Monday, 24 October 2011

KKE Stalinists Defending IMF Parliament

Early on Thursday the KKE had sent all its supporters to the main square in Sindagma infront of Parliament taking away the work of the riot police. This was what they had done since 1974 when it came to the annual anniversary of the fall of the Junta demonstrations which ended up at the US Embassy on November 17th. The issue was why did they decide to go there for two days when for the last 16months they used to march past Parliament as if they were on a marathon run?

Around 200 hard core 'black block' alleged anarchists which in Greece are known as the known unknowns provocateurs as they are usually spotted coming out of the back of police vans or ministry buildings alongside a few other hundred who didn't want the new internal police force there attacked in various waves with bats, rocks, molotov cocktails the ranks of the KKE. The venom was such on both sides that it is a miracly that there was only one person dead. The stalinists were seen picking up people and throwing them from the top end of the square right down into the bottom end of the square a drop which was at least 3 metres high, enough to kill a person.

The aim of these disturbances and the KKE's sudden occupation of the square pissed off so many people in particular the taxi drivers and the dustmen who wanted to march near there. When the fighting continued for at least one hour it was subsequently reported by the head of the police that they were asking the head of the KKE, Papariga as to whether they should intervene to stop the disturbances ans she said no. The KKE hasn't disputed this so in theory it could be real so the issue is how come the head of the police now asks permission from the KKE to intervene? An answer could be given over to the issue by working out why the KKE wanted its members to be attacked? There is much pressure now from below to do something dynamic to fight the IMF as the cuts, the attacks are leading to a collapse in wages of around 40% and the constant general strikes which are divided haven't led anywhere and as each month passes the situation gets worse.

So it appears the issue was about three elements, a Provocation, a Resignation so Papandreou doesn't have the fate of Gaddafi, or a Loss of Control Argentinian style. But what if there has been agreement behind closed doors and they needed the KKE to help prop up the IMF in its hour of need due to the fact that one million Greeks were in Athens and once more the Left played its role.

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