Friday, 1 November 2013

Security Services Job? Two GD murdered at point blank range...Minister Mitsotakis calls for Martial Law

                                                       Two dead Golden Dawn Members

In what appears to be the standard hallmark of a security services job two GD members outside their offices in N Ionia a suburb of Athens were gunned down in what was the tradition of 17N style of execution. Men wearing motorcycle helmets shot at point blank range three GD members according to reports. Two are dead as they emptied their bullets in them. The third allegedly escaped so far.

Kiriakos Mitsotakis - son of the Mitsotakis clan (the premier Bilderburg Quisling political dynasty of Greece) who in his role as Public Sector Minister has presided over a mass job cull of 25k workers in the recent period was interviewed in the Belgian press this week calling for martial law to implement the 'reforms' is the total firesale of Greece.

Since early September when a mass coordinated campaign against Golden Dawn was inaugurated by the global corporate media in alliance with the Quisling administration of the Troika in Greece led by Samaras and Venizelos (ND and PASOK) the Greek corporate media with interests in the Gold Mines of Skouries started selling the theory of the 'two extremes' of the Right and the Left.

The fake Left jumped on this bandwagon playing along having protest after protest over the murder of Fissas helping to derail thus a massive strike wave which was cut short due to his murder. Instead of pointing the case towards the security services as with the murder of the Bank workers at Marfin they sold the theory of the ...'right extremist'.

The journalist-whores who make up the Greek corporate media are willing to sell the theory 'of the two extremes' in order to declare martial law, the plans for which were announced in the Belgian media by Mitsotakis junior (known as the Bush clan of Greece). This is repetition once more of the Gladio style provocation campaigns that rocked Italy in the 70's.

Since September they have adopted the nazi rule of collective liability and have locked up GD MP's banned them from collecting the state subsidy given to all the other political parties and started a massive witchhunt against them.

The state will now start to make links with 'red' terrorists and associate this criminal act to justify its state sponsored terrorism: mass sackings. mass closures of schools and hospitals. mass suicides etc. They have blood on their hand and they seem determined to continue along that path. They have no other path. Capitalism is collapsing and it will sink everything in its path unless its overthrown

2nd November 2013
GD MP's in Parliament have stated that a police car was stationed outside the party offices in N Ionia for the last month and absent last night when the killing took place. Alongside Syriza they are calling for calm for peoples reaction to the event.

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