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Greek Referendum: Daily Updates Eyewitness Reports


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11th July 2015
251 votes for €13b cuts.
Syriza loses parliamentary majority down to 145 MPs
2 Syriza MPs vote openly NO
Lafazanis, Konstantopoulou, Lapavitsas, Stratoulis abstain.
So two ministers Energy and Labour are probably on way out.

If agreement is reached (not 100%) either reshuffle with new grand coalition with all the other Memorandum parties or new elections...

Either which way Syriza will go the way of LAOS, PASOK, Dimar....

5th July 2015
Massive NO vote 61% to 38% with around 40% abstention
Class based vote Perama (dockworkers) 77% NO Ekali 85% YES
No electoral region a YES vote
Around 5.5m voted
Left increased vote by around 25% from 2.7m to 3.3m since January 2015
Rightists collapsed to 2m from 2.3m
Massive media propaganda using pensioners didn't work, Greeks no longer frightened of Grexit.
Invalid/blank 5.8%
Spontaneous party in Athens, Sindagma Sq

OXI Rally
After yesterday's demo where more than 700k  turned up it is clear that none of the existing political formations can impose their will on the Greek people. Unless one believes hungry stomachs can be filled. The rally in Sindagma is more important than the actual Referendum.
a) the rally was full of Greeks. There were no illegal immigrants there. 
b) average working class people from daily life. 
c) everywhere there were Greek flags with communist ones. Absent were all flags of the European union.
d) the size of the rally just in Athens indicates a big OXI vote in the cities. It's a class vote based on those devastated by austerity.
e) Syriza will have problems turning any OXI vote against the numbers seen at the rally.
f) Tsipras was visibly shaken by both size and passion of the rally....
3rd July 2015
Kammenos stated army will guarantee safety and security
IMF asked openly for a 33% cut in Greece's Debt
E Tsakalotos Syrizas Chief Negotiator stated we went to Referendum as we couldn't pass cuts
Last YES and NO rallies tonight
KKE rally abysmally small

2nd July 2015
Lapavitsas stating we are staying in Euros on Syriza s programme. In other words Merkels.
Banks open for pensioners, no issues today.
Adverts started pro EU campaigns.
Syriza MPs emerged openly against Referendum
Two ANEL MPs have turned
If YES vote Varoufakis stated that he will resign
Syriza blaming correctly closure of Banks on ECB

1st July 2015
State of Play
State of play re Greek Referendum
Don't count your chickens before they hatch! Influence of corporate media may not be as powerful. On the ground when leafletting most people are for NO. Many believe the whole event could be stage managed to sell a new package of cuts using the Debt (as negotiable now on the table) so Syriza can sell it internally. Its alleged Varoufakis as I give us the Debt on table we will give you the Referendum...But with $3trillion losses on stockmarkets worldwide the longer this continues the worse it becomes...Schauble said With a NO vote Greece remains in Euro....ND candidates had breakdowns on tv when they heard IMF wasnt paid. ECB could pull plug on Monday. Greece has printing presses and can print Euros to cover cash withdrawals. The issue is whether the Syriza leadership wants a resounding NO vote. Which so far it clearly doesn't.

Tsipras made new proposal a new MoU around €30b without IMF
Media stories about ECB collapsing two systemic banks to influence voters intentions.
Rightist rally 'Staying in Europe'. ND nutters on tv going mad about closed banks.
Dragasakis stated we might cancel  referendum. Zoi (House Speaker) said it can't be cancelled.
IMF default occurred.

30th June 2015
Massive NO demo in Sindagma by Syriza.
Tsipras won't pay IMF tonight so default.
Chinese stock market opens 25% down in 3 days.
Tsipras mentioned possibility of double referendum Irish style...
Syriza reps weirdly absent from corporate news networks.

29th June 2015
Banks to re open with €60 daily withdrawal limit ie €1800pcm via ATMs
Average pensions are €500pcm Minimum wage €600 Pensioners without bank cards will be able to go into Greek Ethniki bank and withdraw the whole pension in one go.
Asian European stock markets plunge.
Rally tonight 730pm by Syriza in Sundagma Sq
All public transport free until banks reopen

Local NO campaigns have started in every Athenian sq.
Junquer said we should vote YES.
ATMs working people can withdraw €60
Tourists can withdraw money with no controls.

26th June 2015
Tsipras offered EURO 8b in cuts.

Troika demanded EURO 12b.
Syriza could not remain intact nor Greek business in tourism or agriculture.

This is too little too late but better late than never.
A vote NO signals a break. 

The road points only one way Grexit; Drachma; Exit EU; Cancellation of Debt.
This collision course is inevitable. Its not happening the way we want but its happening. 

Pensions are paid at end of month and people on extremely tight budgets go to cashpoints early.

27th June 2015
178 voted for Referendum proposals.
KKE voted it down with PASOK, ND, Potami.
PASOK labelled proposal for Referendum a coup.

Varoufakis stated if Troika does change position and come to an agreement we will vote YES.
GD voted with Syriza. Their leaders was for Euro last Thursday in newspaper interview yesterday one of their spokespersons came out in support of Drachma.

Schauble stated we can't have both Tsipras and Greece in Euro.
Tusk stated Greces role in Euro is unquestionable.

28th June 2015
Repercussions of KKE decision to vote against Referendum hits members hard with disbelief.
Presstitutes circulate stories about ELA withdrawals fake.
Stories about imposition of capital controls by Varoufakis also fake during day.
Samaras trying to get President to not collaborate on upcoming referendum.
Bankrun by media appears to be fake just by travelling around two districts.

Cabinet meeting 8pm announcement that Stock Exchange Banks closed for one week to avoid rightist destabilization of Referendum.

2k strong demo-rally outside Sindagma Sq by Antarsya Mars against EU calling for 'Default rtn to Drachma'.
Syriza brings out riot police on steps in Parliament.
ND calls for Tsipras to cancel Referendum.
Merkel calls for meeting of all political leaders in Germany.

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