Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Greece: A nation-state in its death throes

Exclusive report by VN Gelis

Having fought an election on the platform that 'there is money' PASOK's US-born leader, ex-Premier George Papandreou, fiddled the books and ensured the Greek budget deficit became larger than it was for Eurostat so that Greece could enter the IMF's bailout programme.*

Three years down the track, the aim of this subterfuge becomes increasingly clear: to create a new, tax-free, 'offshore', non-unionised region of the EU in the geographical territory that was Greece.

After 30 or so years of EU membership and a decade of Euro membership, for the last five years of which Greece has been in recession, GDP has collapsed by 25%, unemployment is officially around 25% (56% for youth, 33% in the private sector), soup kitchens and suicides (3,000 so far) are the only growth areas of the economy and the centre of Athens is starting to resemble parts of Detroit.

The last package of cuts—which cut wages by 50% for those still lucky to be employed and pensions by at least 25%—have the aim of dragging wages down to euro 300 and pensions to euro 100. The 'minimum' wage has been reduced. In the private sector, where workers are begging for work for as little as euro 10 a day for 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, the minimum wage now stands at euro 580. Unemployment pay, which only lasts for a maximum of 12 months, stands at euro 360 with no housing component. This means that Greece is fast on the road to matching parts of Asia in wages so as to become the EU's role model for the future of the new regions the EU wants to create, which are to be run from the centre with new EU gauleiters in every ministry and every public institution (hospitals, universities and council offices administration), who will dictate budgets and cuts and have overall control, thus superseding both the Greek constitution and all local decision making.

As if to rub salt in the wounds, Greece has had the arrival of Germans, which is of course deliberate and conscious, to ensure the wounds of old (occupation of the Third Reich which led to 6-700,000 Greek deaths) are repeated in a new form.

The purpose is the total fire sale of all public assets, bigger in form than anything that has hit the Western world—including in countries which are or were the poster boys for neo-liberalism, Chile and the ex-USSR—with the eventual aim being the takeover of all public services in a deregulated, post-unionised, contract-based, private company paradise where workers will be employed only if willing to work for less and less. The process by which the Greek nation state is to be torn apart involves a changed electoral system under the Kallikratis Plan now being implemented. The plan created 13 regions of Greece with their own separate tax and spending powers and merged councils and town halls subordinate to the 13 regional governors who will decide policy directly for each region.

Germany recently proposed allowing German companies to employ Turkish citizens in Western Thrace (Greece) by allowing the relatives of those expelled in 1923 under the Treaty of Sevres to settle there, thus creating a new Kosovo in Greece. Proposals have also been placed on the table by the Troika to abolish Greece's standing army.

Depending on the resources each region has, privatisation lists are being drawn up. Assets are to be sold to transnational corporations for peanuts. For example, Skouries, in Thessaloniki, sold the rights to a Canadian gold mining company for a few million euros, it was then listed for hundreds of millions in a foreign stock exchange.

Despite over 20 general strikes—a genuine mass movement of occupation of city squares in the summer of 2011 involving millions of Greeks in over 30 cities—the ruling elite proceeds apace to impose EU directives as though they are confetti and to drive down lower than even the minimal alleged 'EU social charter'.

This is permitted because there is no minimum barrier for standard of living, health care or education. The enforced integration of Europe aims at creating one European government. This can only be accomplished by the abolition of the nation states, the centralisation of the banking system (three or four, controlled from the centre, will remain in Greece).

Thus, the formulation and implementation of policies of indigenous national development cannot occur. The implementation of the Bolkenstein directives ensured illegal immigrants worked on the building projects for the Olympic Games and that Greeks never got a look-in. Over euro 10 billion are exported to other countries via Western Union outlets as there are no capital controls.

Now that 95% of all building work has collapsed we have just the public sector left, which is the target of the large transnational corporations.

We have arrived at the stage where it has become clear that, instead of Greece's entry into the EU heralding development mirroring that of Germany, it has become de-industrialised and has lost nearly all its agricultural production due to EU directives and open borders in the importation of agricultural goods with zero tax, setting it on a path leading in the direction of Bangladesh. The perpetual race to the bottom has only one outcome. The effect will be to create the EU's first direct colonial region as the shining path for all others to follow suit—Portugal , Ireland , Spain.....

* Goldman Sachs helped the Greek government to mask the true extent of its deficit with the help of a derivatives deal that legally circumvented the EU Maastricht deficit rules. At some point the so-called cross currency swaps will mature, and swell the country's already bloated deficit.

In other words Greece's debt was deliberately covered up with help from Goldman Sachs over a ten year period from 1998 to 2008.

EU Connections with Goldman Sachs

Mario Monti Prime Minister of Italy who heads a technocrat government which replaced Berlusconi and is an international adviser to Goldman Sachs.

Mario Draghi Current Governor of European Central Bank and former managing director of Goldman Sachs International.

Lucas Papademos A former Prime Minister of Greece and had run the Central Bank during the controversial derivatives deals with Goldman Sachs when Greece hid the size of its debt.

Petros Chrisodoulou Began his career at Goldman Sachs and was head of Greece's debt management agency.

Otmar Issing Was a board member of the Bundesbank and Executive Board of the European Central Bank and an international adviser to Goldman Sachs.

Antonio Borges Is a former head of the IMF's European Department and former vice chairman of Golden Sachs international.

Peter Sutherland Was a former Attorney General of Ireland is a non-executive director of Golden Sachs International.

Karel van Miert Is a former EU Commissioner for Competition and former International adviser to Goldman Sachs.

Mark Carney Is the next Governor of the Bank of England. He was employed at Goldman Sachs for 13 years and became managing director of investment banking. He worked on South Africa's post apartheid venture into international bond markets and was involved with Goldman's with the 1998 Russian financial crisis.

Further examples welcome

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Greek Government Quislings Impose 3rd Round of Austerity Cuts=Libya Awaits

A tumultous couple of months has led to the Greek Troika of New Democracy, PASOK and Dimar (Democratic Left) passing a new round of cuts of which the pension age becomes 67, thousands are to be fired from the public sector and all pensions see a further 15% cut. The aim of the measures are nothing short of economic nationcide. Greeks are now a surplus by product of collapsing capitalism. They must be sacrificed for the needs of capital.

Despite 3 general strikes, mass protests against Merkel and teargas attack after teargas attack up to and including water cannons as well as using the latest geoengineering teachnology against protestors by creating heavy rainstorms to disperse crowds, the opposition to the new round of cuts is so intense that it led a Syriza MP (Panagoulis a relative of the famous one killed when he was about to open the Cyprus dossier in the mid-70's) to state that the Greek Quisling politicians who voted for the new round of cuts will end up having a fate like the US Ambassador in Libya!

There is no economic programme apart one of a collapse of the Greek nation state, its total privatisation and the firesale of its best assets to domestic cronies and foreign allies. The emphasis by the worlds media outlets and behind them the assorted fake left outfits that feed of the carcass of sold out union barons and state subsidies to parliamentary political parties is indicative. An enemy worse than the existing one is elevated to one of central importance to cover up what is happeing right in front of everybodys eyes. Extremism is now the centre and the so-called 'extremes' from fake right and fake left are actually reserved political forces that neither fight for power or challenge it in any dramatic fashion.

Despite gaining 27% in June, Syriza hasn't even held a national demo nor has it pushed for militant action to fight on the streets for power forcing the issue of the unemployed centre stage. Single MP's every now and again come out with fighting talk like Sakorafa MP who stated people should occupy the square and not leave till the 3rd MoU is defeated, but they left as soon as the first teargas volley was fired.

Whilst  the situation demands decisive action  as what we have is minority govt which in reality only has 103 MP's as the other 50 are bonus based on the Mussolini style electoral system, the incapacity of the Left to organise something more than the usual response of 24hour protest strikes to let off steam, implies that as months go by and the situation gets worse, they will lose any electoral momentum they gained, when in reality they could have used the electoral momentum to translate that on the streets. But they are part of the problem not the solution and as the situation disintigrates and it will continue to disintigrate as long as the leeches that go by the name of the Troika are in charge sucking the lifeblood out of any and all productive economic activity with a barage of tax hikes, job cuts, pension cuts, health and education cuts, with the purpose of reducing to zero any social safety net whatesoever. The concessions made by the post war ruling classes due to the fear of Russia and the arming of the populations of Europe is now long gone. What is left is the creation of an Asian sweatshop in the heart of Europe and instead of Greece becoming like Germany it is becoming more like Bangladesh.

The fools that rule assume the Troika aint going to burn Greece and because they pass cut after cut that  they are going to stabilise the economy when everyone knows it is in freefall. 25% GDP falls uneployment which the Greek TUC states will be 35% in one more year and prices continue to rise point inexorably to a popular insurrection despite and against the leaderships of the fake Left parties, who have abandoned even the old reformist programmes of their past (eg Less Work but Work for All, Exit from the EU etc). We have arrived in a situation where Greece now holds the cards for Default. Within international law they have the right to default if it affects the functioning of the state (seeing police, army and firefighters march indicate that no one is spared apart from the riot police) as this right was gained by Greece itself in 1936 and was used by Argentina when it defaulted in 2001. The cost of this Default for the Eurozone and the wider implications for the world economy are massive and no one can seriously predict what the outcome would be if such a default would occur. The only thing is that we getting closer and closer to that day.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Poster Against the Nobel Peace Prize

No one in the genuine Anti-Systemic Left should, of course, be surprised by the choice of the Nobel Committee for the Peace Prize. The Committee is, in principle, an instrument comprised by Academic and Bureaucratic stooges of the Internationalized System of the Market Economy and Representative “Democracy,” and the Transnational Elite, who control Neoliberal Globalization. From the awarding of the arch-criminal of the American Elite, Henry Kissinger, in 1973, to that of the big business Growth “environmentalist” Al Gore, and that of the American President (and War Criminal), Barack Obama, most choices of this adorning instrument of the System, have been on par with the priorities of the Transnational Elite.

This year though, the choice of the Committee was more instrumentalist and propagandist for the benefit of the Transnational Elite, than ever before. This is because the Committee chose to award, not just an “important personality,” but a pivotal Institution of the New World Order as expressed by Neoliberal Globalization and Representative “Democracy”: The European Union. And not only this, but they chose to award the EU just one year after the end of its criminal war against the people of Libya, where the European Military Machine, as part of the NATO brutal military machine, slaughtered scores of Libyan people. A people who resisted foreign intervention and the so-called “revolutionaries,” i.e. a small minority of the worst Islamo-fascist elements in Libya who, with help of similar imported criminals from all over the Middle East, were used (and trained) by NATO as its marines on the ground. [ For a thorough analysis read The Pseudo-Revolution in Libya and the Degenerate Left * Part I : The Pseudo-Revolution in Libya PDF * Part II : The Role of the Degenerate “Left” PDF ].

Not to mention, of course, the similar terrorist methods like those used in Libya, are being utilized now in Syria by the Transnational Elite, the EU technocrats and policy makers, and by the sleazy self-acclaimed “objective” Mass Media of the European Elites (BBC, The Guardian, Le Monde etc.). This, in order to prepare the ground for a new EU-NATO criminal military “intervention” in Syria with the help of the equally criminal regimes of the Gulf and Turkey, with the final aim of “regime change” in Iran, following the similar “regime changes” in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, so that the entire Middle East could be fully integrated into the New World Order of Neoliberal Globalization and Representative “Democracy”.

All this following the equally criminal role of the EU, fully supported as always in its wars, by the degenerate “Left,” the Greens and so on, which began with the operation to fully integrate Yugoslavia in the New World Order, after they had dismembered it and EU/NATO had brutally bombed it.

At the same time the slimy “celebration” of the EU Elites and of their Media and Academic stooges (and of many in the degenerate Liberal “Left”—most of them academics, whose research and other privileges are funded by the same EU) has not faded yet, the peoples of Europe are facing a brutal economic and even physical attack by the same Elites, with the same aim to fully integrate every people in the EU to the New World Order of Neoliberal Globalization. The only difference is that their own integration is attempted through an equally brutal Economic War which leads to the withdrawal of social and labour rights that had survived for almost a century, massive unemployment and poverty, the destruction of social health and education and the dismantling of any social service and social insurance system.

In the European South, and for the moment only in Greece, the local elites in collaboration with the transnational elite which administers Neoliberal Globalization and is represented in Greece by the main organs of it in Europe, i.e. the EU, the ECB and IMF (the Troika), have created an informal Protectorate of the EU and the Transnational Elite, in which all main economic decisions are taken by this troika, in a form of Economic Occupation that the country has never known before. This Occupation, which is differentiated from a Military Occupation, in the sense that an Economic Occupation is an Internal Occupation and not simply a Foreign one, takes place not only with the raw application of Economic Violence (mass unemployment, horizontally cutting down wages, pensions, abolishing the remnants of a pathetic social welfare, withdrawing collective labour agreements and introducing individual labour agreements, “Flexicurity,” etc.), but also with the unhindered use of Physical State Violence, and lately violence by an anti-immigrant racist organization, which is tolerated by the State and is fully backed by its security services (Golden Dawn).

The Crisis in the European South, which increasingly leads to its Latin-Americanization (in terms of salaries, quality of life etc.) and its Chinazation (in terms of Flexicurity, quality of jobs, etc.), is itself rooted to the integration of these Countries into the EU, and through it to the New World Order, as we have documented. [ watch Takis Fotopoulos' TV intervention about the cause of the crisis in the South and read his article "The Latin-Americanization of Greece and the lessons for the European South" ].

In fact, Spain, Portugal, and later Italy, are well on the road to become also informal Protectorates of the Transnational Elite, through EU, although they have not yet joined Greece in the stage of Economic Occupation. The South European peoples are simply paying the price of the uneven economic development imposed by the Internationalized Market Economy and the cut-throat competition imposed by Neoliberal Globalization —a fact which makes even more urgent the need for a new development based on self-reliance, within a new union of the European peoples based on the principles of solidarity and mutual aid.

Meanwhile, the peoples in Northern Europe also suffer the effects of Neoliberal Globalization, which has led to “open and liberated Markets,” particularly financial markets and then to a huge financial crisis, through the financial bubbles that the opening and liberation of financial markets inevitably created. [ For a thorough analysis on the cause of the Global Financial Crisis read "The myths about the economic crisis, the reformist Left and economic democracy" ]

Then, the elites, facing the prospect of bankruptcy of their banking systems and the dilemma of either bailing out their private banks at the expense of the peoples, or socializing their banks and creating new models of development based on self-reliance, they obviously preferred the former. The result of this choice was unprecedented Austerity measures being taken by the dominant Elites of the EU, with the entourage of State Violence employed mainly against the Underclass (England, etc.) who react to the usurpation of their lives. So, the European Elites (the Multinationals and Banksters and their lackeys in the political elites) in these countries are increasingly bailing out their losses due to the financial Crisis they themselves created, by transferring the deficits created by the bailouts (i.e. the burden of their crimes) to the people. From Education to Health, and from Welfare State to Social Service, all sectors of a once-upon-a-time strong Welfare State which was established during the Social-Democratic Phase of the System, after vast and bloody social struggles, are gradually collapsing, for the sake of the Private Sector and Liberation of all Markets.

All this is not accidental. The so-called “Nobel Peace Prize” is given to the EU while the European Elites are in the process of uniting themselves towards a Political Union of the EU, based on a Fiscal and Banking Union, which will decrease the instabilities of the System but will also deprive all members states of any economic and consequently political sovereignty. This means that the “World Government” that up to now existed informally (through the “G7,” etc.), is now being formally fomented. This implies that it is very likely that in the not too distant future the Transnational Elite may implement even a single currency for its Economic Domination in the Internationalized Market Economy, and that even more, power concentrated to the hands of the Elites, supranational Representative “Democracy” will be simultaneously implemented as the perfect political counterpart of Neoliberal Globalization.

In view of these nasty ongoing proceedings by the Elites, the peoples of Europe (and generally of the World), especially of the South, should join Popular Fronts in each country to exit EU (and generally the Institutions of Neoliberal Globalization, NATO, IMF, the World Bank etc.), as the first step towards the building of self-reliant genuinely decentralized and democratic societies, which eventually could be part of a Confederal Inclusive Democracy of the peoples of Europe, and beyond.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Why Greece? The EU's Whipping Boy

a) 3-4 million Brits and Germans go to Greece on holiday annually, as Paul Mason (Newsnight) originally reported, Greek capitalism was a 'nice' capitalism.
b) when you go on holiday, you dont always assume this is a country as you are in a state of suspended animation.

c) the new york banksters needed to divert attention via their corporate media away from themselves so blame the working man who dont collect receipts or declare everything to the taxman.

d) you can control the stories from Greece as it is a difficult language to understand so you provide your own newstories.

e) they want to seel austerity as an EU wide policy
f) juxtaposing the 'efficient' Germans to the 'lazy' Greeks fits in well with a and b above.

h) I would call it a giant marketing scam by corporations....

i) the new york stock exchange just before the crucial american elections is buoyant and the dollar arrested its fall in relation to the euro..

j) it was the 'lazy' 'corrupt' Greek that brough the house crashing down, not the former tea boy in charge of Lehmans bros...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Greece-Of Mice and Men

Greece paid E480 billion from 1981 to 2010 when it joined the EU in interest payments alone!

EU GDP 12,30trillion 2011
Greek GDP was E300b

It is often quoted that the Greek economy represents 2.4% of EU GDP or 2% whatever.

When it is a lot less.

From Eurostat:
For 2011, GDP in 1-1-1999 €:
EZ: 9425315.2
EU: 12649450.7
Greece: 215088.2
Percentage-wise this means the Greek economy was 1.7% of EU GDP, but 2.28% of EZ GDP.

The amount of Greek debt in relation to the EU total and I have only provided a small amount of countries is also miniscule.

Now correct me if I am wrong if one is a father and he has a child who borrowed money from other primary school kids how could the country with one of the lowest debts in the 'old' EU bankrupt the dad?

The less than 1% bankrupted the 99%!!
Or is this just reverse psychology predating the movement against the 1%?

US Foreign Debts = E10.9trillion
Old EU- E15.7trillion (Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland

Ireland owes E1.7trillion, more than Spain yet Ireland hasn't been at the centre of the financial storm

So the nonsense parroted by 'journalists' corporate lackeys and their blog followers is clear beyond all reasonable doubt, Greece was selected for a purpose. None of the figures add up as to how the schoolboy in the primary school bankrupted the dad with such unbelievably low debts

It is indeed a story of Mice and Men...

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Greece and the EU-Who props who up?

Junquer head of Euro Group Greeces problems started 30 years ago...

Greek Trade Deficits

1980 till 2008 Greece’s trade deficit with the rest of the world went up 9 times
In current prices from £5.2b in 1980 it reached E44b in 2008 and E34b in 2009
In 1980 Greece had a surplus in its farming budget at 3.3b Drachmas but from 1981 the year it first joined the EU it went to a deficit to E290m. The deficit has now gone to E3b Euros an increase of 934%

Foreign Loans by Years
Foreign loans taken out in 1990 were equivalent to E694m
In 2000 equivalent to E7.16b
In 2009 equivalent to E85b
So by 2009 the Greeks were 1,009% more in debt than in 2000 (decade of the Euro!!)
Public Debts
In 1980 it was E600m
Three decades later it was E298b
The debt went up 497times in joining the EU

Four major packages
-1986-1993 for E471m
-1994-1999 E12.3b
2000-2006 E26.1b
2007-2013 E27b
If one aggregates them all they equal to about E65b
In a period of 33years from the joining the EU Greeks ‘received’ ‘aid packages’ equivalent to 196Euros a year or 0.54c a day!

Greeces Trade Deficits with the EU
Imports equivalent to E379b for the three decades of entrance
Exports equivalent to E125b
Conclusion we gave them E254b for imports received E65b in ‘aid’.
In other words for every Euro we received we gave back 5
Christine Lagarde = Greece’s Deficits are Germany’s Surpluses Oct 2010

Taken from the Greek book Ειναι ο Καπιταλισμος Ηλιθιε "Its Capitalism Stupid" Nick Bogiopoulos

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Kouvelis-Democratic Left (ex-Syriza) sends in Riot Police to Break Steelworkers Strike

In what are disgusting scenes the forces of the fake left in Greece have entered a new stage in their dispicable alliance with the IMF inside and outside Parliament in destroying workers conditions.

The 9th month strike of the Steelworkers of Manesis factory on the outskirts of Athens has been broken by the intervenion of a Public Prosecutor who deemed the strike illegal and ordered the police to break up the picket line and open it up. The Democratic Left has key appointments in the Ministry of Labour and they oversaw this process. Until only recently they were one of the factions that made up Syriza. Now they are implementing the pro-Maastricht policies they all jointly voted for in 1992.

KKE Sellouts

Having kept the strike isolated and going on for 9 months whose purpose is to sap and destroy the energy of the workers there so they split and demand their 'return to work' which a few did, thus provoking the latest attempt at breaking the strike, the KKE is now calling for the rest of the labour movement to defend the sacked steelworkers. For over two years alongside the Greek TUC-GSEE they have supported the maximum of 48hour strikes and always marching on their own and inventing a new area to disperse, around Akropolis. Here though we have the KKE acting allegedly in ultra-militant fashion supporting an 'indefinite strike'. But is it thus?

As Manesis has more than one factory and as the main cause of the strike was the attempt to impose a 4hour day and maximum E450 a month salaray, the factory in Athens which employed predominantly Greeks walked out. They attempted a few times to shut down the factory in Volos (which employs 'class brothers' as the KKE now openly refers to illegal immigrant scabs) in such a manner where the controlled the events and ensured there was no conflict, ie allowing the police to run the show and they being a second line of police against the strikers. This local policy is reflected on a national level when they sent all their organised forces early one morning to defend Parliament as the second wave of IMF cuts were going through back in October 2011.

Having failed to shut down the Volos factory they continued with the Athens strike up until workers there would be fed up. By allowing the factory in Volos to continue Manesis increased his production and covered a section of the losses of production in Athens. This was well known. The emphasis therefore should have been to shut that factory down at all costs. The only strike that is illegal is one that loses. Having divided the workforce they had a golden opportuinity this week to occupy the factory, thus forcing the riot police to storm them out. When another factory in Thessalonika was occuppied the KKE refuse to follow this direct action path. Instead they were 'caught off guard' and riot police broke the small picket line at 5a am on 20th July.

One must take into account the KKE's fake left workers slogan 'Worker nothing turns without your Hands' didn't obviously apply to this concrete situation. Why didn't they occupy the factory? They would have been confronted with running it, being taken to court by they owner, so they preferred now to be on the outside looking in.

On 20th July then called for an early lunchtime demo and another the following day in the afternnoon. The demos were tiimed thus that they were over before they started, and the main thouroughfare wasn't closed. They dont want workers discussing any different strategy than theirs nor do they want to win this strike. Aound 5,000 people turned up to the demos.

They have now called for the rest of the labour movement to participate and Syriza has said they will support the demo in central Athens on the issue for the following Monday. The government is producing propaganda showing that Syriza-KKE-Golden Dawn all support the strikes as they have spoken at their meetings or handed food parcels to them, under the explanation that the government wants people to get back to work whilst they want people unemployed...

An Undeclared Popular Front.

With the Democratic Left in the Greek Labour Ministry the IMF led government continues apace in its rapacious attacks against Greek workes in an unscripted alliance with those who aren't in government Syriza-KKE. This strike is a precursor of things to come when the wholescale privatisation of the public sector starts which Kouvelis stated would happen post-haste by Xmas.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Patriotic Left 2-Now Available

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Patriotic Left Greece 2

Marxist analysis of the crisis afflicting Greece
Authored by VN Gelis

Continuing the series with articles from the fall of 2011 till the elections of 2012

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Monday, 25 June 2012

D-Day (DRACHMA) ComingThe Right fought on the platform Euro or Drachma‏

-Samaras-PM and Rapanos (non-registered Economics MInister) are allegedly ill.

-Much talk is made regarding the fact that Greece joined the Euro mistakenly by other countries (and it took em a decade to find out!)

-The PM will be housebound and wont be allowed to leave his home for at least another week!

-ND has placed many of the old guard of its personnel in govt.

-Almost all the rich those with over E100k in bank accounts shipped it abroad so they voted for the Drachma in practice.

-PASOK is in open warfare within its ranks with Loverdos-Hrisohoidis in one wing and Venizelos in another, aiming to change name and also has no big names in the present govt, which was the main point of conflict between the wings.

-The Troika cant see anyone so they aint coming and due to the pre-electoral and electoral period of the last three months there has been no movement in Greece.

-Schoeble (German Economics Minister) stated that the US should like after its own house first and dont focus too much on the Eurozone and Tony Blair shouldn't ask for Germany to bailout S Europe with Eurobonds when the UK hasn't joined the Euro. If they joined we could do that. The Greeks haven't completed any of the promises they have made with the bailouts.

It appears ND will be burnt like PASOK over the next two months in order to then before or after a return to the Drachma, they hand the sunken ship over to Syriza

The crisis of the Eurozone isn't a crisis of monetary union per se, but a fundamental crisis of capitalism.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How the KKE and the Disunity of the Left aided a return of ND-PASOK

One of the main arguments used by the KKE against joining an electoral slate of the Left was that Syriza was social-democratic and pro-EU. That in and of itself was an issue but not strong enough to be used against joining an electoral slate by maintaining a separate organisational form.

The KKE sold the line that Syriza was creating a new PASOK, in other words that we have another 4 decades of tweedle dum tweedle dee politics. ND would alternate with Syriza and the KKE would be squeezed into third place. They emphasised the various PASOK figures who joined Syriza (ex-MP’s, union bureaucrats etc.) and the cover support given by the Greek CBI. All well and good so far. One in theory can’t argue with that, the facts speak for themselves.

But then again, the KKE had NO PROBLEM governing with ND alone in 1990. Then they were allegedly cleaning up the Augean stables of capitalism and the corruption of PASOK. Then we had Mitsotakis in charge of ND. Clearly a man whose history and close connections with the Bush family a figure who must be ‘better’ (or worse?) than Tsipras and with whom the KKE had no problem in governing.

If they Left had united it wouldn’t have increased its vote by 20% to 2.3 million but nearer 60% as it was going for government and could have set a minimum target of getting rid of the Troika. They would have had the support of both IG and even GD. Those that didn’t vote for the anti-Bailout proposals in Parliament would be exposed for all to see. People would have trusted them for this proposal alone.

That is why no one won outright. People don’t believe in politicians to do what they say. A big hue and cry was made over the slap to the KKE’s MP Kanelli. MP’s think themselves above normal people. Daily people are being slapped by tax demands, by bosses who don’t pay wages, by a collapsing social system. Thousands have committed suicide. This is what people are concerned about, not tv shows and fake debates.

The KKE holds the primary responsibility for this disastrous outcome as they have both the organised forces on the ground and the largest active following. Now as the results show they have been trounced. If they break apart and splinter that will be good for the whole Left. Its time they joined the dustbin of history so we can move forward.

Let no one be fooled. Whatever the make up of the new government, whether a faction of the Left joins or not, as long as they continue the same disastrous economic policies, the situation will get worse not better. If millions of Greeks demonstrated peacefully last year ending the duopoly of PASOK-ND as electoral forces which dominated with 80-85% of the electorate for 4 decades, this ain’t coming back. Next time round, the reaction won’t be peaceful. An argentinian style exit is getting closer not further away.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Notes on the Greek Electoral Results

The Left in Total received 1.9m votes in May which has now increased to 2.3m ie by 20%

ND-Made illegal immigration its main point in the last week alongside the costing of economic measures.

From 2.25m votes ND-PASOK in May increased their total vote by 10% to 2.5m votes

Syriza in the final week stated the following, in Proto Thema which the media replayed and replayed

ants would get unemployment benefits
-would get to bring their families to Greece

Under the circumstances if they wanted to win they would have just kept quiet.

Syriza-Stratoulis on the tv panels yesterday showed how happy he was that they would become the official opposition. Its as if a weight had been taken off their back.

The KKE whose slogan was a Strong KKE lost half its electoral base, it is now where Syriza was in 2004 and 2009. Its now the last party in Parliament with 12 MP's

The KKE lost severely in the working class districts of Piraeus and central Athens, hovering around 3%.

Abstention became a historic high with 37.5% of the vote in certain areas it reached 60% like Florina

The farming areas in Crete switched from PASOK to Syriza.

PASOK lost 1% but around 100,000 votes.

GD marginally lost 15k but maintained its electoral base in contrast to what the KKE argued that people should 'correct their voting behaviour'

IG lost many votes that probably went to ND after its anti-immigrant turn.

LAOS was wiped out and this will be the future of Democratic Left

ND will be burnt if they run the new govt as it will be a continuation of the bankster Papadimos govt as the Democratic Left have zero forces within Greek society if they join the IMF roadshow

Friday, 15 June 2012

Eyewitness Account-Syriza’s Athens Electoral Public Meeting-Omonia Square

Known as the United Social Front the platform was at the bottom quarter of the square overlooking the two 4x hotels that have shut down in the last two years. It was organised in such a manner to show large crowds. Only a few years ago the whole square could be filled up and the platform would be in the middle of it.
Now no party and in particular one that hovered around 4% can fill squares. People have lost faith in organised politics as it is organised as it has become fashionable to say one thing prior to elections and do the exact opposite when in power. There must have been around 25k. For a party which received 1.1 million votes and is poised to receive more, there are no electoral offices that have been rented and there is no actual organised increase in membership, proportionate to the rise in electoral support.

First up was Sofia Sakorafa who read her speech in a calm but wooden manner representing those essentially that have left PASOK, who have grown in the last period, ranging from union bureaucrats to alleged close collaborators of PASOK (images have appeared in the press that Dourou who had water thrown at her by GD in a tv panel talk show, was a close collaborator of the imprisoned ex-Defence Minister of the Siemens scandal Akis Tzohatsopoulos.

In the crowds one could discern all the different groups that make up Syriza, KOE, Xekinima, Marxistiki Foni (last two were in PASOK for over twenty years-Grantites) DEA (ex-SWP who voted for PASOK for as long as they were independent). They have all found a home in the most Europhile party of the Left assuming a new era is dawning where we can have reformist parties in an era when reformism is dead.

But they are there only because Tsipras appeared on the stage and gave an unscripted speech which essentially was focused on the message of unity and that this is the time for the Left. Enough damage has been done enough destruction and that if the current economic policy continues the Eurozone will break apart. The era of corruption is over and we need to get Greece back to work. Terrorise the terrorists he stated. Compared to all else Tsipras can hold his own but the content is lacking.

Only one in five Greeks who are officially unemployed get any benefit whatsoever of 361 euros per month and the tax bills issued this month to all have essentially dropped wages and pensions by another one or two monthly amounts. Most wages are now around E1k (less than UK's minimum wage) in the public sector and the economics of depression don’t seem to change as capitalism is collapsing and no amount of manoeuvring within the present socio-economic system will change that. Things are about to get a lot worse.

If Syriza assumes power the Europhiles will pre-dominate and try to do everything in their power to defend the Eurozone and go against its left wing and its own electoral base. To what extent they will be successfull will depend on a variety of factors. One is that they are united prior to assuming power. Once in power the internal faction divisions will come to the fore. That is why Syriza doesn’t want to win outright and wants to govern with others. The rotteness of the far 'left' grouplets is about to be magnified for all to see.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Fake Left on the Cusp of Power in IMF-ECB Led Greece

Tsipras arrives at the top table with the 'big boys'...

The electoral shockwave whereby a party, which in previous parliaments had not the slightest possibility of even entering, alongside a splinter from it, achieved a 500% electoral increase on a programme which basically proposed the abolition of the Accord-Bailout with the Troika. We had essentially a massive drop in the electoral base of the two main parties in power for the last 4 decades whereby their combined vote fell from around 80-85% to just 30%.

Unable to comprehend the size of their victory and in the absence of a mass movement on the streets, they have tried to prepare for the formal and technical requirements of power in an extremely short period of time. They have marginalised their own ‘left’ (Lafazanis) and loudly promoted the position that they want to remain in the Euro, the Eurozone and the EU through all outlets, the press, television, radio etc. The oligarchic elites that run Greece have realised that the PASOK-ND roadshow no longer holds any mass credibility. A regime in which its elected representatives can no longer walk the streets, cannot hold public meetings, have difficulty eating in public, have to appear with riot police constantly teargassing citizens, can continue no longer. The constant suicides and the associated political notes left behind these deeply symbolic tragedies, undermine the fabric of a society already in disarray. It is all too apparent that the difference between committing suicide and taking up arms against politicians is now so slim that the system requires a change of personnel. But this shift is really an adaptation to a popular desire for radical change by broad layers of people impoverished by the constant application of depression economics set in motion by the Troika. Those are the reasons the shift occurred to Syriza, not because of its programme, which essentially didn’t exist and is only now in the process of formation, and because both PASOK-ND announced 150,000 sackings in the public sector i.e. around 20% of the total workforce, alongside mass privatisations of anything and everything left in the government sector.

The two events which showed that the previous government of the unelected banker-nominee Papadimos could no longer continue was the February 2012 General Strike, the biggest since the fall of the junta 38 years ago in which more than 1.5 million took to the streets of Athens and the state, with its agent provocateurs, burnt down Athens in order to blame the protestors. They were unable to sell this lie and 4.5 million Greeks refused to pay the new property tax via their electricity bills despite being threatened to have their power cut off.

Greek nation has to go through the motions - critical vote for Syriza.

The divisive and sectarian position of the KKE in refusing for over two years to have joint demos with everyone else and for over a year refusing to even stay in Sindagma Square which was captured and presided over by the movement of Indignants, who, in May-June 2011, in their millions, for over two months, hit the main squares of Greece, led to the KKE not having any growth in its electoral base. It, like its politics, remained in a stagnant swamp. Its pretence of being against the EU and the Eurozone are just for show. In all its public pronouncements it has never once called for a return to the Drachma which it calls a ‘sideshow’. It now places the maximum demand of ‘Revolution’ as a counterweight to Syriza, when in practice it became famous in the fall of 2011 for sending all its members to defend Parliament during a General Strike, in case people tried to storm it. It fought pitched battles throwing people from the high upper level of Sindagma Square and only by a miracle no one was killed. If they manage to hold onto to their electoral base it will be a miracle, if they lose just half of it, that’s expected, if they don’t get even 3% it will be a cataclysm. Having stated they don’t want power or unity of the Left, no one takes them seriously. Having been unable to shut down the three factories of Manesis (steel manufacturing boss) by demobilising every dynamic resistance at its base, they have held on to a strike in a sectarian fashion and though only 6 workers were originally to be fired, 120 have now been put on the list and the strike is split by their policies. Their electoral base has now been matched by the retro fascists of Golden Dawn.

Mass media of Disinformation against Syriza

For over four weeks the media has started a barrage of attacks against Syriza. These range from the claim that it isn’t a party, Syriza being made up of 12 different organisations, to the claim that it wants to unilaterally abolish the Accord-Bailout, to it not having costed its economic programme, to its wanting to legalize every illegal immigrant who happens to be in Greece, to its being in support of the Drachma. And so on. One has to take into account that the privately owned Greek media has big commercial interests behind it (ship owners, big construction firms etc.) and the change from the established parties has been a difficult transition. It is noted that Syriza has had more favourable coverage from the global media than from the domestic. The latter has tried to emphasise its contradictions, and in so doing, absolving their own support to the Troika. But this device isn’t lost on the nation when it hit the squares, calling the journalists ‘scumbags, snitches, journalists’ which is what they are. How did the director of the Greek CBI hint at supporting Syriza and how did Laliotis (one of the kingpins of PASOK) also essentially indirectly support Syriza if it is an anti-systemic force and not an EU party committed to the ideals of the Euro and the Eurozone? The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

We don’t have illusions in the role of Syriza. We have seen them in action over the last two years. They refused to energetically support the Indignants; instead they focused on giving speeches in the bottom half of Sindagma Square. When people trying to storm Parliament had pitched battles with the riot police, they left. They voted for Maastricht. They are committed Europhiles.

What will the Troika do?

For more than a month there has been a concerted effort by all international institutions and political leaders to instruct the Greeks how to vote. Gone are the days of not intervening in national elections of other countries. The new order has to dictate both the politics and the vote. But expecting turkeys to vote for Christmas from the Marie Antoinettes of the global order shows how distant they are from the reality of the man and woman on the street.

Since the introduction of the Euro a decade ago, Greece has seen the unleashing of a wave of easy borrowing, the subsequent crisis spiralling out of control and five years of depression and austerity. With 1 million officially unemployed but, in reality, around 2 million (as only those who are able to claim for a full 12 months are registered) and around 1/3 of those lucky enough to have work being paid either not on time or not in full. Add to this the fact that 90% of small businesses are now connected solely with the moribund internal market, the bottom has fallen out of economic activity. There is an anticipated drop of between 15-25% in tourist revenues which comprises 17% of GDP and so we will see thousands more fired and added to the endless tax demands for everyone excepting the super rich. We are also witnessing the third major cut in wages summing to cuts of 25-35% since the IMF set its terms for Greece. Children arrive hungry and faint in schools, and there is a massive rise in suicides due to the economic crisis.

Glimpses of the future associated with a deepening economic crisis are present today. We have had declines of 25% in car journeys; in all rents ranging from 15-25% for businesses and private tenants and in national insurance contributions ranging from 15-25%. The haircut on government bonds up to around 80% has also meant government insurance schemes have had a massive drop in their capital and within the near future they will be unable to pay state pensions for the same reason that there has been an inability to pay for NHS prescriptions. For over two months Greeks have been forced to buy their own medicine and there have been shocking scenes of cancer patients not receiving their prescription drugs. By all measures the GDP drop of around 20-25% in 5 years will mirror the collapse of the ex-USSR and an expected drop in average life expectancy of a decade is already underway. The IMF-imposed bailout is thus causing a cull of the population. That is what the IMF is about anyway: it is Britain’s contribution to the world after it lost its post-war role and became an appendage to the USA. At the same time it has weakened the Euro and increased the reserve role of the dollar – just in time for the US elections.

Will the Troika throw Greece out of the EU if it votes the wrong way? Or will Syriza, if it wins, backtrack on its pronouncements and officially become the IMF’s last best hope? It is difficult to see how Greece can stay within the Accord-Bailout terms as more than a quarter of the population is essentially out of the Euro by virtue of their economic position and basic state functions such as the issuing of schoolbooks for the new term or prescription medicine no longer function. Transferring all debts to the state to the tax office and issuing new guidelines that anyone owing more than E5 K will be sent to gaol or owing more than E400 will mean that repossession proceedings can be instituted against property in any form (cars, house etc.).

Attempting to create an economic union without a political union and merging developed imperialist countries with semi-advanced capitalist countries like Greece would inevitably end in failure as a currency union cannot rely on 17 different national governments. The bankruptcy of the banks, which was based on a now collapsed property boom unleashed with the introduction of the Euro, cannot be resolved by issuing Eurobonds as the debt hole is too big.

The combined vote of the three parties of the Left was around 2 million votes, approximately equal to the size of the vote of ND and PASOK. If that vote increases by a third and a third is cut off from ND-PASOK, it will be difficult for Syriza to go against its base in such a dramatic fashion without being forced to rely on (‘leftwing’) teargas from the praetorian guards of the state.

A national government with Syriza as the main party, with the Independent Greeks in and Democratic Left with the KKE and Golden Dawn giving support, will probably be the outcome with the abolition of the Accord-Bailout. The Troika is allegedly going to demand E11.5 B in cuts the day after the elections and this will be met with a moratorium of payments which will lead inevitably to the ejection of Greece from the Euro and the Eurozone. Short of this an insurrection is likely as Greeks can no longer pay the endless round of tax demands, VAT at 23% and constant cuts in basic services.

Illegal Immigration and a breakdown of law and order will confront Syriza

As opposed to the crisis of 1932 when Greece declared bankruptcy and broke its shadowing of sterling, now a return to the Drachma will lead to issues with the Euro and the Eurozone, the second pole of the New Order inaugurated by Bush senior in the early 90’s with dramatic effect in the break-up of Yugoslavia.

The fake Left, in totality having adopted open borders, (KKE in late 70’s when it expelled militant seamen when the ship owners globalised their crews and in the 90’s with building workers who arrived from Albania) and Syriza which has always been pro-EU (predecessors voting for Maastricht) is faced with turmoil in Greek society over the issue of illegal immigration. According to Eurostat 68% of all EU immigrants arrives in Greece where they are trapped due to the Dublin 2 agreement signed by Papandreou. Greece, having neither colonies in the capitalist era, and only being constituted as a state for the last 100 years, and having been occupied by 3 countries since (during WW2) never had the institutions to cope with a mass influx of immigrants. For the last decade they have congregated in the centre of Athens, which was a commercial, shopping and tourist centre. Around 4 years ago the citizens of a central district (6th Arrondisment) Ag. Panteleomonas rebelled against the situation. The Left (Syriza mostly egged on by the globalists of Antarsya) attacked the citizens as being ‘racists’ ‘xenophobes’ etc. and led march after march against them, with the cover of the riot police. The locals, who had nowhere to go, stood firm and won their mini-battle. The square in front of Ag Panteleomonas was restored to its previous state without hundreds of illegals using it as a squatter camp.

Since the issue erupted politically in the centre of Athens, the only party that appeared to support the citizens was Golden Dawn: no one else. It’s no coincidence therefore that ND, in the form of Samaras, recently arrived in the square and stated this is where ‘illegal immigration’ essentially became a national issue and we have to do something to control it. But he is credited with his stance in Albania when he went there 20 or so years ago and praised the opportunities in capitalist Greece leading to hundreds of thousands arriving and working for the big construction firms thereby defeating the pivotal role Greek building workers had in setting labour rates for the whole labour movement.

It’s no coincidence, therefore, that Golden Dawn, which had the same electoral base as Antarsya 5 years ago, ended up almost matching the KKE. And it is set to rise. The parties of the establishment, Left and Right, have had just one line on illegal immigration. The riots over the setting up of so-called ‘Immigration Centres’ in a series of towns over the last two months and the big disturbances in Patras over the murder of a 29 year old Greek are precursors to a continued rise of Golden Dawn. The ‘Far’ Left whose main characters have never done a day’s work in their lives, and have close relations with the top banksters in Greece, have encouraged its growth to the detriment of the labour movement. In total contrast with the policies of the First International they have adopted this pillar of globalism as their raison d’etre. Now, in assuming roles akin to government, their cover is about to be blown. They will face the same population with the same issues, but not behind riot police lines but in government offices. This will prove much more difficult to handle in a situation where Greeks can’t survive and the hundreds of thousands that arrive yearly are in a worse position.

The irony of the situation is that whilst GD wants to restore the former glories of Greece in taking back Constantinople and the eastern seaboard of Turkey, the ‘far’ left want to turn into a Greek anyone and everyone who comes into Greece by whatever means. Two sides of a coin and the theory of GD being neo-nazi adopts the pre-war stupidities of the state capitalist called Stinas, who termed the Metaxas dictatorship of 1936 as nazi, when it was no such thing. GD are just lovers of military coups and they would have had no increase in size if it wasn’t for the politics of the KKE and Syriza.

PASOK-ND will Disintigrate

Whatever the outcome of the elections both major parties will start to disintegrate politically, they have no reason to exist. The new formations are the new popular front in formation between the old right (IG) and the new Left (Syriza). Any attempt at continuing the old politics will force the new formations into conflict with their new electoral base. The Drachma will return either which way otherwise Greece will disintegrate. The electoral rise of the Left isn’t linked to an organisational rise at the base of society but this will change when it becomes clear that electoral changes in and of themselves do not change the relationship between the people and the transnationals that rule the world. Other forces and other politics have to be born and they will be. The markets rule the world, but man created the markets. Its about time the markets served man.

Friday, 1 June 2012

KKE-Election Meetings in Immitos-Dafni and Brahami

KKE’s Election Kiosk in Dafni Square-Athens

Two town squares in Athens had meetings with the KKE. Microphones were set up on very loud adn ti started prompt at 8.35pm which is unusual for a Greek public square meeting, as if they had other appointments and they needed to leave. No questions were allowed.

The first square had around 50-70 people the second between 100-150people in South Athens.The speakers read from a pre-written document whose emphasis was essentially how bad Syriza is and how pro-European they are. They spoke about the possibility of an uncontrolled default and the people should be organised and that Syriza lies when it says that we aren't on the verge of bankruptcy.

Immitos Square KKE Public Meeting

They mentioned the fact that Syrizas precursors voted for Maastricht and that the EU is the root of the crisis. They didn't mention a return to the Drachma or mention the Euro.

Their line on the EU has re-emerged as a critique on Syriza in these elections for a decade now when they have mentioned the Euro they have stated we should leave the EU and maintain the Euro. They also mentioned Antarsya alleging that whilst they have the correct position regarding the Eurozone this is just dust in ones eyes as they are an appendix of the socialdemocratic Syriza and many of their members end up in Syriza.
The same format occurred in another town square where the meeting started on time and was completed by 930pm. There were more people here, very few youth and mostly older and middle aged people.

KKE Meeting for Brahami District in S Athens

Having received around 550k votes the issue is if they can maintain them, if they lose half and go to around 4% they will be where Syriza was in 2004. If they drop below 3%, they won’t get parliamentary subsidies or representation. They didn't mention the steelworkers strike they controlled and lost, or the Coca Cola strike they didn't

control but the workers won. If they were serious about Syriza and they wanted to win its electoral base, they could have given it critical support, even joined a slate with it (and made this known) and then attacked it if it backtracked on its pre-electoral programme of Abolishing the Bailout terms. But they aren't interested in that.
The Greek electorate is now attempting to vote for a govt not just anti-Bailout parties so it is logical to see a drop in PASOK’s vote and as Venizelos stated there is no unifying ideology anymore keeping them together. Hence the KKE not wanting to govern either on its own or with Syriza, will logically see its vote drop. If it falls below GD it will be tragic, if they maintain their vote they will consider it a success, if they surpass their previous vote it will be a miracle.

VN Gelis

Monday, 28 May 2012

Eyewitness Accounts: Greek Elections-Daily Updates

28th May
-Pharmacists strike continues most Greek NHS have gone two months now without payments for medicine

-Tax bracket reduced to E5k, almost everybody stung with higher tax minimum +E500

-Latest Poll from Economic University of Athens
-1. ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: 31.9% Syriza
2. ΝΔ: 13,8% ND
4. ΠΑΣΟΚ: 8,7% PASOK
5. ΚΚΕ: 6,8% KKE
6. ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ: 5,8% Golden Dawn
7. ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΗ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΡΑ: 5,5% Democratic Left
8. ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΙΑ ΞΑΝΑ: 3,5% Create Again
9. ΟΙΚΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΠΡΑΣΙΝΟΙ: 3,4% Ecological Greens
10. ΛΑΟΣ: 3% LAOS
11. ΔΡΑΣΗ: 2,5% Action
12. ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΗ ΣΥΜΜΑΧΙΑ: 1,2% Democratic Alliance
13. ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ: 0,6% Antarsya
14. ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗ ΣΥΜΦΩΝΙΑ: 0,4% Social Agreement

πηγή: (διαβάστε περισσότερα)

-Media Strike on tv, Papers with Lagardes comments on front page.

- Kammenos IG will agree to form a National Unity Govt without Samaras and Venizelos (as leaders of parties)

29th May

PASOK- on chat shows on tv totally quiet like plot lost forever

KKE-lost the steelworkers strike as the other two factories of Manesis increased production to cover loss of one in Athens, KKE controlled strike and kept it separate from labour movement, led it to defeat, 6 were the original workers to be fired, 70 have gone. Coca Cola strike won without the KKE.
Has got stalls out in various town squares, aint seen Syriza doing the same this early.

Syriza-holding out on their own on chat shows, removed leftwingers Stasinopoulou, Lafazanis, from appearances, centralising party and setting up government programme, to hold national election rally 3rd June.

Kammenos IG-holding out well, states the Bailout agreement has to become unconstitutional, those Germans who bribed Greeks for public sector contracts (Siemens, bent submarines, railway carriages that dont fit on railway tracks supplied by Germany) should be prosecuted under German law. That is why Germany doesn't extradite Hristoforakos who has the names and lists of those people. Creating programme to govern.

Electricity Company
-Council Tax Bills, have become unconstitutional in other words peope cannot be cut off anymore for not paying those bills (victory of the 50% who refused to pay and hundreds of non-payment commitees set up all over the country) Ex-PASOK union bureaucrats/officials joining Syriza with the hope privatisation to be stalled in Electricity company and its selloff.

Trolley Strike
-tomorrow for 5 hours.

30th May 2012

Euro or Drachma-Main issue of the mass media networks.

Return to Drachma presented as Catastrophism 22% GDP Depression, 34% Unemployment, 55% Drop in Income, Syriza presented as Drachma party for wanting to abolish Bailout, constant emphasis on the collapse of the world economy
DL-No party can abolish the Bailout
Syriza (Papadimoulis)= Continued maintenance of bailout leads mathematically to return of Drachma and Bankruptcy. World economy will lose so they have to bargain.

Worker who was going to be unemployed in a week commits suicide from a top floor in a hospital in Crete.162 Cretans have committed suicide in the last three years, many of which are farmers.

Thessalonika: Council workers- Mayor privatising council cleaners , riot police called at council meeting not allowing cleaners inside, workers being attacked by riot police with teargas, next to a school!!

Pharmacists-People still not been paid two months for medicine, pharmacists meeting about continuing strike.

Tax Demands- Millions been hit by new tax threshold at E5K, even unemployed have to pay ...TAX!
Tax workers are now working under conditions of fear, some offices have been occuppied by protestors, in one a man walked in with shotgun, in another someone came in with knives, in another an old lady threatened them with GD. Close relative who rents a place was told by Inland Revenue to not pay rent to Landlord anymore but to them, as he owes property taxes!!!

Students-Taking national exams for entrance to University, some despite having passed are retaking exams as they cannot afford to live in another city from the one in which they live now.

Police-being told that if Syriza wins it will abolish all arms police carry ie they will be disarmed.

Huffingdon Post-doing the rounds in Greece,
Greece and the Eurozone: Weakness Brings Power

31st May 2012

OOSA report on hours worked.
Greeks work the longest hours in Europe and are 2nd on the planet after S Korea.
They work more than 40% more than Germans.

Classical Imperial 4x Hotel Karaiskaki Sq
3,000 hotel staff have lost their jobs in the centre in the last two years, demos crime and mass immigration have made the centre impossible for most tourists so they have boycotted.

Will publish programme on Friday, pre-cursory announcement on tv talk shows stated it will be Left. (This will give them an uplift, I believe, sorry had to add that!)
Returning pensions to previous amount, abolishing all extra taxes (property etc) and abolishing all recent labour laws, halting privatisations etc. Tsipras responded to attacks from his speech in Keratea by Mitsotakis daughter Bakogiannis that its members went to defend those alleged to be members of 17N (alleged terrorist group). One member of Syriza blamed Mitsotakis openly on tv for knowing in advance of threats to his life and doing nothing. WW3 broke out in the media network.
They haven't opened many local offices and dont appear on the streets. Kouris press ex-PASOK (Avriani, Kontra tv etc.) are backing Syriza. Katseli changed line and is wholeheartedly supporting Syriza.

Latest Poll
Syriza is clearly first but not enough to form their own government

Voted to continue strike indefinitely. Remember they are one of the sections like taxi drivers, truckers who are supposed to be blown apart or liberalised by IMF imposed measures.

Papadimos ex-President
Reuters stated that Papadimos sent to Baroso a letter to push Greek politicians to create Euro or Drachma threat for Greek people and after the National Bank of Greece's report yesterday (only 6% owned by Greece) that the world would cave in with a return to the Drachma, shows that the Greek ruling class is now officially split.

American officials have arrived from Obama to analyse Greek situation and impact on Euro collapse.

1st June Daily Update - 4

Draghi-ECB chief was reported to have said in a packed Euro-parliament meeting on Greek TV that the Eurozone in its present form isn't sustainable and a new political union is required.

ND-has come out with an 18plan programme. Syriza members on talk shows have attacked them for not supporting restitution for the war to Greece by their sister party in the European parliament ie. Merkel.

Syriza-will announce its programme today, which talks about re-nationalisations of OTE-Telecoms which is owned by the Germans, re-nationalising Olympic Airways, abolishing the threat of 150k public sector sackings, restoring pensions, stopping all the extra taxes imposed etc.

Exit Polls- they are now supposed to close legally-a few have given a lead to Syriza and some have shown a further drop for PASOK below 10%.

Tsipras on Time Magazine Front Cover,8599,2116075-1,00.html

Lafazanis gave interview on radio, wants Drachma back
Alavanos wants break with Euro as well and the EU

2nd June 2012
ND-Wants now to create a Development Zone on the basis of Cyprus and give permissions to foreign companies the rights to extract oil which exists in the Aegean. Also to increase unemployment benefits for two years and to allow people to come off bankruptcy lists and to add small shopkeepers to unemployment benefits.

Syriza- is being attacked by all the media as the new party of Papandreou wanting to give to all thousands of new jobs, increase the minimum wage back to before bailout terms, not sack 150k publ;ic sector workers, stop the privatisation committee, renationalise the old state sector companies known as DEKO-leave NATO

PASOK-is attacking ND for wanting to overturn the Bailout. If they get 10% i'll eat my hat.

KKE-Main emphasis is Syriza and its inability to overturn the Bailout

Media calling Syriza Tsiprantrea (meaning Papandreou who was elected on the platform of ‘We have Money’)

6Hospitals many of which are in Athens, have been issued with a notice by suppliers that they wont receive any supplies until they pay in hard cash up front, cash which they dont have as their budgets are cut to the bone due to the IMF

Tax returns are astronomic
=Pensioners on low pensions lost two minimum pensions of E500pcm due to exorbitant tax demands after reducing minimum threshold.Another disabled pensioner was taxed E1700 plus his medicine bills which so far are E400pcm. Last year he had no tax, being a 70year old pensioner with 85% disability.... They will add the property tax 4.5million refused to pay onto the tax office and go for repossessions but the number is so large, they will collapse the system if they proceed.If the electoral circus doesn’t complete in June and it goes for a 3rd round, all hell is going to break loose. People are waiting to see if Syriza gets +30% and measures are taken to stabilise the collapse.

3rd June 2012

President of Greek Cancer Patients Federation Persefonis Mittas – been on TV for two days know attacking ex-Minister of PASOK Loverdos regarding the non-issuing of cancer drugs to patients by Pharmacists and Hospitals on the Greek NHS system. Hospitals have been told that they wont be supplied by medicine from the coming Tuesday by suppliers.

Young students
-30,000 children have left schools seeking work as families cant support them. Drug gangs have emerged for the first time by schoolkids as young as 14 pushing heroin, due to the economic crisis.

GD- has been attacked by the Police and the 3 parties of the Fake Left for allegedly hitting immigrants from Pakistan during the pre-electoral period. This is alleged to have occurred after a mobile demo on motorbikes by GD in various districts of Athens, which was followed by the police at the front, side and back of the march. At the same time two Greeks were shot, one dead in a poor district of Athens, which may lead to PATRA style riots, as armed gangs with Kalashnikovs (associated by the media with Albanian immigrants-who have lost most of their work due to the collapse of the construction sector by 70%). A barrage of robberies are occurring at night in people’s houses, mirroring Central American drug gangs, with blindfolds, hostages and beating up to and including shootings. This is one of a 74year old in Lamia

KKE-frightened that half its electoral base is switching and going to Syriza as they want unity of the Left and a Left government to attack the Bailout, has increased its focus in attacking Syriza stating its creating a new socialdemocratic PASOK.

ND- Will emphasise the economy and illegal immigration in the last two weeks as points of criticism against Syriza, essentially arguing Syriza hasn’t costed its economic programme and that they want essentially open borders (last point a difficult sell as Samaras is personally known as the man who supported the fall of the Hoxha regime and his total support in the mass waves of immigration that replaced domestic labourers in the construction sector during the Mitsotakis governments in 1990-93

Syriza-being supported by the Kouris press (avriani, paron, kontra tv) media talk that Laliotis one of the founders of PASOK is behind Tsipras (he said he isn’t but supports the turn towards a centre-Left government). Received a E6m subsidy to fight elections and got another bank loan on top for E3m alleged in the media.

Press Barons-Mega, Antenna sacking journalists left right and centre, massive losses, refusing to support anyone else other than PASOK-ND. Received a E12m state subsidy for adverts for political parties as air time.

4th June 2012
KKE-Syriza govt will fall, Syriza doesn't want us as a partner, and people aren't giving a vote of support for Syriza, they just want something better than ND.

Riots in Evia-Vasiliko, post-industrial area conflicts erupted between Greeks and immigrants from Pakistan after Greeks were rushed in their homes and then counterattacked after a demo in the town centre by 200 Pakistani immigrants who smashed cars.
77year old Greek murdered due to roberry...again in his home. An almost daily occurrence.

Syriza-big meeting in Athens with Slavos ("Bomb Serbia"-anti-communist fame) Zisek, new meeting in Livadia by Tsipras. Proposals for new ministers include Lafazanis as Labour Minister, Dragasakis as Economics Minister. They also want to bring over Papandreous ex-close associate Varoufakis from the USA in the Economics Ministry. Syriza states they will try to overturn Dublin 2 signed by Papandreou in 2003. Serious probability for Syriza to gain full control of Govt on its own as highest electoral poll for them was 31% and on previous polls the highest was 13% but it got near 18%, so its vote may increase by up to 5%.

Health Minister blaming Syriza for not being able to provide money to pharmacists as E1b aint arrived from the EU allegedly. "Syriza is gambling the health of cancer patients to blame everyone but itself" he stated.!!! In October he repeated the same will occur with oil imports, food and medicine.

Papandreou was spotted at the Hilton Hotel in Athens speaking to Jeffrey Sachs, one bankrupt to another

Soros-fate of Euro will be decided in 3 months

5th June 2012
DL-Bistis attacking Lafazani, the issue now is whether we attack the Bailout directly, ie whether it will be abolished forthwith. “What did the bailout actually do to Greece, Lafazani asked, if it is so good, why do we need the money if we are going to be wiped out. We want Greeks to survive. We aren’t guinea pigs.” Bistis is pushing using quotes from Berlinguer (Italian CP leader) to govern with ND from his arguments. Psarianos (DL) attacked Syriza serverely stating you cant ask for alliances with us when you attack me as being the Karatzaferis (clown who runs LAOS) of the Left. DL are playing the role of PASOK playing the hard role of stating we must stay in the Euro, defend the Bailout terms.

KKE – will submit law overturning the Bailout terms. In all probability the KKE will word it in such a fashion where they will put maximalist demands in order for Syriza to not vote for it.

PASOK-Loverdos blaming Syriza for politicising medicine issue and stating repeatedly that the head of the Medical Profession aint a doctor but an acolyte of Syriza. He responded in kind stating the ex-Minister aint a Health Minister either but a dealer of various interests. The President of EOPPI (which is the new NHS) is playing ignorant in whole issue pretending its just a re-organisation question (ie going from known brands to generic etc.)

Syriza-immigration debate on Kontra tv. Can they remain within the EU if they go against the Dublin 2 agreement and issue travel documents for the illegal immigrants to go to the rest of Europe? Will try to resolve issue based on individual cases. Example of Libyans who attacked Libyan embassy in Athens yesterday and riot police were called, after they haven’t been paid and are in private hospitals in Athens since the revolution against Gaddafi there was mentioned as an example of different cases to be resolved. Tsipras giving speeches in squares which are full wherever he goes.

6th June 2012
For greater Athens region....they predicted the 6th May results spot on.
ND gets trounced clearly., showing that 1/3 of voters leave both ND-PASOK as they got
32% combined last time.

This will probably be the rough outcome + or - a few % points due to the rest of country voting differently.
1. ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: 31.9%

2. ΝΔ: 13,8%


4. ΠΑΣΟΚ: 8,7%

5. ΚΚΕ: 6,8%

6. ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ: 5,8%




10. ΛΑΟΣ: 3%

11. ΔΡΑΣΗ: 2,5%


13. ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ: 0,6%


7th June 2012

GD-Plevris from LAOS stated that GD representative beat up his kids and the offered him out on a tv show. Today a punch up occurred on live tv which was then cut with Kanelli (KKE) and Dourou (Syriza) after they attacked GD as wanting to take the country back 500years, after Kasidiaris said that the KKE defended Parliament and has Bangladeshi workers leading its ranks (PAME) whilst Greek workers are unemployed. Kasidiaris is being taken to court by a member of Syriza and he responded by taking them to court and because Dourou said he was a essentially a dodgy character he threw water at her in a tv studio. Kanelli got up with a paper to stop him doing anything further, he got hit on the cheek then slapped her down three-four times. They then attempted to hold him hostage in the tv studio and he made a run from it threatening to bring 100 others back to wreck it. This is on the main Antenna TV private tv studio. All political parties now state they will refuse tv panel shows with GD.

Video of Event

Violent robbery
- in about three houses in Paiania by armed gang with Kalashnikovs. Son finds mother being harangued by knives an d gun runs upstairs gets his shotgun and shoots one dead armed intruder. The whole area comes out with guns, police lose control. 64 dead since January 34 due to armed robberies in peoples houses-govt statistics.

Hospitals-Merging hospitals and breaking down specialisms in order to enforce cutbacks. Chaos with medicines still cancer patients still haven’t received them in full, and there are massive queues and people are screaming at employees.

"Fuck Greece" - Σελίδα αλβανών εθνικιστών στο Facebook!

Albanian nationalists page on Facebook

8th June 2012

=EXTRA 3 TV Debate-Whether this type of crime ie killing of Greek pensioners is done by Greeks or Albanian, Ukrainian, or other type of gangs? Are citizens now taking the law into their own hands? 600,000 Greeks have arms at home. 80% of violent crime is done by illegal immigrants. Why aren’t they given travel documents to leave? Syriza being attacked for wanting to demobilise riot police, responds they don’t want to turn Greece into a banana republic of Central or Latin America where everyone is armed. Syriza (Kammenos) alleges that police force voted for GD. ND (Plevris) responds that illegal immigrants voted for Syriza as they want to give them all nationality. Syriza being attacked for defending every illegal immigrant and calling every Greek a racists and xenophobe, at the same time as defending or giving cover to illegal immigrant drug dealers...Lawyer intervenes-Traitors signed the Dublin 2 agreement and 5million will end up in Greece, we need to tear up the agreement. Syriza agrees, but Greece’s borders are too hard to block.

Today’s Events

Greek mother (80) killed with 20 stab wounds in Patras, children vow to take revenge as long as they live. Peania-Student Doctor who killed Albanian intruder in court today, 500 locals turned up in support chanting ‘innocent’. Judge releases student to appear in court in two years but must appear at police station once a month, passport withheld. GD led march yesterday at centre of Peania, but was not at court this morning.

-Pensioners demonstrated outside EOPPY (Greek NHS) with banner ‘We have Free Health Service, But now Pay for Medicine’

ND-Samaras went to Ag. Panteleomonas and said that we have an ‘invasion of illegal immigrants’ (word for word) and we will take back Greek areas.

GD-Kassidiaris remains in hiding, other media outlets allege conflict on Antenna TV was done to increase ratings as the people invited were all the most dynamic elements of each party. KKE being attacked for turning up when their official position isn’t to debate GD. (A rise of GD in votes over the event aids Syriza indirectly due to the law of unintended consequences)

Schengen Agreement-newspaper reports that Greece will be thrown out as it can’t protect its borders.

9th June 2012

Skai TV-Head of Cancer Patients Ms Mitra was threatened by head of EOPPI (Voudouris) to be taken to prosecutor. He alleges that he isn’t killing patients which is what she said live on air. She said all parties collected their pre-electoral subsidies but patients who have paid all their lives now have no medicine. ND spokesperson said if we leave Euro we won’t have any medicine, food, fuel etc. One bond which had a face value of E80m was paid to the tune of E400m, whilst we are allegedly down E1b in Bailout funding-was mentioned by newsreporter.

ND-Blaming Syriza for a joker who was in Kazakis-EPAM (Amiras) who had youtube video where he called for urban guerrilla war. ND trying to pin ‘red terrorism’ on Syriza and essentially saying they are like extremists of GD, due to their 12 groups within them who have self-proclaimed revolutionaries. Syriza responded that ND has no relationship with reality. Video by ‘brainboxes’ of ND of alleged Syriza taking a woman out to a meal and refusing to pay the bill and being thrown out of the restaurant (implying this will happen to Grece by the EU) in another video a long haired Greek goes to the barber and says cut my Syriza (means in Greek as well give me a baldhead) and the barber does it, then the man looks in the mirror and has a shock, with the video implying watch what you ask for...

Syriza-Those who are wet aren’t afraid of rain,(referring to workers who don’t have a steady income) next Sunday, the past of dodgy dealings and fraud will stop. They are lying about our positions creating fear for our positions

GD-Kasidiaris said he didn’t want to be arrested and his pictures plastered over the media. Punch ups in Veria between GD and anarchists.

GDP collapse in first three months 6.5% of 2012, official unemployment 22% (numbers only include those who are signing on and they can only sign on in full for 12 months)

39year old Greek woman found dead from knife wounds in Athens.

10th June 2012

Criminality- Greek drug user killed mother for E20, citizen in Sparta killed intruder of Romanian extraction.

ND-Using article by Lafazanis and his interview with Amiras (jokester from EPAM-Kazakis who called for urban guerrilla war on youtube) to defend presence in Euro, as Lafazanis is supporter of Drachma. Lafazanis responds that these are old and personal views and that the fearmongering of ND aims to frighten the Greek people to vote for parties of the Bailout. ND has mentioned the possibility of holding its first national electoral demo in Sindagma Sq on Friday. Stated will emphasise economy and illegal immigration in last week.

Syriza-continues speeches in town squares which are packed by people, continues to run the line of Bailout or Syriza as central election focus as well as stating illegal immigrants who have been legalized should be given the right to bring their families to Greece.

80% in support of the Euro!!! Claims the Mass Media.50 clowns in Sindagma for the occasion....

Syriza-ex-candidate Nikos Hanias attacks Syriza in media alleging if Syriza wins the day after the world will end. All media outlets interview him and promote his views. Tsipras gives interview to all media outlets which appears to be very successful. Big speech in Omonomia Sq on Thursday

KKE-election kiosk and member beaten up in Ag Paraskevi.

ND-stating that Syriza wont govern with them.

PASOK-making openings to DL.

4 parties aiming for 3rd place-PASOK, IG, DL, GD

13th June

Pharmacist-Trade-Unionist who was on the national committee who have been on strike shot dead due to an alleged robbery. ND-Samaras making declarations about crime (sounds very fishy this one!)

Syriza-Tsipras gives interview to Financial Times stating that he will do everything in his power to stay in the Eurozone Visited main police headquarters stated coppers should return to the beat to stop crime wave. Wants to pay unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants.

Ollande-interviewed on Greek Mega TV-States there are countries that want Greece expelled from Euro but that isn’t the position of France. They must follow the Accord-Bailout measures.

ND-Election kiosk in Sindagma Sq with police guards.

PASOK-Kaklamanis ex-President of Parliament attempted public meeting met with rotten fruit and coffees by electorate...

Aris Velouhiotis Statue-Nicked

Election Day 17th June
Tsipras voted
in Kipseli with around 200 photoreporters from around the world.

Fires in around 10 different parts of Greece from yesterday.

Greek fans in the match with Russia were chanting
"Put the Debts up your Arse, thats how those that Owe you Shag"
May be match with Germany on Friday!!!!

"Everyting started in Greece and everyone is obliged to respect them. Democracy started from there and so many other disciplines were taught by the Greeks who have great pride and deserve the respect of all. That which inspires us aren't comments of such a nature but the great history of Greece. No one can give us lessons."

Issue arose when a reporter asked him how they will cope if they meet Germany...
Santos is Portugese.

KKE-condemning Twitter where account has been opened up calling for KKE
members to vote for Syriza. She called it a provocation and fraud derailing
the electoral process

500,000 didn't vote, media states due to cost of travel this may remain high but fall
compared with 6th May.

Media-cant add up shit.

They claim there will be a rise for GD and a rise for ND.

A fall of the vote of the KKE thus a rise of Syriza.
A fall in the vote for DL therefore a rise for Syriza.
A fall in the rise of PASOK therefore a rise for Syriza.

So how can ND win?

Apart from being dumb in mathematics they are also stupid...