Thursday, 23 February 2012

Unpublished Letter to Weekly Worker....

For over two years the unfolding drama which has become the EU and in particular its relationship with Greece, has been commented on by various writers in Weekly Worker or in the letters pages. As a general view there are two camps, those who remain committed to the ideals of big business (which they call a ‘peoples Europe’ as exemplified by Arthur Boughs letter where he praises the EU and its relationship with the UK in the tradition of all Europhiles) and those who want a real peoples Europe, by breaking up what Lenin called would be reactionary capitalist United States of Europe. The chickens though have come home to roost. As predicted two years ago Greece would inevitably default, and would leave the Euro. The implications for this from the mass media of lies and propaganda is that it is all the Greeks fault and that the role of the EU-IMF plays no part whatsoever. The fact that Germany one of the linchpins of the EU, which played its ingnoble role in the last century still to date refuses to pay Greece war reparations is an indication of the general anti-Greek climate by sections of the EU elite. They know their past history but as usual are doomed to repeat it.

For the EU to be sealed forever as an entity there is no reason for elections in any member states (this has now been one of the demands to Greece) unelected EU bureaucrats are to run member states like the Gaulieters of old and the nation states should just commit hara-kiri, as that is the interest of globalised big business.

What occurred last Sunday in Greece is a departure from the script. In their hundreds of thousands Greeks demonstrated in over 20 cities, for the first time they were early to Sindagma Sq and the crowds were such that the roads were full all the way to the other square Omonia where the KKE started its demo. The riot police sought to disperse the crowds using stun grenades and volley upon volley of teargas at the same time as around 30 buildings were torched simultaneously around Athens by their own agent provocateurs. Whilst the people in a section of the front ranks pushed to confront the riot police and break through to Parliament, the KKE instructed its members once more to leave the scene of the battle. In a regional town, Agrinio, due to the small amount of riot police the demonstrators broke through took, over the regional town headquarters and burnt down the files of the local tax office. In another town in Crete, they attacked the offices of the political parties that voted for the EU-ECB- IMF part 2 package.

Whilst the 3rd Reich was a tragedy of immense proportions the 4th Reich will collapse like a house of cards and very soon. The mood of the masses has now finally turned to one of confrontation and dynamism The fake Left will be unable to contain this confrontational mood. Mass unemployment, soup kitchens and a massive collapse in wages to those still privileged to have work, will force people into the path of general insurrection. We saw glimpses of that last Sunday. With official bankruptcy knocking on the door we will see many more and the fake Left in power managing collapsing capitalism, wont save the establishment.

VN Gelis


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