Monday, 18 June 2012

Notes on the Greek Electoral Results

The Left in Total received 1.9m votes in May which has now increased to 2.3m ie by 20%

ND-Made illegal immigration its main point in the last week alongside the costing of economic measures.

From 2.25m votes ND-PASOK in May increased their total vote by 10% to 2.5m votes

Syriza in the final week stated the following, in Proto Thema which the media replayed and replayed

ants would get unemployment benefits
-would get to bring their families to Greece

Under the circumstances if they wanted to win they would have just kept quiet.

Syriza-Stratoulis on the tv panels yesterday showed how happy he was that they would become the official opposition. Its as if a weight had been taken off their back.

The KKE whose slogan was a Strong KKE lost half its electoral base, it is now where Syriza was in 2004 and 2009. Its now the last party in Parliament with 12 MP's

The KKE lost severely in the working class districts of Piraeus and central Athens, hovering around 3%.

Abstention became a historic high with 37.5% of the vote in certain areas it reached 60% like Florina

The farming areas in Crete switched from PASOK to Syriza.

PASOK lost 1% but around 100,000 votes.

GD marginally lost 15k but maintained its electoral base in contrast to what the KKE argued that people should 'correct their voting behaviour'

IG lost many votes that probably went to ND after its anti-immigrant turn.

LAOS was wiped out and this will be the future of Democratic Left

ND will be burnt if they run the new govt as it will be a continuation of the bankster Papadimos govt as the Democratic Left have zero forces within Greek society if they join the IMF roadshow

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