Wednesday, 19 October 2011

1 Million Greeks on Street-48 Hour General Strike

The biggest demonstration ever even bigger than the pre-electoral demo of PASOK in 1981 which was around one million.

Foreign news broadcasts spoke of a million. Greek channels started off small and ended up talking about 400,000 in Athens alone. The nation that was allegedly asleep showed that it has woken up. Once more the fake left didn't rise up to the occasion.

The KKE created a double layer of protections outside the Greek Parliament with its securitat. The crisis of leadership of the working class has matured to such an extent that now for the working class to survive it has to go beyond protests and 48hour strikes. They have to stay on the streets until the 300 Quislings go.

The KKE leader met Papandreou after having called her followers home
who spent the morning dfending Parliament. She then made three declarations, that Greece should leave the EU and by implication go to another currency, then she said the Debt should be zeroed.

Up until yesterday, she was defending publically the Euro.
We are heading for some type of Popular Front if not now soon in the next wave of conflict.


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