Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Old Imperialisms Die Hard: NATO Remilitarising the Balkans

Whilst old imperialisms die hard and some dream about the glory days of bygone eras, like the Austrians in the Balkans or the Germans in Greece
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Austria threatened to send in the army to the borders of Greece, NATO to sendwarships to the Aegean, Greece is alleged to be expelled from Schengenenforced Hotspots of migrants are to be created from one end of Greece to the other, growing calls for a European army - a week becomes a long time in Balkan politics. A game of pass the parcel has started for show. Once more as in the past, Greece is to blame for all the sins of modern capitalism in disarray. The Greeks are responsible for crashing the global economy and now they are responsible for the mass migrant inflows to the EU to serve the big businesses appetites for an endless pool of cheap labour. The reality is far more complicated than first meets the eye.
In a week where Merkel was in London taking part in an alleged conference on the Syrian ‘refugee crisis’ but in reality militarily preparing behind the scenes the next stages of the conflict and a way of finding a new excuse to sell the arrival of millions more migrants into the EU, her anti-Russian statements show the direction the new situation is going. For over two years the US/EU has been pushing Turkey to invade Syria and divide the country up and after covering for them when they shot down a Russian fighter jet allegedly on their territory, they are pushing Turkey once more into conflict with Russia and Syria. All of a sudden the migrant flows from as far afield as sub-Saharan Africa are Russia’sand Greece’s fault. Merkel sensing the ground giving up under her feet withmany demonstrations and protests against her infamous proposals that the planet could essentially arrive in Germany is on a downward spiral and like a cornered rat is lashing out in every direction.
What is really behind the statements of various EU ministers who on the one hand criticise EU member states for not doing enough to accept ‘refugees’ and on the other of not ‘closing the borders’ - in other words two sets of contradictory and self-conflicting statements? Without asking the Greek population, the EU decided to create migrant Hotspots to park anything between 400,000 and 1,000,000 people in various areas around Greece. They have chosen as one among many places the 4th most populous in terms of tourism, an island in Greece called Kos. They have chosen one of the most depressed suburbs of the port town of Piraeus in Athens called Perama. None of the rich suburbs has ever been selected and they never will.
When Syriza came to power they made a big hue and cry in closing 13 detentions centres for migrants. Allegedly the conditions were inhumane and they should all be let loose, which they were. They then organised their mass removal to the northern countries of the EU on the quiet. When the migrant flows started and signal was given that the borders between Greece and Turkey were essentially open and illegal smugglers wanted deaths every so often in the Aegean sea to sell the concept of the ‘refugee’ escaping death destruction and willing to die in an ocean crossing, they set the scene for the arrival of tens of state-sponsored NGO’s who organised this process alongside the corporate globalist media which sold the event as if it was a Hollywood movie; only the popcorn was missing. Initially, people took for granted what was being sold especially on the Greek islands. Now they have woken up and smelt the coffee.
Imposing punitive tax rates on the islands of the Aegean sea from 13% to 23%, they want to park hundreds of thousands of people on them and turn them into dumping depots for cheap labour so the EU can assign people depending on how they divide up their transportation to the EU’s  28 member states. The local police aren't strong enough to do this, so they are militarising the conflict, talking about bringing in NATO to allegedly stop the migrant flows, but, in reality, organise them better and crush all opposition to this NWO hidden agenda.
In Kos, people protested outside an area assigned by the Greek military to be a dumping ground. They were obviously concerned that if it wasn’t policed and 100,000 arrivals would stay there for months on end, the island would be unable to cope, security would be non-existent and the new image of the island that deteriorated since last year would have a detrimental impact on tourism. This is already occurring on the Turkish side with the Russian sanctions causing tourism to plummet. Why not have it occurring on the Greek side also? The local authorities in Kos responded in the way they know best, cracking heads open, arresting people and firing tear gas on them. But they didn’t expect such a resistance in defiance of truckloads of riot police from Athens. According to the Police Federation Representative, people fired guns above the police heads, threw grenades at them which they use for fishing, the Town’s Mayor used council road diggers and filled the streets with sea rocks blocking transport to the disputed site. The mayor has now called a referendum for the islanders regarding the Hotspot. The Regional Prefecture of Greece’s Supreme Court said this cannot occur and void it. Brussels decides, Greece has to agree; democracy once more in the EU goes out of the window.
Even if the EU blocks Greece’s borders, even if NATO arrives in the Aegean, even if the Syriza government has decided to turn Greece’s tourist islands into Merkel's 4th Reich cheap labour camps, without the agreement of the local people, imposing these things will be very difficult as the island communities are tight knit and labelling them all as being Nazis - as the local Syriza MP Kamateros did - weakens their arguments as questions aired need to be addressed.
Thousands are now arriving from the Maghreb countries via Turkey and it has been revealed that visa restrictions have been abolished between Turkey and North Africa so anyone can fly into Istanbul, then go to the coast by bus and come across by dinghy. Local people know this and the concept of the war-torn refugee is wearing thin in Greece.  Hence, the campaign by the same corporate shipowners’ media that sold the IMF roadshow in Greece, asking for the islanders of Lesvos to be given a Nobel Peace Prize.
Whilst old imperialisms die hard and some dream about the glory days of bygone eras, like the Austrians in the Balkans or the Germans in Greece, the bottom line is that without tonnes of troops with boots on the ground, most of these visions are pie in the sky dreams which get overturned at the first serious hurdle. Imperialism’s new humanitarianism under the guise of helping the migrants and the drowning babies in the Aegean is just an up to date excuse to play the old divide and rule conquer game. The problem is the world moved. People ain’t falling for it.

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