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Conspiracy or Conspirac(ia)y

Conspiracy or Conspirac(ia)y?

Almost every night in the newsnetworks we have a massive attempt by many to disassociate individual terrorism from every and any connection from secret services and every type of imperialist centres of the bourgeois state. Whoever has adopted to alibi the secret services attack every opposite view as ‘mad hatter conspiracists’…

Rizospastis with the alleged uncovering of ‘17thN’ alleged terrorist group has from 2002 investigated and studied interesting elements in relation to how they terrorists were manufactured who made them and who gains from them.
When the CIA plants bombs.
As is noted in the book ‘The hidden springs of international terrorism (L Zamoiski, (L Zamoiski ‘Current era’) the barrage of terrorist activities which had as a result the death of 16 and 100 injured in Milan and Rome in December 1969 for which the Left was blamed 10 years later after it was revealed they were organised by (neofascist) terrorists collaborators of the CIA...

It is also considered a given that behind the terrorist attack with the train with 12 dead in Bologna (August 1980) with 80 dead we found the Masonic P2. The head of it Litso Tseli was a personal friend of Regan and a known agent of the CIA.

Targeted Provocation
To the question ‘why’ the CIA was involved in terrorist attacks which cost more than 200 dead against an allied USA country of Italy and instead of a response we will note what the head of Italy’s spy agency Janamello Malleti said in La Republica in the 1970’s decade:
The German station of the CIA in Germany – admitted Maletti – provided far right groups with weapons and explosive devices and worked as a link amongst the far right groups in Italy and Germany whilst parallel he underlined their type of action’

The aim of the CIA and Maletti was to ‘block the terrorist contribution of the far Right and the turn of society in both Italy and Germany towards the Left...’
What was written in 1970 by the military strategists of the USA was noted that ‘if the friendly (towards the USA) governments show the incapacity towards a communist insurrection…’ then we have the ‘stabilisation’ programme kicks in.

In July 1981 the revelation of the secret document creates international mayhem. The title is illuminating:
‘Manual for the secret services. Stabilisation activities, spying’...

As for the ex director of the CIA Colby in his memoirs he was also revealing’ There were there was a communist organisation we funded and supported an anticommunist one’....

The aim of the stabilization programme was the intervention of special agents of American secret services who start violent actions and other activities ‘under the control of American secret agencies’. In the case of these it is added the use of far left organisations can lead to the desired aim’!

‘Left’ Terrorism

A very interesting fact was the connection of the CIA with ‘left terrorism which is the murder of the PM of Italy A, Moro by the ‘Red Brigades’. What did they do then these ‘Red Brigades’? What did they achieve?

The conclusions of the secretary of the Christian Democratic Party Pikoli but also the secretary Jamberleti was clear:
Moro they said in the periodical Panorama 8.8.1978 paid with his life the attempt to disentangle Italy from the control of democracy by the USA and because he refused to preclude the entrance of the Italian Communist Party from the government majority despite the pressure of the Pentagon and the State Department’

In the book with the title ‘Il delitto infinito’ which circulated in Italy from 2002 and is signed by two members of the permanent Italian crossparty committee on terrorism reveals that:
The ‘hidden’ caches of the ‘Red Brigades’ where Moro was held hostage until his murder was owned by the secret service agencies of Italy.
International Terrorism – Gladio
According to revelations by the US News world Report; only between 1961 and until 1976 the CIA organized around 900 big terrorist activities in all the world!
But let us come to our home turf:

In the 1950s decade the CIA organized on a pan European level an unbelievable terrorist – parastate operation against the …’communist threat’. This operation in Italy was known and had the codeword ‘Gladio’. The Greek part is baptised as ‘Red Beard’...

For the Greek Gladio which is considered one of the toughest units of NATO was set up in 1955 with General Papagos and the the CIAs General Traskot, the periodical ‘Spiegel’ wrote in November 1990:

“Over 800 hideouts with arms, radios and other military equipment in caves, basements of public buildings and in covered drains even under Greek churches in the countryside. The secret group which had placed the arms numbered 1.500 men and in case of war would reach 3.500’!
The ‘Pike Committee’ and 17th November
For years now within the framework of the US Congress we have the ‘Pike Committee’ and it is attempting to investigate ‘weird’ murders of CIA cadres which occurred in all the world in the middle of the 1970’s.
The ‘Pike Committee’ affirmed a tremendous coincidence: More than 200 agents of the CIA which ‘served’ from Europe and South America till East Asia “were removed during the 1974-76 period during the period when the new head of the CIA Bush had undertaken to “erase American footprints” from Nixon’s dirty deeds the world over.

Whoever has studied the articles of the committee end up with a interesting observations (as is noted in the book Terrorism by K Griva) “CIA cadres were murdered by their own who were dressed as terrorists”...
Let us watch two elements
First Wells the station chief of the CIA in Greece, was murdered from the first appearing 17th November precisely during that period. How strange was it that 17th November started its first steps and it appeared to be involved in some form of internal account settling for the CIA and to be involved in a high level manouevring which imposes a connection at least with high level centres providing information….

Seccondly as reported in Vima newspaper 14.04.2002 there is a report by the Police with which the bullets used in the murder of Ambassador Wells came from a section of arms ordered by NATO for an Italian company! Hrisohoidis who was then a Minister of Interior under PASOK never tried to provide an explanation to the report. Then we never received adequate explanation how 17th November knew about the activities of British Ambassador Saunders in Sierra Leone or for the movement of Turkish diplomats or with older cases of the relationship with KYP (Greek MI5) with the so-called orphan bombs etc.
After all the above what can the conclusion be?

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