Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Daily Updates Elections September 2015

25th August
Mikis Theodorakis asks Lafazanis to not stand against Tsipras.
Antarsya and Plan B will field candidates with Laiki Enotita.
Lafazanis and Lapavitsas reiterate that if required a national currency maybe adopted.

26th August
Zoi Konstantopoulou to create her own political formation
Despite its best intentions Syriza could not become PASOK.
The ex Left Platform won't become Syriza.
History is destroying bourgeois politics not encouraging them.
Syriza was a shell of an organisation even when it won 37% in the last elections. Now resignations are occurring up and down the country.
Careerists will join Laiki Enotita to prepare themselves for the 4th bailout.
It took a decade to create Syriza and 6months to destroy it.
The ferocity of the capitalist onslaught implies nothing is politically solid anymore and won't be either for the foreseeable future...

27th August
Lafazanis is insisting elections constitutionally cannot occur until one month after today which is correct. Tsipras wants to rush them to minimise his losses
Tsipras gave fake interview on Alpha stating that he wont govern with other parties after the elections.
Lafazanis called for the abolition of the 50 MP bonus which was Syriza policy, but it wont occur.
Zoi Konstantopoulou claimed she will create her own political party.

28th August
Fake polls giving Laiki Enotita 3.5% and PASOK 4%...
Tsipras to run campaign against old establishment whilst he was governing with them the last two months...and he can only stay in power with them.
No polls show abstention showing how bent they are.
Fake miners in Skouries blocking roads.
Ship owners doing daily trips shipping tens of thousands of illegals into the EU.

29th August
You are all rotten shouts protester as
eggs are thrown at Lapavitsas in Kavala sq just before public meeting of Laiki Enotita. People assume they are all the same as they didn't split prior to 3rd Bailout when they had the chance. Clowns
4k illegals arrive in one night in Lesvos.
All squares are full of tents.

30th August
Lafazanis went on a stroll in Lesvos said nothing, but supports Open Border with Turkey
Essentially saying it all looks good.

31st August 
EPAM Kazakis to stand independently
Antarsya split standing independently, Garganas won't go with Lafazanis due to previous deed in DEA being there. 
OKDE standing
EEK WRP Savvas Michael probably standing.
All as usual pointless, no one abstaining when abstention will go through the roof.
Don't know if the party of hunters are standing. Or Movement Can't Pay or Won't Pay

2-3rd September 
Tsipras held pre electoral meeting in square in Agaleo, a couple of thousand were there.
All polls show Syriza getting around 20%. During referendum all polls were out by a quarter. Theoretically Syriza could dip below 10% in one go.
Main argument now is he won't govern with New Democracy. 

5th September
Meimarakis the ND leader said we need a broad based govt.
Polls now show 7 parties will pass 3% threshold to get in.
ANEL Kammenos produce electoral spot showing Tsipras being left handed but being taught to sign with his ...right.
Douzinas globalist clown in Syriza but based in London to become a Syriza MP now they are Merkelites.

7th September
Discussion has moved on now to alliances.
Tsipras states won't be alliances with ND hinting at PASOK and Potami.
Wishful thinking that PASOK will survive.
ND hints at governing with Syriza. Some polls show Syriza only retaining 60% of its electoral base. ND assumes it can win back lost supporters. Wishful thinking.
Abstention appears in polls for first time at 40%. Hence +55% likely outcome.

12th September
Reports are circulating that if there is +51% abstention the first party that wins doubles its number of elected MP's!!
Victor Orban Hungarys PM demands the EU sends an army to Greece under guise of stopping pseudo refugee influx.
Sofia Sakorafa Syriza Euro MP left the party.
Syriza ND in the UN vote on debt restructuring for poor countries voted against it, proving once and for all that all their talk about debt restructuring was hot air alongside the fake committees set up to investigate it...

 15th September
2nd TV debate with Tsipras Meimarakis in the backdrop of Skouries miners protesting outside ERT TV station
ND still promoting govt between Syriza ND. Tsipras allegedly still holding out trying to maintain his electoral base. Asked if he would gover with PASOK Potami hinted that he would. 
Tsipras main bone of contention is not allowing GD to become official opposition stating essentially that if people don't vote for Syriza GD will rise.

If Germany closes its borders Greece will be left with hundreds of thousands in every city to look after even when they cant look after themselves...

17th September
GDs leader Mihaloliakos realising his party may get more votes than expected stated he accepts the political killing of Fissas. Said nothing about the murder of two or his supporters. An establishment figure who not long ago like the KKE came out in support of the Euro and the EU he plays the retro fascist card to appear anti establishment.

18th September
Mass corporate media for the first time are mentioning abstention that its going to be higher than usual ie 40%
Could be as much as 55 or 70%.
Farmers announced road blockadeds on Sunday and islands facing the double whammy of increased VAT and mass immigration inflows may also boycott the elections as a protest.

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