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Greece:Imported Mass Multicultural Migration

The EU wants to assign migrant numbers to each EU nation state and it is to this end that all the political forces in Greece are working.
14 April 2016
"It is clear that if the right measures are taken to integrate (refugees) - by way of language skills, by way of labour skills, by way of housing support - it is a net positive for those countries that host." (Lagarde, IMF)

Hundreds of thousands arrived in Greece in 2015 under the guise of refugees fleeing war zones and bombs. The corporate mass media of disinformation started a global propaganda campaign of drowned babies in the Aegean and migrants fleeing alleged war zones (from over 50 nations worldwide), giving the appearance that we must already be in WW3, despite the fact that during the last war no one left Greece to go to Turkey or Syria, but that is another story.

Syriza, having abandoned its Thessaloniki Programme to alleviate the worst effects of the devastating economic crisis that the Troika imposed on Greece where official unemployment is currently 25%, but unofficial nearer to 40%, embarked on a programme of implementing what the previous government had stalled on: mass privatisations of trains, ports and airports as part of the package of the 3rd Bailout (airports, ports sold by Syriza, only trains left).

Alongside that was a range of cuts implemented in current and future pensions and massive increases in taxation which would wipe out the small farmer. A concerted campaign in reducing the hours farmers’ markets were open and fines of up to 500 Euros for all who broke the rules was implemented; creating conditions whereby only supermarkets that sold vegetables imported from abroad were accessible. Massive fines have also been imposed on all people who reconnected their electricity after being cut off due to an inability to pay or who had by force of circumstances broken the seal on their electricity box. Fines reach up to 2000 Euros in apartments that don’t even cost E10,000!!

Hotspots Everywhere
In order to sell the mass importation of multicultural labour in 2015, Syriza targeted a tourist island, Kos, and a famous historically named island, Lesvos. It did not target Crete. Drowned babies in the Aegean played the role as had been played previously during the first Gulf War (Saddam burying babies in the sand), which proved to be fake. Videos have also circulated from the Aegean where young children are allegedly drowning, when in reality they were standing in water up to their waist.  Recently, in protests in Piraeus by migrants, babies were raised high pretending to be thrown to the riot police. We also had migrants in the various camps around Greece pretending they would commit suicide. Most of these events are micromanaged and directed by Soros funded NGOs with the global corporate media on the spot to create a 'news report.’ It’s part of the 'psychological war of migration' in which dead and crying babies sell the concept.

Syriza’s strategy has been one of importing migrants and setting up hotspots (a ridiculous foreign name brought into Greece alluding to war zones) by stealth in almost every city or near one. It has received funding for this from the EU in Euros. It is difficult to find out how much, but the usual has been done; state facilities are used to get things done on the cheap as with every previous government, probably pocketing the difference. It has used conscript soldiers to build migrant reception centres (Hotspots), army catering facilities to deliver food, disused buildings (e.g. old Olympic Airways airport) and attempted to confiscate land to house unlimited numbers (as in Kos).

Syriza’s Real NWO Agenda
By creating mass migration reception centres a precedent has been created which the EU wants replicated all over the 28 nations of the EU; to park a few million in each country so as to then use them when necessary as a reserve army of unemployed when they break up the public services of each country as defined in the TTIP negotiations with the USA. US multinationals in alliance with European ones want to integrate their businesses on the corpse of the public sector, as well as to move into government services, health and education; the last bastions of state owned sectors of each European nation state. This obviously has to be tried out in states which are small and already function as protectorates of bigger states.

Illuminating is the fact the government announced 5000 part-time positions for the migrant reception centres as noted in a Sunday paper, Kontranews (10th April 2016).  Once over 40 migrant reception centres are set up and functioning they will be able to use that blueprint for all other countries. The aim, as has been noted before in a UN report, is to double the EU's population from 6% of the world to 15%, i.e. in-shoring of people instead of simply off-shoring businesses. Globalisation via mass migration, a new phase of the globalist EU.

NGOs have been ringing up estate agents as well, asking for properties to house migrants and advertising for Greeks to house migrants in their homes for money. Greece was also chosen to be used as an argument to spread migration around the EU. Everyone knows Greece is suffering under the Troikas economic genocide programme, now they are all saying this isn't solely a Greek crisis, and the rest of the EU needs to take the burden. Sandro Gozi, Italian minister of European Affairs, was on ERT TV stating (10th April): 'We need to alleviate Greece's burden'...

Idomeni and Piraeus
Residents, as reported in Idomeni, have started buying guns for self defense and many of the original inhabitants who opened up their houses to migrants have appeared on TV stating there have been many robberies, desecrated graveyards (only certain graveyards are ever reported by the global corporate media - those that have swastikas on them!), a Greek farmer who owns some land on the site was arrested for trying to clear his land, etc. The question remains; why was the camp chosen at Idomeni? The so-called Balkan route was chosen to force FYROM and Serbia to enter NATO and the EU when a route could easily have been chosen between Greece, Bulgaria and Rumania (an EU Balkan Route!).
Piraeus was chosen as it is the main tourist gateway and everyone would hear about it. Port regulations allow thousands to enter a port which is dangerous to those leaving and those arriving, which allows rubbish and disease to spread whilst port police are sent to hand out leaflets to those squatting there to move on. This is such a circus that it is beyond parody. When NGOs asked them to move on they directed some of them to go to the front of Parliament and set up shop there. The riot police moved them on. Daily there are fights between the various nationalities, robberies, stabbings, etc.

So many are arriving and continuing to arrive in Greece that migrant squatter camps have been set up on various islands, and when they found out that they may be staying in the so called Hotspots they made a run for it, leading to fights and residents’ protests as they blocked ports, e.g. the island of Chios. Illuminating is the fact that no new mass arrivals have occurred in Kos and none have arrived in Crete (despite reports of ships full of migrants being turned back by residents who blocked a port). The mass media plays down all reactions by local people and replays conflicts with Golden Dawn hinting that anyone opposed to enforced globalism where people arrive literally from anywhere on earth have the right to ...asylum.

What form the mass movement of populations will take in the future is difficult to tell but one thing is certain: These events are organised and orchestrated by state and parastate forces (NGOs) and they are working in tandem whilst appearing to be opposed. The EU wants to assign migrant numbers to each EU nation state and it is to this end that all the political forces in Greece are working.

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