Thursday, 30 November 2017

Dimitris Psarras A Chosen Individual of the Israeli Embassy

Dimitrios Psarras for all those that don’t know him is one of the article writers of the journalistic team Ios (Virus) at the ex-Eleftherotipia newspaper. On behalf of Israel this genetleman has adopted the Zionist agenda and the imposition of Zionist aims on our country.

People like Psarras use Antifascism or more precisely alleged antifascism as it is advance by Zionist centres. This antifascism remains only as a means of condeminig the Nazis of Golden Dawn and is being used as a mirror to advance and cover for the crimes of the greatest fascistic statelet in the world, Israel.

This pseudo antifascism is being utilised for another reason. So as to disorientate, turning the eyes away from the interests of those in power which are under threat. Always the fixed and systemic game amongst these centres and the fascists of Golden Dawn which has as a main aim the rise of fascism in Greece.

This same individual has undertaken to organise and direct various groups like XYZ Contagion who via the wider Left create systematic propaganda for the interests of Israhell repeating imperialist propaganda.
Alongside his endless writing he is attempting to corrupt traditions (like the burning of Judas) as it bothers the Israeli Embassy or they are trying to pin racial motives to the Communists who are fighting the crimes of Israel, which is portrays alongside the fascists.

Psarras isn’t a coincidental character and its no coincidence no one has criticised him for years. This gentleman from the fake anti-fascist credential he has acquired (like Konstantinou and Kourkoulos of KEERFA fame) to direct and coordinate those below. The same joker was found recently alongside Petros Konstantinou as a representative of the whole of the Antifascist Movement in the office of the Ministry of Defence and the Citizen so as to ask for help of the Police.

Another element that reveals the hypocracy of people like Psarras is that whilst they declare to be Antifascists they consequently cover and hide the agreements which the Neonazis made with the Zionist movement for the transfer of the Jewish population to Palestine whilst Germany had already started pogroms against the Jews. They cover up the activity of military groups like the Lehi (Stern) gang who fought on the side of the SS against the Brits in Palestine for the case of the ‘liberation of Israel’. They use the Jewish Holocaust to cover up for their bosses incensing the hundreds of thousands of Jewish victims of the Nazi so as to futher the interests of Zionism…

Why is all this being said now?
The paramilitary state of Greek which acts also from the Left has a face and has names whom we understand fully well. We know them precisely and we aren’t frightened of them however many threats they make on us and however many attempts they try to silence us. Our class consciousness and our Antifascist-Antiimperialist struggle does not allow us to make one foot back.. We have decided to do what is necessary to clear the way of the cleansing from the paramilitary state. This state is already in retreat and is attempting to gather its forces. Nothing is like it was in the past and slowly or surely they will be removed from political movements.

Christoforos Triantafillos

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