Monday, 9 February 2015

They Destroyed Greece and Now Want the Bones

They Destroyed Us and Now Want the Bones
Whom did the ruling economic interests ask when they put us into the EEC? No one. The Left in that era screamed and warned: Greece out of the Lions Den! They understood then that the victors in WW2 has decided to implement the Nazi plan for the unification of Europe under the iron heel of big business, in alliance with the local collaborators in each country.

They abolished economic borders in Greece, services, and for people and goods without asking us. They dismissed us and demand sacrifices from us. Even our lives. They abolished our borders not to turn Asia into Europe but to turn Europe into Asia, with its people's and the working Greek into an unemployed beggar left on the sidelines! Who apart from Euro and American grovellers. The political families Karamanlides, Mitsotakides,Simitides, Samarades, Venizeloi and other parasites who enriched themselves with our impoverishment. On the other hand the Left which hasn't capitulated like the KKE which wavers towards the big construction bosses and the sold out trade unionists they who ally themselves directly with German and European interests.

From the moment where the great European powers transformed once again without asking the European Nations, the European Economic Community to the European Union with the Euro as a common currency and the Greek economy (not only the Greek) became a totally open shop without any element of monetary, trade or other form of protectionism, so it was inevitable to transform the country into a massive trade deficit which would constantly increase and the country would be condemned to a total bankruptcy and destruction. This is the date imposed on us by the big european powers have the gall to ask us for its bones instead of compensating us for the destruction and the deaths they provoked. The political powers in Greece threw the Greek people into the Lions Den, provoking a massive destruction to the country and its people to serve big foreign interests so as they benefit accordingly, must give explanations and they will for their crimes.

The Greek people never borrowed anything and owes nothing to nobody. Instead they are victims of exploitation by the big 'allied' powers. For the reconstruction of the country and development and in order to be able to have a despicable standard of living must become master of its own country, with borders for persons, for products, and with our national currency the Drachma. All the country and its wealth which has been created must be controlled by its people who shed blood sweat and tears creating it. There is no room for compromise and retreat. It's time for all sides to understand this.

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