Sunday, 29 October 2017

Will the EU Collapse like ex USSR? Transcript on Interview On Moscow Radio

Part 3 cut short due to time constraints
What’s the driving force behind the recent trend of regional assertiveness in Western Europe, be it in Catalonia, Northern Italy, and even Flanders, and how much of a threat does this pose to the EU’s current structure?

The EU project in a nutshell is an attempt to create a capitalist United States of Europe and has been in the making decades now since the 1950’s when they signed the Treaty of Rome. The purpose of its existence is a new Big Business Empire based on constant expansion, the utilisation of differing economic zones, mass cheap labour importation and the constant threats directly or indirectly by NATO or EU sponsored break up of nations as in the case of Ukraine or secessionist reaction as in the break up of ex-Yugoslavia. Original bourgeois nationalism was progressive forging nation states and erasing the landed aristocracy. Current secessionist movements as referred to your question are on the whole reactionary as they do not question either the existence of the Euro, the EU or NATO. On the contrary they demand even closer ties with the EU eg. the SNP, or what occurred with Slovenia and Croatia. There are no real reasons for the break up of nation states other than to weaken them and rule over them, they become easier to control and manage once broken up into self-conflicting parts. Its characteristic that Catalan nationalism for instance hasn’t been labeled racist, xenophobic etc but has been marketed as anti-fascist heirs to the Popular Front against Franco and the unity of Spain as being the real threat. Who is kidding who? Who gained from the Brussels sponsored break up of Yugoslavia? Not its peoples, not the world as it became a launchpad for what was to come globally, NATO expansion, wars for oil and population transfers (such as those of the Serbs who suddenly lost all their civil rights and became internal refugees in their own country).

For many decades the EU had a policy of an EU for the Regions. On 10th October on the day Catalonia launched suspended independence or as I would characterize it suspended EU/NATO dependence a new official post was granted to the new President of the EU for Regions Karl-Heinz Lambertz. The purpose is to take power away from national governments. EU regional policy provides funds for projects enacted by local officials at a regional level, largely bypassing national governments. It represents one of the key tools of EU governance attracting more than one third of the EUs overall budget. So in answering your question, the EU doesn’t consider these secessionist moves as a threat to its structure but actively indirectly encourages them.
There have been think tank reports written in the past about the need for the EU to transform from a bloc of nation-states to one of federalized regions, so what’s your take on this policy proposal, and do you think that the current processes that we’re observing are a step in that direction?

There are currently 28 nation states that make up the EU encompassing 500m people, 19 countries are in the Euro and 9 have national currencies. The scale of the project is so great that if it is achieved, it cannot but become an Orwellian nightmare taking into account the rich history of the nations that go back as in the case of Greece thousands of years. The emergence of the 2007/8 US financial crisis and its deflection in the Euro crisis subsequently created a mass turn away from the EU and its institutions in particular in Club Med countries and as a consequence of the crash there, the same occurred in the UK which became a recipient of millions of unemployed from other countries forcing a BREXIT referendum. Overtly pro-EU political parties started to lose political ground in almost all EU nation states we just need to mention the recent French Presidential elections where the electorate was split almost 50/50. The fake refugee crisis when Merkel ordered millions of newcomers to arrive in the EU as part of the UNs Replacement Migration agenda, put in a nail in the actual coffin of the EU project in peoples consciousness.

Under the above circumstances EU centralization to create a political union on top of the economic union (which hasn’t fully matured as 9 countries have a national currency) proceeds at great political cost without mainstream social support now in three out of the four core countries (Britain, France, Italy).

So the EUs response to the crisis of its legitimacy is forging a two tier EU ie more centralization at the EU level and increasing diversity at the regional level and these are parts of a single development, ie the weakening of the nation states. The policy is designed to destabilize member nations, the better to impose a pan- European structure. Let’s not forget the attempts at creating two Englands with the referendums for a Northern Parliament under Tony Blair in 2004 which was rejected by the electorate by 80%. Similar in form to the recent consultative referendums in Northern Italy with the aim of breaking Italy apart under the guise of regional autonomy based on who pays more to the central budget. Over 40 regional issues are in existence in the current EU. In Greece for instance talk of secessionist movements have been in existence for Crete and Thrace, but actual causes of existence for secession are non-existent.

By stoking internal disputes inside many of its member states as in the case of Catalonia and the Spanish government the EU then sits back and watches as the conflict erupts and drags on.

Overall, what are the chances that the EU will avoid repeating the fate of the USSR and still remain together in some shape or another, no matter how dramatically reformed, or are the centrifugal forces that have already been unleashed uncontrollable and irreversible?

In an ideal world where the weight of social economic, cultural history and the existence of nation states had been surpassed by higher forms of economic re-organisation ie where the needs of consumers were paramount as opposed to the needs of corporations, then the financial behemoth that is the UK, the agricultural behemoth of France and the manufacturing behemoth of Germany would work in harmony as if a single country and unite to raise all the periphery of nations that comprise the EU to a basic minimum standard, we wouldn’t have the variations we have where Bulgarias minimum wage is 1/15th of Luxemburgs, or the infrastructure of Rumania is a few decades behind everyone elses.

From the moment the UK was booted out of the ERM by Soros financial terrorism in the early 1990’s which is wholly ironic as he became a proponent in later life of all things EU, the EU is doomed to fail. Its attempt at constant expansion, the push for Turkish entry in the 2000 decade and its subsequent failure, the push for Ukrainian entry in the 2010 decade and failure, the stalling of countries joining the Euro (last being Lithuania in 2015) we are in a stasis, a political dead end, an impasse.
Currency unions in history of which there have been many in general fail if the part does not feel that it is being raised by the whole. Since joining the EU in 1981 and the Euro two decades later Greece has become an empty shell. Half the population lives from hand to mouth and 500,000 people have emigrated. The EU’s answer is automation, the break up of existing full time jobs into part time and the flooding of areas with migrants, in other words a full frontal assault to destroy not only any last vestiges of national sovereignty but to erase national culture in its entirety, creating a Hobessian hell on earth.

Without constant expansion, the EU has started going inwards as it is now focused on pseudo secessionist movements, Brexit , constant mass migrant flows and anti-Russian pro NATO nonsense. The sooner it starts to physically break apart the better for all humanity and what started as Grexit ie. the mass movement against the systemic pro-EU parties that was sold down the river by the fake lefts of Syriza, is continuing with the issues over Brexit which essentially highlights the end of the EU despite and contrary to the concessionary and conciliatory nature of the Tory PM Theresa May. This new two tier EU will not work in the place of the original version, it’s just window dressing or embalming before the burial.


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