Monday, 5 March 2012

Glezos-Theodorakis-Kazakis KKE-Sinaspismos-Expelled PASOK Popular Front?

Glezos and Theodorakis attending the Vote in Parliament


Whilst the allegatioin was that Glezos and Theodorakis were attacked on the the large demo in February which had over a million on the streets the reality is that they were escorted by the chief of police and a show was made to pretend they were attacked in order to justify their left profile.

They attended the voting session of Parliament with respect to the IMF measures Pt 2 or otherwise known as Memorandum 2 in Greece and were given top seat facing all the MP's in Parliament.

A letter has circulated by Kazakis from EPAM (ex-KKE economist) asking for unity between Sinaspismos and the KKE and to support the army to hit the streets.

"If we dont act quickly he states, blood will be spilt. Not only from the praetorian guards of the government but from the people itself who will have lost hope. If all these measures are implemented in the next two-three months half the Greeks will not have food to eat. When people are committing suicide daily when they see their children die as there are no gauzes in the hospital, how easy is it for the people to turn and we have a bloody conflict..."

This letter was sent also to the Head of the Army, the Police and the Public Sector Unions.

On the day of the big demo Kazakis was in a hotel lunching and watching the tear gas rip the Greeks apart

Kazakis in his own words

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