Thursday, 3 April 2014

Admission: GD Witchunt to Prop-up Collapsing 4th Reich Coalition in Athens....

New Democracy Samaras Spokesperson Balltakos admitted in not too many words that the witchunt against Golden Dawn was set up whilst Samaras was in the States in order to weaken their electoral polling strength and make Samaras seem stronger than he is in relation to Syriza. Baltakos is famous for recently stating 'I was born an anti-communist and I will die one' also with close relationships with the Greek security services EYP

Which begs the question if the frame up of Golden Dawn MP's was staged who staged the murder of Pavlos Fissas? And the subsequent murder of two Golden Dawn members?

The fake left in its 'neo-fascist anti-fascist' phase wont have a second word said about GD. They are Nazis like Samaras says they are. They prop up the theory of the 'two extremes'. Pivotal to this are bankrupt forces that have emerged from PASOK and have become the most vociferous cheerleaders of this theory... fighting fascism in the form of KEERFA. PASOKites for a whole lifetime they have found a second calling supporting the EU's expansionist agenda of global open borders justifying unlimited and uncontrolled mass immigration to crush all working classes throughout Europe.

They assume that Greeks will both vote for a Xmas slaughter (eg. in supporting Troika electoral candidates) and at the same time will support their country being overrun by hordes of people the world over they have labelled ...migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and any other epithet one can create to justify this process trampling on the territorial integrity and independence of a small country which in the imperialist phase of decline of capitalism had no colonies and was always a neo-colony of big imperial powers.

Having locked up a series of elected GD MP's on trumped up charges and reduced the overall majority required to push through Troika cuts with the agreement of the Left in this process their overall majority is paper thin down to 2 MP's. A collapsing govt whose overall appearance is of an evacuation from the sinking ship of the Titanic and soon will be revealed to represent an overwhelming minority if it goes to the polls in May for Mayoral and Euroelection purposes. Many voices are being heard that they need to hold Triple Elections for  if the govts stark nudity in electoral support is revealed it cannot last long, taking into account that its coalition partner PASOK isn't standing under its own name for the first time since 1974 and it is disintegrating rapidly with open slagging matches between the leader of the party Venizelos and Kaklamanis and Papandreou where Kaklamanis was referred to as an 'old poofta' and Papandreou 'as mad' (he didn't vote for the a new round of bank restructuring)

The latter day neo-colonialists of the EU's Empire, the Troika quislings who run Greece couldn't do it without the help and support of the fake left. Its only been days when Dragasakis in Syriza said the economic crisis is due to Greeks fault and they have to support measures to solve this ie pay the banksters exhorbitant interest rates. Whilst Syriza pays lip service to the ideas of socialism in reality they are a wing of the EU bourgeoisie who want open borders and an 'end to austerity' ie a return to capitalism before the 2007 crash. In other words the golden age of Euro debt financing the Olympic games bonanza and the period of the deindustrialisation and de-agriculturialisation of Greece, ie the period that set in tablets of stone the current bankruptcy, which has led to an economic and social collapse of unprecedented proportions.

The scenes inside the Parliamentary brothel where the son of the MP Baltakos was allowed free reign in Parliament to start a punch up inside Parliamentary corridors because his father was forced to resign shows what a circus this institution is which runs on a bonus of 50 unelected MPs and over 20 Executive Decrees. Instead of being arrested and locked up he was taken out of Parliament under police escort.

Barozo stated in January that Greece should have triple elections in May....

5th April 2014
Kasidiaris GD MP has stated they have other interviews with Syriza MPs who stated the same as the ND press spokesperson regarding GD....

6th April 2014
According to the Syriza MP Panagoulis in an interview today in PARON GR there is another angle to these developments. He is the man Kasidiaris alleged he spoke to. ND was in negotiation with GD to get them to not stand in certain Mayoral areas of Greece and split the right-wing vote thus allowing Syriza to come in first.

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