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Eyewitness Account-Greek Independence Day 25th March 2012

24th March 2012

The quisling unelected govt of the bankster Papadimios announced harsh measures for the annual independence day parade. More than 4,000 police are to surround all the entrances to Sindagma Sq. The metro station will not stop at Sindagma or Panepistimio station and will only work as far down as Omonia. On Friday the parties of the fake-Left Sinaspismos and KKE met the Primeminister Papadimos and announced that a provocation might ensue as part of the Troikas plan to complete the looting of Greece.

Instead of leaving Parliament and enforcing thus a date for elections, they play the game of talking to the Quisling PM, creating fear in people so they dont disrupt the Independence Day parade.

15 organisations marched under the umbrella of EPAM (united popular front) (including the Spitha movement of Mikis Theodorakis) from Marathonas to the Old Olympic Stadium today (24miles), like they did for the peace movement (Lambrakis youth in the 1960's)holding the flag of Independence against the Ottoman Empire and chanting slogans Bread Peace Freedom the Junta didn't Die in 1973.

The quisling politicians will have a show tomorrow. The police on their own without teargas wont be able to contain the crowds.

25th March 2012
The massive police and riot police presence in Athens ensured it was impossible to pass through the security cordons to disrupt the Independence Day parade. Many protestors tried to enter the parade from the bottom half of Sindagma Sq where the police had placed a cordon with metal barriers tied by a metal rope from one end to the other and when they started pushing the riot police was called and they were surrounded and forced back towards Ermou St. The Left officially didn’t take part and boycotted the parade and with its endless fear mongering alongside the mass media of disinformation people didn’t turn up to the centre and those that did, didn’t have the numbers to try anything dynamic.

But people chanted slogans against the training police officers that marches calling them quislings, traitors and sellouts. Sections of the army officers training personnel marched chanting slogans that Macedonia is Greek. From those on the Left that did take part we had Antarsya with a block which marched towards the parade but obviously couldn’t get far wanting to abolish the parade, We also had the forces around EPAM which carried Greek flags and met around the statue of Kolokotronis (leader of the Greek Revolution of 1821) which is front of the Greek stock exchange and they also put up a banner of the original flag of 1821 at the highest point in Athens Lycavittos church. The Indignant motorbikers turned up at some point and slogans were chanted as well as the national anthem. Sections of the Left are finally waking up to the fact that they have to confront Greek history from a revolutionary perspective and not hand it over to the rightist forces. The Greek Revolution liberated Greece from the Ottoman Empire and everyone one speaks to says that this is urgent today, to liberate Greece from the foreign occupation
Whilst the centre was essentially a Pyrrhic victory for the banksters government of Papadimos the periphery was not, The celebration in Iraklion Crete, which was a centre of Pasoks electoral base was totally disrupted and the parade was disrupted with government officials being forced out, and in Patras they didn’t turn up and tear gas was fired. Trouble also hit Volos and other regional cities.

The Independence day parade clearly shows that they occurred under an occupation. Everyone is waiting for someone else to start something dynamic in terms of resistance. The peaceful protests against the IMF ECB have reached their limit and gone beyond their natural limits. The clear signs of the dying days of a Greek Weimar Republic are everywhere to be seen. From the soup kitchens, to the burnt out buildings after the police provocation in February inaugurating the IMF measures part two, the rise of many smaller political parties and the collapse of the ruling political formations. The only difference being the presence of many illegal immigrants who arrive daily in their hundreds onto Greek shores and end up on the streets of Athens in their hundreds of thousands.

Not having announced elections yet, the Greek political establishment is waiting for a miracle or the 2nd coming of Christ. Either which way what started off as provisional economic measures seem to have no end in sight. Decay and depression are going to lead to a social explosion, What form this takes and in which direction it goes, depends on how quickly the forces of the fake Left disitigrate and open the road to a real Left.

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