Monday, 25 June 2012

D-Day (DRACHMA) ComingThe Right fought on the platform Euro or Drachma‏

-Samaras-PM and Rapanos (non-registered Economics MInister) are allegedly ill.

-Much talk is made regarding the fact that Greece joined the Euro mistakenly by other countries (and it took em a decade to find out!)

-The PM will be housebound and wont be allowed to leave his home for at least another week!

-ND has placed many of the old guard of its personnel in govt.

-Almost all the rich those with over E100k in bank accounts shipped it abroad so they voted for the Drachma in practice.

-PASOK is in open warfare within its ranks with Loverdos-Hrisohoidis in one wing and Venizelos in another, aiming to change name and also has no big names in the present govt, which was the main point of conflict between the wings.

-The Troika cant see anyone so they aint coming and due to the pre-electoral and electoral period of the last three months there has been no movement in Greece.

-Schoeble (German Economics Minister) stated that the US should like after its own house first and dont focus too much on the Eurozone and Tony Blair shouldn't ask for Germany to bailout S Europe with Eurobonds when the UK hasn't joined the Euro. If they joined we could do that. The Greeks haven't completed any of the promises they have made with the bailouts.

It appears ND will be burnt like PASOK over the next two months in order to then before or after a return to the Drachma, they hand the sunken ship over to Syriza

The crisis of the Eurozone isn't a crisis of monetary union per se, but a fundamental crisis of capitalism.

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