced consists of 7.500 pages, translated from English. We are not supermen, like Greek deputies, who will study these 7.500 pages in 14 hours, so we can’t be sure. It seems the bill provides for the transfer of all Greek public property to the Creditors for 99 years.)

Do you see any better way for such an aim (give the Greek public property to foreigners to run it) to be achieved, than increase the sovereign debt? With the sovereign debt you can do what otherwise you would need a war to achieve!

Greece can make fantastic progress, but on one condition: that the country be taken away from the Greeks!

The same is true in another way. This “help the Greeks” money may not help Greece directly, but, through the “reform program” accompanying it, it is helping to bring about exponential increases in the private debt of individuals and enterprises, leaving Greeks with no other possibility than to sell their homes, bank assets and enterprises to foreigners. But this, too, will give a tremendous stimulus to the country’s productivity. Does anybody in the world doubt that foreigners can manage these assets much better than Greeks can?

It is clear that Europeans and IMF are paying money to help Greeks. If the money is not being used to help Greeks, this is because Greeks are stupid, as this very polite person Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble informed the Greek Prime Minister in Davos in February.

As for me, I have arranged for an appointment with my optician. Perhaps he has an explanation for why I don’t see this money!


Stop the money to Greeks!


Whether the money is or is not “to help Greeks”, one thing is certain: it must be stopped, and the sooner the better. That is what some Central European politicians have been explaining to their electorates.

They are of course right. And I think we should once more pay tribute to the brave spirit of Otmar Issing, the leading German authority in currency matters and one of the architects of the euro who in March 2010 had the pluck to write a remarkable and very serious article in the Financial Times Deutschland in which he insisted that Europe, and Germany, should not help Greece! The article had a strong impact at the time it was published and significantly shaped European conceptions of Greek problems.

Of course such deeply penetrating minds are so focused on their own ideas that they sometimes suffer minor memory losses. Mr. Issing clearly forgot to mention in that publication that he was a paid advisor to Goldman Sachs Europe. But such trifling oversights in no way detract from the grandeur of his analysis. On the contrary.

Reflecting on all this, I must confess that I fell into deep confusion and for some weeks could not account for my condition. And then suddenly I woke up one morning and resolved the contradiction. If Greeks are lazy and I am not lazy, if Greeks receive so much money to help them and I have less and less money, it is obvious that there can be only one explanation: I am not Greek! All that remains to be explained is why it took me so long to discover the truth.


A new nightmare: Is Schäuble German?


Calm returned to my mind. I slept well for a number of consecutive nights, but then one night my father (who passed away many years ago) appeared to me in my dream, took one sarcastic look at me and said: “Since you were a little boy I have been telling you and your mother that you are an idiot.”

“What? Dad, what are you saying?”

“You listen to me, my boy. I warned you from the time that you were very young that you should not trust people! How long did it take you to understand what kind of person this Tsipras is?”

“Dad, what are you saying?”

“I am saying that you are wrong to believe you are not Greek. In fact, my poor boy you are Greek. It is the Greek PM that is not Greek!” He paused, relishing my surprise, and then continued: “Unfortunately for you, you are Greek. All my efforts to stop you becoming a Greek were vain. It is your mother’s fault! Have you learned nothing from our history, from our civil war? This nation has experienced one disaster after another, not only now but for as long as we can remember. We had this stupid idea of inventing such notions as ethnos (nation), of logos, of citizen, of freedom, more than 2,600 years ago. Solon even carried out a debt restructuring. Do you believe that all this has done anything for our reputation with banks? When are you going to learn this basic principle of shutting your mouth, and keeping it shut?”

He was in a real panic, fearing what could happen to his son. But only a few minutes after this outburst he was already feeling guilty for his behavior. And he said to me: “Look here, I will share a secret with you. Even Schäuble is not a German!”

“Dad you are really going too far now. This Schäuble is a mild, civilized, very serious and politically proper German nationalist”, who balances the books for Germany, and everyone there trusts him. Don’t you see how he behaves?

What else could he be but a German? How could you say he is not? His ministry building itself proves that he is German. It is the same building where Goering had his office! What an idea, that he is not German!”

He looked at me tenderly. He did not want to offend me any more. He said: “My son I was hoping you would be more careful in the way you analyze people. Read again Günter Grass’s last poem on Greece and Europe: his analogy with the time of Hitler. He knows Germans better than you do”.

“Dad, can you kindly stop speaking in riddles and just explain what you mean?”

My father at last assumed the serious, pedagogic and dialogical style of the good thermodynamics professor he had once been. “Listen here, my son, a German “nationalist” could not hand over the governance of the European Union to Goldman Sachs and the IMF. A German “nationalist” would not sacrifice all the political capital that Germany had accumulated in Europe since the war for the sake of “disciplining” Greeks. A German “nationalist” would not permit the Americans to torpedo the agreement his own Foreign Minister had achieved in Kiev and then impose sanctions on Russia. A German “nationalist” would not defend the Iraq war against his Chancellor. You are a physicist my son. You should begin from the facts, not from your ideas about who is who or what someone says he is. It is actions that count. Look at what a person does. The same applies, by the way, for Tsipras. He claims to be a leftist, if not a communist. But could a leftist or a communist behave the way he has behaved?”

“Dad, all this smells of conspiracy theory. You don’t believe, I hope, that some mysterious “Empire of Finance” is ruling the world and imposing change through the co-optation of

“virtual politicians”.

“My son”, was his response. “Lord Kelvin used to say “speak not of what you cannot count.” But he did not say “do not think”!


At this point I woke up and phoned my psychoanalyst.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Greek Women against Mass Importation of Migrant Cheap Labour

Interview with Aliki Papadaki  Citizens Committee Member of Ag.Panteleomonas (central Athens District)

Between  2000 and 2008 the square in Ag Panteleomonas was occupied by a multitude of migrants from every quarter of the planet but primarily from Albania, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. The square was divided into various ethnic squares where each ghetto went about their business, ie drug dealing, gambling, boozing, sexual activity at night, urinating, defecating etc. The situation became so bad that citizens of the area felt under siege as they couldn’t go about their daily business. Citizens on an individual basis complained to all official bodies in person or in writing from the local councillors, to the police, to their MP’s, to the political parties present in the area. No one listened and they organised themselves in a committee which had a majority of women.

Women bore the brunt of the situation as they were either robbed for their handbags or sexually molested whilst going near or around the square. As the migrants were many and operated as such individual resistance was futile as one was outnumbered. Particularly obscene was the victimisation of old people and targeting their pensions from ATM machines. Anyone who witnessed first hand the situation could not but feel for the plight of Greek citizens.

For a two year period there were demos after demos, counter demos by the so-called anti-racist fake left and the square received national prominence in particular as this was the area that led to the electoral growth of Golden Dawn and the teargassing inside a Church of citizens who continued to protest against becoming a minority inside their own country and being unable to operate as they had before. The economic crisis of course hadn’t fully arrived but the arrival of continuous numbers of migrants. The square became synonymous nationally with everything that was wrong with uncontrolled migration and remains imprinted in the national political psyche in particular now that migrants have been dumped in tens of areas around Greece and protests against their presence has occurred almost everywhere.

The  fake Left having abandoned Greeks to their fate has written its own death warrant as a political force and it will suffer the same fate as all the other political forces that tied their economic coattails to mass migration and cheap labour, let no one be fooled. Allowing an economic free for all in any type of migrant to arrive and live against the citizens of the country without their advance knowledge or even minimal approval is a recipe for civil war.
Van Gelis

Committee of Citizens in Ag. Panteleomonas
What issues gave rise to the creation of a citizens committee in Ag Panteleomonas?
After the fall of the Soviet U immigrants started arriving in Greece. After 2000 many migrants started to live in the square. All day long they were in the square, the Albanians had created a ghetto and the square was nicknamed Tirana square and they played on wooden boxes and they gambled with dices. Many had taken out  Greek OGA (Organisation of Agriculatural Development) pensions being declared fake Greeks from Northern Ipirus (Southern Albania). The Polish were workers, but many spent all day drinking and fighting and there were no public toilets in the square and they smelled of urine. It was impossible to make criticism of Albanians as they said we are 5k people and we will cut you down. In the meantime many houses were burgled and in particular as there were many unemployed and in Crete where I gathered olives every season robberies were immense as everything was stolen.
At the time we had dogs but the Albanians bought pit bulls and they had dogs which fought for money and drug dealing and many shootouts amongst their community. There were also many fights amongst Albanians and Georgians (initially women arrived to look after older people) and deals that went wrong. Drugs were mostly in circulation and all types of drugs controlled by gangs from  all of these ethnic groups. A mini USA in an Athenian square which boasted one of the largest Orthodox Churches in Greece.

The priest in the main church on the square gave to the Georgians a small side church facing the square (old believers in Orthodox Church) and another ghetto was created around the Church as a focal point, they started to open their own shops with special dispensation for (illegal) migrants who can set up shop in one day as opposed to a Greek who takes up to six months.

Most of the shops don’t even have a VAT receipt and if anyone rings the Greek tax office they only turn up for Greek owned shops as they don’t bother with migrant stores.
Most Greek women who crossed the square had their bags stolen and my mother had her money stolen from the ATM at least three times when she went to take her pension. A few days ago a man was fixing his sign outside his shop and migrants climbed up his ladder when he wasn’t looking and entered the flat above and robbed it and left by the entrance as gentlemen. All Greek women were harassed sexually. What led to the Committee being created were two incidents that were beyond the pale:

The First Incident
The situation deteriorated when Pakistanis and Afghanis arrived as they had weird traditions mostly being famers and many being gay and the story is they brought live sheep for their Ramazan festival, slept with them and then killed them on the roof  (arab style) and they ate them. They used to throw the rubbish from the balconiesin black bags which split and rotted leading to a health situation and people took photographs and took it to the local council.
In the square the on one side the Afghani, Pakistani and Bangladeshi muslims had taken over a part and had turned it to their own special UN ghetto and it was impossible for a Greek woman to enter. They would touch up every woman as she passed, and during this period there is a famous video of Greek women during New Year celebrations in Sindagma square being sexually abused and manhandled.

The Second Incident
At the time an Albanian girl was raped at the age of 14 by what appears to have been a muslim of Pakistani, Afghan or Bangladesh origin as recounted by the girl. The state did not take any reports or interviews from the Albanians. A few of them came to our committee and reported they would handle the matter internally ie. take measures against the Afghani Pakistani  and Bangladeshi people in the area. Inter ethnic ghetto conflicts ensured.

In what way were women a catalyst in setting the agenda of reaction to the presence of multitudes in the public square of Ag Panteleomonas

Greek women started the protests in the Ag. Panteleomonas  area to regain control of the square. They were under total attack and had never encountered such behaviour in their lives and in the trolley bus  women would be manhandled at all times and raise their middle finger. Women from the ages of 40 to +70 were involved in the committee. We decided the situation was under total disarray we couldn’t leave our flat and we couldn’t enjoy the square which in the summer (+40c in flats) means we became prisoners in our own homes. In many flats there were flying body lice which became an issue for the whole area. People couldn’t put their clothes out to dry. In many buildings there were over 300 people in a three story building and when we took a reporter there we saw two people sleeping in the small space above the bathroom where the hot water boiler is kept. An unheard of situation for post-war Greece.
We went to complain to all the official bodies, Mayor, Council, Police, Health service etc. and this led to nothing. So we decided to hold weekly meeting and then public demonstrations and the first person that came against us was  Petros Konstantinou of KEERFA who threatened us with the migrants of Afghanistan and Pakistan who started to pray on the square and they started to throw stones and burn dustbins. Up until then GD did not exist in the area. In the first demo all the Greeks in the area turned up for the demonstration. Confronting them was KEERFA.
Looking back at the situation it appears KEERFA’S arrival was pre-ordained to defend illegal migration and the subsequent arrival of GD to taint the area as being ...nazi. There is a possibility they were working together as before 2008 Golden Dawns presence was less than 0.9% nationally and over a two year concerted campaign by KEERFA every protest against the arrival of migrants or turning squares into migrant dumping grounds led to Golden Dawn appearing to be the force that was against ...migration. It’s funny as their star candidate turned MP who had a shop near the area Panagiotaros has left the area and moved to wealthier areas by the sea and wants nothing to do with the area. Politics in Greece is a just a career which opens doors to self promotion.

Which forces in society were you up against during the protests in the square?
At the time no one was with us from the major political parties and none of the Left were concerned. KEERFA<1> organised many support structures for the muslim migrants in the area and many were involved in the drug and sexual favours trade in the main square and they exchanged goods for sex.
KEERFA is a front for illegal migration in close cooperation with bosses.
Both New Democracy and PASOK encouraged mass migration into Greece and sought to arrest the collapsing rate of profit by employing migrants with no insurance in a range of industries: farming, tourism and industry. In no sector of the Greek economy is their presence not felt.
Throughout the early part of the 2000 decade a mass propaganda campaign occurred by the so-called anti-racists filling up all public walls with the slogan ‘the bosses promote racism’ when in reality we must have had the most anti-racist bosses on earth as they exclusively recruited migrants. When enough were recruited these slogans disappeared and they became chasing ...nazis. In the meantime Greeks became a minority in many workplaces and anyone opposing the unlimited arrival of migrants was now branded a ..’nazi’ whilst Parliament pushed through anti-racism laws banning the criticism or talk about migrants in anyway whatosoever.

How do you explain the rise and fall of Golden Dawn in the area?
As all the parties had one line a political vacuum was created. Let us remember before 2008 they didn’t exit. What existed was LAOS a splinter group from New Democracy which allegedly took on board issues of migration. GD came to the square and used its appearance for electoral promotion. They no longer have an organisation in the area and the day GD’s MP Kasidiaris last arrived in the area is the day  Rouvikona and other NGOs arrived with their ...antifascist banners. They essentially go round the square targeting any young Greeks who might happen to be visiting the area or passing the square but have insignia on them with the Greek flag. Not long ago these same NGO’s as reported in the press targeted a Cypriot tourist unbeknown to them, who was in Exarchia with a Greek flag and beat him up so badly he ended up in hospital. We are dealing with globalist neoliberal scum who hate anything in relation to Greece as a nation.

What is the situation now like and how do you see it developing?
The situation is critical and I believe they will be a conflict.  It is much worse and Greek houses are being repossessed and now migrants are filling up houses and their rent is being paid and they are being paid to squat. It is being organised by PRAXIS from the Mayor of Athens Kaminis. They are given a card to use in supermarkets. An indirect way to support big business.
No Greek card for the unemployed has been given. My friend who was fired and replaced by Pakistanis in the kitchens was paid in supermarket vouchers as compensation. No health checks are carried out when they recruit migrants. Its anything goes as it’s a perpetual race to the bottom.

Houses near have been rented for Euro 3000 in an area where the cost of the actual flat is about Euro 10000 if it can be sold and they have placed around 20 people who smoke all day and do nothing.  Allegedly 1400 flats have been taken over by migrants and if this situation continues migrants will no longer be in the squares but inside every building which has unrented property.  No health and safety over the issue in relation to the overuse of dwelling space. In the building next door to mine over two flats have more than 30 people in them and taking into account many come from villages living in concrete buildings leads to a massive health and safety issue where fire could become inevitable.
All the new migrants are 110% muslims, mostly 99% men and they have one    woman with a child as a front to pretend they are from war ravaged communities. The agenda the government have is impossible to impose what they think is possible ie. replace Greeks in totality in their own country. It’s basically a race against time us versus the new world order globalist agenda. Now the issue has gone national many will remember our battles, hopefully learn from them. One notices even today hesitation by governments of any political direction in allowing the squares to become giant squatter camps as before. The state is trying to avoid conflict, but conflict will not in the end be  avoided.

KEERFA- Anti racist anti fascist committee of Greece

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Greece:Imported Mass Multicultural Migration

The EU wants to assign migrant numbers to each EU nation state and it is to this end that all the political forces in Greece are working.
14 April 2016
"It is clear that if the right measures are taken to integrate (refugees) - by way of language skills, by way of labour skills, by way of housing support - it is a net positive for those countries that host." (Lagarde, IMF)

Hundreds of thousands arrived in Greece in 2015 under the guise of refugees fleeing war zones and bombs. The corporate mass media of disinformation started a global propaganda campaign of drowned babies in the Aegean and migrants fleeing alleged war zones (from over 50 nations worldwide), giving the appearance that we must already be in WW3, despite the fact that during the last war no one left Greece to go to Turkey or Syria, but that is another story.

Syriza, having abandoned its Thessaloniki Programme to alleviate the worst effects of the devastating economic crisis that the Troika imposed on Greece where official unemployment is currently 25%, but unofficial nearer to 40%, embarked on a programme of implementing what the previous government had stalled on: mass privatisations of trains, ports and airports as part of the package of the 3rd Bailout (airports, ports sold by Syriza, only trains left).

Alongside that was a range of cuts implemented in current and future pensions and massive increases in taxation which would wipe out the small farmer. A concerted campaign in reducing the hours farmers’ markets were open and fines of up to 500 Euros for all who broke the rules was implemented; creating conditions whereby only supermarkets that sold vegetables imported from abroad were accessible. Massive fines have also been imposed on all people who reconnected their electricity after being cut off due to an inability to pay or who had by force of circumstances broken the seal on their electricity box. Fines reach up to 2000 Euros in apartments that don’t even cost E10,000!!

Hotspots Everywhere
In order to sell the mass importation of multicultural labour in 2015, Syriza targeted a tourist island, Kos, and a famous historically named island, Lesvos. It did not target Crete. Drowned babies in the Aegean played the role as had been played previously during the first Gulf War (Saddam burying babies in the sand), which proved to be fake. Videos have also circulated from the Aegean where young children are allegedly drowning, when in reality they were standing in water up to their waist.  Recently, in protests in Piraeus by migrants, babies were raised high pretending to be thrown to the riot police. We also had migrants in the various camps around Greece pretending they would commit suicide. Most of these events are micromanaged and directed by Soros funded NGOs with the global corporate media on the spot to create a 'news report.’ It’s part of the 'psychological war of migration' in which dead and crying babies sell the concept.

Syriza’s strategy has been one of importing migrants and setting up hotspots (a ridiculous foreign name brought into Greece alluding to war zones) by stealth in almost every city or near one. It has received funding for this from the EU in Euros. It is difficult to find out how much, but the usual has been done; state facilities are used to get things done on the cheap as with every previous government, probably pocketing the difference. It has used conscript soldiers to build migrant reception centres (Hotspots), army catering facilities to deliver food, disused buildings (e.g. old Olympic Airways airport) and attempted to confiscate land to house unlimited numbers (as in Kos).

Syriza’s Real NWO Agenda
By creating mass migration reception centres a precedent has been created which the EU wants replicated all over the 28 nations of the EU; to park a few million in each country so as to then use them when necessary as a reserve army of unemployed when they break up the public services of each country as defined in the TTIP negotiations with the USA. US multinationals in alliance with European ones want to integrate their businesses on the corpse of the public sector, as well as to move into government services, health and education; the last bastions of state owned sectors of each European nation state. This obviously has to be tried out in states which are small and already function as protectorates of bigger states.

Illuminating is the fact the government announced 5000 part-time positions for the migrant reception centres as noted in a Sunday paper, Kontranews (10th April 2016).  Once over 40 migrant reception centres are set up and functioning they will be able to use that blueprint for all other countries. The aim, as has been noted before in a UN report, is to double the EU's population from 6% of the world to 15%, i.e. in-shoring of people instead of simply off-shoring businesses. Globalisation via mass migration, a new phase of the globalist EU.

NGOs have been ringing up estate agents as well, asking for properties to house migrants and advertising for Greeks to house migrants in their homes for money. Greece was also chosen to be used as an argument to spread migration around the EU. Everyone knows Greece is suffering under the Troikas economic genocide programme, now they are all saying this isn't solely a Greek crisis, and the rest of the EU needs to take the burden. Sandro Gozi, Italian minister of European Affairs, was on ERT TV stating (10th April): 'We need to alleviate Greece's burden'...

Idomeni and Piraeus
Residents, as reported in Idomeni, have started buying guns for self defense and many of the original inhabitants who opened up their houses to migrants have appeared on TV stating there have been many robberies, desecrated graveyards (only certain graveyards are ever reported by the global corporate media - those that have swastikas on them!), a Greek farmer who owns some land on the site was arrested for trying to clear his land, etc. The question remains; why was the camp chosen at Idomeni? The so-called Balkan route was chosen to force FYROM and Serbia to enter NATO and the EU when a route could easily have been chosen between Greece, Bulgaria and Rumania (an EU Balkan Route!).
Piraeus was chosen as it is the main tourist gateway and everyone would hear about it. Port regulations allow thousands to enter a port which is dangerous to those leaving and those arriving, which allows rubbish and disease to spread whilst port police are sent to hand out leaflets to those squatting there to move on. This is such a circus that it is beyond parody. When NGOs asked them to move on they directed some of them to go to the front of Parliament and set up shop there. The riot police moved them on. Daily there are fights between the various nationalities, robberies, stabbings, etc.

So many are arriving and continuing to arrive in Greece that migrant squatter camps have been set up on various islands, and when they found out that they may be staying in the so called Hotspots they made a run for it, leading to fights and residents’ protests as they blocked ports, e.g. the island of Chios. Illuminating is the fact that no new mass arrivals have occurred in Kos and none have arrived in Crete (despite reports of ships full of migrants being turned back by residents who blocked a port). The mass media plays down all reactions by local people and replays conflicts with Golden Dawn hinting that anyone opposed to enforced globalism where people arrive literally from anywhere on earth have the right to ...asylum.

What form the mass movement of populations will take in the future is difficult to tell but one thing is certain: These events are organised and orchestrated by state and parastate forces (NGOs) and they are working in tandem whilst appearing to be opposed. The EU wants to assign migrant numbers to each EU nation state and it is to this end that all the political forces in Greece are working.