Monday, 13 February 2012

Provocation by IMF-EU-Greek state Against Demonstrators whilst Athens Burns

Athens Demo

Volos Protests

In what appears to be the reason as to why they needed the murder of Alex in 2008 when they had coordinated burnings and lootings throughout Athens targeting mostly Greek businesses whilst attacking a few foreign multinationals to cover their tracks, yesterday they burnt Athens down in a tear gas chemical war as well as targeting many historic buildings, bookshops, cinemas whilst leaving along the offices of parliamentary deputies or the political parties that voted to support the new round of IMF measures.

Unable to control the size and dynamism of the demos they attacked all with teargas once more aiming to disperse the demo in Athens at the same time as unleashing around 30 coordinated fires throughout Athens in various buildings, businesses so the media the day of the demo could ignore the demo and focus on the …damage as a backdrop to mass propaganda.

The KKE as usual held its split demos starting in Omonia and then after heading to Sindagma Sq dispersing despite allegedly having 50,000 demonstrators. Its parliamentary deputies instead of leaving the IMF sham Parliament whose sole aim now appears to rubber stamp the loan sharks from abroad, had a few acts of theatrics for internal consumption when one of its deputies threw the 700 page new Memorandum at Eleftherios Venizelos and the leader of the KKE Papariga stated you are ‘testing our limits’, whilst the following day she said more measures are coming in July, in other words, advertising what the bosses are going to implement and that they will essentially do everything in their power to keep the movement divided.

The attack happened relatively early at 5.15 from more than one side of Sindagma and once they had managed to achieve a relative loosening of the crowds which were very closely packed like sardines due to the size, they then unleashed a second wave with their own praetorian guards who appear to attack the police in all quarters but the ones outside Parliament thus 'forcing' multiple waves of attacks agains the demonstrators.

Two historic leaders of the Left Glezos and Theodorakis solidified the charade by attending the vote (first was known as ripping down the flag in German occupied Athens during WW2) instead of walking out as if it was stagemanaged, which it was as they aren’t even MP’s. When a member of the public protested inside the Parliament he was manhandled and thrown out.

The scale of the disturbances was such that in other cities the state lost control. In Volos they took control of the Council building and also the Tax office and burnt down a section of the files. In Iraklion Crete they attacked the political parties of both Pasok and New Democracy. The government alleges they will hold elections in April after having previously stated they would have held elections this month, February.

199 quisling MP's from PASOK-New Democracy voted for the new round of measures which reduce the minimum wage by a further 25% and increase taxes on all further increasing the depression. Yesterday was a gallup on the Euro.

Millions of greeks are against it now even a recent gallup poll stated that 48% of Greeks prefer bankruptcy to any more austerity. Either which way both continued austerity and bankruptcy will be the outcome for collapsing capitalism.

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