Sunday, 6 May 2012

First 'Party' is Abstention with 35%-Fake Left in Role of Kingmaker for IMF-ECB

The smallest results up until now show that around 35% of Greeks abstained from the elections. Abstention in these elections is the most conscious decision of the most vanguard section of the Greek peoples who have worked out the role of the existing parties and sub-parties. It is them who never believed the fat words from the politicians and they hit the streets against the occupation Parliament and all the parties and sub-parties each in their own way did whatever they could to stop people entering the occupied Parliament and hand the quisling scum that govern there. It is those layers of the people who shouted you want a vot and showed their bo xx cks. It is them who shouted thieves traitors hangings are coming and who provisionally retreated to come back even more militant. That is why we from the Patriotic Left abstained from these elections allying ourselves with the 40% of the people as none of these parties or sub-parties gained the right to our vote and the big abstention justified us. Let us prepare ourselves for the second round more decisively and above all to organise ourselves into a new type of organisation to crush the new world order scumbags with whatever attire they were so we can open the path for a Greece that belongs to Greeks with a programme which has an exit from the crisis which will be:

-Cancel all the Debts. We owe nothing they owe us.
-Leave the EE and the Euro. Return to the Drachma
-National Development and national defence of national production
-We wont import indigenous products from abroad
-Nationalise the banking system without touching investors deposits.
-Control the borders of illegal products illegal labour, Work first of all to the Greek worker
-Popular courts and immediate trials of all the occupation traitors and their spies. -Immediate expulsion of all the illegal immigrants-settlers and whatever
else is required so the country can go forward.
Patriotic Left Greece

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