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Terrorism: The Strategy of Provocation

With the recent 'attack' of the 17th November on the German Embassy (and the subsequent 'murder' of a British defence attaché - translators note) with rockets various leftist commentators considered it their obligation to pre-judge public opinion condemning the true terrorists: the State, imperialism which blows up Embassies as a whole and murders innocents in Yugoslavia.

Their reaction is just and honest if we consider it to apply to events. If in other words the position of the Establishment suffices,that the 'mystery organisation' is truly a left-wing organisation subscribing to methods of individual terrorism.

The other view is also well known which is sometimes aired publically that terrorist organisation are only fronts for secret services, local and foreign, in their provocatory roles.
If this second case is real it becomes evident that every left fighter is obliged to confront the issue in a totally different manner: To condemn the state conspiracy, instead of supporting with pointless articles state lies, which a cover up of a campaign of provocation's continues for two and a half decades now and whose aims are clear beyond doubt.

The belief of the official version, which occurs by some, has surpassed the boundaries of ignorance and it should maybe become an issue for social psychology.

They tell us that if we blame terrorism on the security services we fall on to police explanations of social phenomena, something unattributed to marxist thought.

Truly the activity of secret services and provocations cannot exist in the sphere of sociology. It's very good for the State to attribute attacks to it to writers of police fantasies. On the contrary we would add that true terrorism as an example of revolutionary opportunism belongs in the realm of fantasy, as a phenomenon it is totally unexplainable from whichever serious sociological analysis.

Historically terrorism appears when the masses feel endless hatred. In an era when the peoples are suffering under absolutist regimes, military dictatorships or they have kneeled after great upheavals. For example it is understandable from sociological laws the action of Alexandros Panagoulis to place bombs on the road of the dictator Papadopoulos. But it is totally ridiculous to believe that young 'panagoulides' may appear just as the dictatorship is collapsing and hundreds of thousands of people are on the streets daily demanding their rights inside a climate of hope and newfound enthusiasm. But in these conditions the unexplainable and weird first act of terrorism that we witnessed. The chief of the CIA Wells was killed (his body was never shown) and the torturers of the junta Malios and Babalis...
The phenomenon of terrorism is in opposition not only with the known framework of social conditions but with every type of logic. How can it be possible for a quarter of a century, for civil servants and known citizens be murdered in broad daylight during rush hour and the perpetrators always remain free. Nothing analogous exists for the whole of world history. There is no reason to deal with the arrest of the 'known-unknowns' (Greek phrase meaning security agents) which occur every now and again by the hopeless attempts (which always fail) to manufacture conspiracies, to manufacture terrorists. Up until today all these actions never supported the official line but made it have holes in it.

A terrorist organisation like 17th November with such ardour and constant activity, responsible for acts, which are penalised with the highest sentences, could not recruit young new members, which it must educate as professional killers. If we assume that the organisation remained uncatchable because it remained in its original nucleus, which obviously had good military training would have been retired two and a half decades later! But according to live witnesses the 'terrorists' are always young, able to climb motorbikes and they disappear.

Anyway a typically terrorist group would aim for targets that would provoke confusion in the state mechanism. Politicians whose disappearance would unsettle the fragile balance of forces, state organs that were morally responsible for crimes and attacks against peoples.

Instead of that we see people being killed who are totally irrelevant (e.g. Momferatos) and actions to occur which the state needs the time it needs them. That is the reason why the terrorist attacks have ended up being totally predictable.

People who can play hide and seek under the noses of the Greek security forces, of the FBI and the CIA can not be coincidental and let us not add that for 25 years now their terrorism only damages the popular struggle and only the State gains from it as it appears to be in legal defence, providing it with the necessary excuses so as to advance and strengthen itself continuously its own terrorism.

The official view of terrorism cannot be acceptable without stepping on all the laws of logic. In contrast provocation is a totally justified and explainable practice of the ruling classes in today's conditions. Capitalism achieves a greater centralisation of forces of the political means of deceit and provocation, during the rise of its class strategy, the moment it is threatened the most. The great social disturbances, which the insoluble economic crisis provokes, the dreadful consequences of the wars it itself unavoidably provokes make the class instinct of self-preservation immensely delicate. We must not forget that it is a class that has dominated the world scene for half a millennium. It has accumulated a massive political experience, which is in the blood and bones of the ruling circles. It mobilises all its forces to remain at all costs in power. It mobilises all its forces so as to remain at all costs in power. It acts with such craftiness in such an unbridled manner, the clearer it becomes to its leaders the dangers threatening them.

In eras of great social convulsions provocation becomes one of its most brilliant weapons. It serves the need for a fantastic threat, which allows capitalism to bring together and mobilise all its forces at the opportune moment. To prepare for the true threat. It needs lightning bolts of fake revolutions so as to legalise and launch its own counterrevolution.

Up until a few years ago the communist threat served it well. In Greece they spoke about a northern threat. The EAM-Bulgarians who remained armed to enter our northern borders. Once this 'danger' collapsed the ruling class needed a new invisible threat. As one didn't exist one needed to be invented. The international general staffs uncovered terrorism. In the name of wiping it out the bourgeois state became armed to the teeth. It made anti-terrorist laws. It created Special Forces. It justified the arrival of 'special US teams'. It filled the streets with fully armed Rambos. It set up
roadblocks. It created an undeclared state of emergency, which in other eras no junta could have even dreamed of!

With terrorism, state and citizens for the first time appear to have a common enemy. For the crushing of the common enemy they must use 'blind violence' placing in danger the lives of innocent civilians, all state and citizens, must unite! State repression if it isn't supported becomes acceptable as the lesser evil. Anyone who goes against this automatically becomes a collaborator and supporter of terrorism.
This isn't a Greek phenomenon or a Greek invention. As we all realise imperialism has a need for 'terrorism' as a measure of international relations. Whole countries enter the black list. They are labelled terrorist states, as if they support terrorism or put up with it. With this excuse they are threatened, bombed or condemned to the genocide of the embargo. It is a clearly orchestrated campaign directed from Washington. An international campaign of lies, deceit and violence.

It is true that the imperialist wouldn't have been able to carry it out with success if the collapse of the USSR hadn't predated it. The opposite pole in the realms of propaganda has gone. Without the USSR the 'left' and 'democratic' parties in the western world have given up. Hand in hand with the mass media they are surrendering to the fantastic scenarios of terrorism. They support the lies of the state security agencies. All their gargled and irresponsible conspiracies.

In Greece, no party, not even the KKE ever dared to condemn the secret services and the State as the true organiser of terrorism.

The scenarios, which the state creates, are so provisional, so badly manufactured and they would have collapsed years ago if the extreme left had exposed them. But in this belong the eternally stupid, whom the State uses so it can become believable. In this one finds people who with enthusiasm fall in the trap of terrorism. From 'revolutionary' duty!

Accepting the official myths, they believe they are gaining a section of the 'glory' of the 'terrorists'. As stalinism condemned every revolutionary act as a provocation, the extreme left feels they become legal if they portray every provocation as a revolutionary act. Stalinism survived many decades unearthing everywhere 'counterrevolutionaries'. But they forget that the bourgeois State specialises in finding everywhere 'revolutionaries'. They aren't bothered by the fact that the stalinists for the first time are seeing real terrorists, their where they previously say only 'police spies'.

In conclusion the working class and its most advanced sections confront with deep skepticism the official myths. The issue is to undertake a conscious and courageous campaign to uncover the terrorist conspiracies. So the conspirators remain naked and nothing to stand on. To uncover their aims and their criminal methods. This becomes even more urgent, as the threat of new strangleholds appear on the horizon against the Greek people and to see new dirty games which are being manufactured on both sides of the Atlantic under the excuse of fighting a war on terrorism
MARCH 1999

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