Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias: the Agreement over Macedonia has been Reached!!!

Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias: the Agreement has been Reached!!!

All the MSM announce they have cut the deal. The agreement has finally been achieved but not one dares to announce it.

Kotzias singing songs for NATO 'We are the World' Drug dealing invaders...

The political parties know it, the Yanks know it, the Europeans know it. Only those immediately interested in the issue don’t. Only the Greeks and the citizens of FYROM don’t. Whom did the servants of NATO and Brussels ask whether we gave our agreement and to what? What is the agreement and the new name of the Protectorate in Skopje which the NEW ORDER has imposed on the Balkans?

Even the discussions that occurred shouldn’t have. The decision is equal to a National Betryal. Here the whole of Hellenism with demonstrations of millions all over the world expressed with a single voice its desire and no parliamentary clown was interested. Not only didn’t the government resign not only didn’t they even call for a referendum on the name not only did they not accept the majority decision of the Greek people to not include the name Macedonia in any shape or form of the state in Skopje but ignoring the constitution, History and the pride of the Greek people and Nation they dared to serve Foreign interests to negotiate with the name Macedonia with our neighbours.

The quislings in Athens and Skopje showed they remain loyal to their bosses. They tried to undermine our future but also that of Skopje and the whole of the Balkans, destabilising the area. They want to tie hand and foot like we are to NATO and the European Union. No surrender. Everybody to the National Rally of Sunday. They took on the whole Nation. We will win.

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