Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Riots over Illegal Immigration in Greece

What started off as small protests in central Athens (6th District around Agios Panteleomonas) by concerned citizens regarding the massive rise in illegal immigration has now spread to other areas of Greece with the ‘pre-electoral’ announcement of Hrisohoidis-Interior Minister that 30 Illegal Immigration Reception centres will be built all over Greece to house the officially arriving 300 a day from the non-existent borders of Greece.

This situation, 20 years in the making, has turned central Athens into a ‘third world reception’ centre with no infrastructure to cope with the mass influx. Not having colonies in the modern era of the rise of capitalism Greece neither has the schools, hospitals or the capacity to cope. Daily Greeks are robbed, killed or maimed in violent looting sprees which resemble the conditions of banana republics of central America, (according to reports 1,400 Greeks have been murdered in the last 12 years by illegal immigrants) and Hrisohoidis pronouncements that he will ‘clean up the centre’ and tackle illegal immigration, are just pronouncements added on to previous ones, the arrival of Frontex or the building of a wall in Evros. All show and no content, the stark reality is that Europes porous borders (latest figures show that 68% of new arrivals come in via Greece) is a long term imperialist strategy for the promotion of cheap labour and the replacement of indigenous labour with globalised labour.

No one in Greece believes the governments any more on anything. Hence the reaction has been rioting in a series of areas against these so-called reception centres (essentially holding pens to spread round illegal immigrants as the centre of Athens can no longer hold). The fake Left, proponents of mass illegal immigration two decades now (KKE famously refused to unionise Albanian building workers instead becoming sub-contractors to this labour and their politics reflected this change) alongside the globalists of Syriza suddenly remembered this is a problem. Yet not once have they had a single demonstration in relation to this issue, not once have they protested about Greeks being murdered. As if in tandem they have left the door open to the ‘far right’ retro fascists of Golden Dawn and from the sidelines have criticised Greeks who protest as being ....fascist. Yet who agreed to the foreign occupation of Greeks by a multitude of arrivals? The Greeks certainly didn’t and now there have been at least 5 large riots over the issue in a variety of areas where these alleged ‘new reception areas are to be built. No wonder that in electoral polls the vote for the retro fascists hovers between 10-20% in certain central electoral districts.

One of the slogans of the participants is that the ‘whole of Greece will be like Keratea’....where the PASOK government was defeated over its attempts to turn an area into a large rubbish dump without taking into account the wishes of the local people, and where Pangalos (the then Vice President) declared that PASOK lost the struggle on behalf of the Troika, in Keratea.

The irony on the whole situation is that there are still globalists who believe the Greek capitalist class is against illegal immigration and cheap labour at the same time as one of the reasons the Greek Seafarers Association is on strike is the abolition of indigenous crews (cabotage as it is known) in line with the previous abolition of Greek crews that happened in Greek shipping more than 3 decades ago.

Daily arrivals of more than 300 just in the Evros region

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