Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Greek General Strikes London Solidarity Meeting

Another 24hour general strike occurred today and the KKE-Communist Pary excelled itself in its sectarian divisive action propping up Papandreous government. Instead of marching from Sintagma (Parliament Sq to Omonia) they marched from Omonia to the Ministry of Labour and then asked its people to disperse walking to Thiseo, the area around the Akropolis which is in the EXACT opposite direction of Parliament... Stalinists see Parliament now like the Dracula sees the cross, they avoid it at all costs as the most impoverished gather there who want the struggle to continue in a militant fashion.

GSEE-TUC with the Eurostalinists Siriza and the leftists of Antarsya marched to Parliament but ensured they continued past it in a rush refusing to congregate there. Thousands remained outside shouting militant slogans:

'Thieves Thieves'

'Scumbags, Traitors, Politicians'

'Send PM George to Goudi (Prison)'

'Take your mother and leave the People dont Want You'

'Unions which overthrow not Submit',

'Here and Now Cancel all Foreign Debts',

'Bread, Education, Freedom, the Junta never died in 1973'

'Send Jeffrey (PM Georges nickname) to the USA'

To the police a section of the demonstrators chanted 'It will become like Argentina', 'Guard those that rob you' , 'Shameless drop down your shields'

When the demo passed outside the Marfin Bank 'Chrisohoidi,(Minister of the Interior) Provocateur, Murderer'

These 24hour token strikes are reaching their historical limits. There is no point in marching 6-8 times to Parliament or from Parliament to fight another day. The leaders of the offical left despite the numbers of people involved are working in tandem trying to weaken the resistance and peoples resolve. The economic crisis is becoming clearly a crisis of leadership as the measures aint going away but will get worse as cuts have now been extended to the private sector, not just the public sector workers according to the latest info from the IMF.

Thu 20, May 2010 @ 23:12
VNGelis said…

The issue of the Eurobreakdown has now gone mainstream in one of the banksters daily, the Telegraph

Whatever Germany does, the euro as we know it is dead

Angela Merkel's ban on short-selling is just a distraction from the horror to come

Another interesting article comparing the Tea Party movement in the USA with the Greek labour protests

"Drop Dead Economics": The Financial Crisis in Greece and the European Union

There is also this:

Public Meeting

Can't Pay Won't Pay

Solidarity with the Greek Protests

Tony Benn

Christos Giovanopoulos coalition of the radical left SYRIZA

Aris Vasilopoulos SYRIZA

Paul Mackney

Wednesday 26th May

Conway Hall

Red Lion Square WC1

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