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Hybrid Wars, Southstream Pipelines and the Burning of Greece

Hybrid Wars: Putin, Southstream Gas Pipelines and Who Burnt Greece?

Part One
For over a decade we had fires which always magically emerged in locations where there were many trees or bushes and spread like wildfire in high winds. Anyone who observed the reports saw that the allegations centred around on theory: individual mistakes eg. Cigarettes thrown out of car windows, electricity pylons catching fire, grannies cooking badly and burning the food and that behind each disaster were property developers out to make a killing.

The theories worked in so far as there was property development up until 2010 but there was one niggling issue. Certain fires occurred near the tops of mountains where access would only be possible by helicopter. So building a house on a mountain top where you couldn’t even get materials up there or access any built property was absurd.

Every summer the deficiencies of the state were revealed. Not enough water planes were available to put out the fires, not enough firefighters in operation. But everyone knows that a fire that is started deliberately is double hard to put out. As many times reports have surfaced from firefighters themselves that they have found incendiary devices. So observing a fire in real time one can see one wing of it put out and then another immediately flares up at a great distance. The corporate controlled media always has an excuse for everything, a flame flew a couple of miles and started another blaze.

When basic logic evaporates then anything fills the vacuum and the purpose behind that is to hide who the real perpetrators are and to make any sort of justifications ensuring that no questions are asked and no proper investigations are ever called for. Those are the politics of those who are apologists of the system. They never see any ulterior motives. But history works always against those who require lies to cover the truth, the truth will out, sooner rather than later.

In the 2000 Greece made a turn towards energy dependence on Russia. Large public building like hospitals and schools would be provided with Russian gas in particular after Greek shipowners pioneered the delivery of LPG gas in container ships which led to its easier delivery and storage. But part of the proposals was also to secure a Southern EU Russian pipeline like the one that exists in Northern Europe ie. Germany.

What happened next is a case study in hybrid warfare. Without going public the Greek government was destabilised by fires up and down the breadth of the country with many dead. There was no way the Southstream pipeline would be allowed on American dictats. Karamanlis schoolfriend allegedly jumped off a building as he had a girlfriend. The fires reached right next to Karamanlis summer house in Rafina.
When Karamanlis govt took over in 2004 he met Putin and Putin came to Greece. A deal was cut between Greece, Bulgaria and Italy to set up a southern stream Russian pipeline.

A US lobbyist by the name of Matthew Braiza who married a Turkish journalist Zeyno Baran who first wrote against the agreement Putin – Karamanlis regarding the South Stream pipeline. This was the pipeline that sidelined Turkey. It’s an irony of history that on the day that tens of Greeks burnt in the Pelopponese (by the fires that plagued Greece both in 2007 and 2009) Baiza was marrying in Constantinople in 2007 on 23rd August. This was the period when Turkey was fully pro-American

Part Two

The US met Valinakis in Rafina in March 2007. Braiza went straight to the point. ‘Other European countries have objections to the policies of the Greek government in the energy sector. Independently from your desires you are pursuing the dependence of Europe to Russian gas and therefore to Russian interests’ he said.

In many of the meetings they had in New York one of the meetings which they had in the Waldorf Astoria in September 2008 was characteristic. “Every time I tried to raise our own agenda regarding the GreekTurkish situation the conversation was steered back to energy issue and in another meeting progress in national issues was linked directly to energy ie the cancellation of South Stream pipeline” Valinakis recalls. American desires came to the fore ‘We cannot help on issues that you raise like the GreekTurkish ones when you are advancing Russian interests’ Baiza stated. ‘You need to help us so you have a gain that there is no tension in the Aegean’

The energy issues are dealt with directly between Dora Bakogianni and the PM. Greece follows an independent energy policy’. Even when Valinakis spoke about the start of discussion with Gaddafi regarding the Independent Oil drilling areas south of Crete he received the following answer: ‘That is good. You can negotiate with countries like Libya and others but not with Russia’

Once Valinakis publically responded to M Braiza in May 2008 ‘With a serious and responsible way the PM and the govt are advancing and protecting national interests in the best way on all fronts. As an extension whatever is advised from whichever quarter only creates noise and do not aid in any way’

Meeting in Secret in Brussels
This newspaper reveals the plan of shocking the three PMs so they could confuse the waters and the USA lose its tracks. The issue of phone calls being listened to had just broken out as a scandal and the Americans were following closely all the steps of the PM. The Greek govt tries to take matters into their own hand so the agreement doesn’t collapse. Thus in June 2007 a secret meeting was held by the PMs of Greece-Italy-Bulgaria in Brussels

Whilst another meeting of Heads of State were going on in Brussels we had the absolute camouflage’! Kostas Karamanlis – Sergei Stanishev and Mario Prodi had communicated to come out of the meeting at the same time and all those that followed them knew about it. They all went to the 7th floor where the offices of the Greek representatives were and fitted in the small area and ironed out all the petty details regarding South Stream.

Three days later from Constantinople Greece and Russia announced their decision to deepen their cooperation beyond the Burghas – Alexandroupolis pipeline. The fact Karamanlis and Putin gave hands for South Stream was for the Americans total astonishment! We are told that the US Ambassador left immediately from Athens.

It’s worth noting that in the documentations of the Trilateral Commission decisions were taken in the 1970’s to control European output in manufactured goods and energy. Hence coal was closed in most northern European states and European countries became energy dependent on imports of both coal and gas. Greece is fortunate enough to have lignite in abundance which provides around 50% of the countries electricity needs. Over a two decade period the EU has been pushing for full scale privatisation and its closure so Greece becomes fully dependent on imports. In a strange irony Germany cut a deal with Russia and now has two pipelines supplying it with gas and oil whilst Southern Europe still has none. America obviously wanted to supply Southern Europe via the gas and oil reserves of Azerbaijan with the TAP pipeline

“The game is big and our country small. Putin rushing and the reactions of the Americans show that Greece is in the middle of serious conflict. It is clear we need careful decisions and a flexible approach. Greece should come out on top and not become a target of revenge mania as we all know how big powers react.”
To Vima 2007

Eyewitness Account Evia 2009
At the time I was on a Greek island Evia which is close to Athens. From there one observed the outbreak of fires both on the mainland and on the island. Indeed mountain sides started having fires out of the blue in more than one location at the same time. Firefighters on the scene mentioned pyrotechnic fire mechanisms which were either thrown from the side of roads or dropped from on high. An unlucky pilot trying to put out the fires flew low and crashed killing himself.

Two convex lenses placed next to a large canister of natural gas found near Kalamos, a suburb of Athens.

Greece is mountainous in many areas and impossible to go on foot easily or by a vehicle of any sort. It is therefore illogical to believe that fires would start simultaneously on mountain tops in more than one location making it impossible for firefighters or military planes to put them out. Such was the fire that burnt Parnitha in Athens.
VN Gelis

Putins Meetings with Karamanlis
07.12.04: Karamanlis goes to Russia
08.09.05: Karamanlis meets Putin in Porto Carras (Halkidiki)
04.09.06: Karamanlis met Putin in Athens
15.03.07: Karamanlis met Putin and that was when they had the first serious discussion by South Stream.
* (22.6.07: Brussels Karamanlis – Prodi – Stanisev meet in secret
25.06.07: Karamanlis meets Putin in Constantinople (this is where the agreement was officially announce towards everyone’s astonishment even Erdogans.
18.12.07: Karamanlis official visit to Moscow
29.04.08: Working Visit by Karamanlis in Moscow

Re-affirmed by Polidoras
A fight broke out regardind South Stream amongst the Deputy of the Parliament Viron Polidoras and the US Ambassador Daniel Speckhardt in 2009. D. Speckhardt had called the Minister of the Interior of Western Samoa and six Greek MPs for a meal. Amidst all he said: “Whats gotten into you with SouthStream?” “It would be an ideal route” replied Polidoras.
It’s not allowed you understand this is a geopolitical issue” Spechardt stated. “We will go against Russia? Why don’t you ask Chancellor Shroeder? No pipeline competes with another. Europe requires four and five pipelines and still will not be satisfied energy wise” replied Polidoras...

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