Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Thieves and abusers of public money, highlypaid workshy sub-contractors, kickback receiving middlemen and every type of parasite exist from when the new greek state was created. These phenomena aren’t a Greek peculiarity but are part of and a permanent character of the world capitalist jungle we inhabit. Government and Mass Media of Disinformation are highlighting these side events to make us believe that the crisis ain’t of a structural nature but a simple problem of …bad management, which by devilish coincidence appeared for the whole of the 192countries of the planet!

Humans produce to satisfy their biological and cultural needs. But under capitalism they don’t determine the products of their labour. They hand them over to the market! After, like a religious person seeks salvation in a picture made by a religious artist, current man depends on his luck from the independent laws of the market which he himself created. The market may make him rich or destroy him. It is above man and his logical control.
Today there are in Greece more than 150,000 newly build apartments and many of us are homeless. Fields the size of football pitches with thousands of cars whilst we go about on foot. We walk shoeless whilst around us there millions of pairs of shoes. We are hungry and the market refuses our right to produce. Thus by definition our existence.
The crisis isdn’t due to overconsumption like the parrots of the power assert but due to the overproduction of goods in relation to the consumer possibilities of society which becomes limited due to unemployment and the pressure on wages.
These aren’t a cyclical crises like they were in the 19th Century. Don’t let anyone believe that slowly or surely the depression will give way to a new boom.
From the last Great Depresseion inaugurated in New York in 1829 and the human slaughter of WW2 which was masked by 30years subsequently of economic growth, ended up digging further the ditch for capitalism. That is because it was based on the policies of inflationary givebacks, on the basis of an overvalued dollar without gold backing. The result of this is we now have the first combination of depression and inflation. Unemployment with astronomic prices in relation with the crisis of the 1930’s where unemployment was accompanied with deflation. Let it become common knowledge: we are living through the worst crisis known in the history of capitalism. A crisis from which there is no peaceful exit. Humanity once more is facing the dilemma of ‘socialism or barbarism’ Either radical solutions will be imposed to todays impasses or the human species will return to cabes after some type of nuclear annihilation. There is no third road. The union and political leaderships wont go far repeating in todays pre-revolutionary conditions the same reformist slogans which they had 25years ago. Or something which is the same –replacing- concrete programmatic proposals with loud noises and abstract condemnations of capitalism and words in favour of socialism.

The measures of restricting the buying power of the masses which PASOK and the IMF are taking will lead to a depression in the form of an economic avalanche. They know this but cant follow another path. Their tax stripping measures wont provide anything. You cant get blood out of a stone! The public sector debts will rise to new heights. Every delay in the taking of development measures will cost dearly. The first measure of aid required isn’t the bailout of the banksters but saviour from them by declaring bankruptcy. Not a penny to foreign thieves. They owe us but we don’t owe them

Greece takes out loans so as to pay previous ones. This has occurred from the birth of the Modern Greek state. A loan for Kolokotronis in 1823 was paid back one odd century later in 1832. 5 months ago we paid back another loan of the revolution. To receive the recent loan which we wont see a penny (its just an accounting act) we have been obliged to buy 6 French Frigates and 6 german submarines!

As a people we are paying back to foreign capital $500 billion euros of interest payments alone. Now the international bloodsuckers are arriving to tell us we owe even more. If an end doesn’t come to this looting every type of development and exit from the crisis will be a joke.

End the debt payment just like the govt of Iceland did as it got the opinion of its people via a referendum. From 1970 we have had 40 ‘bankruptcies’ and they have generally aided problematic economies. Russia , Argentina and Venezuela have had such ‘bankruptcies’ basing their economic development, with fast rythms in the last few years.

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