Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How the KKE and the Disunity of the Left aided a return of ND-PASOK

One of the main arguments used by the KKE against joining an electoral slate of the Left was that Syriza was social-democratic and pro-EU. That in and of itself was an issue but not strong enough to be used against joining an electoral slate by maintaining a separate organisational form.

The KKE sold the line that Syriza was creating a new PASOK, in other words that we have another 4 decades of tweedle dum tweedle dee politics. ND would alternate with Syriza and the KKE would be squeezed into third place. They emphasised the various PASOK figures who joined Syriza (ex-MP’s, union bureaucrats etc.) and the cover support given by the Greek CBI. All well and good so far. One in theory can’t argue with that, the facts speak for themselves.

But then again, the KKE had NO PROBLEM governing with ND alone in 1990. Then they were allegedly cleaning up the Augean stables of capitalism and the corruption of PASOK. Then we had Mitsotakis in charge of ND. Clearly a man whose history and close connections with the Bush family a figure who must be ‘better’ (or worse?) than Tsipras and with whom the KKE had no problem in governing.

If they Left had united it wouldn’t have increased its vote by 20% to 2.3 million but nearer 60% as it was going for government and could have set a minimum target of getting rid of the Troika. They would have had the support of both IG and even GD. Those that didn’t vote for the anti-Bailout proposals in Parliament would be exposed for all to see. People would have trusted them for this proposal alone.

That is why no one won outright. People don’t believe in politicians to do what they say. A big hue and cry was made over the slap to the KKE’s MP Kanelli. MP’s think themselves above normal people. Daily people are being slapped by tax demands, by bosses who don’t pay wages, by a collapsing social system. Thousands have committed suicide. This is what people are concerned about, not tv shows and fake debates.

The KKE holds the primary responsibility for this disastrous outcome as they have both the organised forces on the ground and the largest active following. Now as the results show they have been trounced. If they break apart and splinter that will be good for the whole Left. Its time they joined the dustbin of history so we can move forward.

Let no one be fooled. Whatever the make up of the new government, whether a faction of the Left joins or not, as long as they continue the same disastrous economic policies, the situation will get worse not better. If millions of Greeks demonstrated peacefully last year ending the duopoly of PASOK-ND as electoral forces which dominated with 80-85% of the electorate for 4 decades, this ain’t coming back. Next time round, the reaction won’t be peaceful. An argentinian style exit is getting closer not further away.


  1. The same is in my country Nepal. The left had overwhelming majority of 60 pc in legislature. But they were all fragmented and did no good for the cause of the left aspirants.

    1. Thanks for the info.
      Keep hope and struggle alive.