Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Economics of the EU and Greece

What has been sold by leftists and globalists who stand for the EU is
that it is a form of charity which helps the small countries of the

As the chart below shows Greece contributes the most as a percentage
of its income to the EU.

All the 'surplus' it receives goes straight into agriculture which is
then for export to the northern industrialised countries which cant
grow enough food for their populations.

Hence the volumes of fridges produced by Germany have a higher net
value than what is produced by agriculture in Greece.

Greece therefore received absolutely zero from the EU and props it up.

On paper Greece is a net receiver of EU funds to the tune of E8billion
whilst contributing E4billion.

Greece, the EU’s highest military spender between 2000 and 2005,
finally realized the cost of military purchases to its economy and
decided to curb its military spending.

Greece bought 4 percent of all arms sold in the world in the past five
years. Greece buys 31 percent of its arms from Germany, 24 percent
from the US, 24 percent from France and 21 percent from other

Turkey’s military spending gradually declined and fell to $11.6
billion in 2008, while Greece’s military spending consistently
increased, reaching $9.7 billion in the same year.
Percentage of income
The size of member states' payments to the EU budget is broadly dependent on the size of their economy.

This is because the largest component of each country's contribution is a flat payment equivalent to a fixed proportion of its gross national income (GNI) - 0.59% in 2007.

There are some variations however. Thanks to its rebate, the UK pays a smaller proportion of its GNI than other countries.

Gross payments from each country differ, obviously, because of the large disparities in the size of the 27 countries' economies.

For example, Spain and Denmark both pay 0.96% of their gross national income into the budget, but as Spain has a larger economy its actual contribution amounts to 9.8bn euros, compared to Denmark's 2.2bn euros.

Greece pays the biggest proportion of its national income to the EU, but in terms of total payments it is eighth on the list.
% of income graph

CAP was supposed to secure indigenous growth first ie europe first but
instead the Eurocrats have allowed imports to cripple European
agriculture. The losses incurred in this run into billions for Greece.

Therefore 3 decades of membership of the EU have ensured Greece goes
bankrupt and is looted dry, but a globalist with no maths or economics
states the exact opposite.

Factor in the 3 million illegals who work just to send money home,
implies the land of greece is used to prop up the Germans and the
French and their industries.


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