Friday, 1 December 2017

Greek SWP the 'Workers Party' of the Ruling Class

I have dealt with the SWP many times before in particular in its positions taken on Syria and Ukraine. In other words in supporting the imperialist interventions in countries which had some leaderships which were an obstacle to the Western Empire. These positions were combined with direct mobilisations for the removal of the Embassy of Syria from our country.

A position which contributed in adopting imperialist interventions which led to slaughter in both countries and thousands of dead. That which we have led in the dark has been the leading cadres of the SWP, those that directed the organisation in Greece.

They who hide behind Petros Konstantinou who receives all the limelight and all the attacks. Few had noticed the existence of Panos Garganas and Leandros Bolaris and with this article it is a clear opportunity to realise understand them.

Supremo Panos Garganas Leader of Greek SWP

Panos Garganas is a son of the previous big businessman of the Flour Industry in Thrace and MP in Evros during the 1953-1963 with ERE (3rd Reich Quislings of the Right) Christos Garganas. He has a brother and a sister and his sister married Ioannis Ouzounopoulos from another family in the flour industry in Easter and Western Thrace. One can find information regarding the company here

The other brother is the well known big banker who was Greece’s central banker in the era we adopted the Euro Nikos Garganas.

Nikos Gargana’s was Greece’s central banker from June 2002 till June 2008 at the same period he was a member of the General Council of the European Central Bank. In the same period he was with PM Simitis who trapped the Greek people and put them into the Euro. More information is to be found here

Panos Garganas now appears to have no relationship with his family. In a local paper in Thrace he appears like they are two different people who are involved in diametric opposite worldviews whereby Nikos Garganas is in the high society of the Bank of Greece whilst his brother Panos is on the streets against globalisation.

Panos Garganas is maybe the Che Guevara of Greece?

He grew up in a big bourgeois family and ‘left’ everything to join the struggle. In the struggle for the defence of the working class whose interests he defended supporting Maidan in the Ukraine and then refusing to support Donbass and also supporting all the anti-regime organisations in Syria for the overthrow of Assad.

The revolutionary Gargana had supported PASOK in at least two confirmed cases. In 1993 and 1996 with Simitis as leader. They have also made statements in support of Andreas Papandreou.

‘PASOK without Illusions’

Where we see the two brothers allegedly having a different direction find enough common ground to be united in a common struggle for the rise of PASOK to the Government.

In particular Simits PASOK where fate turned Nikos Garganas to play a decisive role in the entrance of Greece in the Euro and thus the people from the common currency to be in competition with powers like Germany.

Leandros Bolaris

The historian Leandros Bolaris is a leading cadre of the members of the SWP and a journalist for their paper ‘Workers Solidarity’ and he also writes for the magazine ‘socialism from Below’. Fate played a difficult game for Leandros as he ended up in a different camp to his sister Maria Bolari who is founding member of DEA (Internationalist Labour Left)

DEA and SWP originated from a split of OSE (Organisation of Socialist Revolution) and thus both siblings ended up being on different sides of the struggle and giving their all to the ‘defence of working class interests’.

A defence of the working class which they cannot sense as based on a publication regarding how much they are worth Maria Bolari has a cash estate of Euro 500,000.

A defence of the working class in Suria and the Ukraine and historically with the counterrevolution in Hungary. History does not end there and close to these two are various workers of the Party. Various individulas whose economic health isn’t reported on but only their professional activity and their practice in the struggle.

Party members like Petros Konstantinou who give their all for the imposition of imperialism and the rise of fascism in our country. In reality not workers but bourgeois who are in total harmony with imperialist plans and there is no end in the hypocracy which we say with their hypocritical condemnation of Greek Nationalism but their support to Erdogan and the Turkish nationalist DEP which has close relationships with the Grey Wolves.

KEERFA member burning the Greek flag with other agent provocateurs…

Bourgeois imperialist voices who not only support and promote the symbols of KEERFA in provocative manoeuvres of the burning of the Greek flag which will bring about many reactions.

This is what SWP and KEERFA are the ‘Labour Party’ of the Bourgeoisie and the close circle of Simitis. Characters that have a specific role and that is the imposition of Imperialism from below. The role of Golden Dawn from the Left, the role of the PARAMILITARY state…

Christofors Triantifillos


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