Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dollar Vs Euro....

Dollar vs Euro= Manipulated Euro Crisis to Prop up Ailing Dollar via Greece

US Dollar to Euro Exchange Rate Graph - Sep 19, 2005 to Sep 14, 2015

During 2007/8 Dollar was historically weak in relation to Euro losing 60% in value.
Then Euro Crisis starts with all significant peaks and troughs being related to Greece
The biggest internal devaluation of any member state hit Greece with highest mass unemployment.
Dollar dropped throughout 2011 increased in value when Goldman Sachs boy Papadimos came to power in February 2012.

Dollar to depreciate again during during mid 2013-mid 2014 so this is period when Tsipras went to Texas and announced he would fight for power (Nov 2013).
Tsipras assumes power and Dollar at historic highs (in relation to Euro)  with 50m on food stamps in USA. (2015) Dollar has appreciated 60% with Euro in relation to 2007/8.
Alavanos placed Tsipras in his position. Who is Tsipras? A political non entity who returned from his trip to Texas and suddenly wanted power. The Greek Left has never sought power in the entirety of its history. So why now? With the IMF in the EU and the constant conflicts between Greece and Germany the Euro is influenced downward. Grexit is not on the political agenda never has been by any existing political formation
Check out 10 year Dollar vs Euro rates....

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