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Burning Greeks Alive: 'Firestorm 2018' and Syriza Part Two

Criminal Culpability or Criminal Negligence for Being Geoffrey Pyatts Errand Boyz?

Mati, Greece Highway of Death

The allegations that have surfaced against Syriza are that of criminal negligence due to the inability to act in time and for wrong decision making. The main highway Leoforos Marathonas which acts inadvertently as a fire break between wooded areas was cut off and people were re-directed back into Mati which is a small area by the coast with a single road but as there was no one there re-directing them it appears once a critical mass of people were there they ended up burning to death and the cars were pulverised by to what all accounts appears to be Directed Energy Weapons. The issue is to what extent are Syriza in on the act or are they so dumb they are being directed like a blind man by his dog?

When there are more than 30 areas of fires all at once no one knows where to turn and where to go for this isn't a 'natural phenomenon' nor can someone aim to put out a fire when it can re-light behind you or on the side of you. I was witness to the manufactured fires of 2007 in Evia where a pilot crashed his sea firefighting plane. Being perched high up on a hill I witnessed the plane put out sections of the fire and at the same time new sections of fire being created elsewhere. The constant returning to the sea, the fatigue and stress of flying under such conditions and the pockets of air being sucked out by the fire led inevitably to a fatal crash with the pilot being killed.

What is strange in this fire as reported by a citizen on a channel was that the fire started near an area known as Daou Pentelis which has over the years been reported in the MSM as a NATOist weapons depot and area where this fire started, was taken over by the Ministry of Defence in the 1970's and 1980's.

"In 1977 they started new works from the Ministry of Defence. They attempted to keep these works secret. After though a revealing publication in 'Tahidromos' on 6.10.1977, the Army was forced to admit that the army had started totally secret works in the caves in Daveli! As is natural the stories started to go big. Especially as the area became a military area and was guarded by troops.

In recent years there are constant referrals by citizens of the area regarding strange lights in the sky, weird noise etc. Inside the cave there are weird anomalies with respect to the magnetic fields. Lights come on and off for no reason without batteries, various organs suddenly show massive numbers, visitors end up with memory loss, panic crises and other issues. Something ain't right there"

Syrizas Firestorm 2018 Training Exercise or 9/11 Redux?

As with 9/11 where they had training on the day of the attacks on the Twin Towers, Syriza held 'Anti-firestorm' exercises in Penteli mountain where the fire allegedly hit first not on the same day but in May, two months ago.

No one can remember fires that broke out in Penteli with serious winds for them to burn everything within such a short time frame ie. within 90 minutes and spread right down to the coast.

"An exercise for confronting a fire in the woods of a large area with the code name (DIA PIRROS 2018) (Firestorm 2018) occurred on 8th May by the Fireservice in the wooded area of Penteli (Piriza area), under the framework of how to best prepare for an anti-fire period for the year 2018 and the cooperation of the interested parties, services and the authorities involved in keeping forests from catching fire. The aim of the exercise is the control and practice of the processes and the requisite readiness in action in confronting the events due to the forest fires, working out a realistic plan of action in conditions assessed to ascertain the readiness of the mechanisms of putting out forest fires and the assessment of their decisiveness, the orientation of the agencies in minimising the time of reaction and the improvement of the cooperation of the interested parties for putting out the fires"

The exercise was actualised with realistic practices developing all the functional stages of the 3rd phase: announcement, mobilisation of forces - initial estimation of the situation, development of forces - intervention, partial control, control - guarding and complete ending of fires. Who was present at the exercise was Home Office Minister Toskas and various regional governors alongside the Fireservice."

United Nations praises Syrizas role in the Firestorm Murders

There is no justification for the statement by Defence Minister Kammenos that 'we could not send the army in as NATO didn't give the green light.' In other words he openly admits NATO runs the Greek armed forces. Or is there something else more sinister? That the Greek armed forces would have seen direct evidence of Directed Energy Weapons? That would have blown up the premise of a 'natural phenomena'. According to the same Defence Minister they knew from 4pm on Monday yet no planes flew above the area and in a video introduced whereby Syriza shows them in an extraordinary war cabinet meeting Tsipras states on Monday evening firefighting planes would fly Tuesday morning.

When they appeared at a joint press conference on Thursday 27th July Minister of Interior Toskas, Govt Spokesperson Tzanakopoulos head of Fireservice etc they gave themselves a green bill of health and subsequently the UN General Secretary did as well. In other words what they did was superb and they couldn't have done anything more.

Citizens were stuck in the sea for four hours with no help, the police redirected them to the highway of death into the dead ends of Mati, the army wasn't called out. Usually Syriza would have blamed the cuts in infrastructure (firebrgade, police, fireplanes etc.) but they didn't as priority was that 'climate change' dominates, this was a natural phenomena and the deaths were ...inevitable. This implies they are criminally culpable and sections of them in on the act like the Defence Minister and the Interior Minister who know fully which foreign secret services operates in the country.

Interior Minister Toskas: 'I cannot find any big mistakes'
Firebrigade Chief: 'I wouldn't have done anything differenctly'
Govt Spokesperson Tzannakopoulos: 'It was impossible for anything different to have occurred'
Police Chief: 'I am proud it was excellent work'

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres expressed deep sorrow to families of victims and the Greek government after a forest fire killed more than 80 people in the country.
Through his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, Guterres at the same time praised the national move by the Greek authorities in handling the fire.

A Russian Threat to Emerge?

One needs to focus that since Pyatts arrival in 2016 at a ceremony in Washington where Negroponte was present and presumably blessed him after having blessed Hillary for standing for the elections despite being a Republican, we have had a mysterious earthquake in Lesvos, two massive floods without storms in Mandras with scores dead, now these deadly fires and also an attack on a Greek frigate allegedly by Turkey and the capture of two Greek officers in Evros (who are still being held captive by Turkey).

So was the Defence Minister Kammenos a New Democracy stalwart for years paid in kickbacks not only to buy weapons from the USA which he did, but also to allow NATO testing of these weapons on Greek soil? Its illuminating to note that when the expulsion of Russian diplomats was announced it first came from the US Ambassadors office and then from the Government. So who runs Greece?

In today's Syriza mouthpiece paper 'Kontra' 28th July 2018 it is announced that US and Israeli security services are on the hunt for foreign agents who have definitely started these fires and the tv networks constantly repeat that there were incendiary devices at the scene of the crime. They alluded to the fact that its probably people opposed to the NATO expansion exercise in the Western Balkans and the Tsipras - Zaev deal. So after alluding that Putin was financing the anti-Macedonian rallies in Greece which have been going on in 50 odd cities, is it a coincidence that the Foreign Minister of Greece Kotzias was in Moscow meeting Lavrov when these criminal firestorms broke out?

Almost everybody in Greece knows the story of the Russian gas pipelines and how Greeks were burnt alive to scupper the deal and that one of the first acts of the criminal Papandreou government before calling in the IMF was to cancel Southstream. We also know that during the IMFs arrival Greeks were burnt alive in a bank called Marfin to derail the mass movement against the IMF. Can Syriza sell the Russian threat? No one will surely buy it. When all else fails its fashionable to blame Putin. After all he has a direct interest in destabilising lilliputian Greece, so presumabely he never sells any oil or gas to it...

Irrefutable proof will probably be found in the form of irrefutable proof like that which was circulated for 9/11. Grainy images of people arriving somewhere, passports that can be found intact after fireballs and money tracing on accounts in their own banking networks that can prove whatever they want to prove, but the reality will of course be totally different from what it appears to be.

Syriza Diversions

In order to send people on side issues Defence Minister Kammenos started talking about illegal dwellings in Mati and essentially blamed the victims for the crime of mass murder he presided over. This has been a constant since the IMF arrived in Greece. Greeks were the most corrupt on the planet responsible for the Wall St crash, the Euro crash and now because of non-existent planning laws (the state refused to plan cities so as to not have liabilities in urban planning eg schools, hospitals, roads, squares etc.) fires break out and people die. Obviously facts being stubborn things never seem to get in the way of a fake story like the one that Mati was part of planning laws. When Tsipras announced that all illegal dwellings would be bulldozed and we will not hesitate to use force one can only laugh as over 50% of dwellings in Greece are illegal and even the legal ones are currently 'illegal' as one has to pay an architect to change building plans accordingly if one wants to currently sell or pass to ones children any property or land. Some people started circulating that this was the cause of the fire that the state wants to take peoples property ignoring the fact that during the Troika years 130k properties have already been handed to the state as people don't take onboard properties handed to them they cant finance. What would the state do with them anyhow? The property market has collapsed.

Another diversion was the fire in Kinetta which happened on the same day. Here we had full admittance that there were 13 simultaneuous fires which again begs the question if they are spread out over a significant area only if one had access to the whole ocean could one put them out, as having 50 planes in the air wouldn't do it and everyone knows these fires are done so professionally that they know the wind speed and direction and which mechanisms to light at which time to gain maximum effect. By de-characterising the area from a Forest one they can then dig for natural minerals re Bauxite which is underneath. This restores the old the story of the profit motive behind the fires, ie property developers, capitalists etc. and gets the fake left excited (which I will analyse in the third and final part). But there is nothing of that nature in Mati even if some newspaper or other alleges it was burnt to build a new tourist resort when hundreds of areas are already empty and ripe for investment but no investment occurs (eg. the old Olympic Airport has been derelict for nearly two decades and every year it is being built and every year it remains empty!)

Strange Occurrences? Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons? Unanswered Question....

An eyewitness who passed by the bus yesterday from the scene of the crime saw burnt out areas which are totally blackened and within one and a half hours are three totally white houses which haven't even been blackened from the smoke. The individual in question was totally shocked that he forgot to take pictures or a video. How could this be? But we have a picture from a drone in the aftermath of the crime.

Trees still green and buildings still standing in a forest fire next to each others where others were burnt to smithereens

Bodies appear charred to smithereens but building intact next to them

It has been reported that US drones are to be stationed in Greece. Was this a real tine training exercise to see how they can operate in real life situations?

Kazakis reported on a radio show that US tourists in a hotel in Mati Greece where notified to leave at 2pm but this is a report and cant be verified unless he has a source, but it can be possible as was the events during 9/11 when images appeared in 'Eleftherotipia' of two planes crashing in towers before it happened.

VN Gelis

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