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Mass Migration Nightmare Squats Coming to a Town Near You

Mass Migration Nightmare: ‘Refugee’ Squats Coming to a Town Near You!
Since the last massive migrant waves in 2015 and the creation of the so-called migrant ‘hotspots’ all over Greece which are just processing reception centres for mass migration towards the EU we had an incident regarding a hotel called ‘City Plaza’ in central Athens.
The owner of City Plaza a lady called Aliki Papaxelas who had appeared in the media defending and supporting migrants and Syriza alleges one night NGO’s took it over and started using it as a base to house migrants. The hotel wasn’t being used when this occurred but it was still in her name and the occupation occurred without her permission. At the time there were many rumours that hotels would be requisitioned and if they were empty and didn’t provide accommodation to migrants then the state would penalise the hotel owners.
Everybody knows to a little or greater extent the Greek state. It’s not famous in paying its commitments on time and when it comes to migrants two may turn up for a room but behind them could be another 10, as subletting is all the rage. There have been countless of cases of apartments being rented and then mattresses appearing to cover all floors and tens of people to be living in one three bedroom flat.

Athens City Plaza ‘Refugee’ Squat

The hotel City Plaza became an international status symbol of ‘refugee squats’ ie migrant displacement and economic warfare inaugurated by global corporations. It appeared all over the worlds media and was presented as a lively modern version of what migration should look like. Any buildings that are derelict on not functioning should be taken over. City Plaza was closed in 2010 and the owner after having supported Syriza suddenly started to criticize the occupation of her hotel.

The Greek state in the era of the economic Memorandums (IMF-EU economic genocide against the Greek people) started to charge all owners of property an ENFIA ‘haratsi’ (tax) whether in use or not. By 2016 Aliki Papahela alleges she had debts of 135.000 Euros which had accumulated for all the properties she owned the majority of which would have been from the closed hotel. Now according to reports the Greek government received near Euro 1 billion for the mass migrant waves. The NGO’s which are too many and too varied also receive tonnes of money. The issue here is that once the migrants are processed then money can be claimed from the NGO’s the UN and the Greek government for provisional accommodation. The Guardian obviously inverts reality alleging that “Squats like City Plaza accomplish their work without a cent of government or NGO funding. In contrast, despite the $803m euros that since 2015 have flowed to the Greek government and NGOs to help them deal with the refugee crisis, refugees froze to death in camps last winter” by implying despite tonnes of money swishing around City Plaza has been taken over by destitute refugees all on their own without NGO help or government backing.”[1]
So the City Plaza is a real squat independent of the owner Aliki Papahela or in agreement with her? What is the actual purpose of this ‘squat’ in central Athens? The Guardian is once more illuminating:
“Perhaps the squats’ real crime is breaking this barrier, and bringing refugees from the urban periphery to its heart. City Plaza is just one prominent member of a network of squats, festivals, social centers, bars, solidarity kitchens and community assemblies that form the multi-ethnic, politically radical fabric of several Athens neighborhoods.”
So is this its real purpose? In your face migration at will wherever we want to whenever we want to and a parallel propaganda blitz by the owner that the hotel has been taken over and nothing can be done. So far so good as the story goes but is there something else behind it all?
Aliki Papahelas has gone on record to state that an agreement was made with the UN Refugee Agency to rent the hotel to them and for her to collect money. “I would like to thank the crooks and criminals in the government the biggest scumbag functionaries who intervened just after an agreement had been reached with the Ipati Armostia for the renting of my hotel to refugees. If it had been rented I would not now have lost my ancestral home and would not now be facing eviction to end up on the street or in gaol” [2]

Aliki then goes on to name names of various individuals who profit from the migrant flows as they have been in business for decades now tapping money from various sources. First of all is the illustrious Mr Giannopoulos from Diktio (Liason Group for Political and Social Rights) who was a defence witness in the pseudo terrorist trials of ‘17th November’ and in particular the infamous Koufontina. [3] Second is Lafazinis (currently leader of a breakaway from Syriza called LAE ex-Minister of Development in the First Syriza government) daughter Olga Lafazani. Thirdly the political formation Antarsya which encompasses a motley crew of the globalist fake far left.

There are technically no squatting rights in Greece and there never have been so it’s a tall order to believe that Aliki Papahela is being billed for ENFIA and all her properties are up for repossessions whilst she cannot evict the illegal squatters. Mr Giannopoulos has been close to Syriza since time immemorial.[4] He has been promoted on their media platforms like Left Gr. Why would Giannopoulos all of a sudden with Syriza in power, illegally aid a squat when the government in all its pronouncements and in all its practice since coming to power has shown that it supports sustained illegal mass migration and bends over backwards to accommodate all newcomers to the detriment of its own electoral base? Why would Lafazani via his daughter want to be exposed as supporting an illegal occupation? Something doesn’t quite fit.

Is this a case of the owner Aliki Papahelas actually being instructed to go against the occupation of City Plaza? Why is this being stated? Almost a decade before in the centre of Athens there was another squat but this time it looked real and it had no media attention nor was it a darling of the global pro-migrant propaganda movement. It was in a derelict building housed tens of thousands of migrants and was a living hellhole. There was rubbish and excrement piled everywhere, needles and women sold themselves either outside or a few meters from the central police station a block away from Omonia Sq.
According to this Athens Mayor as reported in Kathimerini 3,000 migrants are squatting in empty hotels in Central Athens. [5] The owners of these myriad of properties who don’t actually get any media attention or profile or interviews like Aliki Papahela are told to pay for electricity, water and tax as the NGO’s turn on all the facilities without their knowledge but as their name is registered as owners they are liable! Within the Athens council Petros Konstantinou of KEERFA fame (main anti-racist lobby group in Greece) alleges all the fund raising Antarsya has done is to pay the previous employees of City Plaza hotel who are owed back wages. Aliki Papahela responded her hotel was rented out and they aren’t her costs as well and that she was also owed back rent.

Housing Refugees Ministry says the Banner on the Occupied Building
Via social media campaigns, solidarity groups the open border brigades circulate tonnes of propaganda throughout Athens. If anyone nearby complains or states anything that jeopardises these squats they are immediately labelled ‘fascists’ or ‘racists’ so as to silence them and ensure nothing is questioned. One also sees these constant demands for resources from the Greek population but hardly any passion for destitute Greeks in the same situation.

Hotel Oniro occupied in Lesvos, Greece

Picture of leaflet on Facebook advertising a list of needs of the above occupied hotel in Lesvos
From a refugee activist website it states the following:
“The City Plaza building had been empty from 2010 to 2016, when activists occupied the building and repurposed it as a building with living spaces, healthcare, education and dining for migrants and refugees.
Over 1,500 people migrants and refugees have lived in City Plaza, many of them using the building as a temporary home while they find other accommodation in Greece or another European country.
However, City Plaza owner Aliki Papahela filed appeals for its evacuation that resulted in the court decision.” [6]
So after going to court and getting an eviction still no eviction occurs as we are now in 2018.

Another occupation in Notaras St Athens
They write the following on their website..
“Those who manage to enter Fortress Europe come face to face with states who profit from the migrant-refugee flow and the emergence of cheap labour, paying no interest to human life and dignity. They are confronted with xenophobia and racism, institutional or not.

In this suffocating context, we are squatting an empty public building in Athens, 26 Notara Str., in order to territorialize our solidarity towards refugees/immigrants to cover their immediate needs (shelter, food, medical help). This project doesn’t stand for philanthropy, state or private, but rather for a self-organized solidarity project, wherein locals and refugees-immigrants decide together. The decisive body is the squat’s open assembly where everyone is welcome to participate with no exclusions.” [7]

Thousands of properties have been left derelict due to the economic crash in Greece and now they are being taken over with or without the owners consent.
Activists state that there are around 4,000 empty buildings in Athens that could be used as temporary homes for refugees.
After they managed to stabilise the situation they will aim for apartments. Syriza will repossess homes as conditions for the loans in their tens of thousands. So even if you went bankrupt and couldn’t pay your bills they will add more to ensure you lose everything and you become an internal refugee in your own country, just like what happened to the Serbs who overnight became citizens of foreign ‘nations’ (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia).
Mass migration sold as a refugee movement aims to displace the populations of the EU and clever NGO marketing alongside absolute promotion by the corporate media seals the deal. It’s just that as with everything that is localised and most don’t pay attention to what is happening when it hits their area people always wake up and smell the coffee. The latest mass migration nightmare is just unfolding….

4. Nikos Giannopoulos on Left Gr Syriza site in 2013

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