Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Daily Updates Elections September 2015

25th August
Mikis Theodorakis asks Lafazanis to not stand against Tsipras.
Antarsya and Plan B will field candidates with Laiki Enotita.
Lafazanis and Lapavitsas reiterate that if required a national currency maybe adopted.

26th August
Zoi Konstantopoulou to create her own political formation
Despite its best intentions Syriza could not become PASOK.
The ex Left Platform won't become Syriza.
History is destroying bourgeois politics not encouraging them.
Syriza was a shell of an organisation even when it won 37% in the last elections. Now resignations are occurring up and down the country.
Careerists will join Laiki Enotita to prepare themselves for the 4th bailout.
It took a decade to create Syriza and 6months to destroy it.
The ferocity of the capitalist onslaught implies nothing is politically solid anymore and won't be either for the foreseeable future...

27th August
Lafazanis is insisting elections constitutionally cannot occur until one month after today which is correct. Tsipras wants to rush them to minimise his losses
Tsipras gave fake interview on Alpha stating that he wont govern with other parties after the elections.
Lafazanis called for the abolition of the 50 MP bonus which was Syriza policy, but it wont occur.
Zoi Konstantopoulou claimed she will create her own political party.

28th August
Fake polls giving Laiki Enotita 3.5% and PASOK 4%...
Tsipras to run campaign against old establishment whilst he was governing with them the last two months...and he can only stay in power with them.
No polls show abstention showing how bent they are.
Fake miners in Skouries blocking roads.
Ship owners doing daily trips shipping tens of thousands of illegals into the EU.

29th August
You are all rotten shouts protester as
eggs are thrown at Lapavitsas in Kavala sq just before public meeting of Laiki Enotita. People assume they are all the same as they didn't split prior to 3rd Bailout when they had the chance. Clowns
4k illegals arrive in one night in Lesvos.
All squares are full of tents.

30th August
Lafazanis went on a stroll in Lesvos said nothing, but supports Open Border with Turkey
Essentially saying it all looks good.

31st August 
EPAM Kazakis to stand independently
Antarsya split standing independently, Garganas won't go with Lafazanis due to previous deed in DEA being there. 
OKDE standing
EEK WRP Savvas Michael probably standing.
All as usual pointless, no one abstaining when abstention will go through the roof.
Don't know if the party of hunters are standing. Or Movement Can't Pay or Won't Pay

2-3rd September 
Tsipras held pre electoral meeting in square in Agaleo, a couple of thousand were there.
All polls show Syriza getting around 20%. During referendum all polls were out by a quarter. Theoretically Syriza could dip below 10% in one go.
Main argument now is he won't govern with New Democracy. 

5th September
Meimarakis the ND leader said we need a broad based govt.
Polls now show 7 parties will pass 3% threshold to get in.
ANEL Kammenos produce electoral spot showing Tsipras being left handed but being taught to sign with his ...right.
Douzinas globalist clown in Syriza but based in London to become a Syriza MP now they are Merkelites.

7th September
Discussion has moved on now to alliances.
Tsipras states won't be alliances with ND hinting at PASOK and Potami.
Wishful thinking that PASOK will survive.
ND hints at governing with Syriza. Some polls show Syriza only retaining 60% of its electoral base. ND assumes it can win back lost supporters. Wishful thinking.
Abstention appears in polls for first time at 40%. Hence +55% likely outcome.

12th September
Reports are circulating that if there is +51% abstention the first party that wins doubles its number of elected MP's!!
Victor Orban Hungarys PM demands the EU sends an army to Greece under guise of stopping pseudo refugee influx.
Sofia Sakorafa Syriza Euro MP left the party.
Syriza ND in the UN vote on debt restructuring for poor countries voted against it, proving once and for all that all their talk about debt restructuring was hot air alongside the fake committees set up to investigate it...

 15th September
2nd TV debate with Tsipras Meimarakis in the backdrop of Skouries miners protesting outside ERT TV station
ND still promoting govt between Syriza ND. Tsipras allegedly still holding out trying to maintain his electoral base. Asked if he would gover with PASOK Potami hinted that he would. 
Tsipras main bone of contention is not allowing GD to become official opposition stating essentially that if people don't vote for Syriza GD will rise.

If Germany closes its borders Greece will be left with hundreds of thousands in every city to look after even when they cant look after themselves...

17th September
GDs leader Mihaloliakos realising his party may get more votes than expected stated he accepts the political killing of Fissas. Said nothing about the murder of two or his supporters. An establishment figure who not long ago like the KKE came out in support of the Euro and the EU he plays the retro fascist card to appear anti establishment.

18th September
Mass corporate media for the first time are mentioning abstention that its going to be higher than usual ie 40%
Could be as much as 55 or 70%.
Farmers announced road blockadeds on Sunday and islands facing the double whammy of increased VAT and mass immigration inflows may also boycott the elections as a protest.

Friday, 14 August 2015

4th Reich goes ‘Left’ in Greece. The end of Syriza is just a new beginning.

Many years of energy was created in promoting Tsipras as an anti-austerity politician starting from almost a decade ago when Syrizas predecessor Sinaspismos didn’t have much chance of getting into Parliament and they promoted this alleged young radical, from a well established family which made its money in the era of the Junta. All that energy was dissipated in less than 6 months when on a historic day 14th August (day of invasion of Cyprus in 1974) Syriza voted for the 3rd Occupation Bailout.

For the first time in Greek history a party that originated from the Left fought for state power. That hasn’t happened before in the 100 year history of the Greek Left. Why did it happen now? There can be no other explanation as we aren’t privy to the inner workings of political parties and we can only observe from afar, that it was all pre-agreed and pre-arranged from the beginning. What the political forces of the capitalist establishment could not achieve was needed to be achieved by Syriza in power. That explains Tsipras intransigence over the election of the President way back in December 2014. If in a few months time he had no ideological or other hang ups in governing on the backs of ND-PASOK why could he have not provided support to the President supported by ND?
Neoliberals in Disguise: 4th Reich goes ‘Left’
Whilst a small book was produced way back at the end of 2013 with the title
‘Syriza Neoliberals in Disguise’

 with eyewitness reports about the actual role of Syriza during the strikes and occupations that could have brought down Samaras ND, the extent of the capitulation of Syriza was so immense and so ridiculous that one is left with the idea that their primary role in life was to destroy once and for all any notion of a Left. The Syriza bandwagon and cheerleaders who were so catholic in their support for Syriza’s radicalism were just a cover for pure unadulterated globalism, a left veneer of the 4th Reich. Any criticism of Syriza was seen to be anathema. The worst supporters of Syriza abroad were the Anglo-Americans. Various individuals arrived in Athens during the elections labelling Tsipras the Chavez of the Meditterranean.  The irony of the situation was that a reporter arrived from Venezuela who stated the situation as is.

Greece: Pressure on Syriza to Deliver
This was part of the propaganda to raise the profile so Tsipras could sell the 3rd MoU. Debt is a business and like any other business it requires marketing. That was the primary purpose of Syrizas globalist bandwagon, to sell the 3rd MoU and reduce the fallback.

OXI Referendum
                             Tsipras staying in power by ND-PASOK-Potami
Believing the propaganda from the oligarchic newsnetworks, Syriza took a gamble with the referendum which backfired. They expected a close call between the YES and OXI and Tsipras was visibly shaken when he stood on a platform in front of hundreds of thousands in Athens. As reported by Varoufakis when the OXI won, he was in depression. No one believes by selling the debt burden of the 3rd MoU the Syriza chiefs aren’t in the business of making a killing.
After all their integrated relationships since 1989 with the economic establishment have been previously well documented. What is so ridiculous is to believe where the 1st and 2nd Bailout/MoU failed that the 3rd one will succeed. There is even a saying for the occasion. If you keep on doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result but expecting a different one, then you must be dumb. The Syriza tops aren’t dumb. They are well educated. So it isn’t an issue of miscalculation, that the ‘negotiations’ didn’t go according to plan etc. Politics is a business and the business of politics is maintaining the business even if everyone else goes to pot. Keeping your hand in the honeypot is what this is about.
When working class districts voted around 85% for OXI it reaffirmed that people wanted a break with the prisonhouse of the EU. Thousands have died due to the policies of economic genocide. They were ready for rupture. The leadership was lacking.

Mass immigration flows for the 4th Reich
Cheap labour is all the rage in the EU alongside zero hours contracts etc. With the extension of the EU east and the adding of another 100 million citizens and the maintenance of a national currency in a whole series of countries e.g. Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary etc. a whole series of privatisations occurred whereby Greeks were replaced by eg Bulgarians (cleaning contracts in Ministry of Economics) and the aim has always been to reduce those Greeks that remain in work to Asian levels of pay, whilst remaining in the EZ. This is pretty well known and clear, but the fake left and its adoption of mass immigration flows under guise of ‘non discrimination’ is just the fake left veneer of the 4th Reich. Indeed characteristic of the fraud perpetrated by Syriza is to place in key ministries rabid neo-liberals eg. Ministry of Defence and Foreign Ministry. The coalition with ANEL was agreed behind closed doors but everyone knew it was coming as the big bourgeoisie will always govern in Greece, they would never allow a fake left party totally on its own.

Whilst the Foreign Minister Kotzias produced a booklet called ‘Patriotic Left’ about how small countries can survive under globalisation in reality it was just propaganda as to how a small country can become an appendage of the 4th Reich appropriating leftwing labels for an extreme right wing course. National socialism in practice...
The Three Stooges...

Syriza made a massive hue and cry about closing down existing immigrant receptions centres as they were allegedly inhuman (whilst mass unemployment for Greeks and the 20k suicides due to the economic genocide programme wasn’t) in order then to give the green light abroad that whoever arrives in Greece can move on as it is now officially a free for all. The tourist centre of Athens started to resemble a third world zone again and now Syriza was forced to reopen new ‘reception’ centres. Obviously these are all govt contracts and he who signs the deals obviously gets a cut. Despite alleging they could house and feed the planet and that they would have ‘humane treatment’ what would that mean in practice if 2m arrived in a single year? How could Greece cope? It couldn’t and Syriza does not give a shit if the last heavy industry of Greece tourism is run to the ground, as long as they can deliver what the 4th Reich demands an oversupply of cheap and pliant labour.
(UN Population Division report states Germany requires 150m immigrants over a 50 years period approx. 3.6m annually just for a single EU country)

NATO Israel lovefest.
If there ever was a sign that Syriza is deeply neo-liberal and reactionary to the core is its foreign policy. It pretended it required a deal with Russia and China to break out of the economic logjam and Lafazanis Fake Left Platform played its part in this going on little trips to Russia allegedly cutting deals but not breaking any EU sanctions on the country and alleviating the hit Greek agriculture took. Instead they shipped over Ukraine’s injured soldiers so the could recuperate in Greece’s state hospitals that no longer serve the Greek poor.

Kotzias was seen singing songs with NATOs leaders, the butchers of Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Libya. Not even a fake lip service to an ‘ethical foreign policy’. Just 4th Reich promoters, blatantly.

To crown it all off they signed a military pact with Israel for joint military exercises, in  other words to allow Israeli military to train Greeks in shooting down unarmed protestors in cold blood.

KKE propping up Syriza

KKE pushed through the line of abstaining in the referendum, campaigned openly for keeping the Euro and during the vote for the 3rd Bailout abstained from filibustering it. Fools assume they can maintain their existence following the establishment due to their history. They don’t realise that in this era if words don’t match deeds, you disintegrate. You have no political reason to exist. This will become clearer as time goes by.
KKE goons defending Parliament with the riot police during 1st MoU

Fake Left Platform-Syriza in Disguise
Whilst Syriza used riot police to crush El Dorado anti-gold protestors and this was Lafazanis Ministry they went quiet. They changed their tune and were now concerned about peoples jobs in this foreign owned gold hedge fund which will destroy the eco climate of a tourist area in N. Greece.

Lafazanis who is an old school operator instrumental in the KKEs governing with New Democracy pretended he was opposed to the 3rd MoU voting against it over its different phases over the last month. The game was to try to keep Syriza intact as it voted the whole package. This he achieved and that was his role. No premature split, no real denunciation of Tsipras, Dragasakis just a show of political fraud. Now they are pretending they will create a new movement against the 3rd MoU a split that occurred just like in  New Democracy when Kammenos (ANEL) broke away. They will be probably be joined by other so-called anti-MoU forces (Antarsya, Plan B, Drachma party) in other words a new mini Syriza which have globalism in their DNA. They assume people can keep on repeating the same mistake in other words, Syriza goes for new elections or stays in power with ND votes (immaterial how it occurs), mass privatisations occur in the ports, railways and airports plus mass evictions for mortgage defaults and people will rally to a new anti-MoU front, elect it so that it eventually pushes through the …4th Bailout.

There is no point in elections. People used Syriza to get rid of ND-PASOK. They then voted in the OXI referendum under conditions of 24/7 propaganda, under capital controls and under the threat of closing all banks indefinitely and paying zero pensions. Abstention is already around 40%. New elections will solve nothing. They are pointless. Abstention could reach +60%

What Next?
Parliamentarism is reaching its impasse. The longer it continues in this form makes it absolutely pointless. Since the mass protests of 2011 which destroyed the two main bourgeois parties ND-PASOK and brought Syriza into the political vacuum created, we are now entering totally unchartered waters. Merkels EU burnt Syriza so quickly that one assumes they cannot be that politically dumb. Syriza cannot remain in power in its present form, it is imploding. GD  is in a self-imposed political exile that serves its purpose as it doesn’t seek or desire political power and the KKE sounds and talks that it has just arrived from another planet.

The new struggles forced on Greek farmers and workers with the new round of economic cuts will create new political conditions and a new situation. Court martialling workers and breaking strikes using law courts and the riot police (as Samaras ND did) alone will be hard to swallow taking into account no other political formation exists on the horizon that will take the situation left. But without a fighting left from the ground up there will be nothing …left.

Greek history does not start or end with Syriza, it's end is just a new beginning.