Tuesday, 14 July 2015

RIP Syriza

Syriza is buried when I once supported it
Sindagma Square 13th July 2015
Tsipras: Too much energy result zero...
A lot of energy by the world's corporate media was placed into Syriza. First with the pseudo image of the youth rebellion of 2008 then the alleged participation in the Squares Movement and in the last two years in cultivating his image as the Chavez of Greece by an assortment of dubious Ford Foundation outfits the world over.
If one takes into account the energy with the output ie burning him in less than six months one is left with the idea bourgeois politics is at an impasse...

On €50b Greek state assets to be parked in Brussels 
All Greek Gas and Oil contracts now go to Germans that's where the €50b of state assets come from... Tsipras is the Greek version of Obama a created politician from scratch in 2006 when they shipped him in to be Mayor of Athens...
Only a political tramp would resurrect political zombies like New Democracy and PASOK. Today its a disgrace to be Greek.

Historical roots of today's sellout
From Eurocommunism to ...Euro Merkelism
The political transformation of Syriza from its eurocommunist roots to a sister party of the CDU has to occur fast within 72hours.
From Berlinguer to Merkel in the time it takes to fly to Australia and back...
Political globalism fast track.
I am signing up.

On Varoufakis
Was shipped in by Tsipras to lead Syrizas economics team fromMilios. He brought with him Eleni Panariti of World Bank fame (when she helped collapse Peru with Fujimori) and spent 5 months writing up MoU 3. Resigned just as it was being brought to Greek Parliament...

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