Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Searching for a new Quisling PM-KKE against Referendum on Euro

Despite professing to be against the EU and its currency on paper, the Euro, the KKE with Euro-MP's for years hasn't called for united front action to fight for an exit from the EU and the Euro and a return to the Drachma. Instead the KKE for the whole of the last week, when Papandreou's regime was on the brink and they needed to create the facade of wanting a referendum so as to bring in the opposition parties in order to pass through with 180votes the new bailout conditions which essentially destroy the independence of Greece and turn it into a Protectorate of the EU, was seen in the mass media actively campaigning against a referendum.

In order to cover their compliance with the EU they held a demo on Friday 4th of November campaigning for the fall of Papandreou, when for the whole previous period they just used to march past Parliament and only when required to defend it in the largest strike of the post-war period ever on 19-20th October did they come out to defend Parliament from all and sundry. Everyone knew beforehand Papandreou was going, (in particular after the dramatic events in Libya which clearly shook the European elites personally) to fall as it was announced his government was calling for a vote of confidence in order to go and to create an interim government. Hence the KKE from its sectarian posturing in PAME when it marches at different starting points in Athens from everyone else, now can appear to be involved in ...bringing down Papandreou. During the rise and fall of the Aganaktismenoi they abstained initially attacking the protestors but when too many were on the streets under pressure from their members turned up into to leave where they were hounded with cries of shame shame.

The main issue is that the cuts in salaries the tax hikes and the collapse in employment all point to a severe social and economic crisis for which capitalism in decline has no way out. The crisis will continue to get progressively worse. Without a united front policy for the real Left, not the globalist pro-EU fake left, we will unable to see the light of day.

Its good to quote Trotksy on France:

"Under the domination of industrial capital, in the era of free competition the cyclical booms exceeded by far the crises: the first were the 'rule', the second the 'exception'. Capitalism in its entirety was advancing. Since the war, with the domination of monopoly finance capital, the cyclical crises far exceed the upswings. We may say that the crises have become the 'rule' and the booms the 'exceptions'; economic development in its entirety has been gong down not up.

However the cyclical oscillations are inevitable and with capitalism in decline, they will continue until the proletarian revolution is achieved. This is the only correct answer to the question:'Is this the final crisis of capitalism?'

The revolutionary worker must, before all else, understand that Marxism, the only scientific theory of the proletarian revolution, has nothing in common with the fatalistic hope for the 'final' crisis. Marxism is, in its very essence, a set of directives for revolutionary action. Marxism does not overlook will and courage but rather aids them to find the right road.

There is no crisis which can be, by itself, fatal to capitalism. The oscillations of the business cycle create a situation in which it will be easier, or more difficult, for the proletariat to overthrow capitalism. The transition from a bourgeois society to a socialist society presupposes the activity of living men who are the makers of their own history. They do not make history by accident, or acording to their caprice, but under the ihfluence of objectively determined causes. However, their own actions - their initiative, audacity, devotion and likewise their stupidity and cowardice - are necessary links in the chain of historical development.

The crises of capitalism aren't numbered, nor is it indicated in advance which one of these will be the 'last'. But our entire epock and above all the present crisis imperiously command the proletariat 'Seize power'. If however the party of the working class, in spite of favourable conditions, revelas itself incapable of heading the proletariat to the seizure of power, the life of society will continue necessarily upon capitalist foundations - until a new crisis, a new war, perhaps until the complete distingration of European civilisation.
(p.42-43 New Park Publications)

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