Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Greek Election Analysis : Massive Abstention 1 in 2 don't Vote

Every party lost actual votes.

54% people voted for parties. 6% parties didn't get into Parliament. Turnout historic low, less than Euroelections 2014
Syriza and ND lost around 15% of the votes since January 2015.
Around  500k people combined. From 4m to 3.5m
KKE lost around 11% of its vote. From about 340k to 300k
GD marginal decrease from 390k to 380k (rounded numbers)
PASOK held vote after joining with Dimar.

In Parliament their seats were either the same or marginally...reduced. Syriza lost 4 MPs.
8 Party Parliament. Fragmentation of Electorate.
Germans called elections. All opinion polls showing ND Syriza running neck and neck. Outcome +7% difference.
Shultz German head of Europarliament not happy with result.
EU oligarchy wanted ND Syriza govt, voting electorate did not provide it.

Electorate didn't trust Syriza Mk 2 Laiki Enotita Popular Unity didn't get into Parliament.
We are now where we were in July when Syriza voted for 3rd bailout. They now have to enforce 3rd Bailout on their own.

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