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Weekly Worker (Globalists par excellence) in ad hominem attack…Will the real Maciej Zurowski please stand up?

A reply to the EU's 4th Reich Empire Apologists...

"If China," says Mr. Stapleton, M.P., to his constituents, "should become a great manufacturing country, I do not see how the manufacturing population of Europe could sustain the contest without descending to the level of their competitors." (Times, Sept. 3, 1873, p. 8.)

The wished-for goal of English capital is no longer Continental wages but Chinese.


Out of the blue the known globalist rag ‘Weekly Worker’ regurgitates old arguments on Greece not for the sake of a discussion as they have imposed a ban on responses from myself (after the last round of ad hominem attacks by David Walters, Gerry Downing with the respect to the book produced and reviewed in Weekly Worker on Greece) (1) and have now used the services of some unknown Polish journalist to promote the EU and the American NWO.

A search on the internet finds this character but he is now deceased. Our esteemed cde. assumes a name from the past ( …

Spitting on the past of the (19th Century) First International and the reason Marx created it (defend workers living standards and block the bosses ability of recruiting workers from abroad to break strikes) he pretends the First International didn’t have whip rounds to repatriate workers, didn’t agitate against ‘free movement’ and didn’t realise early on that mass migration/emigration (controlled by the bosses) led to a perpetuation of slavery. (2) The reason he has such venum against the blog I have is that none of it is by myself, its what the classical Marxists wrote and that is what enrages him as anyone can read it and work things out for themselves.

Maciej isn’t really interested in the ‘debate’ on open borders. Weekly Worker is imploding and one has noticed that they venomously allowed an attack on a Willie Hunter (paedophile connotations) an ex-cde of theirs being an anti-Semite (Ian Donovan) and now alleging I am a...Nazi. These tiny outfits act as vassals to globalism to ensure the flock return home (to Labourism) and they promote the EU above all else (repeatedly giving to the ‘permanent boom of capitalism’ lie in the letters of the buffoon Arthur Bough).

According to John Plant (editor of Revolutionary History), a Mike McNair was allegedly going to review the book produced in English ‘Classical Marxism and Immigration’ by myself and S Lawrence (3) but presumably this hatchet job from an anti-communist from Poland is the answer, in other words, mass immigration is here to stay, is positive the world over as it abolishes nation states and leads to nirvana, which raises living standards for the working class and does not reduce them to penury, as has happened to the Greek working class which has been forced to receive millions of illegal immigrants without being asked by the globalist Greek quisling politicians of the Fourth Reich. (Greek Cross party parliamentary committee did look into it in 1993!)(4)

In the meantime in the real world, the EU instigated expansionist wars on the borders of the EU, starting in ex-Yugoslavia and ending in the Ukraine are events that are always supported by ‘WW’, the ‘racism’ of the indigenous nationalities (Serbs, E. Ukrainians) is always decried and the hyper-globalism of the City of London/Wall St always promoted as progress, precisely because they destroy working class living standards and create a globalised ‘melting pot’ so beloved by an ‘educated lumpen petty bourgeoisie’, current shock troops of the Fourth Reich, who move abroad in search of greener pastures like they change shirts and if an ‘uneducated’ barbarian from the ‘lower orders’ dares to complain about the EU and its four core principles (freedom of movement for capital, labour, services and goods), they bring out the big hammer of ‘Racism’ and for those who require special treatment, ‘Nazism’. No wonder the rightists are sweeping the board clean (France, UK) and there is widespread popular venom against the EU.

Maciej wants to defend his brethren in their mass movement West, (admitting by default that they are playing the role the Irish did in the Nineteenth Century in undercutting labour), but forgets to add that then capitalism was still expanding, in particular in the USA, whilst now it is declining and the jobs don’t actually exist for population transfers of this gargantuan magnitude

Recent surveys have shown for example London has 200,000 less school places and the use of the ambulance service has increased by 4 million in less than a decade whilst the actual service has been cut. Is this any wonder when the new arrivals have made no contribution to the capital cost, of this infrastructure?

Characters like Maciej want their globalist cake (unlimited mass migration) with no respect for the standards of pre-existing workers or the public services they were entitled to receive. But in reality this unceasing mass immigration becomes a harbinger of the third worldisation of all standards under the guise of ‘working class unity’ which dictates ‘don’t be ‘racist’ show ‘class solidarity’ and let it happen’. There were individuals like that in WWII who argued that one could not go against the occupation soldiers of the Third Reich as they were workers like us, and they were developing unity with them, borders were being erased, we were seeing the end of ‘reactionary’ nation states and so on, all this bringing the struggle for ‘internationalist’ socialism closer. They forgot to add that in the meantime the people were experiencing barbarism and they wanted to stop it, not encourage its further spread the world over. But since 1989 the old left has made peace with capitalism and not any capitalism in general, in any particular period of history, but US capitalism, the last global capitalism (that has used nuclear weapons and has the power to self-destruct) and it is to this type of capitalism, the bastard offspring of European capitalism, we must all bow down to.

The American Empire inaugurating its NWO destroyed the multi-ethnic state of ex-Yugoslavia in cahoots with German imperialism. Now it is intent on destroying the old nation states of Europe with the mass importation of millions of illegal immigrants, one of which is Maciej himself. Some E European countries, like Albania, haven’t even joined, but their population was one of the first into the EU. No host countries were allowed a referendum on the entrance of E Europe. This process has created multi-ethnic ghettos with no tradition and no history. In the field of labour we have had the emergence of zero hours contracts, the equivalent of these multi-ethnic entities could be characterised as ‘zero history nations’. To this Maciej subscribes politically, but of course someone from ‘WW’ didn’t tell him that he joined the ‘party’ just as it finished... (Lehman's bros crash)

Stalinism, a cancer of the labour movement for a whole historical period, allowed the collapse of the British Empire to morph into the American one and get away scot free. Today the practitioners of the politics of globalism are everywhere defending and promoting America in decline, but nowhere more so than decrepit British Labourism and the trade union flunkeys that fund it and have made its politics indistinguishable from the Texas oil-igarchy.

On the other allegations which are the stock in trade of American globalists that there is only one holocaust ie the jewish one, (no Russian or Black or Armenian one) this obviously fits in with the adoption of cold war politics which sought to minimise the intra-european nature of WW2 (ie Russian, Greek resistance as a % of total population dead and in overall numbers) and elevate American storytelling that WW2 was only about the …jews and if anyone was to question that they would join the ranks …of ‘holocaust deniers’. This type of garbage works well in academia or the ‘legal marxists’ (as Lenin referred to them in his days), but in the real world people just laugh. For deep down it’s the politics of Hollywood, praising the US Empire even when we all know it cant fight (Vietnam, Iraq Afghanistan) or it joins wars right at the end to come on top (WW1 and WW2). Especially when we have current war criminals going about the business (Blair, Bush etc.)

Why the sudden interest in Greece? When Greece officially defaults and goes back to its national currency the whole EU project which was a political attempt at unifying the ruling classes will start to fully unravel. It is this event and this fact alone that massively enrages the pettybourgeoisie and they focus all their energies in arguing ‘Greeks should be erased from history’ (David Walters) (5) if that is to save the EU and condemning the nationalism of the Greeks (whilst at the same time defending the supra-nationalism of the EU, NATO, USA) or the hyper nationalism of the Germans (whose sole claim to fame is that they bankrupt Europe time after time). The Pole Maciej is in good company. Having abandoned Russia and slavish subservience to Stalinism he has gone over direct from Warsaw without a stop straight to Washington and embraced globalism fully. If he was to be a waiter or even a doorman at the top table one could say good luck and good riddance, but I doubt if they ever even assign him a role in taking out the garbage, for which he has been trained (when he throws Weekly Worker into his own)…

For after all a so-called paper that prints attacks, but bars the right to reply is nothing better than the Murdoch press, a print medium they have more in common than anyone else. (6)

VN Gelis


1. Dave Douglass Review of How the IMF Broke Greece: Eyewitness Reports and the Rold of the Fake Left


3. Book on Classical Marxism and Immigration

4. The Left knew: Cross Party Parliamentary Committee on the Impact of Mass Immigration

5. David Walters: An American Provocateur Proponent of One World Government..

6.Unpublished Letter to Weekly Worker

Part Two:

Who runs Weekly Worker? Grandson of Neville Chamberlain ex-PM and Grandfater Secretary of State for Colonies?

That would explain why they are so pro-EU. They want it to reach New Delhi (Mode 4 agreement as highlighed by No2EU) and recreate the 19th Century Empire all over, not only does this run in their politics, it presumabely runs in their veins...

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