Monday, 30 July 2018

Burning Greeks Alive: Hybrid Warfare: Chemtrail Spraying, Murderous Floods and Earthquakes Part Three

Murderous Floods

Before one goes into the murderous floods in Mandras suffice to say that it is located right next to Athens military airport in Elefsina. From which most of the chemtrail spraying occurs.

On the aforementioned day it wasn’t even raining in most parts of Athens and wasn’t particularly stormy in Madras. What happened next is out of one of them science fiction novels. A massive amount of water arrived from the nearby mountains which by the time had reached the centre of Mandras were up to 4-5 meters high. The official excuse was that the underwater passage were built over and housing was built in old river paths. One could explain it away as a natural weather phenomena part of this aforementioned ‘climate change’ which used to be called something entirely different a couple of decades ago.

What is unexplainable in relation to the events in Mandras is the volume of water that arrived. People who have been residents there for four decades had never seen so much water. Everyone in Athens has observed over the years chemical spraying over the skies and before anyone claims this is hogwash there is a company registered in Thessaloniki which works closely with the Greek outpost of the Common Agricultural Policy and is involved in Weather Modification programmes. The question once more is why are they involved in this type of weather warfare in breach of the 1977 United Nations Geo-engineering Convention?

Since about 2000 they started selling the concept of ‘climate change’ and forced a lot of countries to sign up to bogus treaties about limiting the use of carbon in the atmosphere. Part and parcel of this process was to justify the Trilaterals Commissions Agenda in the 1970s to limit indigenous production of energy for instance across the old EEC (coal) and to make areas around the world heavily dependent on imports from large multinational corporations. The purpose was twofold: make sovereign nations dependent on other countries and and replacing the imploding oil based reserve currency the dollar with another tradeable currency ie imported energy’ Hence we had the oil based wars in the Middle East financed in part from the US drug trade in Afghanistan, the weir event around Fykushima which led to Japan becoming a net importer of energy as its nuclear plants were shut down and gas wars in relation to Southern Europe over Russian pipelines known as Southstream.

Over 500 cars were trapped in the flloods including commercial lorries just to understand the power of this flood and the area looks like it has been bombed out. They allege less than 25 died which is absolute nonsense as many illegal migrants live and work in the area and n one has tracked them or cared to.

Eyewitness Report-On the Flooding of Mandras in Athens Greece

A. On the Dead
There must be a few hundred – with conservative estimates. When we will get the full number is an issue.
In a thousand cars, which were quashed the declaration that 19 died only appears as a funny joke as those that disappeared 19 which we know personally.

B. Responsibilities
1. The current Council
In other floods and under other conditions we would attack the local Council for criminal irresponsibility. But under today’s conditions the mistakes and omissions which weigh on the council aren’t founded – I am referring to the current council, not those that went on before it. I could actually congratulate it with the passion it showed in these difficult times. Many times it raised its voice to the ludicrous representative from Syrizas Regional Administrators who came to police the manner and the distribution of help. The latter tried to impose a bureaucratic process, which was lacking all essence and in many ways slowed down the whole process. Its no coincidence the PM Tsipras didn’t risk entering Mandra but like a thief visited for communication reasons from a distance of at least one km. I must admit that the army of the region wasn’t solely Syriza who shone in their absence but the jackboots of various NGO’s when help arrived from various unknown quarters and tried to take control of it for no practical reason forcing the residents to rebel against them. We don’t need aid by force like Papadopoulos Junta, so as to support the anniversary. So as to not be misunderstood the Mayor we have is politically supported by PASOK who in the past wasn’t what could have been better. Could have been worse.

2. Regional Administration
Criminal responsibility. They must answer they and the previous people as they never explained and they never actualised any plan to take the water away which of course no Mayor on their own could carry out. When the rise of the water reaches three meters in height no drainage can cope with such a deluge and we aren’t talking about a simple flow but something the size of three rivers having acquired flow and power when they entered the city of Mandras. In the last fifty years we also had deaths and victims but the previous floods bear no relationship with the last Armageddon.

3. Greek State
Criminal irresponsibility by the Region, but clearly better than the Greek state, which allowed, if it didn’t provoke itself the ‘phenomenon’. That which the conspiracists call HAARP. Explaining it more bluntly, the war against the Greek Nation and the peoples the world over via ‘natural’ catastrophes. For so long and on a daily basis the continuously spray the atmosphere. Now will those who don’t believe it after such a large destruction which occurs by some non-believers that how on earth can we have such a large destruction when we have never had anything similar in the area before in history. The conspiracists therefore are right.

It would be rudeness to the dead, to mention like so many others the reasons for the concretisation of the underwater streams, the town planning of the area, the bribery of government officials and planning offices, the unbridled profit of local developers etc.
These are well known and common knowledge. Whoever uses this do it deliberately to disorientate the people from the determining factors which provoked the destruction…
November 2017

Deadly Earthquakes
The earthquake in Lesvos which was felt all the way in Istanbul...its intensity in such a small has had some people allege it was over 10 richter though its source was below the ocean.

The Mayor of Ankara at the time Melich Giorktsek declared that we should investigate whichever ship of a foreign power happens to be investigating earthquakes in the Aegean at the time of the disaster.

Later on he added on twitter “I believe that it was a technical earthquake. I am not sure, but it is a serious possibility which should be investigated. Was it a ship of earthquake investigation at the centre of it. If so to which country does it belong?”
These ‘seismic’ ships have been doing the rounds in the Aegean and no one knows what they are really up to.

Weather Modification Programmes in Greece

Who is behind the programmes? 
Weather on Demand? 
Many people who see such a title immediately believe the author is a raving conspiracy nut. Yet they never sit to analyse a topic from a variety of sources and angles or to ask themselves that technology doesn’t stand still. There are variety of reasons where weather modification is used officially. In military and in agriculture. The issue is whether it is used for other purposes.

Agricultural Uses in Greece
ELGA does weather modification programmes with 3D planes, there were the most hailstorms fall and weather modification is what they call the programmes that can increase rainfall and snow, ensure fog is diluted and hailstorms can be magnified or reduced. It reminds one of the mafia which offers protection, from itself! Who actually provokes climate change and which interests are hidden behind these? Small and large planes with big and large interests. The end result is that instead of Greece having a surplus of agricultural products it can export as well it becomes dependent on imports, whilst farmers face the threat of their land being taken away from them. The responsibilities of the politicians is massive as massive as the pockets of 3D who doesn’t want to leave a single part of Greece not being sprayed. These programmes do not benefit farmers and their animals or the population which relies on this food to survive. 

D S.A. is a Greek private company founded in1976 in Thessaloniki. The company provides custom made services and applications covering all major contemporary activities in Greece and abroad and since 1981 has been actively involved in several Weather Modification Programs (rain/snow enhancement and hail suppression). 3D S.A. offers a distinguishing range of services that rightfully makes it unique in Europe and one among the four most recognized companies worldwide specializing in Weather Modification Applications 

Reading their website one sees that the govt body which is responsible for farmers OGA (Organisation of Farmers in Greece) has handed out contracts to this company for weather modification. Initially it would have been about protecting crops from adverse weather conditions but as Greece joined the EU in 1981 and 27% of the economy was agricultural now it has become something totally opposite as according to EU regulations farming in Greece had to fall below 10% which it has. Food security was turned into its opposite ie. food insecurity. 

The weather modification programme was implemented in Central Greece (big agricultural areas) in Imathi a, Pella, Pieria and Thessaloniki region occupying an area of 2.350.000 acreas during the months April to September. So if these regions are allegedly being protected why do we have such toxic weather in these months which destroy the crops? A group previously called SaveGeaGroup had been involved in questions regarding these topics and have also demonstrated against the company involved. But to no avail as these programmes continue unabated at a great economic and social cost as the climate is behind damaged and agricultural production destroyed.

Joanna Charalompoulou a member of KEP and a manager in charge of agriculture did an impact study of this year’s hailstorms and looking at the report it is truly disheartening. “From 2013 onwards apart from Spring and during the summer months June-July-August we have many storms and hailstorms in Greece ‘What is also illuminating is that these storms affect mostly areas where we have large agricultural production and because in the last few years we have been bombarded with reports that we are being met by bigger heatwaves – every year – we are being attacked in our judgements and we are asking: summer in our country is only two months, but we have scenes of collapse every now and again. With one or two mini heatwaves we end up having the lowest temperatures in Southeast Europe? It’s the period where we lived through the ‘hottest summers?”

Does it correspond fully with what we have collated? How can it fit with the theory of hottest summers and at the same time hailstorms that destroy agriculture when the weather modification programmes are allegedly there to protect agriculture?

These programmes are obviously there to regulate overproduction and keep prices high. Products instead of being buried are destroyed via hailstorms or floods.

VN Gelis


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