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Burning Greeks Alive: NATO Enlargement, Macedonia & the Fake Left Part Five

Burning Greeks Alive: NATO Enlargement, Macedonia & the Fake Left

Are these manufactured fires related to NATO enlargment in the Western Balkans and Greeks militant opposition to them with demos going on for months and the bloody assaults of the state using NATO’s paramilitaries (SEEBRIG) against them? Are these fires part and parcel of creating a strategy of tension to both militarise the states response to the popular resistance against the Tsipras-Zaev deal and at the same time frighten the people into submission, as happened in the early days of the IMF’s arrival in Greece?

Anyone who can remember going back to the early 1980’s knows we have had weird fires prior to big political changes and that has characterised Greece throughout its post-war history… A post-war analysis of the Greek Deep State explains these phenomena and was recently published in February 2018.

Let us not forget that since 2015 and the election of the Syriza government a historic agreement has been made with Zionist Israel, the US airbase that has been alleged to have been instrumental in aiding 9/11 in New York and were involved in the security cameras of 7/7 in Londons Underground. Now we have strange events occurring throughout Greece.

1980 Greek Deep State: Firebombing Independent Traders for EEC Entry

In 1980 prior to Greece’s entry to the EEC there was an organized plan of burning down Greece’s premier shops Minion and Katratzos. This was the beginning of the end of Greek shopkeepers and the entrance of large multinationals in our country.

This nightmarish scenario was repeated on 3rd June 1981 with the parallel burning of the shops Klaoudatos and Atene and in a smaller extension on 4th July Dragonas and three days later in the shops Lambropoulos in Piraeus. The barrage of these firebombed buildings buried Greek shopkeepers and the entrance of large foreign multinationals in our country.

On the morning 19th December 1980 we had two parallel fires that destroyed two of the most historic shops in Athens ‘Minion’ and ‘Katrantzos’ during the holiday period. We are dealing with fires and the police labelled them terrorist events.

3am in the morning on Friday eyewitness accounts in both stores heard explosions and seconds later saw fires emerge from both buildings. In a few minutes big fires burnt the buildings to the ground due to the stock inside and not enough walls dividing the areas.

The firebrigade that arrived in both areas with 38 vehicles and 170men had a difficult job to do. Their main aim was to contain the fire so it didn’t spread to the surrounding buildings. The fire was of such intensity that Minion only had the frame left whilst the Katrantzo store collapsed. The damage was equivalent to 2 billion drachmas. Until today both cases Minion and Katrantzos and the other four remain without knowing who the perpetrators were and they have been legally timed out.

Syriza and the 9 day Burning of Greece in 2007

Announcement for the fires of 2007 by Syriza
‘The Holocaust which is occurring in the last days and is still continuing provoked death to 65 people over 100 missi ng, thousands of victims, unaided, half of Greece in ashes. All what we hear from asymmetric threats, a foreignfinger, secret services, aim to cover up and justify these culpable policies”

Firebombing of Marfin Bank

Between the early 1980’s and today there have been countless fires, the major ones are state sponsored and directed terrorism. Apart from the 2007 fires which have been covered there has been the firebombing of Marfin bank whereby four people died in the large anti-IMF demos that rocked Greece. What happened on that fatal day in 2010?

Employees complained that because of a strike, their branch was the only one open in central Athens during the protest and that they had never been given safety guidelines. Andreas Vgenopoulos, Chairman of the Marfin Investment Group which owned the bank was not charged despite widespread criticism that he had disregarded the safety of his employees.

Angeliki Papathanasopoulou, aged 32 and four months pregnant at the time, Paraskevi Zoulia, aged 34, and Epameinondas Tsakalis, 36, died of suffocation after the bank they worked in was firebombed and they fled to a top floor only to be overcome by smoke.

Fire rages in Marfin Bank. Soon the people in the balcony will be dead.
“The bank should have been secured. The front windows had been repeatedly smashed, yet they were never replaced with shatter-proof glass,” Zacharias Papathanasopoulos, Angeliki’s father, told the court on the opening day of the trial.
“I believe that what happened is because of the criminal indifference of the bank’s officials,” Papathanasopoulos added. “I demand moral compensation.”

No actual culprits were ever found as this was a Deep State operation against the people in general
Purpose was to dampen down peoples resistance to the measures that were about to hit Greece. The purpose of these criminal fires to all extent have been done to dampen down peoples resistance to the Tsipras-Zaev NATO deal. Demos have rocked Greece since February as large if not larger than those that hit Greece in 2010.

Subsequently a whole block caught fire burning a historic cinema near Marfin bank.

The Greek Fake Left on the Fires New and Old

Paper of breakaway from the KKE: “Its Profit Dumbassess Ilia, Mandra, Mati…”

The LEFT sees a conspiracy in property developers and state officials, but sees no conspiracy in terms of the actual NATO state and its security agencies. In other words a property developer who operates in an area goes round undisturbed setting fires, turning areas into ash in order then …. to develop them, build houses and flats without anyone batting an eyelid.

That could suffice if Greece was overdeveloped in coastal areas like Spain where they have tower blocks all along the coast for mass tourism. But if one looks at Greek tourist areas the coast is normally reserved for small individual developments and where four star developments have sprung up no requirement has been to burn anything to smithereens. They can bribe government officials to extend their land if they don’t have enough for development. There is no requirement for fires.

How do all the small owners collaborate in setting fires, from which they don’t burn themnselves and have enough alibis to justify where they were when the fire started? They can easily hoodwink the firebrigade? It’s more a case of the fake left trying to hoodwink the people to justify state sponsored terrorism which always had ulterior political motives in Greece.

FYROM and the Tsipras - Zaev deal.
The issues around this have extensively been covered by Mihalis Nevradakis in a series of articles ( so no need to go over them again and have been published in Kindle format ‘Macedonia: Whats in a Name?’ (

The issue is were these fires created to dampen down the Greeks opposition to the deal? Since February there have been mass rallies against the change of name. By creating a national tragedy to the focus of attention is re-directed away from the criminal policies of the Tsipras Zaev deal, the upcoming fake compensation claims of Albania and NATO’s Western Balkan expansion. One has to add that no national parties have taken part in the anti-Macedonian deal rallies. No one supported them. The government subsequently labelled them all ‘racist’ ‘xenophobic’ and ‘fascist’. Found isolated members of GD and tainted the millions that have taken part and tarred them with the same brush.

When that failed it was Putin who allegedly funded and financed the rallies. This is from the government which when it was in opposition used to allege if the EU doesn’t cut a deal they would go to the BRICS. If political acrobatics was an Olympic sport Syriza would win hands down. Never in the history of politics in such a short period of time have we had such shennanigans. The question is will they be able to remain in power for another twelve months?

New National Curriculum Syriza Science: Laws of Physics are Overturned

Since 9/11 the laws of physics are constantly taking a pounding. We were told passports made of paper could withstand an airplane explosion and be found and that skyskrapers made of concrete and steel beams could disintegrate from a fire provoked by airplane fuel ie the kerosene in the wings of jets. Skyscrapers collapsing at free fall speed. Which by itself is physically impossible and absurd just as we were about to believe them they upped the ante, announcing the collapse of Building 7 a full 30 minutes before it occurred live on tv which fell without a plane even hitting it. Taking into account these were the only skyscrapers that ever collapsed from fires ever in the history of humanity the paid shills of corporate propaganda bypassed it basically destroying any education anyone learnt in high school.

Syriza is now alleging a forest fire spread so fast and so quick ,making car wheel rims melt, engines are seen to have evaporated and bodies are singed right next to white walls of buildings some of which are fully intact, next to burnt trees. Whilst in other situations trees are intact right next to destroyed buildings.

When windows have a burn rate of between 1400-1600cc and plastic from 50c-550c we see windows burnt whilst plastic still standing at the same time as being told not all trees burn as there are exceptions to the rule, in other words wood doesn’t have the same burn rate as windows or car wheel rims. Basically there is an excuse for anything and everything. Science is defunct.

Greek Defense Minister Panagiotis Kammenos, right, greets his Israeli counterpart Moshe Yaalon in Tel Aviv, 19 July 2015

NATO abstentionists in the fake Left and Right that Prop up Syriza:
Issues that cant be ignored:

-Napalm was first used on Greek partisans by US fighter jets in the postwar Civil War and then rolled out globally in Korea and Vietnam

-Gladio was a secret anti-communist cabal set up by USA-NATO to forestall a leftwing takeover and specialised in car bombs, assassinations, chaos.

-Geoffrey Pyatt was appointed Greek Ambassador in 2016 coming from the Ukraine where he took an energetic part in supporting the Maidan regime in its civil war.

-6th American fleet was both in and around Greece during the Mandras murderous floods and the murderous fires in Mati.

-US Navy wants to install laser guided weaponry in all its ships by 2019

-Greek Minister of Interior Toskas was a Greek appointee at NATO headquarters

-Defence Minister Kammenos ex ND signed a pact with Zionist Israel the first ever in our history.

-Kotzias (Foreign Secretary)was an adviser of George Papandreou and Toscas (Interior Minister) belong same political grouping called Pratto

-Expulsion or Russian diplomats announced by US Embassy in Greece prior to the Syriza government

-Syriza Firestorm Training Day in Penteli Mountain scene of outbreak of fire in May 2018

-Satellite images show multiple fires occurring in the other fire on the same day in Kinetta, Greece

-Breeze 2018 EU’s Naval Training occurred from the 18-21st July in Bulgaria and then the 6th Fleet returned to Piraeus on 25th July passing from Rafina port.

-Daou Pentelis was a Greek Defence Ministry site in the 1970’s and 1980’s then it is alleged to have become a NATO arms depot and is the origin of the source of the fire.

-Nea Makri US bases though formally closed have a section still linked to the US Embassy.

-Defence Minister Kammenos stated in a BBC interview NATO did not allow Greek Army to get involved in fire rescue

-Evacuation times are contradicted by three different sources by up to two hours when the fire was fully ablaze for the childrens summer camp.

-Despite being seen by military helicopters hundreds of Greeks were on the beach for hours waiting to choke to death from the smoke or die drowing when trying to escape and no one came to save them.

-Prior to Tsipras first press conference at 11.30pm on Monday evening the authorities knew there were victims but no victims were announced on tv.

-Syriza did not visit a single burn vicitim in hospital and Tsipras went to the area one week after the event at 6am and met no one.

Syriza has alleged the fires in in Mati where set by arsonists. If they allege this is the work of another nation this will be tantamount to a declaration of war. Hence they are between a rock and a hard place.

In my humble opinion if it looks like a duck swims like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck. This was a NATO operation against the Greek nation.

VN Gelis
1st August 2018
Series of articles dedicated to the victims of NATO aggression


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