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Eyewitness Account: Macedonia Demos against the Tsipras Zaev deal.

All the truth about the hell at Prespes Pisoderi.

Prespes is a magical and beautiful and historic place which has been condemned forever by Tsipras travelling troupe which acts to destroy the hearts of the people in this country. We wanted to go there with my friends to demonstrate against the decision which he took in a dictatorial manner a PM that lied to the people with his pre-electoral lies. We didn’t want to hit anyone we didn’t want to fight anyone, we didn’t want to go into conflict with anyone! We wanted to shout peacefully that the agreement of Tsipras with the wine maker – of Boutaris, Zaev that it is a sellout not only able to dissolve Greece but the whole of the Balkans!

What fools!
We believed we had democracy!
We believed we were free!
We believed we had a left-wing government which promotes its progressivism and expression of word.
We arrived close to the village of Vigla and the snow centre and realised we have cars piled up. We had to stop 4km away from Vigla and go on foot. Like hundreds of others. As we arrived we saw thousands of people in the snow centre and a stage with speakers where the organisers of the rally spoke alongside some Church leaders. However long we sat there we lost time. Many people had sat and were eating souvlakia.
“Did we come here to eat souvlakia” I asked the organisers who informed me 5km further down the riot police are blocking the road towards Prespes!!

I spoke to the Police Chief there who confirmed it to me. I asked him to allow me to go with my car so as to cover the issue in journalists manner but he didn’t allow it. Alongside a woman police deputy who didn’t let me do my job. That’s when the first phone call came in. In Pisoderi they are beating up people and are throwing chemicals! I took all those that I could and we left on foot! We were walking about one hour one thousand people. During deadly heat to an unknown place.

When we got there we found another 4-5,000 people. The first batch we found were red and full of chemicals! In Pisoderi the riot police had taken positions on the sides of the hill and shot from on high chemicals and fake bomblets. I took a pair of binoculars and counted more than 40 riot police even on top of trees. There was smoke from on far everywhere.

We walked one km from the centre of the village and we reached the exit where there were no house. Others were coming and others were leaving. On the streets you saw small children lying on the pavements to try and recover from the attacks of tear gas.
Reaching there was a big roadblock on the sidewalk and a few vans of riot police on the farming road parallel to the central at a height of 20-30 metres. So the cars could no go round the police blockade.

For four hours they beat people up!
On scouts honour the riot police were never provoked by the people. Most of them were knackered from the walking and were asking the riot police to let through to go to Prespes another 20km! The riot police were never attacked nor were they provoked by the demonstrators!
Instead from the farmers path on the side of the hill every now and again the riot police threw tear gas on the heads of people. At one stage people dressed with normal civilian clothes who were behind the riot police came forward and threw stones and pieces of wood from on high, to the riot police that was on the road. That occurred first time at 9am in the morning and it has been recorded on video and I saw it with my own eyes! But I saw this occur another two times till 1pm! Men with civilian clothes behind one set of riot police to attack another bunch of riot police who were lower down! They then hid behind the riot police on the hill! What would the ‘leftwing’ Minister of Interior Tosca say about this? What will he say about the videos and photos circulating in social media as to who is provoking who?

Kotzias pronouncements were a joke and lies! Once the first rocks fell by the four citizens who were hiding behind the backs of the riot police, they started the attack of the riot police on the road below. They attacked with no concern hitting old people even children! Many fell and were trodden on from the Praetorian guards attacks and I saw 20 injured three of which were serious!
Not only did the riot police from below throw chemicals but they did also from below and I haven’t seen this and I have covered demos for going on three decades!

As is normal the youth who saw what was happening, filled the streets and started to climb on the sides of the hills with the aim of grabbing the four citizens that threw rocks to the riot police. What citizens? Paramilitary state officials in civilian clothes.

That’s where everything was lost. I am putting forward my personal eyewitness account that the riot police when someone reached the top of the hill they hit them with clubs and their shields. Whilst the youth were in danger in a downward slope they tear gas cannisters to injure people. On the right side of the hill a riot copper pushed with force a young lad who fell down after having fainted like a sack for 20 metres down the side of the hill. He just remained there and tens of people went to save him.

I really don’t know if that riot copper who pushed the young man was a human.
Even if he was Greek!
As the riot police never even spoke among themselves! Not a word. Their eyese had a venomous hatred! I didn’t hear one word from their mouths for five hours. Not one…
In this area we had street battles and the riot police sent out tonnes of tear gas.
I got in front with my friend Nick and said ‘wait for the old people to leave. Stop hitting them anymore. I am a journalist. Someone will be killed!”

Whilst I had my hands high and I told them I am going on the side to small and there were only two of us and we did nothing which could be interpreted as a confrontational attack they threw two tear gas cannisters at my feet and four infront of us! We had been cut off from the crowd which was around 100 meters behind us. No one threw a stone towards the riot police. People were in retreat just chanting slogans.
In my attempt to escape from the cloud of tear gas and to see which way the wind is blowing so as to go in the opposite direction I was hit at least three times in the back and on my legs and without breath I ran towards the crowds. It took me about 20 minutes to be able to see properly as my eyes were blown up and hurt from the tear gas! Around another two hours for my chest to clear from the tear gas!
Whilst all the people had left fully from the blockade and they were in the village suddenly around 3 pm the riot police entered the village and started throwing tear gas and to hit people. Result was to close the women and children inside the cafeteria where there was chaos with children crying and old people sufferrring!

Why was this attack by the riot police required inside Pisoderi Mr Toska? When you already knew there were injured people in the village? What was the aim? Didn’t you realise there was enough beatings you gave the people outside the village town? Why wasn’t there an ambulance to take the three really injured people?

You are all liars! From the PM to all you party lackeys!
No one attacked the riot police. Instead they pleaded to be allowed to pass on foot. No one attacked the riot police on the road below. The above had flooded the people with chemicals so as to dissolve them!
The chaos continued when those hiding behind the riot police on the hills to dissolve them! The chaos started when those hiding behind the riot police on the hills started throwing rocks at the riot police below!
It was a Provocation manufactured to become a criminal attack. All else is made up.
I have another query! I asked to find a Prosecutor for the reason being my work to be allowed to pass the blockade and go on foot for Prespes! They told me during the blockade there was no Prosecutor!

Since when are the roads cut off, blockades are created and there is no Prosecutor to oversee and to give orders?
A whole operation is required so as to be released from the hell created by Alexis Tsipras in Pisoderi but it was worth it.
As we learnt you aren’t the same as those before.
But much worse!

As you are uniting us! You are cultivating unity amongst ourselves. Self control amongst us!
Alexis Tsipras I had told you, you will find us on the streets! Where we left you to become a tyrant!
The hell created in Pisoderi and was hidden by all the establishment media placed the bases for us to ‘burn’ the traitorous agreement which you went to sign to hit us and poison us so as to not appear to your bosses that the Greeks are demonstrating!
Greece doesn’t accept sold out marionnetes like you! In Pisoderi you united us with the sloganfor all us. United and alone we will Win.

As for you own follower who you sent to weaken the hatred of the people to the agreement and they stayed back at Vigla and they circulated speeches I am enquiring as to all the time they were eating souvlakia and we were receiving tear gas whether they paid for it or you gave it to them as bonus!!!

George Adalis

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