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NGOs in Greece: Balkan Recolonisation as a NWO Project?

The Greek Minister for Migration Mouzalas announced that Greece has spent 1.5 billion euros on migrant flows into the country using state and private providers ranging from the Navy to the commercial shipping fleet.

The Experience of Mitilini (Lesvos)
The common refrain is that the movement of refugees and economic migrants is a natural phenomena due to the capitalist wars around the world. Another popular refrain is that nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) aren’t funded by imperialist governments. But NGOs have been involved in countless coups, counterrevolutions and reactionary social movements, from Serbia, to the Ukraine and now in Greece. Yet NGOs are promoted, encouraged as being ‘alternative,’ ‘progressive,’ enhancing the position of the world’s dispossessed. Who funds them? What agenda are they serving? How do they function? Are they not part of a sinister agenda to weaken nation states, nations themselves and centralise geopolitical authority under the guise of …’humanitarian assistance’?
Originally in Mitilini the propaganda was that there were no NGO’s. So it was claimed as evidence in articles appearing in a variety of Greek papers in the Greek Left Review. The reception meted out to the hundreds of thousands arriving wasn’t as great as expected in a country with now more than 30% of the population below the poverty line after years of IMF ‘shock treatment.’ This propaganda was created of course to ensure that when the NGO’s arrived in their hundreds no one would complain.
The Princess from the Arab Emirates
According to a report in ‘Rizospastis’ (the KKE (Greek Communist Party) newspaper), an NGO called WAHA was seen to be advertising itself with a banner at the regional health centre that it is in cooperation with the 2nd Health District of Mitilini. Public property has been granted to it from which paid ‘volunteers’ function to provide health surgeries. This has occurred in the country which has seen hospital budges collapse by around 40% and cancer patients demonstrating in public for lack of medicine, whilst 2 million Greeks have lost the right to basic health care due to the absence of work (health care occurs via work insurance and lack of work equals no health insurance). All new migrants arriving are given free access to Greece’s ESY (Health Care system). It’s also strange how a Princess from a fellow Arab country is aiding the relocation of Arabs to the EU, when no Arabs have been relocated to the Gulf states.
As with Doctors without Borders which was founded by high ranking French politicians (Bernard Kouchner who is now part of the pro-American civil war regime of Ukraine) so WAHA has as its base France and was set up by a Princess from Abu Dhabi, called Sheiksa Samsa. They are active in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Sudan, Zambia, Somalia, Tanzania, Benin, Guinea and Yemen. They set up health centres in many of these countries and they are funded by private donations or by charity and they also collaborate with the airline ETIHAD.
The UAE has intervened indirectly in the Yemen war on behalf of Saudi Arabia and is allegedly giving relief to women from war zones. Are these women the  wives/sisters of those fighting Saudi Arabia or are they those who are collaborating with Saudi Arabia to crush resistance in Yemen? There have been reports of the UAE shipping in paid mercenaries from Latin America to do a job on the Yemenis and the fact that a Princess runs WAHA does imply its motives cannot be anything other than sinister.
From October 2015 WAHA has expanded exponentially in the Balkans, in Serbia, Croatia, FYROM [Macedonia] and Slovenia. In the borders of these states they have set up mobile units of ‘defence and saviour.’ In Serbia as in Mitilini they have access to government health centres as stated in their website.
On November 10, the French deputy Minister of European Affairs Harlem Dezir accompanied by the French Ambassador in Serbia visited the reception centre for migrants in Belgrade. There WAHA has set up health clinics to look after migrants.
NGO’s funded by Governments
There is another NGO in Mitilini which is functioning under the title ‘Danish Refugee Council’ (DRC). This organisation collaborates with WAHA on the programme it enforces in the Balkans which we referred to previously. It is self-characterised as a humanitarian organisation and it has been set up in 1956. It functions in more than 30 countries. It offers help to refugees and disposed people. ‘Our aim is to help those who have been hit hard from wars and conflicts and have been expelled due to racial, religious, ethnic, social or marginalized reasons.’
This organisation cooperates fully with official governments and other national organisms and its main source of funding is the Danish Ministry, the EU and the UN, alongside government donations and sponsors.
It is also extremely strange that British citizens have had an area in Mitilini named after them for these mass migration inflows, Kempsons place for example. Everyone knows Molyvos doubles up as a tourist site in the summer months but this seems to be second place now thanks to the demands of the European elites. Local resistance to these schemes finally boiled over when Kammenos (the Greek Defence Minister of Independent Greeks) visited the island, was pelted with eggs and abuse was shouted at him for allowing the destruction of parts of Mitilini.
Reports in the media (Proto Thema) have circulated that Greek shipowners have got government contracts for shipping migrants to Athens (regular price was 80,000 euros but these contracts were signed for 140,000 euros). Anyone who knows Greece knows that government contracts are always issued with kickbacks and despite all protestations to the contrary it is impossible to believe Syriza is a break with the past on these issues when everyone knows it is just more of the same.
Another NGO called One Nation produced a video which created a lot of questions. It shows members of this organisation in small speed boards directing migrant flows to the strait between Skala and Sikemia and the Turkish coast greeting the migrants in English and telling them where to land.
The video on the speedboat of ‘One Nation’ shows a label ‘Team Humanitarian’ and in their Facebook info about themselves they are seen giving out water and the migrants must receive it with their …right hand! This NGO is active in Bosnia, Bangladesh, Gaza and Syria and they raise money for their aims. It also supports a Turkish NGO ‘IHH’ which is active in the border between Greece and FYROM [Macedonia].
Occupation of Public Property by NGO’s
A number of black cladded pseudo anarchists stormed the Mitilini Labour Centre and occupied it alleging it now belongs to ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’. Without asking those whose representatives use it (KKE militants) they expelled them from these offices in a building in Lesvos, capital of Mitilini. Property acquired by the labour movement through years of struggle (the guerilla resistance in Mitilini continued a long time after the formal end of conflict in the rest of Greece) was now taken over by dubious individuals who hide their faces so as to not be known. One night the local chapter of the KKE with bats took it back. As retribution black clad ‘anarchists’ beat up another bunch of leftists in the annual parade for the fall of the Junta ( November 17) and allegedly thought they were …KKE when they weren’t, sending a couple to hospital. They then apologized for this turn of events via the pages of the so-called Soros funded alternative media site, Indymedia. New global reception centerss are planned for Lesvos.
On the December 17 Tsipras flew to Leros island and visited a disused factory site that will now house thousands of illegals. The EU has passed a decision due to the ‘refugee crisis’ to bypass national borders and override nation state decisions using Frontex no longer simply as a means of registering migrants but as a means of allegedly …defending borders.  In practice this will mean reorganizing even bigger shipments for 2016. Germany is now threatening to sue EU countries which aren’t accepting migrant quotas. Enforced globalism is key to the 4th Reichs survival.
Greece has now started a world wide propaganda campaign on behalf of Germany alleging that they have spent according to Mouzalas, the Minister for Migration (a new Ministry set up by Syriza!), 1.5 billion euros for these migrant flowswhilst at the same time stating they have abandoned for a second time in less than a year their ‘alternative programme’ to alleviate gross poverty in depression hit Greece.
2015 was a trial run. If Germany is to get the numbers right and aim to double the EU’s population within the next generation it needs to up the game and treble the migrant flows for 2016. This appears to be the primary role of the ‘non-state’ state funded NGO’s…as described in a prescient piece by F.  William Engdhal, titled Soros Plays Both Ends in Syria Refugee Chaos. Angela Merkel has been warning of a new Balkans. 2016 will become a make or break year as migrant flows of this level will be difficult to justify.

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