Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Coming HOLOCAUST in JUNE if PASOK-ND wins the Elections...

1. Abolition of the 13th-14th salary everywhere.
2. New reduction of the minimum wage to Bulgarian levels alongside with whatever reduction occur on wages, unemployment benefit etc.!
3. New lowering of basic and enhanced pensions.
4. Minimising the annual holidays by 10 days.
5. Lowering the added increase for working overtime or on Sunday.
6. Totally flexible labour relations, abolition of labour contracts and rights.
7. Immediate firing of 50,000 public sector workers in 2012 and 200,000 in a three year period.
8. Abolition of pension annuity in the public sector.
9. Gradual abolition of redundancy pay in the private sector either due to being fired or being pensioned off.
10. Total abolition of tax exemptions and all special regimes of taxation. Abolition of interest exemption for mortgages, rents, studies, insurance, hospital visits etc. 11. Increase of the lower band of VAT from 6.5%-13%
12. Abolition of lower rate of VAT on the islands.
13. Placing the farmers on VAT
14. New special tax for alcohol/cigarettes
15. New tax on second hand cars.
16. New increases in road tax.
17. A lowering or abolition of minimum threshold of untaxed income
18. Changing property values every year.
19. Equalising oil based burners for heating with those of cars.
20. Abolition of repossessions of ones first house.
21. Making permanents the housing tax to two alone=unifying the 33 taxes of local government into another.
22. Tax on living in your own home.
23. Abolition of the wages of priests.
24. Emergency taxes after the elections (income taxes, emergency solidarity tax, taxes on property, 2010, 2011 and a special one for 2012) 25. Private tax collectors 26. Selling off national property.
-WE ARE GOING FOR FAKE ELECTIONS _The Opposition is Wanting, below what is required under the current conditions -With the enhanced electoral majority system once again the minority of Quislings are going to Govern. -Organisation and Struggle the Only Road

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